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It’s time to raise our voices and

demand answers. We can’t afford to wait another generation for cures.


99¢ of every dollar received funds cancer research.

In honor Survivors Day cancer, and onwe behalf of the millions On behalfofofCancer the millions living with demand living with cancer, we demand answers action and answers NOW. We’reaction fundingand research intoNOW. We’re funding research into promisingthat treatment innovations promising treatment innovations aim to improve and that aim to save the lives of people battling cancer today, notcancer decades improve and save the lives of people battling today, not SM down the road. to funds Treatment Innovators decades downOur thefunds road.go Our go to Treatment who InnovatorsSM are to speed clinicalclinical breakthroughs to the bedside whoworking are working to speed breakthroughs to the to bedside to help live longer, feelfeel better and and be cured now. now. help cancer cancerpatients patients live longer, better be cured

Join our movement to demand cures today so more people can be survivors.


Donate or get involved at Sign our petition for Cancer Survivors Month at

Special thanks to Cancer Treatment Centers of America® for underwriting The Gateway’s administrative expenses enabling 99 cents of every dollar received to go directly to cancer research.

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