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move a little bit. … It helps with body image and bouncing back physically. … Yoga makes the world a better place, it really does. We breed positivity here. So it’s making a difference a little at a time, not just for moms, but for everyone. We can have an influence on our own families and on the world. Are there certain yoga principles you use in raising your boys? There are yoga principles that I do teach to Parker and will teach to Pen. They’re called the yamas and niyamas. It’s basically a code for living life as a functioning, balanced, content person. These are hundreds of year old principles from ashtanga yoga. It’s truthfulness, non-violence, non-hoarding, contentment, surrender. That’s kind of how I try to live my life and I do tend

to teach them those principles just by default. But it’s important to tell [the kids] what it actually is as well. … Non-violence has come up [with Parker]. With little boys, on the playground and at school, it’s come up a couple of times. It’s just a great way for me to tie it all together. … It’s not just what you’re told to do; it’s a way to live your life. What are your favorite spots to take your sons in the city? Parks are our favorite. Lucy Flower is our go-to in Logan Square, and Ehrler Park we really love because a lot of

the kids from the daycare go there as well. … Some of those parks are just so comfortable, and you get to meet some of the other moms. It makes Chicago feel like a small town at times. … I want to encourage people to keep their kids in the city. You will probably need to make some financial sacrifices to do it, but there really is so much to gain from staying in the city, or even visiting the city, if you’re in the suburbs. Utilize this city for all that it offers, culturally, for the kiddos. It’s easy for us to stay in our little bubble sometimes, and outside of it can be magical for them.


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