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College of Health & Human Performance Alumni and Friends Newsletter

Fall 2009

Jim Post: Leading the Way “I was drawn to East Carolina University because of the community atmosphere and friendly people,” said Jim Post. A 1973 College of Health and Human Performance (HHP) alumnus, who majored in Health and Physical Education, Jim continues to lead the way in support of his alma mater. A native of River Vale, New Jersey, Post received a full football scholarship to Kansas State University. After attending KSU for just over a year, he transferred to ECU. He and Jimmy Creech, also an HHP alumnus, were co-captains of the football team under Coach Sonny Randle. The 1972 season accumulated the most wins for the Pirates since 1966 culminating with the Southern Conference Championship title. The Pirates ranked in the top ten both in offense and defense and were conference champions again in 1973.

Jim Post at Minges Coliseum patio area.

After graduation, Jim taught health and physical education and coached football, wrestling, and track at West Craven High School in Vanceboro, North Carolina. Later he accepted a position as Director of the Exercise and Fitness Program for Xerox Corporation in Rochester, New York. He was instrumental in developing a global initiative, Xerox Health Management Program, which included preventive health care, the implementation of fitness centers, and the introduction of several health intervention programs. In 1983, he became the Director of the Campbell’s Institute for Health and Fitness with Campbell Soup Company and later continued on next page

Fitness and Fun at Minges Coliseum

Practica in the Developmental Motor Lab

East Carolina University has prepared adapted physical educators to meet the activity needs of children with disabilities since 1978. A key component of this preparation is a weekly on-campus adapted physical education practicum. Pairing local children with disabilities and future educators is a long-standing tradition at ECU. It began under the direction of Dr. Ernie Schwarz, now deceased, and was extended by Dr. David Porretta, now at The Ohio State University. Presently the practicum is a key component in several courses taught by Dr. Boni Boswell and Dr. Jim Decker, both of the Department of Exercise and Sport Science. Along with future physical educators, these classes include majors in recreational therapy, special education and related areas. Children with disabilities from Pitt County Schools and programs such as Easter Seals/United Cerebral Palsy of NC continued on page 6

HHP visions

Message from the Dean Greetings to all of you from all of us, in the College of HHP. The University and HHP are doing very well despite the serious economic issues facing our state. The University was successful in a planned slowing of growth this fall due to the significant reductions in our budget and ECU is roughly the same size as a year ago (28,000). We saw some growth in majors in the college in both undergraduate and graduate programs with now about 1,000 undergraduate majors or intended majors, plus about 300 graduate students. At this time we are seeing some budget relief, which will likely allow us to support growth next year. We are very pleased to welcome Dr. Deb Jordan as Chair of the RCLS Department. She is featured in an article in this issue. I also want to very publically thank Dr. Joe Fridgen for the very fine five years of service he provided as Chair of the department. Mr. Mike Bunting continues to serve as Chair of our HHP Advancement Council and has provided exceptional leadership. After he spoke to the faculty and staff about setting a good example our percentage of such donors rose to the highest on campus. I sincerely thank all of the HHP leaders for their dedicated work on so many critical issues especially budget planning. As you know by now the ROTC programs have joined HHP and we were pleased to see another ECU ROTC General

honored as an ECU Outstanding Alumnus this year. Major General William “Dutch” Holland Air Force ROTC graduate and RCLS graduate was honored recently as part of the homecoming celebration. He joins General Gary North also Air Force, who was honored last year. Incidentally General North was just awarded his fourth star, putting him in a very exclusive club as he moves to command the pacific Asia area. In other important news we are very involved in ECU long term planning and we should have a facilities plan in place soon to guide us through the year 2025. It has been very thought provoking and exciting to consider our projected needs so far into the future. Thank you for your continued interest in ECU and HHP. This makes the second time we have issued the newsletter electronically and it is saving our resources. We hope you will promote the reading of this issue with your fellow alumni and friends of HHP. We continue to be concerned about reaching all our alumni and friends with this electronic newsletter so please spread the word on how to access our web site.

Glen G. Gilbert, Ph.D. Professor & Dean

continued from Jim Post: Leading the Way served as the President of the Institute. In 1987 Jim became a consultant for numerous corporations around the country, promoting health and fitness in business and industry. He also served on the National Association for Fitness and Business Advisory Board. With a spirit of entrepreneurship in 1998, Jim and his brother co-founded their landscaping business, Post’s Nursery, a thriving company located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Jim’s significant investment of time and resources continues to strengthen the College and demonstrates his loyal support. Currently Jim is the Vice-Chair of the HHP Dean’s Advancement Council and has served as a member for many years. His two year term as Chair will begin in the fall of 2010. Jim has assisted the College with several landscaping projects including the most recent, brick pavers at both Minges Coliseum and the Belk Building along with a generous donation of an ornate fountain located in the patio area adjacent to the Belk Building. In addition, he also established an annually funded scholarship to assist a full-time undergraduate student in memory of Dr. Henry VanSant, who served as a faculty member in HHP and assistant director of athletics. Jim is also a member of the Order of the Cupola, an ECU society acknowledging cumulative gifts of $100,000 or more, which demonstrates his support of both the College and the University. “Alumni like Jim Post make the College a special place and serve as an example of what can be accomplished by one dedicated person. We are grateful for his generosity and advice,” stated Glen Gilbert, Dean of the College of HHP. A resident of Emerald Isle, North Carolina, Jim is married to Sandy Long Post, who earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Education from ECU in 1973 and has two daughters. Dana Post Drew and her husband Mike have two children, Madison and Tanner. Kelli Post Davenport is married to Brad Davenport and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality Management in 2004 and a Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics in 2009 at ECU.


