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One taken to hospital following house fire

BY NAOMI LARSEN Chetwynd Echo Editor –––––––––––––– CHETWYND – One person was taken to hospital following a house fire in the Rodeo Subdivision Monday morning. Fire Chief Leo Sabulsky said the family, who were home at the time of the blaze, escaped due to the operation of newly installed smoke detectors. According to Sabulsky, the father

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who was working at the time of the fire told fire officials that he had made sure he had new smoke detectors installed in the rental home only a few weeks ago. “The Chetwynd Fire Department would like to thank the Chetwynd Ambulance Unit, the RCMP, the Chetwynd Fortis Representative, the Emergency Social Services Team and BC Hydro who promptly and professionally attended at the house fire,” Sabulsky said. “Each group

assisted in the safe fire operations at the scene and in helping in the care of the family.” There is no word on how the fire, which occurred on 43 Street, started. All residents in the Peace are reminded to check smoke detectors routinely. “This incident is proof that smoke detectors save lives,” Sabulsky said. “If the smoke detectors were not operating, reports from this fire would have been very different.”


Two airlines to offer flights from Chetwynd


Comox Valley Echo –––––––––––––– CHETWYND – Comox Valley Airport (YQQ) has added two new private northern charter routes to its roster, the airport announced in the newest edition of its FLY YQQ magazine. Pacific Coastal Airlines and Northern Thunderbird Air are now offering charter flights to Chetwynd and Fort Nelson for Vancouver Island workers commuting to and from resource development sites in those locations. Flair Air already offers a direct route between Comox and Fort Nelson. YQQ passengers also Please see "YQQ," page 3


Fri day, August 24, 2012


YQQ excellent option for companies Continued from page 1

have access to worksites in Fort McMurray through WestJet. YQQ marketing and communications manager Christianne Wile said Pacific Coastal and Thunderbird Air plan on operating the new service over the next 12 months. The addition of the

routes is expected to bring an additional 1,248 passengers through the airport each year. Airport CEO Fred Bigelow said YQQ's central Island location made it "an excellent option for companies to transport Vancouver Island based workers to resource rich locations in BC and Alberta."


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Anybody missing a black panther?

BY NAOMI LARSEN Chetwynd Echo Editor –––––––––––––– MOBERLY LAKE – Moberly Lake Provincial Campground park facility operator William Nolin couldn’t believe his eyes Tuesday evening he was attending the parks’ garbage facilities and saw what he believes to be a black panther cross the road in front of him. Shocked, Nolin made his way back to his vehicle to retrieve his camera and was able to snap a blurry shot of the cat as it walked away. “It was definitely not a regular housecat,� Nolin, who volunteered for several years at the Vancouver Game Farm with exotic cats. “I know my cats and that was a panther.� Nolin said he tried to track the cat to find out where it was going however it began to rain and he lost it. “I tried to get a better picture of it, but it wouldn’t turn profile to me,� he said. “It would turn and look at me but it wouldn’t

This photo was taken several metres away from the feline. Nolin, who has worked with exotic cats in the past says it was definitely a panther. Photo submitted turn for me.� Nolin said the cat was about four feet long, with a three foot long tail and probably weighed around 110 lbs and looked to be about two years old. He tried to lure it back into the open without any luck. Nolin said it was not overly afraid of people. Nolin said he wonders if

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someone had the exotic cat as a pet and it escaped or if it was abandoned. He is concerned however about the safety of residents and their pets and small children. As well, he has concerns if it should mate with a cougar at some point. “Then we have a breeding issue,� he said.

According to the SPCA, Panthers are prohibited to be owned as pets. Nolin said if people see the panther, contact the RCMP, the local Conservation Officer or the SPCA. However, Nolin wasn’t the only one who saw the cat - his mother witnessed it also.

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Board to audit foresty operations Chetwynd Echo Staff –––––––––––––– VICTORIA - The board will audit the forest practices of Canadian Forest Products Ltd. on Tree Farm Licence 48, starting Aug. 20, 2012. The audit will examine operational planning, harvesting, roads, silviculture, fire preparedness and fire

hazard abatement for compliance with forest practices legislation. The audit area is about 30 kilometres north of Hudson Hope and 30 kilometres east of Chetwynd. TFL 48 was previously audited by the board in 1999. It is home to a variety of wildlife, including mountain goat, caribou

and the stone sheep. Once the audit work is completed, a report will be prepared, and any party that may be adversely affected by the audit findings will have a chance to respond. The board's final report and recommendations will then be released to the public and government.

The Forest Practices Board is B.C.'s independent watchdog for sound forest and range practices, reporting its findings and recommendations directly to the public and government. The board audits forest and range practices on public land, as well as appropriateness of government enforcement.

Fri day, August 24, 2012


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Championship Gold



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Thirty four Chetwynd residents compete in Emperor’s Challenge

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Making movies in Tumbler

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FEATURE: A day in the life: Part 2: Logging




Aug 23 to Aug 27 Thursday - Monday 8 pm


Seth McFarlane

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District of Chetwynd Councillor Don Harris shows off his winning Gold Pan at council Monday. Harris took top honours at the District of Taylor’s 40th Anniversary Gold Panning competition earlier this month. Harris Photo by Liz Brown took first in three divisions.

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Fri day, August 24, 2012


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Rep. Todd Akin: still living in the colonial era



Naomi Larsen is Editor for the Chetwynd Echo. Contact her at by phone at 250.788.2246 or via email

n the grand scheme of things, I’m a pretty chilled chick. I don’t lose my temper that easily. I’ll get irritated, sure, and sometimes that irritation will get vented.

