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FILMS__________________________________________________________________________ PA Asst. camera “THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS” DP John Bailey Second Asst. camera “BETWEEN” Entre Producciones, D. David Ocanas Official Sundance Selection Second Asst. camera "A DAY WITHOUT A MEXICAN" Jose & Friends Prods.D. Sergio Arau Second Asst. camera "THE FARSIDE OF THE WORLD" D. Peter Weir 20th Century Fox, Won The Academy Award for Cinematography, DP. Rusell Boyd PILOTS_________________________________________________________________________ Second Asst. camera First wave DP. Phedon Papamichael Commercial Pictures. TV_____________________________________________________________________________ Still Photographer “Mas Sabor”- “Hecho a Mano” Food Network, 2 Seasons Scripps Networks, DP Ken Craig Second Asst. camera "TREMORS" The Series DP Steve Shaw ASC Protean Prods. various Second Asst. camera “ANGELES” Series Stu Segall Prods. Various Second Asst. camera “REYES Y REY" Series Stu Segall Prods. Various COMMERCIALS__________________________________________________________________ Second Asst. camera “Tecate” Beer Baseball Documenta & Logica Films, Chava Cartas Second Asst. camera “21 st Century Ins” Alebrije Productions, Angel Flores Second Asst. camera “Baja Celular” D. Victor Balcazar Baja Norte Prods. Second Asst. camera “Baja Celular 2” D. Victor Balcazar Baja Norte Productions. MUSIC VIDEOS__________________________________________________________________ Director of Photography “Los Audaces de Tijuana” D. Alonso Ortiz Second Asst. Camera “I Ain’t No Quitter” Shania Twain. DP Dave Pearl D. Wayne Isham First Asst. camera “Piquete de hormiga” D. Chepe Chaparro El Coyote y su Banda, New World Pictures, Second Asst. camera “Los Angeles tambien lloran” D. Sergio Arau Grupo Mojado Arau-Arizmendi Prods Second Asst. camera “Mujeres mujeres” D. Sergio Arau Grupo Mojado Arau-Arizmendi Prods

Second Asst. camera “Las nieves del guero” D. Sergio Arau El Morro Arau-Arizmendi Prods. Second Asst. camera “Mil Gracias” DP. Xavier Perez Grobet El Maguey Arau-Arizmendi Prods OTHERS________________________________________________________________________ INSITE 2005, Art Piece HDVideo D. Aernout Mik, DP Benito Strangio, Helicopter shoot Tijuana Mexico. First Asst. Camera “The Jewish Comunity” D.Isaac Artenstein Documentary Cinewest Prods. Director of photography “Baraja Adicta” D. Carlos Victorica Los caminantes Luna music Prods Director of photography “Hasta el telefono lloro” D. Carlos Victorica Florencia Luna music Prods Director of photography “I figured you” D. John Otto Psychedelic kitchen AFM Records Director of photography Vaccination D.Isaac Artenstein PSA Cinewest Productions. Director of photography “CHANGE” Monaguillo Productions, David Diaz. WON Best Screenplay Beverly Hills Film Festival, Best Cinematography SlamDance Film Festival.

Spanish/Eglish Legal to work USA


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