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In Transition: AMK Hub

In this project, we were tasked to design a transition space in a site we have chosen. My site is located at AMK Hub at the entrance by the overhead bridge. The design concept plays with scale and shadows such that as the structure are denser and lower the nearer you are to the entrance and it gets higher and more spreaded as it enters the shopping mall. This is to heighten the eect of entering or exiting of the mall so that people will feel the chan change in environment and experience the whole mood of transitioning between the inside and outside.

Furniture Design Simple. Comfortable. Functional. Intermingle of function and fashion, i believe furniture design should be simple and functional while providing variation of mood and emotion for users.

The Tangent

Dual function light fixture. The concept is to design a light fixture that make use of both soft and hard light qualities for two different functions. T he primary function is to act as a desk light using direct lighting, while the secondary function is to act as a night light using soft lighting that is created when the desk light is closed and the light is seeping through the frosted acrylic tube.

Spatial and Interior Design User-centric. Emotion invoking. Functional.

An interior design is heavily dealing with mood, emotions, feelings and experience of the space. My design tries to encompass all of that while functioning to the needs of user.

The Twist

Inspired by REM KOOLHAAS The Twist is a twp stprey office designed to house one to two designers. Both levels are rectilinear with the higher level twisted perpendicularly to the first. The design concept is to create more space while using lesser material to build. T he 90 degree in rotation allows a semi -outdoor space to be created below the second floor, while the extrusion of the first floor acts as the roof on the second floor. level 1 plan

level 1 elevation

level 2 oorplan

level 2 elevation

level 2 perspective


Contrast and Harmony With a given site in Seletar Aerospace Park and an airplane fuselage skin, we were tasked to create a space while introducing a new function to the skin. My proposal was to create a pavilion that constrast and harmonize with the surrounding using material, scale and natural lighting. The main intention was to build up the pavilion using teak timber as structural elements before laying it with polycarbonate rooďŹ ng and and cladding it with the fuselage skin in a rotated manner. T his creates a abrupt use of material if you look at it from the outside. However, upon entering you would only be greeted by the strips of wood that brings in the visual harmony with the surrounding. Together with the heighten scale and the introduction of natural lighting, i plan to create a pleasant ďŹ nding of congruity in the interior experience with the environment.



Around You Integration of Site

Around you is an installation located at an empty ďŹ eld in Dhoby Ghaut where there is a distinct dierence in activity and movement in site. plan


T he installation aims to bring in the activity from the busier side to the quieter side of the site when visitors have a journey of re-discovering the site in the walkthrough. During the journey, visitors would experience the progression of noticing the surround around them that has always been oering serenity that is often neglected. Ultimately, the activity brought in by the installation and visitors would lead to an integration of humane movement and the visual and spatial context of the site.

Around You Phase 1

In phase 1, visitors would come across two planes of mirror facing each other, creating a infinite reflection of the field. In this space, there is a deliberate absence of urban node (e.g. high rise building etc), allowing visitors to take the first step in experiencing and understanding the site.t

Around You Phase 2

In phase 2, there would be an enclosure bounded by two planes of glass with a mirror device that allows user to adjust the mirrors to reect the facade of the busier site. This reection adds the visual quality of the busier site while allowing the users to take notice of them. Allowing users to observe their surrounding even more.

Around You Phase 3

In phase 3, visitors would ďŹ nd an enclosure bounded by a plane of normal mirror face a plane of mirrors fragmented into squarish shapes that are attached to poles by hinges. The enclosure is the last part of understanding the site where the fragmentation of both side of the site integrate together to form a re-organized reection in the interior. It is a play of visual collision of the two sites directed by the visitors. The aim is for visitors to leave the walkthrough with the idea to appreciate the surroundings around them that they often neglect in their everyday life.

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