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Poster design for the medieval festival “Romances y juglares� (Spain), 2012.

Proposal for the Convocation of Illustration Iberoamericana, 2014.

Proposal of a logo/pet for the fair IllustraTOUR Valladolid 2014 (Spain).

Design of Christmas cards for F. Gonsalo Reques S.L. (Spain), 2012.

Storyboard, 2013.

Technical illustration of a chair for online shop MONOQI, 2013.

Advertising about the Wine of Spain for the Government of culture, leisure and tourism (Spain), 2012.

Character design for Children’s Books, 2014.

Illustrations about Never Neverland and Peter (Italy), 2013.

Illustration for youth magazine (Germany), 2013.

Illustrations for children’s book (Germany), 2014.

Illustration for article on the Magazine SEMANAL (Spain), 2013.

Set of Illustrations about mayas (Germany), 2013.

Design of branding for FUAHJUR Productions (Germany), 2014.

Logo collection of thelogotypes designed on 2013. +49 015238702746 +34 610090165


Creative collection with some samples of my work in illustration and graphic design. ...