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CJHS Senior Israel Experience - Packing List While winter in Israel is milder than in Chicago, it can be quite cold and wet. You will want to bring with you a wardrobe that is versatile. Layers are recommended. We recommend that you pack enough clothing for 10-12 days. We will be arranging for a laundry service about halfway through the trip (although, you may want to do laundry on your free Shabbat). Please limit yourself to one piece of checked luggage (suitcase/duffle bag) and one backpack. You will be responsible for loading and unloading your belongings from the bus as we travel, so pack efficiently. We are spending a full day and evening in the desert and will be sleeping outside. You will needs layers, a warm coat, hat and gloves for this experience. Sleeping bags will be provided.

What to Bring – Recommendations from CJHS Alumni: 12 pairs of underwear

Shoes/boots for wet weather

12 pairs of socks (you may want to bring some wool socks for hiking and warmth)

Dress shoes(for Shabbat)

3 - 4 pairs of jeans/pants/skirts (do not only bring jeans—they are not ideal for days when we are hiking). 3-4 pairs of shorts 10 - 12 shirts (bring a mix of short and long sleeve shirts)

Flip-flops for showers/hot springs Bathing suit (1 piece for girls) Backpack (for day trips) Laundry bag Water bottles (total volume 2 liters)

2-3 Shabbat outfits

Toiletries/personal care items

2-3 sweatshirts/sweaters

Prescription medications

1 light jacket/fleece pullover

A good book (or two) to read

1 warm jacket


Hat for sun

A journal

Hat for warmth

Sunglasses and Sunscreen



3 pairs of pajamas

Snacks for the plane

Slippers (for dorms)

Kippot, tallit and tefillin (required for boys, recommended for girls)

Raingear (jacket and pants are recommended) Shoes for walking (sneakers are okay)


Israel Packing List  
Israel Packing List  

Israel Packing List