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Curriculum vitae Personal Data: Chi-Yuan Chen (Cooper Chen) 1971/ 10/ 30 +886-972-212-008 Education: 1. Sep, 94~Jun, 96 Diploma of Van-Nung Institute Technology of Industrial Design Department 2. Sep, 87~Jun, 90 Mu-Jah Vocational High school of Mechanic Engineering Department Professional specialty: 1. Product Concept Design/ Design Analysis 2. Design management/ Dept management 3. New material, finish process and colour trend research 4. Communicate with vender and problem solve 5. Tool skill: Pro-E/ Photoshop/ Illustrator / CorelDraw/ C4D basic/ Alias basic Work experience: 1996~ P resent 1. Industrial Designer/ *. New concept development and new product design for customer. From product marketing research, analysis, brainstorming, hand sketch, 2D rendering, 3D modeling. *. New material, finish and new production process research. Multiple material exploit in difference design; include plastic, metal, rubber, glass, leather‌ *. The color, material, finish search and sample collection. 2. ID & ME PM/ *. Design detail review and schedule control. The painting fine tune, material exploits and finish discussed with design team (OEM, ODM). *. Provide solution to improved process. Coordinate vendor to improved process issues and solving manufacture issues. *. Communicate with vendor to provide, develop new material and new process. 3. Design Manager (ID&ME) *. Design schedule management. Cross-sectoral communicates and support. *. New design plan, proposal provide and dept staff training. Dec, 2010 ~ P resent I nventec Corporation. Taiwan/ Taipei City Position R&D Div ID dept. / P r incipal Engineer

Job 1. New materials and process survey/ solving manufacturing issues/ CMF 2. Involve with placement discussion/ Support related dept. and solve the ID issues/ Tooling consideration Achievement 1. Dell Vida & Patron CMF/ solving manufacturing issues 2. Fujitsu 2012 RFQ. (NB & Mini PC)/ Ultra-book concept/ CMF 3. WYSE New Project design proposal 4. HP Newton series contact window/ design management / CMF Mar, 2008 ~ Jun, 2010 Meiloon I ndustrial Co., Ltd. Taiwan/ Tao-Yuan Position Product & Engineering Div ME dept. / Manager ( I D & M E) Job 1. DLP Projector product Design. (ID) 2. ID&ME Innovation Design, Design directions and Design discussion. 3. Tooling design review and confirm. 4. Design management/ Administer of dept. (ID & ME) 5. New staff training Achievement 1. DLP Projector Product Design. (ID) 2. DLP Projector –Mechanical design review, tooling review, trial short. (Cube series for Lenovo, ViewSonic, Hair / ST2K series, SCP series) 3. Project development of cross-sectoral communication and assistance. 4. Performance management: performance improvements and staff training. 5. Design process improvement: improvement design processes and improve output. Apr, 2006 ~ Mar, 2008 Soaring Technology Co., Ltd. Taiwan/ Xi-Zhi Position: Industrial Design Dept of R&D/ Assistant manager & Senior I ndustrial Designer Job: 1. LCD Monitor, TV, POS, Car TV product design. 2. ID Innovation Design, Design directions and Design discussion. 3. Project tooling review and design details for confirmation. 4. Sector management / Staff training. Achievement 1. LCD monitors design and mass production. (15”, 17”, 24”Monitor / 20”TV) 2. 15” Wide LCD TV and 32” LCD TV concept design. 3. Join Car TV design project. (For USA GM/ Ford/ TOYOTA) 4. Join design project and design management for Japan’s customer. (Dyna Japan TV) 5. Define design process of dept and colour control standard of company.

Feb, 2004 ~ Feb, 2005 P remier I mage Technology Co., Taiwan/ Hsin-Chu Position: Industrial Design dept. / Senior I ndustrial Design Engineer Job: 1. HP digital camera project design management. 2. LG DLP Projector project design management. 3. Digital camera Design/ PMP, LED Projector concept design. Achievement 1. HP-digital camera. (R817/818) 2. LG-DLP Projector. 3. Digital camera design of 6M and obtain patent of new style. (D107968) 4. PMP design present for Hitachi. May, 2002~ Apr, 2003 Foxconn Co., Taiwan/ Tu-Cheng * China/ Shen-Zhen Position: Industrial Design dept. / Senior I ndustrial Design Engineer Job: 1. Carry out a task of Group. 2. LCD Monitor & CRT Monitor product design. 3. Concept product design, new technology development (material and finish.) 4. Join development project of Apple G5. Achievement 1. LCD Monitor series and CRT Monitor design. (15�, 17�) 2. Concept design and join design week of Lenovo. (PPD) 3. Obtain patent of new style and new invention. (new invention I299827 new style 572660/ 575334/ 590499/ D103160/ D103158/ D103157/ D103156) Nov, 2000 ~ Dec, 2001 Eastech I nc. Taiwan/ Tao-Yuan Position: IA Product B.U. / Senior I ndustrial Design Engineer Job: 1. Digital music player product design. (MP3 player, Jukebox ) 2. Product market research, analysis and product website update. 3. New material and color research. Achievement: 1. MP3 player mass production and obtain patent of new style. (493929) 2. New product design proposal.


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