College of Health and Human Performance

Department Chair Updates Deb Jordan, PhD

Sharon Knight, PhD

Chair, Department of Exercise and Sport Science

Chair, Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies

Acting Chair, Department of Health Education and Promotion

The Department of Exercise and Sport Science is currently 36 faculty members strong. Those faculty members and a dedicated staff of four serve 450 undergraduate students (we anticipate eclipsing the 500 mark soon) and 150 active graduate students this year.

I am delighted to have joined the RCLS program as the new Department Chair this summer. We are fortunate to have a dedicated group of faculty, staff, and students who have made me feel incredibly welcomed. Dr. Joe Fridgen, the previous Chair, has returned to faculty and will split his time as the Associate Director of Academic Programs in the Center for Sustainable Tourism and as a faculty member in the RPM program. Dr. Joe Flood has left the department and has moved on to other professional interests. The RCLS Department officially welcomes Ms. Mary Olson, our Budget Administrator. She joined the department in March— we are lucky to have her.

Warm greetings to our alumni and friends from all of us in the Department of Health Education and Promotion. Despite the challenges posed by the economy and other issues, significant health-related contributions by department faculty, students, and staff continue unabated. Dr. White’s exceptional performance as Interim Dean of the ECU College of Technology and Computer Science continues into a second year and I continue as Acting Chair for the 2009-2010 academic year.

Stacey Altman, JD

In the last newsletter, I highlighted many faculty accomplishments and they continue to do good things in teaching, research and service. As a matter of fact, Dr. Houmard was recently cited as the highest producer of grant funding amongst all faculty members at ECU and overall, the faculty members in the department were awarded close to $2 million in grants to support research (The Human Performance Lab and Biomechanics Lab led the way). This time, I would simply like to provide a glimpse of the department’s regular activities inside and outside the classroom. The number of students involved in the Major’s Club is increasing and their leadership is strong. Fourteen students traveled to ACSM last year and we hope to have even more this year. Students in Physical Education will revive our chapter of Phi Epsilon Kappa, the National Physical Education Fraternity. Our recently formed Graduate Student Organization started the year off by organizing a golf event in which they raised money to attend professional development events and contributed 25% of the proceeds to the Reindeer Dash for Cash Charity. More graduate students are traveling and presenting at conferences.

The RCLS faculty remain very active and visible with the profession. Various individuals serve as officers and have made presentations this fall at national conferences such as the National Recreation and Park Association, American Therapeutic Recreation Association, and the Association for Experiential Education. At the state level, faculty serve as officers, recruit students, and have presented papers at the NC Recreational Therapy Association, NC Recreation and Park Association, and the NC Campus Recreation Association. In addition, Dr. Nelson Cooper recently completed the four-month long Chancellor’s Leadership Academy program. The process to be selected for this academy was highly competitive across ECU and the Department congratulates Dr. Cooper on his successful completion of the academy.

Exercise Physiology graduate students and interns continue to do good things in the Cardiovascular Risk Assessment Program under the supervision of Jen McCartney, Jessica Van Meter, Mike McCammon and others. They are often instrumental in getting some community members from limited mobility to participating in regular physical activity as well as providing participants with knowledge about health risks. Dr. Bomna Ko, as part of ECU’s Global Initiatives Program, offered ECU and Korean students an opportunity to work together. Their interactions included a very interesting fact gathering session related to cultural reasons for participation levels in physical activity/education and sport. Eva Price’s students are applying the theory they are getting in their physical education teacher education classes to the benefit of home-schooled children by supplying a much needed (at least according to parents) physical activity/education component to their experience. Dave Kemble’s students worked with middle school athletes in an attempt to teach them appropriate strength and conditioning techniques and educate them regarding the dangers of some performance enhancing practices and substances. He is currently, and hopefully his students will be in the near future, working with Army ROTC to improve their PT and their physical preparation in general. As a side but related note, we are exploring more occupation specific physical training options within our curriculum. Dr. Mahar has been working with graduate student, Michelle Vuchenich, in a research project in which they are involving third-graders in a before school activity program. In addition to observing the impact of the physical activity on physical activity levels and on-task behavior, they will provide students with information and activities that promote their well-being. EXSS faculy members assisted in hosting the North Carolina State High School Athletic Association’s Summer Leadership Program this summer. Dave Kemble and Sharon Rogers (from HEP) contributed lectures and activities. I could go on and on, as all of our faculty members are leading students in trying to make a difference, but hopefully this gives you some idea of where some of their energies related to serving the community are spent. Fall 2009

