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Cultural Analysis Assignment

Race: Discussion Essay Shavonne Floyd July 26, 2009

National University San Jose, CA

Race is a prevalent issue today in America. From the beginning of time as Americans we were not conditioned to see beyond color but we were conditioned to see the color of what is in front of us. Today we still struggle with the issue of race in America. Not only is race prevalent it is growing stronger everyday. Some of us are blind to the truth of what is going on today in our country and in the world, but as I continue to live in this brown skin identified as Black or African American I will continue to speak the truth about racial issues.

Race is so powerful, dominating, deceiving, evil, has been lied about, talked about, feared, envied, and embedded into all of us. We are a make up of our parents and our parents parents. We do not pick the skin that we live in our skin choose us. We can only be proud of the skin that we were placed in and being to understand the history behind that color of people. To understand is to become aware of one self. It allows us to be proud of who we are and where we have come from. Ignorance causes our minds, body, and souls to be enslaved to the unknown; the truth of who you are as a people and what you have become. We cannot progress if we loose site of what our goal was. Our goal cannot be achieved if we never knew what it was that we wanted in the first place.

From the website we learn about all colors of race: black, brown yellow, red, etc. What we fail to realize is that we a fare more alike than we are different. This website allows us to see that there is not a big difference in the different races beside the origin of where we come from. If Americans can start to look at how we are similar, then maybe we can be able to start to see beyond the color of our skin.

I think that racial categories are good and bad. It all depends on what they are used for. Once we start to categories a race we also start to put labels on that race as well. African Americans are suppose to be great athletes, Asians are suppose to be good in math and science, Hispanics are suppose to be good field worker, and white are the elite race. Is this always the case? No. But that is what categories do to us. Categories can help us in the study of humans and our race. It can lead to cures or solutions to problems stemmed from ancient history. It can be helpful and harmful in the right hands.

Racial inequalities can be perpetuated in the schools in numerous ways. The standardized tests that are given to students in school is an inequality that widen the achievement gap in the schools each day. Many minorities and economically disadvantage students are located in poverty-poor school districts which far the worst in education. African Americans and Latinos have a higher drop out rate in the school than any other race because of poor school systems and the lack of phenomenal teachers in their schools.

The standardized test that are taken by every student in the public school system which measures what students know and what they have learned throughout the school year is a test the continue to widen the achievement gap between students of color and those of their White or Asian classmates. Most students of color are not exposed to the language or context of what is asked on the test. With the lack of books, materials, funds, and school field trips students may never see or know about some of the things that other students are exposed to. Asians usually put their kids in after school tutoring, summer and weekend educational programs that help them to get ahead in school. People who live in

the inner cities do not have the money for the resources that they need to get ahead. With no role models in the community and education not being looked at as an important key to making it out of their communities and situation, you see people of color who become content and lose site of the bigger picture. In their schools they are not given the same opportunity that prepares them for the standardized test that they will take. With over crowed schools, inexperienced teachers, teacher who can’t connect to the kids therefore can’t begin to understand nor help the situation, lack of parent involvement, lack of money in the school all lead to student failure.

Race will always be an issue in America. In order to make a change for the better we must realize that we all contribute to the issue in some form or fashion. Once we realize what part that we play in this issue of race then it is time to reflect and make a change. Our children are conditioned by what they see and hear from other adults. As adults we need to start taking responsibility for our actions and teach our kids right from wrong. As educator we need to allow for all students to achieve and believe that they can. Realizing that there is a problem with the schools is the first step to finding a solution to the problem.

Race Discussion Essay  

National University San Jose, CA Shavonne Floyd July 26, 2009 Cultural Analysis Assignment

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