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Easy Access to Group Tour Rates You can easily access our group rates* online — and in real-time, for the most accurate and competitive tour packages possible.This is a simple way to find the group hotel you want in the place you need. You can access net group rates for 10 rooms or more at Choice Hotels® properties worldwide. Just enter your location and the dates you want to travel. It’s as simple as that.

Go to and enter your Group Rate ID 00065159 Contact Choice Hotels Inside Sales team at 800.426.2121 or email to check availability or reserve group space.

*All rates are strictly for the Travel Trade. The group rates, based on the number of people per room, are net non-commissionable, do not include state and local taxes and are subject to change without notice. © 2013 Choice Hotels International, Inc. All rights reserved. 13-463/05/13

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