Clockwise from center: Dean Glen Gilbert, Deb Jordan, Sharon Knight, Stacey Altman The RCLS Department is undergoing academic program review for its undergraduate and graduate programs. The RT program recently participated as a pilot program for a review by the North Carolina Council for the Accreditation of Recreational Therapy Education and received a positive review. Comments made by the reviewers will facilitate ongoing curriculum development by the faculty. Through these efforts, the RT faculty continue to work hard to serve their students and the profession through a strong academic program. Similarly, the RPM program is undergoing accreditation through the National Recreation and Park Association Council on Accreditation. Faculty are developing the Self-Study document, which is an exhaustive review of the curriculum and support structures that serve the RCLS program. In the Spring of 2011 outside reviewers will be on-campus to verify the Self-Study. In support of this effort, faculty are in the midst of a rigorous review of the curriculum to best serve students and be responsive to the profession.

The growing national interest in the environment is reflected by increasing numbers of students in our undergraduate and graduate Environmental Health Sciences academic programs. We were fortunate to have faculty member, Charlie Humphrey, join us this year, bringing his expertise in water quality management. He is in the process of completing his doctorate in the interdisciplinary Coastal Resources Management program at ECU and has served a number of years as an Extension Agent for the State of North Carolina. Dr. Alice Anderson, Environmental Health Sciences program graduate director, is serving as the 2009-2010 President of the Association of Environmental Health Academic Programs. During the past year, we experienced remarkable growth in our on-line MA in Health Education degree program, ably led by Dr. Hans Johnson. Also, the on-line MAEd academic program continues to thrive under the leadership of Dr. Rick Barnes, with Ms. Jamie Williams providing assistance and support to our students as they progress in their programs of study. In fall 2010, Dr. Barnes will begin a phased retirement process during which he will serve as a part-time faculty member. Dr. Michelle Wallen was the 2009 recipient of the prestigious American Association of Health Education Horizon Award. Dr. Wallen is engaged in a second year of directing a NC Health and Wellness Trust Fund Commission-funded school grant and designation program. Dr. Jennifer Cremeens was the recipient of a large Department of Education research grant that is funding her investigation of college student alcohol use. Dr. David Birch, a leader in health education who joined our faculty in January 2009, serves as co-chair of the National Implementation Task Force on Accreditation in Health Education and is an American Association for Health Education Executive Board Member. He and Dr. Sloane Burke are spearheading a proposed change in our BS in Health Education and Promotion to a BS in Public Health. Dr. Craig Becker, a board member of the National Wellness Institute, proponent of salutogenesis, and 2009 College Scholar-Teacher, recently attended a Deming Institute workshop on Quality Matters. Dr. Katie Walsh completed a six-year term as a member of the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education. The aforementioned activities capture only a few of our many initiatives. We invite you to visit the ECU website often to learn more about what is going on in the department and at ECU. Environmental Health Sciences Program Director, Dr. Tim Kelley, for example, recently offered insight into H1N1on the ECU home page. Please take time out of your busy schedule to update us on your activities and, when in the area, stop by to see us. We take great pleasure in hearing from you and wish you all the best.


HHP visions

Military Programs Thirteen ECU Air Force ROTC cadets attended Field Training at Maxwell Air Force, Alabama and Camp Shelby, Mississippi this past summer. Two cadets earned Distinguished Graduate honors for finishing in the top 10% of the encampment. The fall semester started off strong with the largest enrollment numbers in years. The Air Force program currently has 90 cadets. Cadets have been busy so far this semester presenting the colors at a football game, conducting a POW/MIA remembrance event, participating in intramural sports and supporting community service projects. Preparations are under way for Military Appreciation Day on November 21st. Events are planned to welcome back past members of ROTC and honor all of those who have served their nation. Lt. Col. Patricia Sergey ECU Army ROTC Cadets were busy this summer. Eighteen cadets successfully completed the 30-day Leadership Development and Assessment Course (LDAC) at Fort Lewis, Washington. At LDAC each cadet is placed in a variety of leadership positions, many of which simulate stressful combat situations. In addition to proving their leadership ability, cadets must meet established standards in physical fitness, weapons training, communication, combat patrols and demonstrate their proficiency in many other military skills. In other summer training, four cadets graduated from Airborne School at Fort Benning, Georgia and four graduated from Air Assault School in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Seven cadets traveled to various military installations to work alongside Army officers and to learn from them as they conducted their normal officer duties as part of the Cadet Troop Leader Training program. Finally, two cadets conducted field training at Lt. Col. Steven Delvaux West Point, New York and three completed the Leadership Training Course at Fort Knox, Kentucky. This semester we welcomed 50 new Cadets into our program, 35 of whom are freshmen. Two teams of cadets ran in the Army 10 Miler in Washington, D.C. in October. We competed in the Ranger Challenge event held at Fort Bragg and finished 2nd place. In November we will host a 5 mile run at Brook Valley Country Club here in Greenville. All proceeds from this run will go to assist the Army’s Wounded Warrior program.

