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Community and Hospital Infection Control Association – Canada

Working together for better health care

Annual Report 2011 Vision, Mission & Values Vision Statement CHICA–Canada will be a major national and international leader and the recognized resource in Canada for the promotion of best practice in infection prevention and control.

Mission Statement CHICA–Canada is a national, multidisciplinary association committed to the wellness and safety of Canadians by promoting best practice in infection prevention and control through education, standards, advocacy and consumer awareness.

Values Statement Professional Integrity – To be principled, forthright and ethical, upholding the highest standards in all of our activities. Critical Thinking – To employ critical thinking in our decision making: to do the right thing for the right reasons. Accessibility – To be accessible to our members and stakeholders. Responsiveness – To be responsive and creative in meeting the membership’s needs. Innovation – To be resourceful and inventive in advancing infection prevention and control knowledge and practice. Diversity – To respect and embrace national and international social and cultural differences. Advocacy – To advance practices that protect consumers. Excellence – To pursue excellence in all our endeavours.

Year 2011

Donna Wiens RN BN CIC I have been honoured to represent CHICACanada as its president during 2011, the 35th Anniversary year. Thank you to the staff and Board of Directors for their unwavering support, and for their support of the organization and myself. Thank you to all of our chapters, interest groups and members for assisting CHICA-Canada to move forward with our strategic plan even during a period of financial restraint. In 2011 the main activities of the president continued to focus on operationalizing the Strategic Plan developed in 2009. Due to budget deficits from previous years and the need to restrain spending in 2011, some activities usually undertaken by the president were shared with other board members or curtailed altogether. Strategic goals One and Five – to raise the profile of the association and its activities and to provide national and international leadership – are a primary responsibility of the president, achieved by promoting collaboration and relationships within the organization and with our many partners, like the Certification Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology (CBIC); Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI); Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC); Operating Room Nurses Association of Canada (ORNAC); Canadian Nurses Association (CNA); Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology Inc. (APIC); International Federation of Infection Control (IFIC); and the Infection Prevention Society (IPS), to name a few. Meetings with these organizations offer

President’s Report the chance to further relationships with our partner associations, and provide opportunity to learn from each other. In the remaining Strategic Plan goal areas – to enhance the mix of products and services, to expand the association’s education initiatives, and to expand and develop the membership base – I participated with other board members and staff with the 2011 National Education Conference in Toronto; aiding in the selection of special awards, recognition and scholarships for CHICACanada members; organizing webinars, roadshows and teleclasses for members, and development of educational tools and products. Your volunteer Board of Directors stays abreast of progress and developments in our specialty and brings products and services forward to support your practice. This work will continue in the future as you select very strong and talented colleagues to represent you on the board and its committees. CHICA-Canada was in a stronger financial position by the end of 2011 than at the beginning of the year and the changes made will enable us to continue the work involved in achieving our strategic goals in the future. The future looks bright as Jim Gauthier takes the helm as 2012 President. The complete CHICA-Canada 2011 Annual Report can be found at

Chapter Presidents 2011 Executive Officers President Donna Wiens RN BN CIC Secretary/Membership Director Marilyn Weinmaster RN BScN CIC Director of Finance Judi Linden RN BN COHN(C) CIC President-Elect Jim Gauthier MLT CIC Past President Anne Bialachowski RN BN MS CIC

Board of Directors Director of Education Donna Moralejo PhD Director Programs & Projects Karen Clinker MEd BScN CCOHN CIC Director Standards & Guidelines Jennifer Grant MD CM FRCP(S) Physician Director Michael Gardam MSc MD CM FRCPC CIC

Other Positions

Archivist Mary LeBlanc RN BN CIC Distance Education Course Coordinators Heather Candon BSc MSc CIC Jane VanToen MLT BSc CIC Clinical Editor, CJIC Pat Piaskowski RN HBScN CIC Web Master Shirley McDonald ART CIC Executive Director/Conference Planner Gerry Hansen BA Administrative Assistant Kelli Wagner Legal Counsel Elliot Leven Auditor Philip Romaniuk CA

2011 Board of Directors

(Click on the chapter name to view annual report) CHICA–Newfoundland/Labrador Beverly Pittman RN


CHICA–New Brunswick/PEI Stacey Burns RN BN ET CIC

CHICA–PANA (formerly Peel Region) Alexis Silverman RN BA BScN CIC

CHICA–Nova Scotia Suzanne Rhodenizer-Rose RN BScN CIC

CHICA–HUPIC Barbara Schmidt RN BScN

CHICA-Montreal Silvana Perna RN BScN MS CIC

CHICA–Simcoe Muskoka (to be officially inducted in 2012) Mandy Deeves BScN RN CIC

