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November 2010

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Jaguar Spirit Week

Homecoming: October 25-30

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Photo Credits: Marie Dorsey, R. Coelho From left to right, clockwise: The football team prepares to rush the field for the game. The chili hot dog eating contest had students stuffed to the brim. The Student Government Association worked hard all week running Homecoming events. A student goes all out for Class T-shirt Day.

Spirit Week 2010 wows the crowd The best and worst of the Homecoming ‘10 Mystique Madhouse

By Marie Dorsey Calendar Editor

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This year’s Spirit Week wasn not much different from last year’s Homecoming. We had one class t-shirt day, four after-school events, a parade, a game, and a dance. Three things were different though, there was a carnival, but no fashion show, and the pep rally had no special guests.

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Carnival This was one of the new after-school events. SGA rented a moon bounce, an obstacle course, and blow up twister. They also had games, face painting, and a

DJ. The highlight of the night had nothing to do with any of the games though, it was the dancing that took center stage. Many of the students started Cookin’ to XIB’s song “Power.” Students and staff also began the Electric Slide and some even did the Booty Call. Apollo Night This year’s Apollo Night was one of the best nights of the whole spirit week. It was

funny, entertaining and the whole crowd was involved. Hosts Mike Swiezy and Myles Merritt-Lee stole the show with their jokes and “Random Joning.” Ron Porter, Jr., danced ballet and came in third place. Mathew Woods, who sang Trey Songz’s “Jupiter Love” made the girls go crazy. A surprising performance by Jeremy Caesar, Teri Gussom, and Anthony Stubbs playing

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Bubbling Brown Sugar announced as Spring musical By Paris Phifer Style Editor

Swing Dance, Rhythm and Blues, and Jive Turkey Slang are the old school crazes that are expected to rock Flowers High School this spring. In late September, Drama teacher, Mrs. Ingram held an interest meeting for the next school production, Bubbling Brown Sugar. Thirty-five talent-filled people came out to

About the Musical: Bubbling Brown Sugar is a musical set in the Harlem Renaissance era (1920-1930). Starring Roles: Irene, John and Checkers Tentative Dates: March 31, April 1-2, April 7-9

Marie Dorsey / Photographer The cast of Bubbling Brown Sugar helped generate school spirit at annual homecoming parade.

learn more about the production. Ingram’s decision to

produce the Harlem Renaissance-era play was inspired by a

Seventies era television show. “I was watching an episode of “What’s Happening” and the kids were singing the main song from the play and I

fell in love with it,” she said. Ingram, who specializes in musicals, has been the drama director/ producer for all of the school productions since 2007. Her first musical production was Laugh out Loud. Her production of Dream Girls last year was so successful that an encore show was performed. It also attracted the attention of The Washington Post.

Try This, Not That Healthy fast food alternatives

Kouture is back and in model form

Calendar .................................College

Extra days off have classroom consequences By Marie Dorsey Calendar Editor

Within the first five weeks of the 2010-2011 school year students had already had four days off, and over the next three months they will have 15 more days off. Normally students don’t have this much time out of the classroom in the beginning of the school year, but this year brought a pleasant

surprise for most students. Last year there were only 13 days off in the first 4 months. CHFHS junior, Laci Taylor, enjoys these days off and doesn’t think they will matter because she will learn all she needs to. “Students should take the time to study at home and read about their school work at home.” said Taylor.

But she does think that the teachers are teaching at a fast pace and that some kids may fall behind. “Most things just require reinforcement at home.” Taylor said. Ms. Lee, a middle school student’s parent, felt the opposite. “I don’t like all these days off because I don’t like my child being in the house by herself.” Lee said.

She said these days will affect student grades “because when they go back to school they might not be in the right mind set.” There will also be furlough days, these are four days off during the year that students get off and teachers don’t go to work and don‘t get paid. These days were added to save money so that the county would be able to pay all the employed

Community Day Students beautify CHFHS landscape

teachers. Principal Nobles-Jones said she doesn’t get the luxury of all of the days off. “Ninety-nine percent of the time when you are off I’m working,” said Nobles-Jones. Mrs. Nobles-Jones feels that these days off won’t affect the students’ learning if the teachers are teaching correctly. She says that if she were a teacher she would assign

How to prepare for a college visit By Bryan Thompson Staff Writer Are you planning to sign up for one of the many college visitations that are scheduled at Flowers? But are you really prepared? All of these things are important for you to do, know and be aware of when you’re attending a college visit at Flowers.


