Fall 1965

Page 31


Bernard Hiiring, C.SS.R.

The Dynamism of Christian Life

A truly dynamic Christian morality leads a man to the risk of the paschal mystery -to lose his life arul to firul it with the L<>rd.

It is easier to explain the dynamism of Christian life to men of today than to those of the eighteenth century, for our whole culture in the contemporary world is dynamic, progres¡ sive. Every day we have new technical advances; every day new possibilities are being explored. Indeed this energetic thrust toward developing every potential is characteristic of our culture. This dynamic quality is still much more characteristic of Christian morality. It would, consequently, be strange if twentieth century moralists would continue to propose the Christian doctrine of morality in a static way, exclusively in terms of what one ought and ought not do. Such a presentation, which allows a Christian to rest satisfied with himself in medi¡ ocre righteousness, is contrary both to the dynamic quality of our age, and especially to the Spirit-guided living dynamism of the Christian mystery. 253