HHP Tribute to Cornerstone Society Members The annual College of Health and Human Performance Cornerstone Society reception was held in the academic wing of Minges Coliseum on October 16th. Membership in the society is composed of generous donors that have contributed a minimum of $1,000 to the College between July 1st and June 30th each fiscal year. Dean Glen Gilbert welcomed donors and thanked them for their generous support. Mr. Mickey Dowdy, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement, also expressed appreciation for our loyal supporters. Thirty one members were recognized by having their name published on a brass nameplate on the Cornerstone Society Wall located on the purple carpeted hallway at Minges Coliseum. Each member received a framed certificate recognizing their participation. These contributions provide the foundation for the College’s comprehensive fundraising plan by adding valuable resources for HHP unrestricted monies, student scholarships, faculty awards, and facility enhancements.

Healthy Pirates Program The ECU HEALTHY PIRATES Peer Health Student Organization, led by Department of Health Education and Promotion graduates, Georgia Childs (BS ‘93, MAEd ’95) and Tywanna Jeffries Purkett (BS ‘00, MAED ’02), has been instrumental in fostering health awareness among ECU students. The peer health educators become certified through academic courses taught by Georgia Childs, and thus learn to effectively deliver health education programs on campus. Both Georgia and Tywanna are affiliated with the ECU Campus Recreation and Wellness Program. Our HEALTHY PIRATES members present their innovative teaching ideas annually at the National Peer Health Conference. Members have received national awards for the following: outstanding health education program (2006 and 2008), outstanding student (2008: Nicole Betschman BS ‘07, MAEd. ’09; 2009: Kirstin Yokel BS ‘09), and outstanding advisor for 2004 and 2008 (Georgia Childs). Many HEALTHY PIRATES members are graduates from the College of Health and Human Performance. The Department and College is proud of the over 500 students who have been trained and certified as peer health educators during the past eight years. We are particularly proud of Georgia Childs and Tywanna Purkett, who have played key roles in developing the HEALTHY PIRATES Program, mentoring these peer educators, and preparing them for excellence in their future careers. 4

College of Health and Human Performance

Recreation and Leisure Studies Welcomes New Department Chair — Dr. Deb Jordan After a national search, Professor Deb Jordan has been appointed Chair of the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies. Jordan comes to East Carolina University from Oklahoma State University, where she served as the Graduate Coordinator for the Leisure Studies Program and taught in the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. Throughout her career, she has received funding for numerous research grants and has been honored with prestigious awards including being one of eight chosen from around the country by the National Recreation and Park Association in March, 2009 to participate in a summit to develop online education programs for parks, recreation, and leisure services professionals. In 2007, she was elected as a Fellow to the Academy of Leisure Studies, a 100-member honorary academy for parks, recreation, and leisure services scholars. She has authored or co-authored over six textbooks and chapters as well as numerous articles in scholarly publications and has been an invited guest speaker for many organizations and universities across the country. Her research interests are in leadership, culture and diversity, and the social psychology of leisure behavior in natural settings. Deb earned an undergraduate degree in Parks and Recreation with an emphasis in Recreation Resource Management in 1980 from Slippery Rock State College. In 1983, she received a graduate degree from Western Illinois University and in 1988 she earned a doctorate from Indiana University, both in Parks and Recreation Administration. “RCLS has an incredibly strong faculty and a tradition of being student-oriented. I am delighted to be a part of such a group of dedicated professionals. I look forward to working with faculty and staff to increase the level of excellence we have in scholarship, teaching, and service. We have a lot to contribute to the region and the state in leadership development, quality of life, and sustainability of the natural environment. We will be seeking ways to capitalize on the opportunities to evolve our program and the state of North Carolina,” stated Dr. Jordan.

Practical H1N1 Prevention Tips H1N1 has been referred to as swine flu because the virus that causes it appears to be a combination of different viruses that are typically found in animals. In many parts of the world, people live in close proximity to animals, and sometimes the viruses that infect animals spread to humans. Viruses may move back and forth between humans and animals and a process called reassortment occurs where viruses mutate and change over time. The H1N1 virus is apparently a combination of viruses that have been traditionally found in swine. It is preferable to refer to it as H1N1 rather than swine flu because there is a very limited threat of contracting H1N1 from a pig, and certainly no risk from eating pork. Handwashing and avoiding touching your face are key flu prevention measures. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 20 percent of all infectious disease could be eliminated if people would start washing their hands regularly. Covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze is also important. If you don’t have a tissue or handkerchief, the best way to do that is by coughing into your sleeve at the crook of your arm at the elbow. That way you don’t deliver the virus directly to your hands where you can then spread it by touching things. Dr. Tim Kelley, Professor in the Department of Health Education and Promotion and Director of the Environmental Health Lab, states, “If you do get sick, get lots of rest, take aspirin, naproxen, etc. for any fever you might have, treat other symptoms, and drink plenty of fluids. But most importantly, if you are sick - stay home, rest and wait to get better.” Fall 2009

Photo by Forrest Croce, courtesy ECU Publications

Dr. Tim Kelley is an expert in the field of infectious microbiology and serves as Editor-in-Chief of the international, peer-reviewed, online, open-access journal Environmental Health Insights and on the Editorial Board of the international, peer-reviewed journal Bioresource Technology.