Ms. Blake / Photographer

Community Day Students plant flowers and trees outside of Charles Herbert Flowers High School on Nov. 3.

Community Day Students to host college fair Nov. 13 The Community Day Students of Charles Herbert Flowers High School will host their first College Fair from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., on Nov. 13. The following teachers will assist with the fair: Ms. Blake, Mr. Jackson, Ms. Milko, Mr. Refugio, Ms. Freeman-Reid and chairman of Admissions/ Guidance, Mr. Russell. Colleges that will be

present will include: UMUC, Howard university, Lincoln University, Morehouse College, Tuskegee University and many more. Parents are encouraged to attend and participate in this Saturday event with their children so they too can be better informed of the colleges their children may be interested in attending and its requirements.

Always, always, bring something to write with and write on. It lets the admissions officer know that you view the information that he or she is presenting as important. Carry yourself in a mature manner. Actively listen to the

presentation. Make eye contact with your presenter. It will let them know that you are serious about wanting to hear what he or she has to say. Don’t slouch in your chair, don’t pop or chew gum. Do not talk while the presenter is talking. Do not try to have a conversation with your friends during the visit. Ask questions. Ask about college life, clubs, class sizes, and admission requirements. If you follow these simple guidelines, your chance of making a good impression with the admissions officer will definitely go up. You may even attract an offer of admission...

Guidance clears up graduation credit policy By Joanna Akinlosotu Local News Editor

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projects to the students when she knew they would be out of school, that way there wouldn’t be a gap in the learning. “A student who is focused will keep up,” said Jones when asked about the fast pace learning. She also said that they need“internalmotivation” and that “students without it [internal motivation] won’t keep up because they don’t care.”

Each student in Prince Georges County must meet earn a total of 21 credits in order to graduate. “The students need to be aware of the requirements so that they can be focused,” said 11th grade counselor, Mrs. Mosely. To become a 10th grader, a student must earn 5 credits and one of them must be for English. To become an 11th grader, a student must earn 10 credits including: 2 credits of English, 1 credit of Mathematics, 1 credit

Graduation Requirements English.......4 credits Math.......3 credits Science.......3 credits Social Studies.......3 credits Fine Arts.......1 credit P. E.........50 credit Health ........50 credit Technology Ed........1 credit Electives.......2 Foreign Language OR 2 Advanced Tech Education AND 3 electives OR 4-9 credits of State-Approved Career and Technology Education

of Science, 1 credit of Social Studies To become a12th grader, a student must earn 14 credits including: 3 credits of English, 2 credits of Mathematics, 1 credit of Science, and1 credit of Social Studies


Longer school year proposed for students in U.S.

Obama wants education to be top priority for American youth By Tram Nguyen Staff Writer When the school year is coming to an end, students look forward to one thing: summer, a time for play and rest before another school year hits. But President Barack Obama is thinking much differently. He plans to extend the school year by another month which means a much shorter summer and less play time for students.

According to President Obama, students in the United States don’t spend enough time in classrooms. On average, the American students spend 180 days in school while in other countries, such as South Korea and Japan, students spend 243 days in school. This puts students in the United States at a disadvantage with other students around the world. President Obama believes education should be a top-priority for the United States. He admitted that extending the school year is not a very popular idea

but feels it is necessary for students’ academics of this generation and the next. “I think it’s ridiculous. The problem with education won’t be solved if we sit in school longer,” said Flowers senior, Rachel Dorsey. “Instruction time should be used a lot better. I’m just glad I’m getting out this year. I don’t think I could take much more of the inefficiencies of our school system.” There are the pros and there are the cons to student summers being much

shorter. According to some experts, extending the school year will help students grow in knowledge and be– come academically better. Students will have the urge to study more and compete with other schools around the world. But at the same time, extending the school year means rebuilding curriculums, increasing teacher pay, and improving school conditions. It may also slow down students who are academically ready to move on to the next higher level.

New shopping center has locals raving Cyberbullying Woodmore Town Center opens in Prince George’s County By Sarah Tanveer Editor-in-Chief “I think it’s great that we are incorporating a new development amon gst the community, I’m sure it will draw in a lot of revenue,” said Alice Walker a longtime resident of Prince Georges County. Locals like Walker were excited to see the unveiling of a multimillion dollar project close to home. Espe cially since the new development will boast a variety of stores and chains that can suit a plethora of individuals of all ages. The Woodmore Town Center at Glenarden is located off Route 202 and St. Joseph’s Drive. As reported by CityBizList.

reports increase Social networking sites provide tool for new kind of abuse By Safura Tanveer Staff Writer

A rendering of the new Wodmore Town Center.

com, several stores in the complex opened Friday, October 22, 2010. The Washington Post reported that “the town center is said to include 700,000800,000,000 square feet of retail, 1 million square feet of office space, 922 residential units, two hotels and a conference center.”

