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Shanah Tovah, Tigers! 24 Elul, 5773

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Save the Date Monday, Sept. 2 No School: Labor Day

August 30, 2013

Men's Soccer Says 'W'!

Wednesday, Sept. 4 1:15 Dismissal: Erev Rosh Hashanah Thursday, Sept. 5 Friday, Sept. 6 No School: Rosh Hashannah Tuesday, Sept. 10 Back to School Night Thursday, Sept. 12 JUF Annual Meeting Friday, Sept. 13 No School: Erev Yom Kippur Wednesday, Sept. 18 1:15 Dismissal: Erev Sukkot Thursday, Sept. 19 Friday, Sept. 20 No School: Sukkot Wednesday, Sept. 25 1:15 Dismissal: Hoshannah Rabbah

It was a beautiful Monday afternoon at Goodman Field as the CJHS men's soccer team opened their season with a smash win against Chicago Hope! Junior Reece Weber scored his first goal of the season, supported by fellow-scorers Jacob Erlichman and Jonny Chasin. Senior Jeremy Goodman scored no less than five goals, while goalie Isaac Johnston held off our rivals for a grand victory of 81. Wednesday, the team cut its teeth with a hard-fought match against Northridge Prep, while on Thursday, they played a close game against Gordon Tech, coming out 23. Undeterred, the Tigers are training hard for a rematch against Chiacgo Hope next week and a big game against Holy Trinity after Rosh Hashannah!

Thursday, Sept. 26 Friday, Sept. 27 No School: Shmini Atzeret/ Simchat Torah

P.O. Corner The P.O. is pleased to continue the gift card "Gelt" program. This program is designed to help families earn money toward their children's junior year Panim program and/or the Senior Israel Experience. Faculty and staff can also buy Gelt to support programs provided for the school by the P.O. By buying things you ordinarily purchase anyway, you can earn money which will be credited to your family or class for designated school trips. Contact Sheri Sandrof at or call her at 847.324.3723.

Community News and Events Helene Hoffman Cantorial Concert Proceeds Benefit Israel Cancer Research Fund

On Wednesday afternoon, the men's golf team held its first intersquad competition, with senior Adam Taitz taking first place. An honorable mention goes out to sophomore Jake Lankford, who finished second. The team will play its first match after a brief hiatus for Rosh Hashannah. Good luck, fellas!

Sunday, Oct. 13 3:00 p.m. Congregation Beth Shalom, Northbrook On Sunday October 13th, Congregation Beth Shalom will host the Helene Hoffman Memorial Cantorial Concert. Three extraordinary cantors will be featured along with a former season 3 contestant of The Voice. The concert, Cantors' Cabaret, will be an eclectic blend of original, Broadway, operatic, and classic tunes, many of which will be sung with a unique interpretation.

The women's volleyball team, still walking on air from last season's IHSA regional championship, opened their season last night at the Caplan Gym against Gordon Tech. Our girls showed their paces against the AAA team from the city, and while we didn't win, we definitely showed the Lady Rams what we are made of. The Lady Tigers are preparing to even the playing field against North Shore Country Day next Tuesday. Go CJ!

Proceeds from this benefit will support scientific research of malignant brain tumors at the Israel Cancer Research Fund. The ICRF has funded outstanding cancer researchers at leading Israeli institutions such as the Weizmann Institute, the Technion, Hadassah Medical Center, and Sheeba Medical Center. Individual tickets for unreserved seating start at $25 each. For more information about this event please contact Arnie Hoffman at 847.559.0909 or email

Fun Facts and Alumni Trivia College Visits CJHS is pleased to welcome representatives from the following schools this season: College Boston University Purdue University

Date 9/9/13 3:30 PM 9/10/13 10:46 AM

Where does our newest CJHS soccer player Eliel Stofenmacher stay when he's not home with his family in Madrid--and which other CJHS families have welcomed boarders from afar over the years?