But I’m not one for big blow-ups. I can’t remember the last time I raised my voice in anger. I’m also a big fan of civility in public discourse. I think that people can disagree and they should do it politely. If you’re going to argue with someone, you should attack their ideas, not their character. Even when someone’s ideas make me roll my


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eyes, or drop my jaw in disbelief, I try my best to be civil and respectful. I believe in treating other people the way you want to be treated, I don’t generally engage in personal attacks. However, all of that went out the window last week when Missouri Republican Todd Akin’s comments in a television interview Sunday went

beyond what the public (or myself) seemed willing to accept. And I quote: “First of all, from what I understand from doctors [pregnancy from rape is] really rare,” he had told KTVI-TV. “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” And that is where my calm demeanor packed up its little hobo bag, flung it

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over it’s little shoulder, hopped a train and left – flipping me the bird on the way out. It seems like he meant that women could either will their bodies to not get pregnant if the "right" or "real" kind of rape happened, or perhaps that the female reproductive system has some kind of automatic rape-shut-down system. Like women’s uterus’

Naomi Larsen, Publisher/ Editor/Sales/Production • •

Elizabeth Brown, Reporter

Tammy Cloarec, Office Manager

(uteri??) contain some sort of magic anti-rapist semen force field. Or maybe they have a built-in abortion button that they can push any old time they want. It must be wonderful to live in Akin's make believe world. And all this time we’ve fighting to protect a woman's right to choose Please see "No More," page 5

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No more Mrs. Nice Chick Continued from page 4

and they could have aborted any pregnancy any time they wanted. Silly us! *note heavy sarcasm* So, it seems like Akin doesn't understand how babies are made and what rape is, or else he'll convince himself of any ridiculous thing in order to take away the rights of women to control their own bodies. Part of the attitude men like Akin have toward women and rape is that some women put themselves in a situation where they become victims. This attitude continues to promote the notion that good women don't do or wear certain things, and that if they do, they deserve to be punished. The punisherin this case is the rapist, and he is meant to keep us in our "place." He also said in his original interview that abortion after rape would be 'punishing' the child as opposed to the rapist, but what about the mother? Why should anyone be forced to raise a child if

they don't want to, let alone one conceived during an assault? It's just maddening. I can’t believe we as a human race allow people who even think these thoughts, let alone speak them aloud on tape, run for office.

“It seems Akin

doesnʼt understand how babies are made and what rape is...” And as of Tuesday Mr. Todd “ignoramus” Akin is continuing his campaign even after his entire party has told him to step down. Does he not get it? Does he just think because of his “apology” that he “misspoke” everything will be okay? He said exactly what he meant in the original interview. He knew what he was saying, and he meant it. So as far as I am concerned, the apology is an outright lie. So to Mr. Akin, thank you for making it clear to

people who didn’t already realize that the anti-choice movement is about controlling women, about punishing them for being sexual beings, and treating them as less than full citizens. Thank you for driving tens of thousands of people into the feminism and pro-choice movement. Thank you for…oh enough of this. I take back my opening statement. By publicly suggesting that women are too stupid to know whether or not they’ve been raped, and that if a woman is raped and gets pregnant, she should still have to give birth but don’t worry the rapist will simply get a slap on the wrist Akin has broken my resolve to treat others with the respect with which I would want to be treated. you Mr. Akin? *Expletive* you, you *expletive* *expletive*. And to drive this point home...log on and read this:


Fri day, August 24, 2012



We all know how that worked out

To the Editor: As leader of the BC NDP, Adrian Dix seems to have latched onto the same cynical trick used by one of his NDP predecessors to lull BC’s business community into a reassured, sheep-like state of complacency about the NDP and the NDP’s ability to manage the BC economy. For the past year, Dix has been making the rounds of various business groups in the province to deliver a “have-nofear-we-are-not-the-same-NDP-weonce-were” message. This is exactly the same thing NDP opposition leader Mike Harcourt did, and said, back in the late

80’s and early 90’s before he was elected premier. Well, we all know how that worked out. In the end, thousands of young people had to leave communities in every part of the province just to find work. Please tell me that BC’s business community and the people of BC are not so naive that they will fall for this same NDP trick a second time. BC barely survived the last bout of NDP government. Another bout of NDP government could do this province in forever. Matthew Enns Vancouver, BC

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Fri day, August 24, 2012


Emperor’s Challenge sees 34 Chetwynd racers

BY LIZ BROWN Chetwynd Echo Reporter –––––––––––––– TUMBLER RIDGE – Chetwynd’s community of runners proved they were far from couch potatoes at the Emperor’s Challenge in Tumbler Ridge on the weekend. With close to 800 competitors and 550 of those completing the race, Chetwynd’s numbers would suggest a team bus and photo will be necessary for next year’s race. Chetwynd represented in full form with 34 runners and walkers completing the race. Among the top five from Chetwynd were Brian Ethier, placing 8th overall

5016 49 AVE

5032 50 AVE



with a time of 1:43:07, Elizabeth Brown, Bette Brewster, Tyria Plamondon and Dana Bergen. The route included a summit of Mount Babcock at a distance of 20 km, with an elevation gain of 2,000 feet. While talk of mining activity and exploration may put the race out of commission in the next few years, there is sure to be another race next year. Teck Coal is supporting the efforts while their exploration continues and has promised another race. Taking first place overall was Kris Swanson from Victoria, BC with a time of 1:22. Swanson has won the race 13 years out of 14.