CHICA-Eastern Ontario Sally MacInnis RN BScN CIC

CHICA–Northwestern Ontario Diana Gowanlock RN BScN MPH

CHICA–Northeastern Ontario Vicky Willet RN CIC

CHICA–Manitoba Janice Briggs RN BA MSN CIC

CHICA–Renfrew County Rita Montgomery RN


CHICA–Central East Ontario Myonne Allan MLT CIC CHICA–Ottawa Region Nancy Todd-Giordano RN BScN CIC CHICA-Southwestern Ontario Brenda Prouse RN CIC CHICA–TPIC Lillian Kariko-Braithwaite MLT BHA CIC

CHICA–Southern Alberta Wendy Runge RN BScN CIC CHICA–Northern Alberta Ralph Ennis-Davis CHICA–British Columbia Pawan Sindhar BSN CHICA–Vancouver Island Gayle Lohr BSN BA

CHICA-Canada Interest Groups 2011

(Click on the interest group name to view annual report) Community Healthcare Interest Group Fred Atkin BN BEd BID Amanda Knapp BASc CPHI(C) CIC

Network of Networks Bruce Gamage RN BSN CIC Patsy Rawding RN BScN CIC

Dialysis Interest Group Victoria Williams BSc BASc Lorna Neufeldt RN BScN

Oncology Interest Group Jennifer Blue BSc RRT CIC Cindy O’Neill ART

Healthcare Facility Design and Construction Interest Group Barb Shea MLT ART CIC Maja McGuire BSc MLT CIC

Pediatrics Interest Group Louise Holmes RN BSN CIC Laurie Streitenberger RN BSc CIC

Long Term Care Interest Group Darlene Fawcett RN Marilyn Weinmaster RN BScN CIC Mental Health Interest Group Sally MacInnis RN BScN CIC Linda Fletcher RN BScN CIC

PreHospital Care Interest Group Alexis Silverman RN BA BScN CIC Greg Bruce A-EMCA Surveillance and Applied Epidemiology Interest Group Tara Donovan BHSc MSC CIC Myrna Dyck BSc BN MSc

2011 Chapter Presidents

Just 18 months into the five-year CHICA-Canada Strategic Plan, the following initiatives are underway.

Strategic Plan Initiatives 2011

Goal One: Raise the profile of the association and its activities

Goal Three: Expand the association’s education initiatives

Goal Five: Provide national and international leadership

Updated the Board Orientation manual

Facilitated communication with other organizations (everexpanding list, most recently the Operating Room Nurses Association of Canada and the First Nations and Inuit Health Branch)

Provided representation on national committees and boards (Accreditation Canada advisory board, Canadian Standards Association Steering Committee, Public Health Agency Infection Control Steering Committee and others)

Collaborated on national and international projects (Antibiotic Awareness Day, WHO Hand Hygiene Day, International Infection Prevention Week, and others)

Enhanced industry partnerships and sponsorship of CHICA projects and education (audit toolkit, roadshows, conference attendance, etc).

Reviewed draft standards before publication by Public Health Agency of Canada

Prepared policies and developed the infrastructure for the delivery of the CHICA-Canada online novice ICP course

Achieved status as an associate member of Canadian Nurses Association

Collaborated with APIC and CBIC on ICP core competency document

Endorsed Novice ICP courses

Developed monthly e-newsletter

Facilitated and promoted ICP education

Held teleclasses for chapter presidents and treasurers

Increased scientific content in the Canadian Journal of Infection Control

Goal Two: Enhance the mix of products and services •

Ensured that CHICA-Canada’s logo is recognizable on all products and ensured that chapter names align with CHICA-Canada

Facilitated website renewal and expansion

Facilitated major redevelopment of the audit toolkit series

Encouraged the use of CHICA CHAT (formerly CHICA Connections) as a discussion board

2011 Election Results Following a successful online election, Bruce Gamage was elected 2012 President-elect. We thank the candidates for the position for their enthusiastic support of CHICA–Canada and its Vision for success in the future. CHICA–Canada acknowledges Isabelle Langman and Terry Murduff and wishes them every success in the future.