Hampshire College Muhlenberg College University of Cincinnati Emory University University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign University of Kansas Bradley University University of Wisconsin, Madison

9/10/13 2:34 PM 9/10/13 3:30 PM 9/11/13 1:26 PM 9/11/13 2:35 PM 9/11/13 3:30 PM 9/12/13 9:56 AM 9/12/13 2:34 PM 9/12/13 3:30 PM

9/17/13 9:00 AM 9/17/13 Barnard College 12:30 PM Dickinson 9/17/13 College 1:26 PM American 9/17/13 University 2:34 PM Indiana 9/17/13 University at 3:30 PM Bloomington Illinois State 9/23/13 University 3:30 PM 9/24/13 Brandeis 12:42 University PM McGill 9/24/13 University 2:38 PM Swarthmore 9/24/13 College 3:30 PM Case Western 9/30/13 Reserve 12:30 University PM University of 10/1/13 Pennsylvania 9:00 AM Sarah Lawrence 10/1/13 College 9:56 AM 10/1/13 Colorado 10:52 College AM DePaul 10/1/13 University 3:30 PM University of 10/2/13 Chicago 3:30 PM Washington 10/8/13 University in St. 3:30 PM Louis 10/10/13 Amherst College 9:00 AM 10/9/13 Lawrence 12:30 University PM Lake Forest 10/10/13 College 12:30 Goucher College

This Week in MJT Rabbi Belgrad's seniors are reading Kafka's Before the Law, a parable about the impossibility of true faith in the modern age. The class is now grappling with how difficult spiritual journeys are and identifying some of their own obstacles along the way. Just in time for the holiday season, Dr. Schorsch's seniors have begun to consider what it means to be human with a reading from Louis Jacobs and a study of the creation story. The class is considering, "What does the Torah think of humanity? What do our great scholars think it means to be a human?" Next on their agenda will be Rabbi A. J. Heschel's "The Sacred Image of Man" and Soloveitchik's The Lonely Man of Faith, all readings of the first three chapters of Bereshit.

Edline and Blackboard By now all CJHS students and their parents should have registered email addresses on Edline. If you are finding it difficult to log on to Blackboard/Edline, we'd be glad to help! Simply send an email to Ms. Averbuch with your full name and your child's name. We will get back to you as soon as possible. In addition, if you would like assistance in using Blackboard/Edline features, please send an email to Thank you!

University of Michigan Northwestern University Jewish Theological Seminary of America Yeshiva University Drake University Skidmore College Hofstra University

PM 10/10/13 3:30 PM 10/14/13 3:30 PM 10/15/13 3:30 PM

10/17/13 9:00 AM 10/17/13 9:56 AM 10/23/13 9:00 AM 10/23/13 1:26 PM 10/29/13 Kalamazoo 12:25 College PM Interdisciplinary 10/31/13 Center (IDC) 10:52 Herzliya AM

Lulav and Etrog Rosh Hashannah is around the corner, which means it's time to order a lulav

and etrog for Sukkot. CJHS is selling small sets for $40 and standard sets for $45; order forms can be picked up in the main office or from Rabbi Silver. Orders must be received by Monday, September 9. Lulavim/etrogim will be distributed at the end of the school day on Wednesday, September 18. Chag sameach! Schechter Reunion

Sponsor Breakfast What's better than a birthday celebration with friends? Celebrate your student's birthday or other milestone with a special breakfast at CJHS. For a donation of $180 (10x chai), bagels, cream cheese, and orange juice will be served to everyone.

An announcement will be made in Tefillah and in the dining hall, and the occasion will also be listed in our weekly E-News and on the school announcement board. If you have any questions, please call 847.324.3713 or email Order forms are available online here.

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SSDS is proud to host its first multi-class reunion for the Classes of 2000-2005 on September 7 after Shabbat. Click here for more information, or contact francine.ephraim for details.