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The weather provided perfect conditions of 18 degrees and sunny with a slight wind at the summit to cool runners as they barreled down the course. Jocelyn Disher represented Chetwynd at the Emperor’s Challenge and described her experience in three words: “blood, sweat and tears.” Disher, who works at the Chetwynd Library walked the race and plans to return next year. “I did meet my goals and they were to finish the race not be last.” Upon reaching the summit she saw race officials were turning people back by not having a fast enough time to finish the

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right, Chetwynd’s own Jocelyn Disher is already planning for next year’s Photo submitted race.

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race. Disher kicked her pace into high gear to which her husband came to cheer later told her had she kept that pace the entire race, she would have taken first place. Disher was encouraged to see so many racers attended from Chetwynd. “For the population of this town, truly it was amazing. We have a very athletic town.” Next year her goal is to attain a silver medal, which requires a finish time between two and three hours.





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South side of Moberly Lake. The home has a large open area for entertaining. There is a path to the lake access area and the boat launch. The kitchen has been modernized with new dark cabinets and is open to the dining and living area. There is new dark hardwood flooring throughout.

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C het w y nd Echo

Fri day, August 24, 2012


Region sent 53 athletes to BC Senior Games

Alaska Highway News –––––––––––––– CHETWYND – Fiftythree seniors from the Peace River region and surrounding area are heading to Burnaby this week to take part in the 2012 BC Seniors Games from Aug. 21 - 25. Participants representing Zone 12 from Fort St. John, Dawson Creek, Chetwynd and Tumbler Ridge (to name a few places) will compete in 26 different sports amongst 4,000 seniors coming from all over the province for the Games' 25th anniversary. "It's a travel opportunity for them and they certainly get to see the province and meet seniors from other communities," said Mary Wheat, registrar for the Zone 12 BC Seniors


Games Society. "It's the only provincial activity that you can take part in as a senior." "It's a good fun time to go together like it is for every group that you're involved in. The comradery is good and lifelong fitness is always a good thing to be involved with." Golf is the most popular sport amongst Zone 12's seniors with 18 signed up for the Seniors Games. Floor curling is also a popular event but there are a number of people taking part in a variety of sports from archery to bowling to card games. In preparation for the Games, some participants have been hitting the golf courses or heading to their town's seniors hall to get in some practice, but

Wheat says that most don't overboard with training. "It's not championship stuff," she said, "so people don't go too crazy about the practicing. It's not the level of the expertise that you have that's really emphasized in these games, it's the participation, although they do get medals and things." This year registrants are down from over 60 to 53, a sad trend that began years ago. "We can't figure out why that is," Wheat said. "Seniors are generally healthier, younger and fitter than they have been in the past, so they're not slowing down and taking part or feeling the need to take part in seniors activities until they're 70 or so." Wheat also said that

Final stretch

An Emperor’s Challenge competitor sprints to the finish line last weekend. Photo by Liz Brown

another reason could be that the retirement age in Canada was bumped down to 55. "There aren't people that age interested in going to seniors halls and doing these kinds of activities, I guess," she said. "I've only been involved three years, but it's been mentioned to me in the past that at least 100 [would go]." Wheat added that any seniors in the region interested in participating in future BC Seniors Games to contact her at (250) 7852223. The BC Seniors Games began with the Opening Ceremonies at Swangard Stadium at 7 p.m. on Wednesday.

V ol l e yb a l l T r y ou t Ca m p WHO?

Open to all girls in Grades 9-12 who are interested in playing volleyball on the Chetwynd Secondary School school team this fall.

W HE N ?

Tues. Sept. 4 to Fri. Sept. 7 4 pm to 8 pm


CSS Gymnasium

Windrem Elementary School

The Hot Lunch program has been revised to include pre-paid “punch cards” for homemade school lunches. “Punch cards” can be purchased for $30 and will cover 6 hot lunches; this does not include hot dogs, Subway or pizza. “Punch cards” will be available for sale September 4, 9 am to 11 am and September 5 11 am to 1 pm in the school kitchen. “Punch cards” will be available for sale throughout the year as well.

Hot Lunch order forms will still go home each week and will only be made to order. All homemade hot lunches will be peanut free.

If your child orders a lunch ans is absent on Hot Lunch day, their “punch card” will not be used. The Windrem PAC will also have available for sale: Starter School Supply kits for grades 4-7. Kit will include: 4 pencils 2 black pens 1 pencil sharpener 1 1” binder 2 packs paper

2 erasers 2 blue pens 1 glue stick 4 duo tangs 1 ruler

1 pack pencil crayons 1 red pen 1 white out 3 exercise books 1 small pack Kleenex

*Does not inlcude pencil case, geometry set or calculator * While supplies last

Starter kits will be sold for $35 and will be available at the same time as the “punch cards”. If you have any questions please feel free to call Monique (250) 788-9563 or Michelle (250) 601-0606.


C het w y nd Echo

Fri day, August 24, 2012

When it comes to the


Making movies in Tumbler Ridge


Location manager Rino Pace takes a moment to scope out some movie shots.