Goal Four: Expand and develop the membership base •

Developed membership base which is now over 1700 strong and rising, with growing corporate membership and focus on targeted groups for recruitment

Developed chapter representation, increasing number of chapters to 22 with the addition of CHICA-Simcoe Muskoka

Facilitated board member visits to chapters

Initiated recognition of extraordinary achievement of members through the Champions of Infection Control award

2012 Board of Directors President Jim Gauthier MLT CIC Secretary/Membership Director Marilyn Weinmaster RN BScN CIC Director of Finance Judi Linden RN BN COHN(C) CIC President–elect Bruce Gamage RN BSN CIC Past President Donna Wiens RN BN CIC

Director of Education Donna Moralejo PhD Director Programs & Projects Karen Clinker MEd BScN CCOHN CIC Director Standards & Guidelines Jennifer Grant MD CM FRCP(S) Physician Director Michael Gardam MSc MD CM FRCPC CIC

Executive Director Gerry Hansen BA

In its 35th anniversary year, CHICA reexamined its role in infection prevention and control, addressed how it would move its Strategic Plan forward, and prioritized key issues that must be addressed. At its November 2011 meeting, the Board spent considerable time discussing the image of CHICACanada, including the name and constituency. The result would be a survey of members to occur in early 2012 with further discussion at the 2012 AGM. The efficiency of a name change, should members so vote, is tied in with the new Not-for-Profit (NFP) Corporations Act. The Act, declared on October 14, 2011, requires all Canadian NFP corporations to examine their current articles of incorporation and by-laws and submit revised content to Industry Canada no later than October 14, 2014. The Act not only prescribes the language of content but also is law whereby corporations that do not respond in a timely fashion are under threat of losing their NFP status. CHICA will be addressing this new Act in 20122013. As President Donna Wiens noted, CHICA values its partnerships with external stakeholders. Although CHICA may not have been officially represented at some meetings or conferences, the work of collaboration is steadfast. Prominent amongst the collaboration is the establishment of regular conference calls of the Executive Directors and Administrators of CHICA, CBIC and APIC.

In addition, the Presidents of associations represented at the CHICA conference, and other conferences, have scheduled an opportunity to get together to discuss matters of mutual interest. CHICA is now the largest financial sponsor of the International Federation of Infection Control through the proceeds of the annual Run or Walk for IFIC. CHICA-Canada’s participation on many external committees is witness to its increased profile and respect of its members, nationally and internationally. While CHICA’s role in Infection Prevention and Control has increased, we remain a tightly organized but small infrastructure. We are truly dependent on the expertise and goodwill of our members. A listing of Internal and External Committee representation can be found on the ‘Inside CHICA’ page of our website. It has been my pleasure to work closely with staff, chapters and committees over the past year. I would like to thank those who make my day worthwhile – Kelli Wagner, Administrative Assistant; Shirley McDonald, Web Communications Manager; Pamela Chalmers, Web Designer; Pat Piaskowski, Clinical Editor; Mary LeBlanc, Archivist; chapter executive; interest group chairs; the staff and faculty of the Distance Education Course; and of course your hardworking Board of Directors.

Membership Director Marilyn Weinmaster RN BScN CIC I am pleased to report that the CHICACanada membership remains stable. The graphs on the following page provide a breakdown of the membership by discipline, setting and province. CHICACanada continues to see an increase in Corporate Members. On behalf of the CHICA Board I wish to acknowledge and thank the corporate sponsor s for their continued support. Several awards recognize chapter and individual members for their contribution and achievements in infection control.

The awards are presented at the annual education conference. These include the 3M Chapter Achievement Award, Certification in Infection Control Chapter Achievement Award, Ecolab Poster Contest, Honourary Membership, Champion of Infection Prevention and Control, Moira Walker Award for International Service, and the Virox Technologies National Scholarship awards. As part of the focus on membership recruitment for targeted groups, two

new membership brochures were developed in 2011. These brochures were for EMS/Police/Fire, and for Infection Control Designates. CHICA-Canada is seeking members to serve on a Core Membership Committee in 2012.The committee will be responsible for the development of communication and products to maintain and increase the membership of CHICA-Canada.

Director of Finance

Membership Statistics RN/RPN MD PHI/PHN MLT MT Other

63.00% 6.00% 5.00% 6.00% 2.00% 18.00%

Judi Linden RN BN COHN(C) CIC

CHICA-Canada Members by Discipline as at November 1, 2011 1695 Members

Other 18.00%

MT 2.00% RN/RPN MD

MLT 6.00%


PHI/PHN 5.00%

Other RN/RPN 63.00%

MD 6.00%

Acute Care Long Term Care Community Health Public Health Industry Other

47% 13% CHICA-Canada Members by Institution Type 5% 12% 8% 15%

as at November 1, 2011 1695 Members

Other, 15%

Industry, 8%

Acute Care Acute Care, 47%

Long Term Care Community Health Public Health Industry

Public Health, 12%


Long Term Care, 13%



CHICA-Canada National Membership as at November 1, 2011 1695 Members

1700 1695

No. of Members

1695 1690 1685


The support of our Corporate Partners is paramount to the development of educational events and practice tools for our members. The Ecolab Poster Contest, the 3M Awards, the Virox Scholarship, the conference and other initiatives have been able to sustain because of the financial support of industry. Education contributions in 2011 include BD Canada (Roadshows and Webinars), GOJO Industries (Routine Practices E-Learning Tool), Vernacare (Hot Topics), and Webber Training (teleclasses). We are also grateful for the support of our many conference sponsors.

