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Mobile Campaign Management




oday Communications Service Providers (CSPs) face the strategic imperative to increase their Average Revenue per User (ARPU) by designing and delivering a differentiated customer experience. They need to understand their subscribers’ needs and preferences and plan to meet them in an efficient manner. With rapid advancements in mobile technology; devices and applications today play a strong medium to engage customers in the most personalized manner. An ideal solution-Mobile Campaign Management thus enables CSPs to increase their subscriber reach in real-time, direct and cost-effective manner.

The Solution Mobile Campaign Management (MCM) is an integral part of MARA ISON’s Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution. It offers a practical and unique approach towards measuring, monitoring and monetizing the subscriber behavior. The advanced analytics framework allows CSPs to build a holistic view of the subscriber across varied channels, devices, networks, regions and languages etc. MARA ISON has partnered with Flytxt for implementing its unique & proprietary mobile marketing platform- Neon. Neon is an integrated, carrier-class, real-time Big Data Analytics powered mobile campaign management platform that is designed to meet the end- to-end mobile marketing needs of CSPs.

The three fundamental characteristics of Neon platform are as follows: a) Usability to allow efficient use by marketers rather than technologists. b) Scalability to enable several millions of messages per day . c) Real-time functionality to fully address the opportunities which are unique to the mobile channel.

Key Features

Key Benefits

1. Integrated Platform: Fully closed loop integrated real-time platform with end-to-end campaign functionality 2. Big Data Analytics: Comprehensive analytical capability with powerful models /algorithms designed to make sense of ever growing telecom subscriber data 3. Microsegmentation: Ability to do a fine grained customer segmentation based on profile, usage and event attributes 4. Real-time Decision Engine: Rule based real-time recommendations on custom offers 5. Closed Loop Campaign Management: Manages campaign end-to-end from targeting the right audience to the fulfillment and privacy control. 6. Intuitive GUI: Intuitive user friendly Graphical User Interface with multiple language support 7. Multi-lingual Support: Supports all languages

1. Enhanced customer experience 2. Customized business intelligence and analytics 3. Incremental revenues 4. Reduced customer churn 5. Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty 6. Reduced TCO

Marketing Agility

Real-time Interactive Campaign Management

Customized BI & Analytics


Recharge Analysis, Loyalty Analysis, Proposition Analysis, Billing & Settlements, Retention Cost Analysis, Acquisition Cost Analysis, Call Center Performance, Agent Performance, Data Center Operations

Increased wallet share Suggest right price plans Control operational margin Improve processes/TAT


Campaign Performance, Subscriber Churn, Subscriber Segmentation, Campaign Progress, Channel Performance Single-window analysis of KPIs Increased awareness of customer operations & network behaviors Automate process execution & decisionmaking Iterative marketing strategy

Impact of Mobile Campaign Management for a Communications Service Provider

We offer the following services to implement MCM solution: Consulting - Our solution and domain experts guide CSPs’ at every stage of campaign by providing a specific, practical and optimized solution that will help them achieve their campaign objectives. Systems Integration – We provide platform integration, testing and service delivery support services. Training - We provide product training on the usage, troubleshooting and maintenance of the product to our partners. This ensures seamless operation, flexibility and ease for rolling out effective and creative marketing campaigns on the fly. In addition, training programs are scheduled to meet the convenience of the service provider in terms of target user segment, time and location. Managed Services – 24x7 dedicated Product Support Team ensures improved platform experience through personalized service delivery and faster turnaround time in resolving technical challenges. The team is guided by well-defined procedures and reliable SLAs that make services more accountable.

Success Stories International Roaming Pack Promotion for a leading 3G service provider in India

Zero Minutes Usage (ZMU) Segment Activation for a leading 3G service provider in India




Creating and delivering unique value proposition for subscribers to foster loyalty.

Promote International Roaming pack to subscribers showing a weekly ARPU decline of more than 20%.

Converting high number of ZMU subscribers to active subscribers.



Subscriber Loyalty Campaign - a usage target driven bonus reward program designed for maximizing the value proposition to mobile subscribers and encouraging them to stay on the network for a longer period than the industry average.

MCM solution deployed, in major cities i.e. Delhi and Mumbai, targeting all subscribers who were on international roaming.

Subscriber Loyalty Program for a Tier-1 Mobile Operator in Africa

Benefits: Instant bonus credit and confirmation creates immediate customer satisfaction which stimulates new subscribers to increase their usage Increased loyalty and increase in the average lifespan of subscribers Increased automation resulted in easy execution and monitoring of loyalty campaigns

Benefits: Treasury revenues and retailer commission increased by 3 % Net incremental revenues from the segment increased by 5%

Solution: MCM solution enabled the service provider to activate the ZMU segment and increase network stickiness. The campaign was run offering full talk time (FTT) on multiple recharge denominations: - Phase I: Recharge with USD 1 today and get FTT - Phase II: Recharge with USD 0.5 today and get FTT Benefits: Steep increase in ZMU conversions in 6 months 897K ZMU subsribers activated 400K USD generated from ZMU subscribers

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Mobile Campaign Management Solution  

Mobile Campaign Management (MCM) is an integral part of MARA ISON’s Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution. It offers a practical and...

Mobile Campaign Management Solution  

Mobile Campaign Management (MCM) is an integral part of MARA ISON’s Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution. It offers a practical and...