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AIESEC TAIWAN NTU COoL Conference Project

Project Manager: Karen Wu Mobile: +886938716616 Email:

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COoL Conference

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P r o j e c t

I n t r o d u c t i o n

COoL Conference is the abbreviation of Creativity Oops Leadership Conference. Originally, AIESEC NTU carried out this educational project in order to develop the leadership of students in Taiwan. However, the whole project nowadays isn’t only the conference but also has to do with teaching children in primary school. The whole project can be separated into two parts: (1) Daily Education Trainees will work with English teacher in elementary schools. With the aim of increasing children’s English level and broadening their horizons, you can design creative English-learning activities, games or workshops based on school’s direction. Further more, you can be a storyteller to share your own growing

story, experience and culture to lovely children. To be mentioned, this part can last for 5 or 6 weeks depending on your arrival and terminate at the end of the semester. As a saying goes, “Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.” With your love, enthusiasm and patience, we believe we can provide students a door to the unknown, create pictures of the world, and allow adventure never dared. This little fire then will grow and one day bring back more positive influence and energy to the world! (2) COoL Conference Trainees will cooperate with team members to hold the COoL Conference for high school students. You will have some pre-meetings beforehand, design and deliver

related sessions during conference. The topic of the conference can be global issues happened recently. We would like to provoke students to think about these issues and be creative. For example, the topics that were used previously were “Dream x Change”, “Creativity” and “Step Out & Dream Loud” in order. By interacting with people who grow from different background, students will get proficient at foreign language, and get in touch to this globe. They should hopefully learn teamwork, think independently and care about society actively. This year, we are going to arrange 7th COoL Conference. We are expecting and welcoming every passionate youth to join us!!!

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Job Description & Work Information (PART 1) Daily



Duration: last for 2 or 3 weeks in the winter vacation Object: high school students from age 16-18 years old

Duration: last for 5 or 6 weeks during the semester Object: elementary school students from age 6-12 years old



Work with elementary school English teachers to organize cultural events, sharing and English-learning activities for the students


Based on elementary school children’s English level, teach English and tell story to them with picture book or other materials.


3. 3.

Work as teacher's assistant to interact with elementary school kids in English. Join and hold school activity together, ex: anniversary, Christmas and New Year celebration.


Other 1.

Make weekly work report in project duration, as well as final project report in the end, to let AIESEC NTU know trainee’s condition


Join some AIESEC NTU events and COoL Conference project team gathering

Be a facilitator through out 3-day COoL Conference, to design and deliver sessions on several topics.

Interact intensively during COoL Conference with high school students. Lead discussion and sharing in a team, to equip high school students with international outlook and understanding for cultures.

Duration: mid November to mid January (Prefer) Location: Taipei Municipal Elementary School Transportation: Taipei Metro System, bus Meal: at least 1 to 2 meals each day provided by most TN or host family Accommodation: host family or faculty dormitory provided by most TN

Join several pre-meetings beforehand, and work with COoL Conference OC and other trainees from AIESEC network to organize 3-day cultural events and activities.

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2013 Winter COoL Conference

Keith Yuith sharing

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Sharing from Keith Yuith Hi, my name is Keith Yuji, I am from Brazil but my grandparents came from Japan. I am studying international relations at Sao Paulo. I had the chance to know AIESEC when I was in the 2nd semester of the university and I tried to get in. Then after one year and 5 months working at AIESEC I choose to start the process to go to the AIESEC volunteer exchange programme. When I was at Brazil I doesn’t have any idea what to expect from Taiwan, but then I talked with some trainees that made the exchange here they only told me good things about here. And when I arrived I could realize that they are telling only the truth.

The first thing that I could realize is that everyone here is very friendly. Every time that I needed help even if the person couldn’t speak in English they tried to help or even find someone that can. In the first day here, I get lost in the road at the mountains at 5AM with only the address of the school, then one guy that was walking stopped and I showed the address then instead of only give me the directions he took me to the school with his car. Here at school everyone is very friendly and always helping us (me and Chris, the Australian exchange participant) to have a good experience here. Actually I don’t have one host family

because I am living in the school dorm but I feel like I have many host family fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters. I am loving my experience here in Taiwan, I didn’t have any kind of problem that I or the people from AIESEC NTU couldn’t help me to solve. But you know? In that kind of experience it have some types of moment that made it worth, one of them are the moments that you have problems and you have to try to solve them by yourself. Another one is when you see the results of six weeks of effort :D

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2014 Winter COoL Conference

Taiwan NTU

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T a i w a n

I n t r o d u c t i o n

The history in Taiwan can trace back to 400 years ago. Before this era, the Taiwan Island was occupied with aboriginal people. From 17th century, people started moving from China to Taiwan and groups of emigrants come to here continuously since then. Also, it is ruled by Japan for 50 years due to WWI. With these historical events, Taiwan is actually a multicultural society. Though often mistaken as Chinese culture, Taiwanese is absolutely a different kind of culture and worth you to explore it in daily life. Famous sunrise in Mountain Ali, exclusive and magnificent marble terrain in Taroko National Park, Charming coast in Kenting,

and hand-made marvel for Taipei 101, well-organized Taichung city. From mountains to beach, from nature to civilization, all these fascinate tourists and travelers around the world every year.

Chinese, Japanese, Hakka foods meet here and collide to a brand new food culture.

Temples are all around Taiwan, standing for the folk belief which can trace back to our ancestors in China. However, different from Chinese temples, belief in Taiwan has progressed in many ways, like BA-JIA-JIANG is actually a special ceremony to worship deity.

Come and experience the diversity of Taiwan culture. Travel isn’t only the tourist attractions. It’s about experiencing the daily life and culture. More information:

Despite all these fabulous features, Taiwan is also famous of various foods. Traditional cousins are everywhere on the street and especially in the night market.

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Festivals During the Project November


(1) International Surfing Carnival: Taitung, a city located in the eastern part of Taiwan, is recognized for its nice condition for surfing by the association, Asian Surfing Championship (ASC). With spectacular shore and strong enough monsoon, this event can be a competitive game for surfing player from the world.

(1) Taipei International Marathon: Marathon competition is held annually in Taipei city. Recently, it has become a worldwide known competition. Participants come from different countries and backgrounds. It represents the vigor of Taipei city.

More information: eb11/Eng/about.htm

(2) New Year’s eve: Celebrating new year is one of the most important event you can’t miss. Famous singers and idols will gather together to every capital counting down the coming year. Concerts, talk shows are all around. There will be firework everywhere but the most spectacular one will be the Taipei 101.

1314 AIESEC TAIWAN NTU COoL Conference Project Promotion Booklet Made by Chia-Ling, Wu

1314 AIESEC NTU COoL Conference Promotion Booklet  

”Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.“

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