Photo by Trent Ernst

24999 9999

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with a 3-yr contract1

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BY TRENT ERNST Tumbler Ridge News –––––––––––––– TUMBLER RIDGE – Rino Pace is not a name that most people would recognize. As Location Manager, he’s only slightly more famous then the folks who drive the catering trucks, his name buried somewhere in the credits after all the big names have run. But his name is on some very big name movies, from The Big Year to Inception, to Hot Tub Time Machine, to The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford to I Robot to X-Men 2. The connection between all these movies is they were all filmed, at least in part, in Canada. Pace himself is a Canadian resident, born in Fernie and now

living in North Vancouver. He’s worked as a producer and even as an actor on Da Vinci’s Inquest, but is best known as a location manager. His job is to find the locations that are needed for the movie and make sure that they are able to film in an area. The location manager is intimately involved in the creation of the movie, and gets involved in the initial meetings with the producer, director and production designer. “We get to look at where we can shoot in the province and how we can shoot it. Does it have the right look for what the director is looking for? We get involved when everyone shows up.” For Seventh Son, Pace looked all across North America for many of the important scenes. In addition to shooting in

Vancouver (“We have built some very big sets, loosely based on a 14th or 15th century road show across Asia, and we’re really trying to develop that look. It’s going through some very interesting geography to tell us we’re moving as we try and get to Pendle Mountain, which is where the witches come from. So we have a series of locations that are moving us forward.” Kinuseo Falls is an important scene in the movie. “As the boggart is chasing our actors they jump off the cliffs into the river. They’re fighting with the boggart. It can come out of anywhere, and it’s fairly large—about a 20 or 25 foot monster. It comes out of the river, and they’re

Please see "KINUSEO," page 9

C het w y nd Echo

Fri day, August 24, 2012



Kinuseo Falls top of short list: falls had the right look Continued from page 8

fighting it and go over the waterfall….” Pace says that finding the right location didn’t seem like such a big deal to begin with, but they would up looking at nearly every single waterfall in North America, though ultimately only two made the short list: Palouse Falls in Washington and Kinuseo. “We wanted to shoot this in British Columbia somewhere. We knew that it had to be a couple hundred feet high, and at least fifty to a hundred feet wide. It had to have a sharp drop. We knew it was going to play in our schedule once the snow was gone, as we had to make sure it played into our schedule. We looked at Kinuseo right off the bat, thought it had the right look.” They put the scene on the backburner, as there were more pressing scenes to film, and how tough could it be to find a waterfall? But with production entering into the last few weeks on the movie, they still hadn’t made a decision. “As it evolved, we began to look at other places. We literally looked at all the waterfalls in North America. There was a bunch of variables we had to look at: Where we could shoot helicopter, and where we could shoot them low. We needed a place where we could access both the bottom and the top. And as you begin to look at those details, there aren’t a lot of places that have all those things.” Ultimately, the only two

falls that were worth considering enough to scout were Kinueo and Palouse. And Kinuseo “We looked at pictures, we talked to Clint Fraser at the Film Commission in Northern BC numerous times. He was always accommodating and got us everything we needed to have the best educated view of the falls without actually coming up here.” With all the requirements the visual effects folks needed. There were two parts to this whole thing: the digital effects and, of course, the actors at the bottom. We had to come up here with the director and the creative people to physically stand on site and ask if this would work for us. We came up here one

“We wanted to

shoot this in British Columbia somwehere.” Saturday. It was fantastic. We're working Monday to Friday 18 hours days. We had to fly up here, then take a jetboat to take the nine or ten of us up here. It was an interesting day to come up here. I remember coming around the corner and seeing the waterfall for the first time. Everyone was pretty impressed. It was high water, we came up at the peak of high water. We stood out there. The mist was so heavy we were soaked. We just loved the idea of the actor coming up and out of the

waterfall.” Pace says that was a concern, too with the high water. “We had to have the actor come out of the water, so we had to consider his safety and health and welfare with wetsuit, drysuit, hair and makeup and costume. We tried to downsize and streamline the process, because there just wasn't much space down there. But we also weren’t able to get back to get what we needed.” But when all was said and done, they were able to wrap up shooting in one day. “Everything went perfectly that day. Sun was setting fairly late that day. We were here as late as we could be. Dusk was creeping up on us when we left. And we flew to Alberta the next morning.” Principle shooting on the film wrapped up shortly after they finished shooting in Tumbler Ridge. But they still needed to shoot more scenes above the falls where a digital actor would fight a digital creature in a real river. So Pace was one of a smaller crew who returned to the falls on a shoot overseen by visual effects wizard John Dykstra (Star Wars). They weren’t sure they’d return to Kinuseo to film the special effects shots, but they found they were faced with the same problem as before. “It was something we needed to discuss once we had finished shooting principal. All the same issues, all the same questions came up. We could have shot it anywhere we wanted. Now that we shot the bottom, we had to consider the look of the water-


went perfectly that day.” fall, and how we'd match the visual effects plates. It couldn't be the grand canyon. Luckily the water was still running high. We got a bit nervous that the water was going to dribble out.” Pace says that it’s locations like Kinuseo that are driving the film industry in BC. “We have all the tax incentives, but we’re getting films coming up this

way specifically for locations. We’re able to showcase other parts of the province now. It's nice, because we had people from all over the world on the crew. And we're able to showcase this part of the world, and they'll go on to other projects, filming commercials, filming featured and they'll say “I know where we can shoot… We forget that people who come up from Los Angeles are shooting all over the world. Images is what they're all about, and it’s good to put this image into their memory bank. In the end these films a seen by millions of people. We get to show our stuff off. It is great

when you come into areas like this, and you get to see the rest of the province. We all know the economics, we all know the numbers the industry spends, and everyone up here is interested in making it happen. From Clint Fraser at the Northern BC Film Commission, to BC Parks, who introduced us to the Treaty 8 First Nations. We were treated exceptionally well by them. Without that group encouraging us plus stick handling us through all the political issues, we wouldn’t be here. They made it happen. It was fantastic.” The Seventh Son is scheduled to be released in October of next year.