Photo Credit:

Terry L. Richardson, a manager for the town center project reported that so far “the new business is set to employ over 6,000 employees.” Wegmans, a new grocery chain is one of the first to open in this county, and is consistently top ranked among the best business to work for. Other big

businesses are set to open fsuch as Costco, JC Penney, Best Buy and Petco as reported by CityBizlist. The town center is still in early stages of developmental comple– tion but by the looks of it many customers are buzzing to be one of the first to shop in the new center.

Metro makes progress on Purple Line By Joanna T. Akinlosotu Staff Writer

There is good news for CHFHS students who rely on the metro for transportation. The Maryland Transit Administration is working on a new addition to the Washington Metro system. The Purple Line light rail system is being proposed to link the Red, Green, and Orange metro lines. This new line is projected to be 16 miles long and have 21 stations. The line was started as part of Governor O’Malley’s “Smart, Green & Growing” initiative. Gov– ernor O’Malley’s plan is to connect Prince George’s and Montgomery County, while supporting economic development in both counties. The line will extend from Bethesda in Montgomery County to New Carrollton in Prince George’s County. A method to improve tran– sportation between Prince Geo– rge’s County and Montgomery County has been studied since 1992. The study was called Capital Beltway and Purple Line studies.

The project is currently being administered by the Maryland Transit Administration. The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) has been working with the MTA. There are many steps that the MTA must go through before the Purple Line becomes a reality. The Final Design phase of the project development is still two years away. The official website of the Purple Line states that it would likely take 3 to 5 years to fully complete construction. The line is expected to provide direct connections to the Metrorail at Bethesda, Silver Spring, College Park, and New Carrollton. It would also provide a direct link to Maryland’s primary university and largest employer in Prince George’s County, the University of Maryland. The existing roads are currently highly congested, and traffic is very high. According to The Washington Post, in January 2008, the O’Malley administration allo– cated $100 million to complete

design documents for state approval and funding of the Purple Line. Construction on the Purple Line could begin by 2013 or 2014, if funding is available. Despite the possible benefits of the line, there has been some opposition. The University of Maryland administrators have raised concerns that the Purple Line could interrupt pedestrian and automobile traffic patterns on campus. A local organization, Save the Trail Petition, has been collecting signatures on a petition opposing the MTA’s Purple Line proposals since 2003. According to the MTA, the Purple Line will increase travel to Montgomery County, and therefore increase mall/shopping center revenue. This implies that more residents of the DMV area will be commuting to Montgomery County. Whether a benefit or disadvantage, the Purple Line will surely be a change for the Washington Metro system and DMV residents.

What is cyberbullying you may ask? Well cyberbullying is a type of harassment that occurs via Internet. Name calling in chat rooms, posting fake profiles on web sites, and mean or cruel email messages are all types of cyberbullying. “Forty-two percent of kids have been bullied while online. 1 in 4 have had it happen more than once,” reports i-Safe American. “I think it’s scary and unfair that the victims of cyberbullying have to go through this. I believe that there should be help groups to teach bullies and victims that they shouldn’t have to harm themselves or say hurtful things to others,” said CHFHS guidance counselor, Ms. Dubose. There have been 13 suicides which where all caused by cyberbullying. One of the most recent and most controversial suicides was committed by Tyler Clementi. Clementi was a Rutgers University freshman at the time of his death. He posted a goodbye message on his Facebook page before jumping from a bridge after his roommate secretly filmed him during a “sexual encounter” in his dorm room and posted

it live on the Internet. Clementi’s post was dated Sept. 22 at 8:42 p.m. and read, “Jumping off the gw bridge sorry. “Obviously, our heart breaks when we read about what happened at Rutgers, when we read about some of these other people who are doing nothing to deserve the kind of harassment and bullying — just completely gets out of hand,” said President Obama while at an MTV forum on October 14. “It’s worse than plain bullying,” said CHFHS math teacher and class sponsor, Ms.Halmon. “Cyberbullying is more serious because a lot of people use Internet and it reaches a wide range of people all over the world. The whole world has access to the harassment.” “I think it’s horrible. It’s just so unfair. The kids don’t deserve this,” said Mrs. Nimo. If you are a victim of cyberbullying the most important thing a person can do is not respond to the bully. Ignore the bully and their messages, then get help from parents and teachers.