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Look for a few familiar faces on the reunion committee, including CJHS' own Hannah Pogrund ('07), Lilli Flink ('08), and Alan Bukingolts ('09)!

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Baruch Dayan Emet We regret to announce the passing of Fred Weiss, grandfather of seniors Alana and Ari Spellman and their brother Zach Spellman ('11). Services have been held at Moriah Cogregation. Hamakom Yinachem Etchem B'toch Sh'ar Avalei Tziyon V'Yerushalayim. May God's presence comfort the Weiss, Spellman, and Kozin family among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

Alumni Trivia International student Eliel Stofenmacher stays with the Licht family when he's not home in Spain! Other homes away from home include the Geifman family, who hosted Nate Swetlitz ('13) from Naperville and Nic Levy ('12) from Forest Park, the Warshawsky family and the Ferri family, who hosted Jake Levine ('10) from Arizona, the Coven family, who hosted Joel Pachefsky ('09) from Milwaukee, the Shapiro family, who hosted Ellie Honan ('09) from Minnesota,and the Dreifuss family, who hosted Zach Berkman ('04) when he came from Peoria!

A Taste of Torah: Nitzavim-Vayelech In History

"You are all standing here on this day: your leaders, your elder statesmen, and your police officers. Men, women, and children, nativeborn and stranger, your patricians, your [meat packers] and your [garbage collectors].... And not just with us does [God] make a covenant, but... even with those who are not [yet] with us today!" (Deut. 29:9-13)

Fifty years after the March on Washington, our people have much to be proud of. Equal pay for equal work is now the law; it is illegal for real estate agents to choose which prospective tenants will be shown the most comfortable and affluent properties and which will be directed elsewhere. Descendants of slaves, migrant workers, houseboys, and railroad miners are now presidents, CEO's, PhD's, and leaders in all professions. In this age more than ever, every group in America has the opportunity to contribute and benefit from our country's prosperity and greatness.

;‫לַה' אֱ ֹלהֵ ינּו‬--‫הַ נִּ ְס ָתרֹת‬ .‫דבְ ֵרי הַ תו ָֹרה הַ זֹאת‬-‫ָל‬ ִּ ‫כ‬-‫ ַלעֲׂשוֹת אֶ ת‬,‫ לָנּו ּולְ בָ נֵינּו עַ ד עוֹלָם‬,‫וְ הַ נִּ גְ ֹלת‬

"The hidden [injustices] are for God [to deal with], but the visible injustices are ours and our children's [to rectify], to enact all the words of this Torah." (Deut. 29:28) The events of this past year have brutally shown us how far we still have to go to enact God's teaching in our own country. Until all children receive an education that will enable them to succeed in college and the modern workforce, until wayward sons from all backgrounds are tried and sentenced by the same standards, until all workers and immigrants work in safety and with living wages, until all of God's children can sit down at a lunch table with each other, dance with each other, build homes and choose friends without being ostracized by their peers, we

will not be living as God has commanded us to live. God did not bring us forth from slavery only to build an ivory tower. "This thing that I command you is not too astounding for you, and its [enaction] is not too far off. It is not in heaven... nor is it across the sea, for you to whine, 'Who shall go for us across the sea to fetch it for us, so that we may try it?' No--the Word is very close to you yourself, in your mouth and your heart, to put it into action.'" (Deut. 30:11-14) --E-News Editor Ms. Shira Eliaser Last week's dvar Torah was beautifully written by Rav Beit Sefer Zach Silver. E-news apologizes for the missing attribution.

Sponsored Breakfast Happy birthday to Emma Siegal. Many thanks to her family for sponsoring breakfast.

Shabbat Shalom and L'Shanah Tovah Candlelighting this Friday will be at 7:12 p.m. Shabbat shalom!

We wish all our readers a sweet, happy, and fulfilling new year. Enews will resume on September 12 after Rosh Hashannah.

Shanah tovah tigers!