Chetwynd 50th Anniversary presenting

Matt Disero Stand up Comedian Wednesday August 29, 2012 Chetwynd Recreation Centre, Talisman Energy Cottonwood Hall Doors Open 6:45pm Pre-show 7 pm: Harley Davis; Annette Carter & Don Harris Main show 8:15 pm

Free admission

Only 200 tickets printed Tickets can be picked up at the District Office, Monday through Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm

Must have ticket to attend For additional information, Please call 250-401-4113

C het w y nd Echo

10 Fri day, August 24, 2012


Economic bubble:

Northeast resists trend of job losses in July Alaska Highway News was a tough month for jobs were lost nationally Region seemed to buck –––––––––––––– many employees across according to Statistics that trend. NORTHEAST – July the country as 30,400 net Canada, though the Peace Despite net job losses totaling 14,500 in British Columbia alone, the unemployment rate in the northeast region of the province actually dropped in July to 4.3 per cent from 4.8 per cent in June, remaining the lowest rate in the province. "While we are not as busy - this is the middle of August when a lot of people are vacationing out of town and things like that people are still working away, and there is still a need for people, whether it's skilled or unskilled workers," said Brent Hodson, president of the Fort St. John Chamber of Commerce. Economists are always quick to point out unemployment can be a lagging indicator of overall economic health, but a quick search of Job Search Online database indicates there are still a good number and variety of jobs available in this region. "Whether it's Northern ANGLER: Dawn Moore, Chetwynd, BC Health, which is still lookSPECIES: Salmon ing for people to fill the WHERE: Kitimat staffing needs at the hospital, or hairdressers, coffee WHEN: Summer 2012 shops, and of course, the


“We all kind of

follow the trend of the oil and gas industry.” oil and gas industry, there are jobs available," said Hodson. In a city where the economy can be very much dependent on the ups and downs of the petroleum industry, Hodson said he expects activity for many local businesses will start to pick up again towards the end of the year. "We all kind of follow the trend of the oil and gas industry," Hodson said. "As winter approaches and the ground freezes, they'll get busier and that seems to trickle down to the rest of the industries in town." Despite employment in the natural resources sector declining nationally in July, job postings suggest the oil and gas and mining industries here in the Northeast continue to look

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Thereʼs more online.

d & drink specials

13-47 Ave.

GUST 10, 2012

ction ealty


Please see "RECENT," page 22

Making houses green

y’s Pub enu!

for workers to fill positions such as truck drivers, heavy equipment operators, heavy duty mechanics, welders, millwrights, engineers and more. That is in spite of both of those industries struggling with low international prices for those respective resources. The promise of a wellpaying job in industry is what lured Stephan Still back to the region he grew up in after living in southern B.C. for many years. Specifically, he said he is looking for work in either the mining or oil and gas construction fields - sectors he worked in previously before an injury sidelined him for the last two years - and is confident he will have a job here within a week or two. "There are lots of opportunities in this area," he said. "I just spoke with a woman this morning from Walter Energy [a coal mining company] and after going through the online application process and emailing my resume to their head office, now I

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Chetwynd’s Beautiful Gardens contest wraps up for 2012 season

Fri day, August 24, 2012



Top, the winners of the Vegetable Gardens. Centre, winners of the Kids in Bloom and bottom, winners of the New and Special Gardens. Photos by Naomi Larsen

A trip back in time

Chetwynd Echo staff –––––––––––––– CHETWYND – Here are the results of this year’s Beautiful Gardens contest. Vegetable Gardens: First Erna Pruckl, 2nd Barb and Bob Shirley, third Jan Mercer. Honourable mentions: Chelsea Hromadnik, Barry and Peggy Ryan and Jane Lepp. Established Flower

Gardens: First Erna Pruckl, second Barry and Peggy Ryan, third Chelsea Hromadnick. Honourable Mentions: Rowena Coukell, Barb and Bob Shirley, Jane Lepp and Jan Mercer. New and Special Gardens: First Rosemary Keutzer. Second Anthony Trenhom. Third Cheryl Widdicombe. Honourable

Mention Isa Castanaday. Public Gardens: Duz Cho Construction and Little Prairie Haven. Kids in Bloom: Ryan Halleart, Kyle and Nolan Hromadnik, Cassidy, Wyatt and Morgan Keutzer. Grand Gardener Awards: Peggy Ryan, Allen Haase, Victor Eusebio and Stella Roseau.


Fri day, August 24, 2012

C het w y nd Echo

BACK TO SCHOOL 2012 DID YOU KNOW? It takes Canadians an average of 77 minutes from the time they wake up until they’re out the door.

Remember Drivers:


     5300 N. Access Rd Chetwynd, BC V0C 1J0 250-788-2224

How to give kids a healthy start Submitted ––––––––––––––

PACK HEALTHY LUNCHES: Parents strive to give their children the nutrition they need. However, how do you make sure your kids actually eat it, rather than trashing or trading it? You need to make the food appealing. For example: • Keep it petite: Little people enjoy little portions so they can snack through the day. Consider substituting the double-decker hero sandwich for several smaller items. • Add fun with finger foods: Experiment with nutritious dips and spreads for veggies and crackers. Alternatively,

Are you new to town? Do you have children going to school in the fall? Here at Standard Bus Contracting, we do our best to get your child to school safely and on time.