Students in Recreation and Leisure Studies Travel Abroad Over the summer, the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies (RCLS) offered study abroad programs in Italy and the South Pacific. Dr. Carmen Russoniello led the Italian program, which focused on health and culture. This program explored the complete spectrum of Italian health including stress reduction, nutrition, exercise and recreation. With stops in Rome, Bologna, Padova, Stressa, Milan, Pisa, St. Andrea, Florence, and Venice. Along the way, students attended the Annual CyberTherapy and CyberPsychology Conference held in Verbania-Intra. The South Pacific program was led by Drs. Paige Schneider and Clifton Watts. It featured separate courses in Australia and Fiji, and focused on sustainable management and development practices. Through four weeks in Australia, students observed sustainable practices and participated in science projects along the Great Barrier Reef, North Queensland Outback, and Daintree Rainforest. The one week Fiji program featured a village homestay and science projects with critical analyses of sustainable tourism industries. Students in these programs reported being highly satisfied and learning life lessons that went far beyond the course objectives. Dr. Russoniello plans to offer programs to Korea in 2010 and Italy in 2011, while Schneider and Watts will continue the South Pacific program in 2010 and beyond.

Faculty and students standing in front of a Curtain Fig Tree outside of Yungaburra in North Queensland, Australia

Student News Katherine Burley received the 2009 Community Impact Service Award from the North Carolina Campus Compact, an association of colleges and universities collaborating to increase campus wide participation in community and public service. She has contributed over 500 hours of service nationally and abroad, volunteering with organizations such as Ronald McDonald House, Camp Whole Heart, and Pitt County Memorial Hospital. She is a double major in recreational therapy and child life and will graduate in May, 2010.

continued from Fitness and Fun at Minges Coliseum Summer Moore Children Developmental Center and the Revolving Education Around Partnership Preschool of the College of Education participate in the practica. These children represent conditions such as autism, intellectual disability, sensory impairment, and cerebral palsy. ECU students often described their adapted physical activity practicum experiences with these children as one of the most rewarding and meaningful experiences in their college careers. The practica are organized so that after identification of their assigned child, ECU students plan and implement 45 to 60 minute individualized adapted physical activity lessons each week. A broad spectrum of physical activities is available during the practica in both the Developmental Motor Laboratory and Williams Arena. Overall, a station approach is employed providing areas for such activities as: balance, fitness, rhythms, throwing and catching, as well as striking and kicking. For children with autism, several motor and dance stations are provided which are based on the Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communications Program (TEACCH). At the end of the semester, students prepare an individualized education plan (IEP) based on their clients’ improvements and needs and share this IEP with the clients’ teachers. Students can extend their experience by volunteering with their practicum client in such programs as Special Olympics, TopSoccer and the Rocking Horse Ranch Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program. Over the years this symbiosis of pairing children needing instruction with students needing experience has resulted in literally thousands of hours of service learning. “Students will probably forget my lectures, but they never forget the client with whom they worked in the practica,” Decker says. 6