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First carnival in CHFHS history was success


By Ciera Simms Sports Editor

By Alaisha Etheredge Extras Editor

Who would have thought high school students would enjoy a carnival so much? The Charles Herbert Flowers Student Government Association hosted the first carnival in Flowers history on Monday, Oct. 25. The carnival included lots of games, food, and fun. There were moon bounces, which included an obstacle race, face painting, basketball, football and baseball tosses, ping pong, and even Dance Dance Revolution. Music blasted from the speakers and everybody was on the dance floor. “I was dancing the night away,” said Ron C. Porter Jr., member of the Chinese National Honor Society. Different organizations sold different foods and

Every year each class is responsible for creating the design of their particular class shirt. This year’s class of 2012 class t-shirt was created by Marcus Neither. Although a few students may dislike the design of this year’s class shirts. They always find a way to jazz them up with their creativity. I interviewed Natasha Bishop about the class of 2012 t-shirt. Q. Which shirt do you feel has the best design ? A. “They all ugly, but 2012 is okay but I don’t know.” Q. Do you feel the class shirts are worth $20? A. “No , the shirts don’t look like its worth $20. I’m going to buy one because, its an memory of my high school year”

Marie Dorsey / Photographer

Senior Kira McCall plays a game of Twister.

snacks for everyone to enjoy. The Spanish National Honor Society sold pizza and drinks, the class of 2012 sold Rita’s, and SGA sold nachos, popcorn, hot dogs, cotton candy, and snow cones. The DJ played music from R&B, rap, and gogo, to ‘The Booty Call’. The students enjoyed the R&B, loved the go-go,

and everybody joined in on the booty call. “I enjoyed the music,” said Nariah King. Coming into this many students didn’t think it was going to be fun. But at the end of the night many students said they enjoyed themselves and had a lot of fun. “I loved it, words can’t describe,” said

Ron. “The school spirit was high and the atmosphere was on point.” SGA spent a lot of time on this carnival. “We started at 4:05, so it took us exactly three hours,” said Chene’ Vines of SGA. She believed there was a great turn out. “I’m glad everybody enjoyed themselves.”

Homecoming dance was ‘A night to remember’ By Lyndsey Simms Staff Writer Charles H. Flowers High School has marked its 10th anniversary with their tenth annual homecoming dance. “This has been the best homecoming I ever had. The music was on point and I completely enjoyed myself,” said Flowers senior, Tayshawn Johnson. The tickets went fast. They sold about 1,700 hundred tickets and that still wasn’t enough for those who wanted to get into the dance which was held in the gym.

Find more coverage online on: - Apollo Night - Class Night - Tons of photos Page 4

Marie Dorsey / Photographer

Students gather for tenth annual Homecoming dance.

“I had made sure I got my ticket because I wouldn’t want to be like those persons that waited too late and the tickets was sold out”

said Johnson. “There were a lot of people and it was hot but still fun” said Johnson. The Student Government Association, SGA,

played a major role in making this event possible. They planned this dance along with everything else that took place during homecoming. “The music was so diverse for the most part” said Johnson. But Feyi Quadri total disagreed. “The DJ was good but I wish he would have played a variety of music. Only thing he was playing is go-go. But I still had fun,” said Quadri. “That was a night to remember” said Johnson.

Surprises, tears accompany Court announcements By Lyndsey Simms Staff Writer

“This weekend has been so overwhelming for me” said Maya Stevenson. Stevenson was crowned the 2010-2011 Homecoming Queen. “I’m just an ordinary girl that didn’t expect to win but to my surprise I made it. Tears of joy just couldn’t help but to stream down my face. It’s just so unbelievable” said Stevenson. Stevenson was one eight students who was crowned for the 2010-2011 Homecoming Court. Congratulations to all the winners. Lord: Francois Scarboro Lady: Antonise Tyler Duke: Robert Marshall Duchess: Monay Herny

Marie Dorsey / Photographer

The King and Queen of Homecoming court ride in a car during the parade Donovan Duckett and Maya Stevenson.