Please give us a call at 250788-2415 if your child is new to school or is returning next week. Please keep in mind that bus service is recognized as a PRIVILEGE rather than a right.


boil an egg they can peel themselves. • Consult your kid: There is no better way to ensure they eat their lunch than by getting their buy-in. Find out their favourite what snacks are and shop accordingly.

Ęť WALKING Ęź More than half of Canadian children arenĘźt as active as they need to be to ensure healthy development. Walking is a great way to promote physical activity in kids. To make it fun, start a walking group supervised by an adult (usually a parent) that collects neighbourhood S TART



students at prearranged and classmates. Pacific Blue CrossĘźs My Good stops and times. Health contains a number L OOK FOR HEAD LICE : of clues that your child When kids are clustered may be stressed - rangtogether in classrooms, ing from bedwetting to itĘźs a prime time for para- headaches. sites to go body hopping. Sometimes stress has Head lice cause itching a more serious cause, and a sensation that such as bullying or a something is moving on school-related phobia. the scalp. To manage this Look out for signs of check your childĘźs hair stress such as clinginess, weekly for signs of lice or crying, irritability, sudden nits and donĘźt allow your bedwetting or sleep dischild to share a brush, turbances. If your child is comb or hair accessories stressed, talk to them with friends. about coping techniques or solutions. If appropriBACK - TO - ate, involve a teacher in A NTICIPATE SCHOOL STRESS: There are problem solving and many sources of back-to- check in with your family school stress, including doctor if the stress seems adjusting to new teachers unmanageable.

Morning crunch time

Submitted –––––––––––––– While teary bedtimes or family dinners can make afternoons and evenings taxing for parents, itĘźs mornings that Canadian parents have declared the hardest. Six out of 10 Canadian moms and dads say morning is the most stressful period of the day, according to the results of a new poll conducted by Ipsos Reid on behalf of Breakfast Cereals Canada. Morning time “thrivalâ€? “As a mom and a dietitian, I know how crazy and chaotic the morning can be,â€? says Andrea Holwegner, a registered dietitian and mother of one. “ItĘźs important not to skip breakfast. Eating well in the morning is easier – and faster – than many parents think.â€? A breakfast thatĘźs high in nutrition doesnĘźt need to be high in stress. “Many breakfast cereals are an important source of whole grains and help kids meet their daily fibre recommendations – which otherwise isnĘźt so easy to do,â€? says Holwegner. The “me timeâ€? connection

Not taking enough time to take care of their own needs also ups the stress factor for many parents. Among those who reported spending lower amounts of their time on themselves, 71 per cent say itĘźs the most stressful part of the day “Breakfast cereal is a delicious, convenient, nutritious and economical option for busy Canadian families,â€? says Kathryn Fitzwilliam, Executive Director at Breakfast Cereals Canada. “ItĘźs our hope that by understanding whatĘźs causing parents stress in the morning and by providing some simple solutions to get the family involved in preparing a healthy breakfast, we can help them smooth out crunch time.â€? Think outside the box If you are looking for a change from cereal with milk, try one of these equally quick morning options, as featured in the Morning Crunch Time Thrival Guide at • Combine fruit, yogurt and cereal in a parfait glass. Spread nut butter on a banana and roll it in your favourite cereal Please see "DASH," page 13

C het w y nd Echo

Metro Editorial Services –––––––––––––– A kindergartener's first day of school is a day to cherish. There are so many firsts to experience, from wearing a backpack for the first time to making new friends to riding on a school bus. Riding on a school bus is often a fun experience for kids, however it is a good idea to reinforce lessons at home in preparation for the first day of school. Here are some important topics to go over. • Walk to the bus using a sidewalk if there is one. If no sidewalk is present, walk on the opposite side of the street facing oncoming

traffic. • Wait for the bus at the designated stop. Don't wander away. • Do not go into the street while waiting for the bus to arrive. • Do not roughhouse or run around with friends while waiting for the bus to arrive. • Wait for the bus a safe distance away from the street until the bus stops and opens the door. • Walk one-by-one onto the bus. Do not push or crowd the doorway. • Once on the bus, quickly find a seat and sit down. • If there is a seatbelt, fasten it. (Children should be familiar with how to latch a seatbelt.)

• Do not put your head, arms or anything else out of the bus window. • Keep the bus aisle clear of backpacks or other items. • Keep voices down so not to distract the driver. • Listen to the driver. • Do not throw things on the bus. • Unbuckle your seatbelt only when the bus has stopped at the school (or your stop at home)and the door is open. • Exit the bus slowly and do not push. • If you must cross the street when exiting the bus, do so in front of the bus so the driver can see you.

Dash and dine? Bring cup of milk • Add bran cereal to a fruit smoothie to boost fibre content • freeze a batch of muffins or cereal bars using bran or whole grain cereal • Sprinkle high fibre cereal and fruit atop frozen pan-



Bus safety for Kindergarteners

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Fri day, August 24, 2012

cakes or waffles • Make trail mix by combining cereal, nuts and dried fruit in a portable container • If you do need to dash and dine, bring a bag of cereal and a portable cup of milk. Cereal Facts An important source of



#258 Little Giant Air Cadets Squadron

Starting Monday Sept. 10, 2012 6:30 pm Royal Canadian Legion Ages 12-18 For more info call Diane at 250-788-9659

whole grains. For many breakfast cereals, a 30 gram portion counts as one serving of Grain Products from Canadaʼs Food Guide. An important source of fibre. Breakfast cereal is an easy way to meet daily recommended intakes for fibre. Sugar in perspective.