College of Health and Human Performance

Honor Roll of Donors

Mr. Justin Kyle Baker Mr. and Mrs. Michael Von Baker Mrs. Natalie Lew Baker Mr. Nelson I. Baldree July 1, 2008 – Mr. Charles Baldwin June 30, 2009 Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Riley Barbour Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Barbour Jarvis Circle $10,000+ Mr. and Mrs. John Quincy Barefoot, II Dr. Mustafa I. Selim Dr. and Mrs. James H. Bearden Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Robert Becker Wright Circle Dr. and Mrs. Vincent Jerome Bellis, Jr. 9,999-$5,000 Mr. Van Bergstrom Mr. and Mrs. David M. Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Charles Earl Bishop, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John P. Hudson Col. and Mrs. William Warren Bishop, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Rocky Bond Chancellor’s Circle Mrs. Martha Bonds $4,999-$1,000 Mr. and Mrs. Philip E. Bostian Mr. Gregory L. Abeyounis Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Houghtaling Bostic Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Edwin Brown Dr. Boni Betty Boswell Mr. Michael L. Bunting Mr. and Mrs. Scott James Brady Mr. and Mrs. William E. Cain Cpt Christopher Cash Memorial Fund Mr. and Mrs. Frank N. Branch Col. and Mrs. James Worth Carter, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Lee Brantley Mr. Harry Joseph Brewer Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Creech Mr. Derek Micheal Brewster Ms. Mollie B. Davenport Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lyle Bridges Ms. Carolyn A. Fulghum Ms. Mary Helen Browder Drs. Joe and Cynthia Fridgen Mr. Larry J. Bryan Dr. and Mrs. Glen Gilbert Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Bryant Dr. Jimmie and Barbara Grimsley Mr. and Mrs. Robert Preston Burchard Mr. Duane Curtis Grooms Ms. Carmen Melinda Burkhart Ms. Alice F. Keene Dr. and Mrs. Michael Herman Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Herman Burnette Mr. Michael Scott Burrell Dr. and Mrs. Jerry E. McGee Mr. and Mrs. Edward Thomas Mizell Ms. Francine Butler Dr. and Mrs. Charles Brandon Byers Mr. and Mrs. Brian L. Pecheles Mr. John Andrew Byrum Mr. and Mrs. James William Post Mr. and Mrs. Robert Martin Cahall, IV Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Rippy Ms. Rhonda Mechele Cannady Dr. Dennis Paul Ross Capital One Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Seitz Dr. and Mrs. Jimmy David Carraway Mr. and Mrs. Guy S. Swain Mr. and Mrs. Gavin Lee Carter Ms. Emilie Tilley Mr. and Mrs. Earl G. Castellow Mrs. Alice C. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Chappell Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Williams Dr. David Chenoweth Wilkinson Automotive, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wayne Chestnutt Mrs. Mable F. Wolcott Mr. and Mrs. Louis Chestnutt Mr. James A. Clark Donors $999-$500 Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Lee Clodfelter Dr. and Mrs. Rick Barnes Dr. Scott H. Colclough Dr. and Mrs. Trenton G. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Brian Thomas Cole Ms. Allyson Gayle Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Ray Wilbur Congleton The Gravely Foundation Col. Wade H. Cooper and Dr. Mary Mr. and Mrs. John A. Israel Gendernalik Cooper Dr. Sharon M. Knight Ms. and Ms. Jennifer Diane Counterman Mr. Michael R. McCammon Mr. and Mrs. Dustin Cox Dr. Susan A. McGhee Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Craft Mr. William Lee Powell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Craig Dr. Carmen Russoniello Mr. and Mrs. Christopher D. Culton Mr. and Mrs. Alan John Southard Mr. Michael Patrick Daly Dr. Katie M. Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Hugh Wilkinson, III Ms. Sylvia Diane Daniel Mr. and Mrs. John F. Daughtry Dr. Kathy Davis Supporters $499 - $1 Mr. Randall Grey Davis, III Ms. Stacey R. Altman Mr. and Mrs. Ronald James Ambrose Dr. James T. Decker Mr. and Mrs. Frank V. DeNicola Mr. and Mrs. Johnny F. Anders Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Denning Ms. Claire Catherine Anderson Dr. William Irvin Dickens, II Mr. Paul Curry Anderson Mr. and Mrs. James Kevin Dill Mr. and Mrs. John A. Archibald Mr. and Mrs. John Dinsmore Dr. Vikki Michelle Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Doles Mr. and Mrs. Stanley H. Armstrong Mr. Alan Ashe and Dr. Diane D. Ashe James Dorrel & Family Athletic Training Student Club (ECU) Dr. Katrina D. DuBose and Mr. Ben DuBose Mr. and Mrs. David R. Austin and Mrs. Sheldon C. Downes Dr. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon B. Aycock Mrs. Jeannine Sles Dragonetti Mr. Jonathan Sutton Badgett Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Charles Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Larry Driggers Dr. and Mrs. C. Steve Duncan Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Craig Baker

Fall 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy M. Eaker Ms. Diane Marie Elhoffer Mr. Barry Nelson Elmore Dr. Dana Espinosa Ms. Emily K. Evans Dr. Peter A. Farrell Mr. Robert M. Feeney Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Felice Dr. and Mrs. William Michael Felts Mr. and Mrs. Eric Brandon Forbis Mr. and Mrs. Alec C. French Mr. Loyal Fulton Mr. Martin S. Fulton Mr. Ricky Lynn Fuquay Dr. and Mrs. Charlie Q. Futrell Dr. Jere Dee Gallagher Ms. Clarice Marion Galloway Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Earl Gary Garner Ms. Peggie L. Garner Ms. Tilneil LaShaun Gary Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Gavin Ms. Susan Frances Gemma Mr. and Mrs. Michael David Gillikin Dr. Scott Gordon Ms. Alison Michelle Graswick Ms. Robin Christine Graves Mrs. Alice M. Gray Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Thomas Greyard Ms. Susan Griffin Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Guard Mr. and Mrs. John Joseph Guarino Mrs. Mary Stephenson Hammel Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wayne Hardison Lt. Col. and Mrs. Glenn Lee Harmon Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Harrell Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Joel Harris Mr. and Mrs. Paul Edward Haug Mr. and Mrs. Ron Hearn Mr. John D. Hendricks Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Curtis Herring Dr. Robert C. Hickner Mr. and Mrs. Royal Todd Hicks Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Hilgert Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David Bryant Hill Mr. and Mrs. Richard Darius Hinnant Mr. Joseph Ashley Hodge, Jr. Mr. Robert F. Hodges Dr. and Mrs. Edgar W. Hooks Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Horner Mr. and Ms. Joseph A. Houmard Mr. and Mrs. William Lee Howerin Sr. Col. and Mrs. Robert Lawrence Humphrey Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Huss Mr. and Mrs. Ben Gibson Irons Mr. Stephen James Jackowski Ms. Jody Lynn Jameson Dr. and Mrs. Charles R. Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Russell Talmage Johnson Mr. and Mrs. John Allison Jones Dr. and Mrs. Richard Brian Jones Mr. and Mrs. Russell Pascal Jones Dr. Benjamin Arthur Kane Mr. and Mrs. Michael Austin Kane Ms. Alison H. Katschkowsky Mr. and Mrs. Charles David Kemble Mrs. Rhonda Kallam Kenny Mrs. Betty McDade Khan Ms. Donna Gayle King Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. King Jr. Ms. Caroline Jean Knauss Mr. and Mrs. Paul Travis Kruer Mr. David Scott Lane Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lawson Mr. and Mrs. Donald Y. Leggett Mr. and Mrs. Edgar M. Love

