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Hors d’Oeuvres

The Classics Parma Ham with Melon tartar and Parmesan cheese flakes Iberico Ham with Formentera Figs* or ‘Pan Tomate’ Buffalo Mozzerella or ‘Burrata’, local Tomato Salad with Basil Small Puff Pastry with with Aubergine ‘alla parmigiana’ and Parmisan Fondue Panzerotti with Iberico Ham and Mozzarella, ‘Burrata’ with Cantabrico Anchovies * (when in season)

Fish Canadian Lobster Salad with crunchy Balsamic Falvoured Vegetables ( When fishing permits we serve local lobster) * Fish Tartar, marinated Seaweed with Sesamo, Sauce and dips *Selection of raw Fish with extra virgin Olive Oil and Maldon Salt Fish marinated in Citrus Fruit and salt served with Pickled Vegetables and ‘Mojito’ Sorbet

Stewed Octopus and Clams with a warm Sage flavoured Chickpea pudding Wood oven cooked Squid filled with Potato, Provola Cheese and Sweet Red Peppers with warm Corn Wafer and Pachino Tomatoes with fresh Origano. Ginger flavoured Mussels, toasted Bread with Extra Virgin Olive Oil Small pot of marinated Fish with Fennel and White Celery Jiulienne

(*Varies from day to day)

First Course

Cold Tomato Soup with Cream, Vodka and Croutons Bean and Farro Soup with Garlic and Rosemary flavoured Scallops and Crispy Bacon Spaghetti with Clams ‘Linguine’ with Lobster and Cherry Tomatoes ‘Paccheri’ with three shellfish, Scampi, Red Prawns and Lobster

Red Potato Gnocchi, Scampi, Prawns, Basilico Pesto and toasted Almonds Fresh Pasta ‘Chitarucci’ with Salt Cod fillets, Capers, Olives and Basil Fresh Pasta Buttons filled with Pears. Gorgonzola, Onions, Black Pepper and Pistachio Nuts Risotto flavoured with Moscato Wine and Lemon, Asparagus tips and Squid with Thyme Fresh Pasta ‘Pizzicotti’ with Oxtail cooked in Chianti Wine

Second Course

Selection of fried Fish in a box, Squid, Cuttle fish,and Prawns Today’s catch of fish, whole or in portions, oven cooked with salt, Thyme flavoured Oil and Seasonal Vegetables. Catalana Lobster Fish and Chips – (White Fish in Beer Batter ) Chicken strips with Truffle Flavoured Cream sauce with Spinach Mould

Oven paper wrapped Lamb with Vegetable and Mint Couscous Iberico Pork fillet with Mustard, Beetroot and Potatoes Honey Caramelized Duck Breast with Apples Sauternes and Balsamic flavoured Baby Onions Tuna, with Bread Crumbs, Herbs, Green Pepper with Tomato Salad.

Grilled Meat & Fish Squid, Sicilian Prawns with Zucchini and Radicchio Selection of Iberico Pork Wagyu Beef Entrec么te with Beer Sauce Nebraska Sirloin Steak with grilled Vegetables Florentine Steak

Chezz Gerdi Pizzas

Pizza Margherita Seafood Pizza Pizza Capricciosa Pizza alla Diavola Vegetable Pizza Caprese Pizza Neapolitan Pizza ( Tomato, Anchovies, Capers and Pantelleria Origano Rustic Pizza

Chezz Gerdi Pizza Brutta ‘Ugly’ Pizza’ ( Mozzarella, Onion, Sopressata and Black Inky Squid) Iberica Pizza ‘Crocodile’ Pizza Tuna Pizza ( fresh Marinated Tuna, Oil, fresh Origano, Gaeta Olives, Cherry Tomatoes and Pantelleria Capers) Bacchus Pizza ( Broccoli, Sausage and Red Wine Reduction Sauce )


Coffee Parfait with Mascarpone Cream and Caramelized Hazel Nuts Chezz Gerdi Icecream with a selection of Sauces and Sweet Surprises Fruit Sorbets Refreshing Iced Cinnamon and Mint Millefeuille with Crème Chantilly and rasberries Creme Brûlè Brugal with Formentera Honey and Chamomile

Chocolate Bomb with Rhum flavoured Pear, Crunchy Almonds and Custard Warm Chocolate Cake with dark Chocolate centre and Icecream Chocolate covered Fresh Fruit pieces and Vanilla Yogurt Sauce Fruit in season Cherries, Oranges, Strawberries. Banana and Pineapple

Restaurant menu  

restaurant menu in english

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