Prince: Austin Jacques Princess: Sierra Iciano King: Chico (Donavan Duckett) Queen: Maya Stevenson

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the steel drums had the crowd swaying and clapping. The winner of Apollo Night was the One Night Only Band who delivered four minutes of “go-go Crankage” as they called it. The band members included Apollo Night host Mike Swiezy, Homecoming King Donovan Duckett, Anissa White, Chad A. Jason Lasley, Edward Lay, and Terrell Allen. This was by far one of the bests Apollo Nights in CHFHS history. Class Night It was a night of competitions that include dancing and obstacle courses. Typically the seniors win class night. But last year the winner was the class of 2012. The competition came down to a tie when both juniors and seniors had three wins each. A tie-breaker relay race was held, where Oshea Johnson and Quincy Sanders led the seniors to a victory. Pep Rally Many students thought that nothing could top last year’s pep rally featuring the New Boys. But when rumors spread that this year’s guest would be Rick Ross many didn’t believe it. As the pep rally ended without a special performance students were clearly disappointed. Apparently there was a performance scheduled but for unconfirmed reasons it got cancelled.

Parade The only class that took the time to make a real float this year was the class of 2013. Other partcipants included: the ski club, the cast of Bubbling Brown Sugar, the band, flag girls, poms squad, majorettes, cheerleaders and homecoming court. Parade-watchers were hanging out of windows and doors in their pajamas cheering and and recording as is passed. The community got really involved. The Game The CHFHS Jaguars took on the Roosevelt Raiders for this year’s Homecoming game. The game was close the whole time with Flowers trailing at one point, but they never gave up. In the end the Jags pulled through a tough game and ran on the field and jumped in the stands celebrating their win. The Dance The theme was Mystique Madhouse, and although not many dressed to fit the part, many showed up. There were more outsiders than in past years. One in particular snuck in through the side doors and administration had to stop the dance in order to find him and escort him out. This year’s homecoming week had up’s and down’s, but in the end most of the students had fun, which is always the goal.


Twelfth graders sworn in as future graduating seniors By Kimberly Robinson Senior Editor “I couldn’t be leaving with a better class,” said Principal NoblesJones, in the presence of faculty, parents, and students at the senior inauguration held on October 11, 2010, in the Charles Herbert Flowers High School gymnasium. The purpose of the inauguration was to acknowledge 12th graders as true seniors. The requirements to be a true senior are to have at least 15 credits, all 36 community service hours, and have passed all high school assessments. The inauguration that started around 6:30 p.m. began with the processional with 12th

Nicki Minaj new album stages ‘Massive Attack’ By Taylor Walters Staff Writer

Kimberley Robinson / Photographer

Seniors celebrate becoming “true seniors” at the annual celebration in October.

graders wearing all black, followed by the ROTC color guard, and the National Anthem sang by 12th grader, Akiera Cramer. Those that attended the inauguration had different opinions on the

event. Some students felt that it was a waste of time, and some admin– istrators didn’t think it was that exciting either. “It was beautiful, the students were beautiful and wellbehaved, the speaker

really gave the right speech.” said Ms. Silva. The evening ended with a call and response lead by Mrs. NoblesJones. This oath made their seniority official and ended the ceremony.

Briefly at Flowers_______________________________________________________________ CRI student Walter Douglas wins Award CRI student Walter Douglas received the Employee of the Year Youth Recognition Award at the La Fountana Bleu on Friday, Oct. 29. The award was sponsored by the ARC. Douglas is an 11th grader in the CRI Program. He was nominated by his teacher Mrs. Monica Brown-Lipscomb. Environment Club hosts jewelry fundraiser The Environment Club is hosting a LIA SOPHIA jewelry fundraiser until Nov. 8, 2010. All orders can be placed online at www. liasophia. com/jesegary, just

type “Environmental Club” as the hostess. Interested students and staff can also see Mrs. Sheryl Lewing-Gary in room 531. Science Teachers present at Convention Hameed Sharif, Chauntia Bego and Sheryl Lewing-Gary will present at the National Science Teachers Association regional conference in Baltimore on Nov. 12. Ski Club begins year with community service    Members of Mrs. Gray’s Spanish classes and members of the Flowers Ski Club collected 193 medical supplies as a donation for Mrs. Hankton’s

Create l i a o T m E S U e Pleas Would Like If You thing For You. Some

FlyerOs r

rs e t s o P Or ?

humanitarian trip to Haiti. The ski club also collected donations for the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) in October. Ski Trip set for January Flowers Ski Club has scheduled its first ski trip for January 7, 2011. Members are also planning their annual “Hug A Skier Day” for January. Students who are interested in joining the ski club can attend meetings on Wednesdays at 4:05 p.m. in Room 342.   SHARE Foord Network needs volunteers

Sponsored By Ms. Siedle cki x3 73

Computer Graphics Club

Want Something Created??

We Can Create It!!

