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Consider how the

world has changed. Technology is touching every aspect of our lives. It’s changing industries, communities, and government agencies. It’s impacting how we research, do business, practice health care, educate our children, watch over the environment—and how we practice law. The changes are profound. And so are the new challenges for today’s attorneys.

At Chicago-Kent College of Law we believe that attorneys need to stand at the intersection of law, technology, and society—in a world that is global and highly connected. And that means understanding not just the law but also how to practice law in a world that is increasingly dependent upon technology. We’ll teach you how to use technology for advocacy—and how to create value and more effectively represent clients who are tech-savvy and digitally smart.

Look around. You’ll see that Chicago-Kent students are ambitious and entrepreneurial, with fascinating life stories. We are looking for students, like you, who lead interesting lives—and who want to make a meaningful difference wherever they practice law. So don’t be surprised to find out that your fellow students might have STEM degrees—in fields ranging from engineering to biology. Or that they studied economics, political science, psychology—or French. They might tell you about the time they worked for Teach for America, played bass guitar in a band in college, or volunteered on a foreign service project. Some of our students come straight to law school after earning their undergraduate degrees—and others enroll after having rewarding careers as diverse as being a firefighter, news reporter, or patent agent. Your background may be different, but all Chicago-Kent students have something in common. Each of you has chosen to study law because you believe a law degree can make a difference in your life—and in the lives of others. You are accomplished—and driven to have a meaningful impact upon your world. At Chicago-Kent some of our students would say they didn’t choose to study law—but rather that law chose them. It’s in their DNA. And being a lawyer, despite all of the challenges, is what they long to be.


and collaborate. Can a law school really “walk the talk” of collegiality in the classroom? Can you feel connected to your fellow law students? Or is cutthroat competition just law school reality? The answer is—it depends. On the faculty. On the atmosphere in the classroom. And on the other students in your class. Chicago-Kent students don’t choose between competition and being connected. They know that to be good lawyers they need to give it their best. To think critically, to understand change, and identify opportunities in order to solve problems. Our students help one another to succeed. They learn from colleagues with different points of view and solve problems together. And the Chicago-Kent faculty work hard to make sure you get a rigorous, distinctive education that will provide a solid, strong foundation for wherever your path takes you after graduation. But they also emphasize personal attention—and encourage you to learn from one another. At Chicago-Kent it’s all about connection—in the classroom, with your clients, in the boardroom, in your community, and in the halls of justice— and with the more than 14,000 Chicago-Kent alumni around the world.

Chicago: You can study law anywhere, but there’s something special about studying law in Chicago. You’ll have access to the wide variety of opportunities available only in a city of this size while also enjoying the lifestyle that makes Chicago a great place to call home. Chicago’s thriving legal community includes major law firms, governmental agencies, advocacy organizations, and federal and state courts. Many corporations are headquartered in the Chicago metro area as well— Motorola, Boeing, and Abbott Laboratories to name just a few. Chicago also has a strong tech ecosystem that includes employers such as Amazon, Google, and Groupon as well as legal tech companies like kCura. Chicago-Kent has a vast network of graduates throughout the area—and many opportunities for externships, clerkships, and part-time work. Chicago-Kent students gain valuable experience working alongside lawyers throughout the city, developing the skills that will make them valued members of the organizations they join. And Chicago is a pretty amazing place to live. Outstanding restaurants. Bigtime sports. Major museums. Unique neighborhoods. Great public transit. Serious shopping. The Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Music. Pizza. Beaches. Bike paths. Sailing. The list goes on. We have no doubt that you’ll be able to connect with others who share similar interests—and find new places and ways to relax, unwind, and have fun.

Where Law, Technology, and Society Intersect.

You and

It’s All About the Fit.

Chicago-Kent: We know you will have your pick of law schools—and making sure the fit is right is more important than ever. And to be quite honest, law schools have a lot in common in terms of what they offer and what they teach. But when you take a closer look, you’ll see there’s a reason Chicago-Kent is known as one of the most innovative law schools in the country.

So what makes Chicago-Kent 1. Our curriculum is focused. And our technology is big-time.

2. It’s located in downtown Chicago.

We have 10 certificate programs that allow you to specialize your J.D. studies in areas such as intellectual property, international law, or labor law. We also offer courses in additional areas of focus or you can pursue one of our joint-degree options.

