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A lakefront for Bilancino

The sailing club and the multifunctional center

Logo and name for the new museum of Comacchio “Rimarchiamolo” New brand of wine Chianti Rùfina “Promosedia” Chair design competition 3 D modelling, rendering and presentation board of Day-care center, Alberto Campo Baeza


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Architectural conservation


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Residential building


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Architectural and urban survey in Ficarra, Sicily.

Giovannardi&Rontini Studio Architectural design and advertising graphic design


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SITE/ Barberino di Mugello, Florence YEAR/


The project site is located on Bilancino lake, an artificial basin that has became a natural and landscape resource. The project focuses on expanding the sailing club, providing a set of new amenities in order to create a new tourist attraction as well as a new sport and wellness center. The new nautical center will be equipped with all the necessary structures: storage for boats, changing rooms, management and business building as well as a sailing school with its own accommodation, learning area

and canteen. Around this core base there are other facilities including a dining area, a sport shop, an auditorium, an exhibition pavilion and a spa. Inspired by the natural walk around the lake, a system of paths has been developed: the paths connect different buildings on the area and they make the lakefront available but non-invasive. This project has its origin in the desire not to neglect the opportunities the territory offers us, in order to enhance its beauty and above all, the desire to “live� the lake.

CONCEPT Moved by the necessity of further developing the cycle and pedestrian paths along the lake and by the need and the duty to connect the hill with the bank, I proposed a comb system on axe solution and it is indeed on this orthogonal axis grid that the whole project lays. A long canopy also follows the horizontal development of paths: a part of it is covered and it looks like a “dock” for buildings which are inserted vertically just like boats at the pier. Another characteristic of the “rule” that leads my project is the contrast between empty and full spaces, that is the presence of buildings on one side of the canopy and open spaces on the other side. After having established and developed the “rule”, i tried to break the monotonous seriality of the comb system and of the “full-empty system”.

Three are the expedients I used to break the rule: -

introducing a diagonal that follows the line of the lakefront; - breaking the block with a partial fusion of buildings into each other, like Chinese boxes leaking out in an irregular way; - alternation of materials (stone, wood and glass) which break uniformity of different elements: for example, the canopy covered by glass panels which are interrupted by other panels in wood.


... ... ... THEME/ Contest for the logo and the naming of new museum in the 18th century hospital in Comacchio(Ravenna) YEAR/


The municipality of Comacchio, a village near Ravenna, launched an open competition to find a new name and logo for the Museum. The purposes of this contest were: - considering he heritage of the history of Comacchio and of the ancient Po delta territory, thanks to the opening of the Museum; - pointing out the history and the past as an opportunity to plan for the future; - emphasising identifying values of the country; - reflecing the turistic and cultural potential of the new Museum. Name and logo had to represent site potential, history and beauty of the land, giving visibility and attracting interest of residents as well as visitors.


... ... ... THEME/ New brand of wine Chianti Rùfina YEAR/


The contest aimed at developing and implementing the new brand, which had to identify, communicate and promote Chianti Rùfina Consortium, its products and its services.


... ... ... THEME/ Chair design and interior furniture design YEAR/


Simplicity and functionality are the keys features of the Mademoiselle chair. The chair is made by a solid wood structure matched with padded seat and backrest, that make it comfortable and colourful. Presented in multiple colours as well as wood types, the Mademoiselle chair is designed to suit different environments and situations. It’s originality and versatility make it easily adaptable to restaurants, cafes, lounges and public spaces. This chair is also remarkably easy to assemble, as it is made of just two modular elements. This also helps to significantly reduce production scraps and easily meet the needs of series production. The final result is a modern, comfortable and practical chair.


... ... ... THEME/ 3 D modelling, rendering about an existing building. YEAR/


Realisation of the 3D model, rendering and layout of the presentation board, about Day-care center in Treviso, designed by the Spanish architect Alberto Campo Baeza.


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Architectural conservation



Archietctural and urban survey of a part of the old town center of Ficarra, a small village in Sicily. The work was based on three methods: the direct one, with the help of simple measuring tools; the instrumental methods, very important because of the extension and the territorial plannig; the photogrammetric one, which allows a detailed and exact survey.


... ... ... THEME/ Residential building STUDIO/ Giovannardi&Rontini SITE/ Borgo San Lorenzo, Florence YEARS/


Architectural planning of a residential building with 23 apartments in the center of Borgo San Lorenzo, near Florence. Construction drawings for the presentation of the building permit for local administration. Graphic design of the marketing billboard for the building site.

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