The SHARE Food Network is in need of 40 student volunteers. Contact Ms. Watson at or at (240) 855-3209. The hours available are: Saturday, Nov. 13, 7 a.m. – 11 a.m. and Saturday, Dec. 11, 7 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Young Money’s first lady Nicki Minaj has announced via Twitter the official release for her first official solo album, “Pink Friday.” The album was originally scheduled to be released on Tuesday, Nov. 23, but the record label has decided to push up the release to Monday, Nov. 22. Minaj tweeted via Twitter “Albums are generally released on Tuesdays but the Record Company will in some cases “break street date” and release on a Monday. I am neither happy nor upset by this minor change.” I am excited to see what’s in store for us on the “Pink Friday” album because this is Minaj’s first solo

Album Review

album and she has never seemed to disappoint when it comes to her music. Minaj’s album will feature songs like “Massive Attack” featuring Sean Garrett, “Your Love”, “Right Thru Me”, and “Check Me Out” featuring Will.I.Am. “Its gonna be hot,” said CHF senior, Ashley Bazemore. “I can’t wait for it to come out, I’m ready!” said Domonique Dale. While senior Bria Moore can’t wait to buy Minaj’s CD when it hits the stores, senior Veronique Beth will be waiting for the album to be released on iTunes. You can pre-order Minaj’s album now on iTunes and for $9.99.

BlackBerry gets new addition to family By Jordan Rodriguez Technology Editor Rim, the designer and manufacturer of the BlackBerry smartphones, has introduced the latest in blackberry technology, the BlackBerry Playbook. The Playbook is the first BlackBerry tablet. With all of its features this remarkable product will be a direct competitor to all the other tablets on the market such as the Apple iPad, Dell Streak, Fusion Garage JooJoo and Augen GenTouch78. This will really give the rest a run for their money. The Playbook will have a 7-inch LCD screen, 1024 by 600 touch screen with multi-touch and gesture support. It measures at 5.1”x7.6”x0.4” and weighs less than a pound. The Playbook has a 1 Gigahertz Dual Core Processor with 1 Gigabyte of RAM; this

Tech Review will make the Playbook run smoothly. The BlackBerry Tablet OS supports the symmetric multiprocessing, with this kind of technology under the hood of the Playbook it should be real easy for anyone who buys this product to multi-task. The Playbook will also have dual cameras, one in the front with 3 Megapixels and one in the back with 5 Mega-pixel making the pictures very clear. The back camera will also support 1080p HD recording and video

chat. The Playbook will also have an HDMI output, so if you have any HD videos or HD movies on the tablet you can plug it into a HD television or computer to watch. The Playbook will support WIFI and Bluetooth. A flexible application platform is included that supports WEBKIT, Adobe Flash Player, Mobile AIR Reader; POSIX, OpenGL, and Java. An exact release date it is expected in early 2011. A price has not been announced. Page 5


New Generation of clothing on the rise

Student designers combine business and style hoodies ($30).

By Paris Phifer Style Editor

Pilot Cloth

This isn’t the space age but the newest clothing lines in school has given us a glimpse of the future.

Space Gear

Flowers student Dominic Cox, better known as Ziplock Domo, has launched his own clothing line called Space Gear. Dominic and his cousin started the clothing line together this fall. “We wanted to make people feel like their so fly that their out of this world”, said Cox. Space Gear’s abstract emblem consists of an astronaut helmet with different rainbow colors inside of the helmet. The clothing line includes women and men’s clothing. Included in the line are: white t-shirts with the Space Gear emblem ($15); urple and gold AllStar Lakers edition t-shirts ($15); and custom-made

Flying high and in style is what senior Montez Davis was aiming for when he launched his own clothing line called Pilot Cloth. You will see students in the hallway prancing around with the nice swagger crew v-necks that have Pilot Cloth placed on them in different colors. “I named my line Pilot cloth simply because pilots are the flyest people ever and my clothing line is geared towards fly people as far as the cloth part I didn’t want to be generic and say Pilot Clothing so I just said cloth,” said Davis. This line was launched this past summer in July. Davis came up with the design and the Pilot Cloth emblem that is placed on the t-shirts, crew necks, and hoodies that Davis sells. In the winter time only Davis is selling Crewnecks for $35 and hoodies for $45.