Breakfast cereals, including pre-sweetened varieties, contribute only five per cent of the added sugar in childrensʼ diets. A modest amount of sodium. Breakfast cereals account for just three per cent of the average Canadian daily sodium intake.

P L E A S E R E M E M B E R!

Welcome back to School!

Whether walking, biking or riding the bus to school always remember to obey all traffic signals, signs and crossing guards. Be extra careful in bad weather!

ATTENTION ALL CHETWYND SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS! Do need a class schedule or a schedule change? Please come to the CSS between 10 am and 2 pm between August 28 & August 31 to make those changes.

New students should attend to register as well. Chetwynd Secondary School 250-788-2267

Review these safety tips with your kids before they go back to school:

1. Opt for a backpack with wide, padded shoulder straps and keep it light. You may want to consider a rolling backpack for heavy books. 2. At the bus stop, wait for the bus to reach a complete stop before approaching it.

3. Stay seated on the school bus until it arrives at your stop, and remember to wear your seatbelt. Always keep your head and arms inside the bus.

4. Use the handrail when exiting the bus, and cross in front ofthe bus so the driver can see you. Remember to check both ways for traffic before crossing the street.

5. If you walk to school, go with a buddy, and avoid crossing through any empty lots or fields along the way.

6. If you ride a bike or scooter to school, remember to always wear your helmet. 7. Don’t talk to strangers, and never accept gifts or rides from strangers.

8. Cross the street only at designated crosswalks, and obey school crossing guards. 9. If you’re bullied or see somebody being bullied,tell a teacher or trusted adult. 10. Memorize your home address and phone In case of an emergency, call 911.



Fri day, August 24, 2012

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Free English Practice Mondays 9:30 am at Northern Lights College and Wednesdays at 5:30 pm at the Chetwynd Public Library Call 250-788-2559 Chetwynd Breastfeeding Support Network meets every Tuesday at 9:30 a.m at the Chetwynd Public Library. Little Giant Air Cadets Mondays at 6:30pm at the Royal Canadian Legion. Ages 12-18. Come on out!

Taking Off Pounds Sensibly (TOPS) meets every Wednesday at 6 p.m. at the Pine Valley Seniors Centre Call 250-788-3306

Pine Valley Seniors Hall weekly activities including Cribbage, Whist, Bingo and Carpet Bowling. Call Anita at 788-5838 for more info.

Chetwynd Society for Community Living Board Meeting. First Wednesday of each month. Address 4699 Airport Road Ph: 250-7884889. Youth Group for ages 13-18. Mondays 7 pm - 8pm. Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church. Call 250401-7201

Baby’s Best Chance Pregnancy Outreach Program Drop in : Mondays 12 - 2. Weekly Group Sessions Wednesdays 11 am-1pm. Located at Kici. On our Way Home Animal Rescue fundraising BBQ. Satu. Aug 25 at Duz Cho Construction

The Quick and the Quilted Fall Retreat Oct 11-13 Camp Sagitawa Call Brenda 250-219-1949 or Marlene 250-219-4409 to register

L O C A L S PO T L I G H T Alanon meetings 6:30 pm


Mickey’s Place (behind A&W)

Ca tod ll Th e eve ay w Ech i o pu nt an th yo bli sh d we ur f or it ’l FR here l EE !

Chetwynd Chamber of Commerce “The voice of local business” Phone: 250 788 3345 Fax 250 788 3655 Box 870 Chetwynd, B.C V0C 1JO

Chamber luncheon at Pomeroy Hotel Sept. 19 - RSVP ASAP Guest Speaker: Ray Proulx, Teck Coal Call the Chamber to book your spot!

Proud Sponsor of Community Events

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Fri day, August 24, 2012

KFC Help wanted: Day Shift/Cashier & Food Prep KFC Chetwynd 4800 North Access Rd. 250-788-9866



Fri day, August 24, 2012



C het w y nd Echo

M&J Computers is a locally owned business that has been part of the community and serving Chetwynd for more than 15 years. Owner Heidi Greenwood and her staff pride themselves on their customer service stating if the customer isnʼt happy – neither are they. M&J Computers carries usb flash drives, webcams, games, software, RAM, accessories, GPS, printers, ink, scanners, and numerous computer accessories. They also deal with Canadian-based Xplornet satellite internet. How would you like a computer that makes you happy every time you turn it on? M & J Computers is also a system builder and are qualified to custom build your computer, giving you the components you need. How about spending less time in the office? Laptops and accessories are also available. They are also registered with Microsoft and can order in any Mac component. As proud Shop Local sponsors M&J also offers 10% off any repairs if you show your Shop Local card and their work is 100% guaranteed. M&J will be hosting computer workshops in HOURS OF OPERATION: the near future that will allow even the Mon. - Fri. 9 am to 6 pm Sat. 10 am to 5 pm regular Joe to become somewhat tech ADDRESS: savvy. M&J Computers is located in downtown Chetwynd on 51st Street and is open Monday to Friday from 9 4717 51 St (between Grindz & Bindz am to 6 pm and Saturday 10 am to 5 pm. They are closed Sundays however a simple phone call can get you and RedRock Cinema) after hours and weekend assistance. While they donʼt have a website yet, you can check them out on Facebook! 250-788-1009 •


Come and refill your bottle anytime with the 24 hour fill station Valley Pure Water 4616 N Access Rd Specializing in Commercial Deliveries

Please be advised that the hours of operation for the Recycling Depot are as follows: Sunday Mo nday Tues day Wednes day Thurs day Fri day Saturday

This space available for YOUR business!

