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12-13 Adventure

Sports Editor Cheyenne Cordero

EXPLORING While in Maine, Arianna Gomez 10 gazes at the ocean. Gomez and her family traveled down the East Coast to 22 different states. TREKKING Walking up the mountain to reach the peak, Madeline Battle 12 climbs in Nepal where she spent her days in the cold. She spent 18 days trekking the 8th largest mountain in the world called Manaslu. Throughout the 18 days there was no showering involved. “It started out being 70 degrees, but the higher we traveled the colder the temperature got. By the time we got up there it was about 10 degrees,” Battle said. “It was exhausting, but it was also motivating. Every step closer made me determined to move harder.” After traveling such a long distance, they would sleep in tea houses that were like little huts on the mountain. Usually, she slept on a bunk bed wrapped up in a sleeping bag. “It was an unexplainable journey that challenged my physical ability, my heart, my mind and my soul. Throughout this experience, I learned how powerful the mind really is. When you have a strong mind you will be successful,” Battle said. She and her family walked all the way up the mountain on foot. They averaged more than 5 miles a day to get to the top of the snow covered mountain.

RELAXATION Devin Lemble 11 and Jennifer Boland 12 went on vacation together for the first time at Fort Lauderdale, Florida to celebrate the beginning of summer. Enjoying the beach, Boland gets covered up with sand by Lemble who was messing around and trying to be amusing. “I just let him cover me with sand and let him have his fun for the day,” Boland said. “The vacation was entertaining. It was my first time being able to swim and stand by an ocean. The water was cold though. We stayed on the beach and shopped at the little souvenir shops; it was an amazing trip.”

UNWIND After walking through the Porcupine Mountains in the Upper Peninsula with his family, Jake Chapman 11 takes a seat to rest.

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VIBRANT On July 11, sophomores Madison Gee-Montgomery and Madison Havens check out their new, hued skin after running a 5K in the Color Run by the Capitol in Lansing, Michigan.

Exploring new places can be a challenging and adventurous journey, but can also be educational.


raveling to California for his second time, Andrew Zeigler 9 ran on the edge, exploring new things. Whether it was climbing cliffs, discovering caves off Route 1, exploring the forests and hidden waterfalls in Yosemite National Park, meeting the friendly sea otters of the Monterrey Bay Aquarium or exposing his body to the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean, he was learning. “It was a great trip, really fun.” Andrew said. “It was a great experience for me at this age to be able to travel to California. I got to go with my mom and sister and visit some of my family.” “I was upset at the time that I had to miss football camp, but now that I look back on it, my experience was better than football,” Zeigler added. Traveling to California for the Zeigler family’s second time, Andrew enjoyed it more than the first. He loved meeting up and spending time with his West Coast relatives.

“Being his sister, I have had the privilege of seeing and knowing things about my brother that most people might not expect,” Shelby Zeigler 11 said. “He does everything so intensely. He lives his entire life on the edge. Yes, he does get a natural high playing football and basketball, but he also loves the thrill of an adventure.” Shelby took many photos of Andrew. In every picture you could see the real Andrew that most people don’t witness. At school he seems like a quiet guy, but he’s not. “It is a privilege to grow up with someone that makes me do the thing that I want to do but am too scared to do alone,” Shelby said. “I know I’ll always have my partner in crime there next to me every time I want to do something a little on the wild side.” They stood by cliffs, played football on the beach, found hidden caves and climbed amazing destinies. The discoveries made their bond stronger.

CALIFORNIA DREAMING In the mid-afternoon, Andrew Zeigler 9 runs along Route 1 enjoying the California sun and experiencing the cliffs and Pacific Ocean shore line. PHOTO BY SHELBY ZEIGLER 11

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