Nurses organize first CHFHS cookbook By Claudette Richards Food Editor There’s a Charles Herbert Flowers cookbook coming soon for the students and faculty members. The nurses from the health office organized the CHF cookbook for the staff and the Charles Herbert Flowers High School family community. Nurse Hankton said the cookbook is a project inspired by Flowers’ participation in the healthy schools programs. “The cookbook project was started as a way to incorporate

Sample recipe Bavarian cream By P.Whitlock Ingredients: One can of condensed milk (of milk sounds icy when shaken, remove both from choice), 1 box of your favorite Jell-O gelatin the freezer. Directions: 4. Blend the Jell-O and condensed milk together 1. Prepare Jell-O gelatin as per package and until well mixed. place in the freezer 5. Serve chilled with your favorite fruit or fat free 2. Wash the can of condensed milk and place in whipped topping. the freezer 6. Maybe placed in graham cracker crust and 3. When Jell-O is firm and the can of condensed chilled until firm. Cut and serve. authentic recipes into our vision of a healthier community,” she said. The students and staff were able to share their favorite recipes for the cookbook, by sending their recipes on a card to the health office by Oct. 8. The cookbook is expected to debut before Winter

Break. The cost will be $10. It is expected to be an excellent reference for healthy holiday cooking and could even be given as a present. If anyone has any questions in reference to the cookbook they can contact Mrs. Whitlock or Mrs. Hankton in the Health Suite.

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Crisp weather and Fall trends By Paris Phifer Style Editor As the leaves fall and the colors change, your style should too. Here is what’s hot: Booties and Suede Fringe Shoes Most girls love to wear wedges during the summer and the same for the fall. Suede wedges are a must-have this season when you go out for a

night out on the town with your ladies. Everyone should own a pair of booties this fall as well. You can wear them with a pair of skinny’s and nice crop top sweater. Leather Jackets As the crisp, cool weather settles in around us leather jackets are a must. Most retailers have motorcycle leather jackets, fitted jackets, and jackets that come in different colors. Crop top leather jackets are the most popular. Some jackets come decorated with studs on the shoulder, that gives off a rock star theme with the imprinted diamonds placed there. Opaque Fabrics See-through fabrics sheer clothing is what’s hot for the 2011 trend. They can be used in different styles and some ways they can be worn are in cut out in dresses, ruffled blouses, and skirts. This would be nice to wear for a conservative event with some nice booties or suede wedges.


Blackout Game, Jags Get The ‘W’ Gone but his Jaguars Win Homecoming Game against Raiders

By Ciera Simms Sports Editor

It was a close game, but the Jaguars managed to get the win over the Raiders, 27-26. On Saturday, Oct. 30, 2010, the Flowers Jaguars took on the Roosevelt Raiders for our 11th Homecoming Game. The school spirit was high and there were a lot of alumni there to help cheer on the Jags. The Jaguars started off good, with senior Chris Gregory making the first touchdown of the night. But shortly after, the Raiders answered with a touchdown. Late in the first quarter the Jags had the ball. Close to the end zone, they ran the ball. The running back got hit one yard shy of the end zone and fumbled the ball. Luckily, there was another Jaguar there to recover the fumble in the end zone and the Jaguars got the touchdown. With six minutes and forty-nine seconds left in the second half, Roosevelt had the ball, their quarterback thought he had a wide open receiver, but Rome cut in and got the interception. On the play Craig Thompson got injured and did not return to the game. By the end of the first half, the Jaguars led the Raiders 13-7. With 10:08 left in the 3rd quarter, the Raiders’ quarterback fumbled the ball and the Jags recovered. Its took them a while but off that play the Jaguars got a touchdown off a

quarterback sneak by Thomas Lawrence. With 3:24 left in the 3rd quarter, the Raiders got a touchdown, bringing the score to 19-13. With two minutes left in Marie Dorsey / Photographer the quarter, our From Top left quarterback to right: Monte was down. But Taylor; Jaguars he was able to go for the get back up, pass; Daryl walk it off, Bailey holds and return by onto the ball the time the during a run. offense got back did get a couple out there. breaks,” said Lawrence. “It was nothing With about eight serious,” said Lawrence. minutes left in the fourth “I knew I had time to quarter, the Jaguars recover.” got the ball at their 20 Beginning with yard line but they were the fourth quarter the unable to get the first Jaguars defense was down. On the punt, the

‘Some calls were petty, but we did get a couple breaks.’ - Thomas Lawrence

unable to stop the Raiders from scoring. Ron Fisher scored the touchdown, bringing the score to Raiders 20-Jaguars 19. They tried the two point conversion, but the defense of the Jaguars was able to hold them, causing the score to remain the same. A couple of minutes into the fourth quarter and the Jaguars were getting a lot of calls not in their favor. “Some calls were petty, but we

kick was blocked and the Raiders recovered, also resulting in our kicker, Trevon Midder, getting injured and the Raiders getting the touchdown. Flowers was down and the fans weren’t making as much noise as before, but the cheerleaders were able to get them back into the game. With 4:47 left in the fourth and the Jaguars were in a 4th & 11 situation. The Jags decided to go for it. Thomas threw to

