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Chi-Mharaj, born on 22 April, 1986, knew at a very young age that she was born to be a singer. She was raised on music, being the love child of an American musician father and a mother who sang backing vocals and created costumes for musicians. She started singing when she started talking, and never stopped, although singing lessons officially started at the tender age of 9. 2

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Her early school years were filled with dancing, and in high school she took it a step further – she joined a troupe that toured throughout the country. At 16 years old, she created a video clip dealing with the subject of ‘respect’ for a school project, and it was used in several schools. Shortly after, she formed her own girl group, performing across the the Netherlands as ChiLaNz. After 3 years of touring, Chi-Mharaj decided it was time to go solo. She started

working with her uncle Martino Latupeirissa, a well- known percussionist, producer, songwriter and singer. Their close collaboration has now resulted in a fresh new sound, with a new band featuring some of Holland’s brightest musicians. Chi-Mharaj, very sweet and soft-spoken offstage, turns into an front woman on fire when she rocks the stage. Her style of music is

known as ‘heavy pop’ – blending classic funk, r&b, and soul with the freshest beats and vibes of today. Don’t be fooled by her gorgeous looks – yes, she could be a model, but she moves the crowd like only a rock diva can – you’ll be blown away by her energy and passion, with a voice that only a precious few can call their own. It’s time you got to know the phenomenon known as Chi-Mharaj. 3

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your Eyes You said you love me cause I got your beautiful eyes I got your lips, I got the things that make you stop and realize We got the look, sensually hooked, I really love, you really love You got my eyes I’m always runnin’, runnin’ around Chasin’ shadows, hello trouble Are you foolin’ around, with your eyes I always notice never make a scene, no drama queen hello rainbow that’s what love’s all about, color my eyes I trust the mirror it follows my eyes, no need to fight


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I’m the one with the curly hair You’ll recognize me anywhere Even with the wannabes over there, There’s only one with pure black curly hair


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What were you like at school? I was always very shy and quiet in class at school. I was the only dark child with this crazy wild hair –just me with an afro, and I was so quiet. When I was on stage I felt really at home. That’s when I could shine. I have always felt different from other people, not just because of how I look, but I don’t like being the same as other people. My mother always told me to be myself and to wear what I like, even if other people don’t like it.



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My name is Chi-Chi, I’m always in control I think u gotta know, I really love the 1 in me I’m CHI-CHI, I’m always gonna fight And stand up for my rights I’m gonna make it work And make my own rules I’m CHI-CHI, It’s all about the girl Like Janet and Madonna We all want to be loved and be free I’d love to see that everyone is really happy… so join me Let’s create a peaceful world Heal the world… we are the world I’m CHI-CHI and I want Love and Peace




I always try to think outside of the box, ‘cause I think that’s how you make Art 

FUNKY ATTITUDE Can you describe yourself in 5 words? Oh, that’s very hard. I’m pretty shy, but also very outgoing, sometimes too much! I like being funny, sometimes I’m too much of a perfectionist, I can be catty and also friendly. Sounds like you’ve got high heels but are totally grounded.


And what are you working on now? Music is my full time job now. It’s all so exciting, and I’m really looking forward to all the new projects surrounding my music! I can’t wait to perform. That’s what I love to do the most. And creating a show with dancers and special clothing and a band; the creation of the show is the best, I love that process so much. There’s so much going on at the moment, but I love it all! What can we expect from your live shows? I want people to be entertained, I don’t want them to only listen to the music, I also want them to watch the music. I want the music to become alive… When I’m on stage, I feel different, like I can do anything, like I come alive... This is what I have always wanted to do, to feel free on stage, and I do!


jacket balmain top vintage martino latupeirissa



Design ‌,staat creative agency ( / Photography Alek Bruessing ( / Shoot Producer Celine Bril / Lyrics screening, pronunciation, media and interview training Creacoco - Buffi Duberman ( / Making-of movie Lisette Spiegeler ( / Hair & Make-Up Piet DrÜge ( / Styling Richard Schreefel (angeliquehoorn. com), Jetty Latupeirissa / Clothing Ennu Pieter Baan (, Bas Kosters Studio - Bas Kosters (, Otazu - Vanessa Worm ( / Photography I got your eyes Brenda de Vries ( / Printed by Graphic Result - Jos Gast ( / Thanks to Dijkman Muziekwinkel ( Recording Studios Raw Studio - Reniet Vrieze, Cruise Control Studio - Rutger Kroese


Artist CHI-MHARAJ ( / Songs (lyrics, music arranged and produced by Martino Latupeirissa) I got your eyes, Curly, Chi-Chi New Amsterdam Music Group B.V. info@ / Martino Latupeirissa (songwriter, artist, creative producer, manager) / Madeleen Latupeirissa Klaasen / Reinier Klaasen White Mountain International Management B.V. 18

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My Family, Jetty Latupeirissa, Chilkia van Maasdijk, Tjoeng van Maasdijk, Chezra van Maasdijk, Martino Latupeirissa, Madeleen Latupeirissa Klaasen, Cherrisha Sackman, Miquello van der Stolpe, Christian Vis


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