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REWARDIN NG EXPER RIENCES At the National Honorr Societ Society cietyy induct in induction, duction, duct ion, award and shoo shookk Poppy Cox 11 received herr award hands with second year member emberr Matth Ma Matthew tthew Frazzi Frazzini azzini azzi ni student coun council cil 12. Up early in the morning for stud meetings or studying late to keep p up her gra grades des for NHS requirements, Cox worked orked rked to achieve eve in essful ul to t do bot both. h. For For both extracurriculars. “It’s stressful example, staying after for NHS, HS, and then hav having ing morning, and doi doing ng student council meetings in the morn es like ike dances,” es,” Cox all the extracurricular activities said. Student council planned d spirit irit wee weeks to om ma make ke bliess to the par parade, ade, everything successful from assemblies dances and more. “Being in both oth has made me see ce and, a plus, it plus different aspects of real world experience es. Being Being in bot both hh ha helps me with colleges. hass been rewarding,” warding, ing,”” C Co Coxx added. added.



1 LISTENING IN As the Winterfest dance approaches the student council officers host a meeting to talk to the other members. Shannon Smith 10 listens as the class officers and adviser Timothy Salow FA talk about past mistakes. Student council members had to be at the high school 8 a.m. on Winterfest day to decorate for the dance that would start later in the day. “I was very impressed and very pleased with the job student council did, especially with a tight budget,” Timothy Salow FA said. “I think that the decorations were a hit even with the presale tickets this year.”


SECOND TIME AROUND Selling pre-worn clothes at the fashion show, Taylor Machete 12 and William Nichols 11 pose as a family member takes a picture of them before they go on stage to model. “We were just dressing up and acting goofy. Even though not very many people showed up, it was still a success for us,” Nichols said. NHS didn’t meet its fundraising goals and made plans to expand the event next year.

3 HARD WORKING WOMAN Stressing before the homecoming assembly, Shelby Zeigler 11 checked her Chromebook one last time to ensure that everything was ready. “The homecoming assembly wasn’t that big of a deal to me until I was the one planning it,” Zeigler said. “It’s like you never really appreciate something until you actually do it yourself. I felt an overwhelming satisfaction when it ended.”


WHAT REALLY HAPPENS? “For student council, we brainstorm ideas for a way to raise money so we can have school dances or selling items that can raise money. We think of fundraisers that are best for school funds. It’s not easy brainstorming ideas because we all have differences on opinions, but we all come together at the end and decide what is best for the school. We organize and plan events and make sure they run smoothly.” Daniel Ballagh 9

“In NHS, we have to complete five hours of community service and have at least a 3.25 GPA. It’s hard to find community service hours, but it’s good to give back to the community. I completed my five hours at Gee Farms this summer. We have mandatory monthly meetings. We go over what is going on in the school. Planning events is easy. You just pick committees and then attend weekly meetings that show the progress we’re making.” Zachary Douglas 11

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Preparing Student council member Hana Allen 11 uses her Chromebook to plan where each grade’s homecoming floats will wait before the homecoming parade. Allen found the Chromebook helpful to communicate with other council members for different event plans on the same Google document.

Fifty National Honor Society students spend more than 750 hours a year giving back to the community.

Every year, the members of the National Honor Society help out where needed, for example at the Smith Winter Carnival. Families from kindergarten through third grade students enjoyed the winter games, puzzles, tattoos and a 50/50 raffle. One skill the children worked on during the event was waiting anxiously in line for their turns. Of all the different games in each room of the school, Makayla Wayne 12 was assigned to help out at the tattoo room. The most popular tattoos were the dinosaurs and the characters from the movie “Frozen.” “This little girl wanted a tattoo on her leg; she was the only one to ever ask for that. I thought that was cute and funny,” Wayne said. While Wayne put on her tattoo, they made a little conversation on how the night was going. “It warmed my heart to work at the Winter Carnival, because I got to spend time with the little children. They were all super nice and adorable,” Wayne added. Pam Gower FA was asked to take Elizabeth Cyr’s place as the NHS adviser after Cyr stepped down.

“My first year was hard knowing all the responsibilities for me, the officers and other members,” Gower said. “I feel proud to supervise and see the members do well. I love helping the people who push themselves. I am glad I said ‘yes’ to stepping up and running NHS this year.” Gower and several other of her NHS members said it was a successful carnival night. PTO President, Susan Hill emailed Gower and said “Thank you. Best year yet; we couldn’t have done it without your members.” The NHS student work continued like this throughout the year to other projects like the first fundraising fashion show and the Flint water crisis support event. Piece by piece, the students gathered support for the needs they saw in the community. Outgoing senior member James White added that “engaging youth to be involved in the community makes for strong connections.” He was particularly fond of his “trip back in time” to Smith Elementary where he enjoyed seeing children “growing up the same way” he did.

WARM HEARTS Makayla Wayne 12 takes tattoo orders from a young customer. Smith Elementary PTO hosted its annual Winter Carnival for the Stockbridge families to come and have fun at all sorts of games and activities. PHOTO BY SARAH BARNEY 11

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Job No.: 017722


School Name: Stockbridge

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