Football coach, Cliff Haskins, dies of a heart attack and car crash at 59 By Ciera Simms Sports Editor

Montel and they are able to get the first down. Two minutes off the clock and the Jaguars got another touchdown. They went for the two point conversion and it was good, bringing the score to Jags 27- Raiders 26. The Jaguars defense picked up their intensity the last minute or so of the game and so did the crowd. It was 4th & 15 for the Raiders, but the Jaguars got a penalty, which brought the Raiders to 4th and 5 and they were able to get the first down. With thirty seconds left in the game, their quarterback tried to get the ball to one of his receivers, but the pass was incomplete. There was also a penalty on the Jags, resulting in the Raiders getting the first down. With 20.4 seconds left in the game, the quarterback was sacked, he fumbled, and the Jaguars recoverd. You know what that means. The Jaguars won, with a final score of Flowers 27, Roosevelt 26.

School Rivalries: Battle of the Dominant By Zitel Okudoh Staff Writer

Schools across the county are known for their heated rivalries with each other and it’s no different here at Charles Herbert Flowers High School. Ever since Flowers opened its doors in 2000 there has been a driving force in the athletic field on county, state, and national levels. With Flowers’ success as a school, we have obviously

experienced the envy and opposition that comes with such accomplishment. “Most of our county is not happy with our success as such a young school,” said Athletic Director, Coach Rose.

But who exactly are Flowers’ rivals? Opinions vary, but most people can agree that the three main rivals are Suitland High School, Roosevelt High School, and Dr. Henry A. Wise High School.

spirit will forever live

“Everybody is a rival. Everybody wants to beat Flowers. Period,” said Coach Rose. Our rivals remain the same through all sports. Flowers and Suitland have had some of the most intense football games. The Lady Jaguars girls track team dethroned Roosevelt HS in their 9-year reign as state champions. The truth remains, Flowers has set the bar high and we’re ready and waiting for anyone to challenge us.

The Flowers football team remembers a great coach by wearing his initials, C.H., on their helmets and having a moment of silence before each game. While driving to work on a late Tuesday night on August 17, 2010, Coach Cliff Haskins suffered a heart attack which ultimately caused him to crash his car into a guardrail. Coach Haskins was the head coach at Oxon Hill High School before taking the job as a security guard here at Charles Herbert Flowers. It wasn’t long before he asked Coach Mike Mayo to coach along side of him and Coach Mayo was glad to have him apart of the team. “His death affected me more than it did the team,” said head coach Mike Mayo. “I knew him for almost 20-plus years.” Coach Haskins was loved by the team, staff, students, and Principal Nobles-Jones, who believes he is an irreplaceable man. “It’s hard to go to the home games,” said Mrs. Nobles-Jones. “I can’t look up in the box anymore because he’s not there.” Though it’s hard for her she still manages to go because she knows that’s where he wants her to be. Coach Haskins had love for this school, love for the game, and believed in all children. He had good qualities and was a positive and kind man. “You could be in a bad mood, and Coach Haskins would come over and start a random conversation, then everything would be all better,” said Trevon Midder, varsity football kicker and wide receiver. Coach Mayo is planning on having a memorial game for Coach Haskins this season and Mrs. Nobles-Jones is planning on having the carving of the jaguar he made for her the new school logo.

Inside Look

Hole in One: Behind the scenes of CHFHS Golf

By Ariel Somerville Staff Writer

Did you know that CHFHS was the first black team to be a finalist at state? Golf is a precision ball sport, which golfers attempt to hit balls into each hole on a golf course and win by the fewest number of strokes. Golf is one of the few sports that is not often talked about in CHFHS hallways. But why? “The golf team is one of the best

sports competitively that Charles Herbert Flowers has to offer” said Coach Rose. On Oct. 13, the Golf Team coached my Mr. Greene, finished second in the District III Golf Tournament at the Potomac Ridge Golf Course. Flowers had four students finish in the top 20 out of about 80 students this season (Javier Elliott-8th, Matthew Woods-14th, Martin Brownlee-16th and Shaquelle Watson19th.) Page 7

Photo Illustration: Kingsley Gbadegesin

Photographers: Marie Dorsey, Wlehglowdieh Miller, R. Coelho

The Main Street Journal - Nov. 2010  
The Main Street Journal - Nov. 2010  

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