Fall 1964

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Luis Alonso Schokel, S.J., professor of Old Testament exegesis and biblical theology at the Biblical Institute in Rome, author of numerous articles and books, lectured at Chicago's Summer Biblical Institute for Priests in 1962 and 1964. Ralph J. Bastian, S.J., professor of theology at Loyola University, Chicago, and Bellarmine School of Theology, North Aurora, Illinois, received his doctorate from the Gregorian University, Rome. William H. Du Bay, assistant at St. Boniface Church, Anaheim, California, has published articles in America and Worship. Joseph A. Fichtner, O.S.C., author of Theological Anthropology in Notre Dame's University Theology Themes series and articles in American Ecclesiastical Review, Catholic Mind and Catholic World, teaches at the Crosier House of Studies in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Edmund J. Fitzpatrick, assistant at St. Kilian Church, Chicago, and assistant chaplain of Cana Conference, received his doctorate in theology from St. Mary of the Lake Seminary, Mundelein, Illinois. David J. Hassel, S.J ., professor of philosophy at St. Mary of the Lake Seminary, Mundelein, received his doctorate from St. Louis University. Robert A. Reicher, professor of sociology at St. Mary of the Lake Seminary Junior College Department, Niles, Illinois, and chaplain to the Catholic Council on Working Life, re¡ ceived his degree in sociology from Loyola University, Chicago. William A. Schumacher, assistant at St. Cyprian Church, River Grove, Illinois, has a doctorate in theology from St. Mary of the Lake Seminary, Mundelein, and is on the editorial board of CHICAGO STUDIES. Gerard P. Weber, assistant at St. Carthage Church, Chicago, vice-president of ACTA, is co-author of Life in Christ and Beyond the Commandments. 238