We’ve been here since 1888, and our roots run really deep in this city. Even when our graduates relocate to other cities across the country or around the world, they take a lot of what makes Chicago great with them. Bold thinking. Confidence. Midwestern work ethic. An entrepreneurial spirit.

Our classrooms are high-tech and our courtrooms include the latest litigation technology.

3. It’s one of the few law schools in the country associated with a technology-focused university. Illinois Tech scientists and engineers have made some of the century’s most important technological advances—from improvements in magnetic recording to the invention of the mobile handheld cell phone—and our architects have shaped the skylines of Chicago and cities throughout the world. Our business school has a distinctive niche in big data, analytics, and finance. And the Institute of Design links design more closely to business innovation. Chicago-Kent students are part of a community that understands the profound changes shaping society today. So when someone asks the question “Why would you want to attend law school at a tech-focused university?” we think the answer is obvious. In today’s world, why would you want to study law anywhere else? 4. We believe flexibility is a good word. Life happens. Things change. So we will do all we can to work with you. Take advantage of our early summer start option. Switch from full-time studies to parttime and then back again. Whatever you need to make your life work, we’ll work with you to see what we can arrange.

distinctive? 5. We don’t really believe in “practice.” We prefer to say our students “build experience” before they graduate. We have our own in-house teaching law firm where our students learn both the practice and the business of law. Our students also gain valuable experience through our externship program, at places such as the Office of the Illinois Attorney General, U.S. Attorneys Office, Internal Revenue Service, and offices of various county prosecutors and public defenders. 6. Our faculty are making a difference around the world. They’re working on: • Land dispossession and restitution in South Africa • International economic cooperation and world trade • Drones in commerce, surveillance, and warfare • Trademark protection and territoriality in the global economy

7. Our Legal Writing and Appellate Advocacy programs are among the best in the nation. Chicago-Kent was the first law school in the United States with a three-year legal writing requirement, and our curriculum has served as a model for numerous other institutions. You’ll learn the fundamentals of legal research, advocacy, and transactional writing— and how to use technology to facilitate legal writing. In our award-winning Trial and Appellate Advocacy programs, you’ll learn how to write compelling briefs, present persuasive oral arguments, and refine your courtroom skills.

8. Our graduates are not just in demand in law firms across the country and around the world. They hold political office, work in businesses, government agencies and public interest organizations, and hold judicial clerkships and academic appointments throughout Chicago, the Midwest, and across the country. They are also dedicated to mentoring future generations of lawyers. Last year more than 600 alumni volunteered to assist with activities ranging from coaching trial advocacy teams to mock interviewing to hosting networking dinners to participating in our annual Alumni-Student Connections Week.

Our Graduates

Set the

Our graduates consistently surpass the first-time pass rate on the July Illinois bar exam. In July 2016, 83 percent of Chicago-Kent graduates who took the bar exam for the first time received passing scores, exceeding the state pass rate for first-time test takers by six points. Over the past 10 years our graduates have achieved first-time pass rates that are four to seven points above the state pass rate.

Bar High.

Our Students Make Us Proud. First-Place Wins in Advocacy Competitions (2015–16 Academic Year) National championships: 2 Regional championships: 4

Percent who are women: 49%

Best oral advocate awards: 6 Best brief awards: 4

Percent who are students of color: 31%

Number of states represented: 36 Number of citizenship countries: 13

J.D. Students (Fall 2016): 738 (607 full-time and 131 part-time)

Number of student organizations: 54

Number of externship placements in 2015–16: 159

Number of 2015–16 public service hours: 3,000 hours to 23 volunteer programs

2016 Entering Class Profile Number of 2015–16 clinical placements in the Chicago-Kent Law Offices: 176

Median LSAT score: 156 Median GPA: 3.39 Universities represented: 123


A future-focused law school for our rapidly changing world.


Founded in 1888, Chicago-Kent College of Law at Illinois Tech is the second-oldest law school in Illinois. Chicago-Kent is a national leader in legal education, recognized for its scholarly excellence, innovative programs, and outstanding practical skills training. The law school is accredited by the American Bar Association and is a member of the Association of American Law Schools and the Order of the Coif. L E A R N M O RE: | 312.906.5020 A P P LY O NLINE: CO N N E C T O N S O C IAL M E D IA: S C H E D U LE A VIS IT:

565 West Adams Street | Chicago, IL 60661-3691

Future Focused  

At Chicago-Kent College of Law we believe that attorneys need to stand at the intersection of law, technology, and society. And that means u...

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