1680 1675 1670 1

2 2011

No. of Members

BC AB SK MB ON 1200 QC NB/PE NS 1000 NL NT/YT/NU US/For.800

149 149 66 61 988 86 48 78 45 8 17


CHICA-Canada Members by Province as at November 1, 2011 1695 Members

In 2012 we will see significant changes in the flow of CHICA-Canada business designed to address the needs of our growing membership. Changes to business practices will also assist CHICA on its road to fiscal renewal. With the continued support of membership and industry partners, CHICA-Canada looks forward to a period of fiscal growth.






149 66



The Board has taken serious action to reduce operating expenses including eliminating in-person meetings where possible; no longer using a travel agent except for international or complicated travel; reducing committee representatives’ travel; reducing official representation at outside conferences; and implementing wage freezes, to name just a few. The Board will continue to actively scrutinize budget requests and operating costs to ensure the goals of the association are met while maintaining fiscal responsibility. Our goal of expanding the membership base was realized, as we saw an increase in Individual, Institutional and Corporate Memberships in 2011. Several products and resources were introduced or enhanced. Notable among these is the CHICA-Canada Distance Education Basic Infection Prevention and Control Course which was launched in 2010-2011. With a waiting list of individuals eager to participate, CHICA-Canada continues to benefit from the enhanced profile and revenues that this course provides. CHICA members have been contracted as Course Coordinators, Instructors, Facilitators and Practicum Coordinators. The Audit Tool is another example of resources available to CHICA members. The vast majority of work continues to utilize CHICA member volunteers.

Community Health, 5%


The year 2011 presented the Board of Directors with many financial challenges. Difficult budget decisions were required and priorities for new and ongoing initiatives established. Despite this hard work, the cost to operate the association and provide services to our members continues to rise. Advice from our auditor indicated that our main source of consistent and ongoing income – our membership fees – needed an adjustment in order to continue to meet the goals of the organization. Our membership listened, and ratified a membership fee increase to take effect on January 1, 2012.







COMMUNITY AND HOSPITAL INFECTION CONTROL ASSOCIATION - CANADA Statement of Revenues and Expenditures for the year ended December 31, 2011 2011 Revenue Membership fees Corporate membership fees Donations National conferences (note 3) Education Distance Education Journal Infection Control Products Other income and reimbursements Interest MRSA Roadshow sponsorship Award sponsorship Website income


Expenditures Audit, legal and bookkeeping Awards Bank, credit card charges and foreign exchange Insurance Office and administration National Office Staff Annual general meeting Infection Control products National Conferences (note 3) Committees Board of Directors Internal committees External committees Interest groups Website Translation Donation Education Distance education MRSA roadshow On-line registration Routine Practice Tool Education Fund disbursement Research grant disbursed

Excess (deficiency of) revenues over expenditures for the year


The entire 2011 Audited Financial Report can be found at :


137,341 72,834 17,754 595,346

134,294 42,863 4,143 507,017

68,800 21,694 19,720 3,571 2,356 17,832 47,500 4,182

30,458 17,380 17,698 1,000 2,345 22,000 5,680



18,446 20,813 26,141 3,744 30,668 88,805 11,228 6,468 586,945

14,812 19,416 21,064 3,508 32,821 75,470 15,236 21,720 522,170

28,998 18,583 12,884 10,965 16,954 5,100 4,270

56,632 19,636 38,207 14,330 19,696 4,179 6,318

69,761 17,832 3,581 7,671 -

49,101 5,420 12,285 42,500





CHICA–Canada PO Box 46125 RPO Westdale Winnipeg MB R3R 3S3 Tel: 204-897-5990

Fox: 204-895-9595

Toll-free: 866-999-7111 Email:

CHICA Canada Annual Report Abbreviated E  

CHICA Canada Annual Report abreviated

CHICA Canada Annual Report Abbreviated E  

CHICA Canada Annual Report abreviated