Mr. and Mrs. William Russell Leake Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Reuben Leonard Ms. Deborah Ann Lindenmuth Ms. Julie Michelle Linder Mr. and Mrs. William Howard Lindsay Maj. and Mrs. M. Neel Linker Dr. and Mrs. Alton D. Little Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Dwight Lumpkins Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gordon Lytton Mr. Tyler Bruce MacDonnell Mr. and Mrs. R. Michael Machia Mr. and Mrs. Francis H. Madigan Mr. and Mrs. David Lee Martin Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Layman Martin Dr. Ray Martinez and Dr. Inez Martinez Mr. and Mrs. James T. McCloe Mr. James E. McGee, III Mr. James Earl Jones and Ms. Carol McIntyre Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth McIver, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Carroll McLawhorn Mr. Jerry Edward McLamb, Jr. Mrs. Esther S. Merrell Ms. Jill Marie Metzger Mr. and Mrs. Bingham Mitchell, Jr. Ms. Jane F. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Neil Moore Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Moore Mrs. Jeannine M. Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Cary Knight Morris Mr. Gerald D. Morris Mr. and Mrs. Noah Stevens Morrisette, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Anthony Nelson Dr. Peter Darrell Neufer Mr. James T. Larabee and Ms. Joleen Michelle Nevers Ms. Donna Marie Nicholson Mr. Timothy Michael Nolan Novartis US Foundation Dr. William Obenour, II Maj. and Mrs. Alan Keith Oliphant Mr. and Mrs. Steven Thomas Onufrey Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ordnung Mr. and Mrs. George Greggory Osborne Mr. Patrick Michael O'Shea Mr. and Mrs. Donald Eugene Owens Mr. Linwood L. Page Ms. Alyson Renee Parker Mr. and Mrs. James E. Paul Mr. and Mrs. Willie Clifton Peele Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Lynn Pelt Mr. Larry W. Price Mr. and Mrs. Al J. Pridgen, Jr. Mr. James Richardson Prince, III Mr. and Mrs. Michael Askin Radford Mr. William Mark Raynor Ms. Sheri E. Reams Mr. and Mrs. Andrew H. Reeder Mr. and Mrs. Robert Edward Reeve Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Wayne Rhodes Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Rich Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Watson Ridge Dr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Riggs Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ringer Mr. and Mrs. Jason Thomas Rogers Dr. Sharon D. Rogers Ms. Towanna M. Rouse Mr. and Mrs. Charles Robert Rousseau Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Runnion Ms. Rebecca Susanne Ruster Mr. and Mrs. Michael Clark Saylors Mr. and Mrs. Byron Wyche Schulken Dr. Alice S. Scott and Mr. D. L. Scott, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Timothy L. Seitz SDR Ventures LLC Ms. Carol Johnson Sessions Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Allen Sessoms

