Fall 1967

Page 94

The statements in the following test are to be marked true or false: 1. Everyone should be free to accept and profess that faith which his own conscience demands. 2. Men can save their souls in any religious group or ecclesial community. 3. It would not be good today to have Catholicism as a state religion. 4. Taking away political Overview, 2: theology power from the Church would -a talk given in Chicago greatly facilitate its freedom theology study days. to pursue its real mission. 5. The Roman Pontiff ought to reconcile himself with the progress, liberalism, and secu+ larity of the modern world. If you have judged most CHARLES R. MEYER of the statements to be true, consider yourself to be an up.+ to-date theologian, for many of these views have been espoused by Vatican II. But had you lived one hundred years ago, you would not have been in accord with the latest pronouncements of the magisterium unless you had marked every one of them false, for all of them were condemned by Pope Pius IX in his famous Syllabus of Errors (Dec. 8, 1864; DB 1715, 1716, 1776, 1777, 1780).