Dr. Kindal A. Shores Dr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Skalko Dr. and Mrs. William Carter Smith Mr. and Mrs. William Samuel Smith, III Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Spruill Mr. and Mrs. Dempsey D. Stallins Ms. Gail Marie Stanfield Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Stargardt Dr. Cheryl A. Stevens Mr. James N. Stewart, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dennis Strickland, Jr. Mr. Henry Clay Stokes, III Ms. Edith Stone Mr. and Mrs. James Harold Stout Ms. Kaitlin Marie Strother Ms. Kelly Elizabeth Sutphin Mr. and Mrs. Brian Adrian Swift Mrs. Karen Lynn Tadlock Mr. and Mrs. Billy Bryan Tart Mr. and Mrs. Charles William Tate Mr. Kenneth Lance Tate Dr. and Mrs. William Christopher Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Temple Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Bolton Terry Mr. and Mrs. David Allen Thomas Dr. and Mrs. James C. Thomas Ms. Pamela E. Thomas Mr. and Ms. Adam Lee Thompson Mrs. Carolyn Welch Thompson Mr. and Mrs. David Lee Thompson Mr. Jason Hayes Tillett Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Daniel Tucker Mr. Glenn Llewellyn Tussing, Jr. Mrs. M. Bernice Underhill University Book Exchange Inc. Ms. Mimi Marshea Vause Mrs. Janis Vincent Dr. Hans G. Vogelsong Wachovia Corporation Wachovia Foundation The Walt Disney Company Mrs. Rose Mary Walter Ms. Teresa Ann Ward Mr. and Mrs. Robert Allen Ward, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Waters Mr. and Mrs. William D. Weaver, II Dr. Bob Wendling Mrs. Candace B. West Col. and Mrs. Gerald Vance West Mr. Mark Thomas Wharton Mr. Drew Bailey Wheeler Ms. Tonya Wain Wicker Dr. and Mrs. David M. White Mr. and Mrs. David Richard White Mr. George F. Whitfield Mr. and Mrs. Harold S. Whitehurst Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Jackson Whitehead Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Wiggins Mr. and Mrs. David Glenn Willis, Jr. Ms. Phyllis Eleanor Willis Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Edwin Williams Ms. Bernice Wilson Mr. and Mrs. James F. Womble Mr. John W. Wooten, Jr Mr. and Mrs. Sam Otis Worthington, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Steven Lee Wrenn Dr. and Mrs. Christian W. Zauner Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Zehring


HHP Alumni News Meredith Bridgers (’92 BS Leisure Systems Studies) serves as the Information Resources Manager with the National Recreation and Park Association. Michael Daly (’92 BS Leisure Systems Studies & ’99 MS Exercise and Sport Science) works for the Mecklenburg County Recreation and Parks Department as a Recreation Facility Manager II. Allen Farfour (’83 BS Heath & Physical Education & ’96 MS Exercise and Sport Science) currently holds the Sports Center Manager position at Porters Neck Country Club in Wilmington, North Carolina and serves as a United States Tennis Association Head Professional. Eric Forbes (’93 BS Leisure Systems Studies) is the owner of Forbes Jewelers in Wadesboro, North Carolina. Jessica Gurganus (’87 BS Health & Physical Education & ’93 MAEd Physical Education) is the Senior Director of Development with the School of Allied Health Professions at Virginia Commonwealth University. Ann Hughes (’85 BS Physical Education & ’93 MAEd Adapted Physical Education) was named the 2009 Adapted Physical Education Teacher of the Year by the Physical Education Association of the North Carolina Alliance for Athletics, Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (NCAAHPERD).This award is reflective of Ms. Hughes’ outstanding qualities as a professional physical educator and her creativity in finding ways to adapt physical activities and encourage inclusive opportunities for students with special needs. Charles Jenkins (’66 BS & ’67 MAEd Health and Physical Education) was named interim chancellor of The University of North Carolina at Pembroke effective July 1st. He is a resident of Laurinburg, North Carolina and earned a doctorate in educational administration from Duke University. George Koonce (’06 MS Exercise and Sport Science) was named Director of Athletics at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee. Charles Thomas “Trip” Roakes (’90 BS Leisure Systems Studies) is the publisher of the South Charlotte Sports Report. Mac Sligh (’79 BS & ‘87 MS Leisure Systems Studies) recently retired as Director of Parks and Recreation in Onslow County, North Carolina.

College of Health & Human Performance Dean, Glen G. Gilbert (252) 328-0038 Associate Dean, Susan McGhee (252) 328-0022 Interim Associate Dean, Jim Decker (252) 328-0001 Assistant to the Dean (Facilities), William Cain (252) 328-1999 EXSS Chair, Stacey Altman (252) 328-2973 Acting HEP Chair, Sharon Knight (252) 328-4637 RCLS Chair, Debra Jordan (252) 328-2990 Major Gifts Officer, Duane Grooms (252) 328-4662

When making your estate plans, place East Carolina University among your loved ones We all hope to leave our legacy through our family, friends and loved ones. Ultimately we hope to leave behind our precious gained lifetime assets to those who are most important to us. East Carolina University always encourages families to take care of themselves first but if there are other assets remaining after satisfying those goals please think of leaving your perpetual legacy at East Carolina University. A bequest provision is among the simplest yet most effective ways to make a long lasting impact at ECU. By naming the College of Health and Human Performance as beneficiary of a percentage or specific dollar amount from your estate you are investing in the future of young people for generations to come. Thank you for considering giving deserving students educational support and the opportunity for an outstanding future. For more information about bequest provisions or any planned giving instruments please contact Duane Grooms, Major Gifts Officer, at (252)328-4662 or email

Visions Newsletter: Fall 2009  

Official newsletter of The College of Health and Human Performance at ECU

Visions Newsletter: Fall 2009  

Official newsletter of The College of Health and Human Performance at ECU