Call 250-788-2246

Cl o s ed 10 am - 4 pm 9 am - 5 pm 9 am - 5 pm 9 am - 5 pm 9 am - 5 pm 9 am - 4 pm



• Preventative Maintenance • Winterization • Licence B.C. Inspection • Full vehicle servicing P: 788-9599 F: 788-7930


Fri day, August 24, 2012

C het w y nd Echo


What are your thoughts on controversial Site C?

The Mayor’s Report


with Merlin Nichols

hat thoughts lodge in your mind when you hear someone speak fondly of the Peace River Valley that has sliced through our great Alberta Plateau for thousands of years? Does the very thought of a pile of dirt across the valley, the proposed Site C dam, get your juices flowing? Do you have a strong opinion on whether the river should be left to flow


unimpeded, undisturbed, while the sun shines and the grass grows tall along its banks? There are opinions out there. One faction is working hard to bring the project to fruition; another would lie down in front of the earth movers to prevent it. Where do you stand – or lie? You might think that Chetwynd will not be much affected whatever the outcome of the present efforts to push through the environmental assessment. On the one hand, if the proposed project blows away in a gale of hot air, nothing much will change here. On the other, if the

process culminates in the mously affected in the earth being reconfigured short-term construction in the Peace Valley, with phase. But think again; new power lines snaking and think further. across our northern hori- Chetwynd is only an hour zon, and with new away from the site. How dynamos humming many skilled tradespeople, sonorously at machine operthe bottom of ators, engiTo date council neers, conthe penstocks, well has not taken a t r a c t o r s then, what already live position... will have in Chetwynd changed here or would in the process? choose Chetwynd over FSJ Imagine thousands of for any number of reasons highly skilled workers that we could mention? focusing their energies for How many would choose seven years to create this Chetwynd over camp life new power house. Fort St. at the project site? We John, being just over the need to think about hill and next door to the attracting them to our work site, will be enor- community.

R E A D A LL A B OU T I T E V E RY W E E K ! PICK UP YOUR COPY AT THE FOLLOWING LOCATIONS: IGA Super Valu 7-Eleven Peoples Fas Gas Pomeroy Hotel Crowfeathers Store Chetwynd Home Hardware

A&W Days Inn Stagecoach Inn Chamber of Commerce Red Lion Recreation Centre District of Chetwynd Margʼs Mini Mart

There is another side of the picture that we must not ignore. Thousands of tons of cement, steel, rock, and other materials will have to be moved through Chetwynd en route to the construction site. By rail or by truck, this traffic will place huge stresses on the transportation systems. Granted, if the rock from the Pine Pass is moved by rail, the unit trains likely would not be stopping in Chetwynd to assemble themselves but the traffic through town would be significant. Council has raised all of these issues with BC Hydro over the last 18 or so months. To date, Council has not

Murray’s Pub

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taken a position on the wisdom of constructing the proposed Site C Dam and it is unlikely that Council will take a position. Council sees its role as two-fold: protecting the interests and integrity of Chetwynd in the event that the project goes forward and working to achieve a regional legacy that will benefit the community as long as the sun shines, the grass grows, and water spins the turbines in the power house. What’s your position? Disclaimer: The preceding is the opinion of Mayor Merlin Nichols and may or may not reflect the views and/or wishes of council.

Chetwynd Echo Serving Chetwynd and area since 1959

Will history New repeat itself? Murray’s Pub RCMP New Menu! Staff Serving Chetwynd and area since 1959 Flood Sergeant fears Will history New repeat itself? Murray’s Pub RCMP New Menu! Staff Serving Chetwynd and area since 1959 Flood Sergeant fears Will history New repeat itself? Murray’s Pub RCMP New Menu! Staff Serving Chetwynd and area since 1959 Flood Sergeant fears Will history New repeat itself? Special Supplement Inside RCMP Murray’s Pub See pages 8 - 19 Flood New Menu! Staff sincewhat’s 1959 in thisfears SergeantServing Chetwynd and areaLook weeks flyer at your local Will history New Special Supplement Inside repeat itself? See pages 8 - 19 Murray’s Pub RCMP New Menu! Staff Serving Chetwynd and area since 1959 Flood Look what’s in this Sergeant weeks flyer at your fears local Foltz f tSeehSupplement e ChInside ampions Return oSpecial pages 8 - 19 carving Carving Competition 2012 stolen See full Look what’s incoverage this inside 250-788-9594 • 4613-47 Ave.

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BY NAOMI LARSEN Chetwynd Echo Editor –––––––––––––– CHETWYND – The Chetwynd RCMP has a Daily food & drink specials new detachment commander. Sgt. Olivia Staff 250-788-9594 • 4613-47 Ave. Tremblay took over May 22 arriving from Fort St. RE/MAX Action Norma Tower CHECK FRIDAY, JUNE 8, 2012 John, replacing Sgt. Kim US OUT ON FACEBOOK Chetwynd250-788-5388 Realty Rusk who was promoted BY N AOMI L ARSEN Ph: 250-788-1120 to Saskatchewan in Chetwynd Echo Editor March. –––––––––––––– Tremblay grew up in CHETWYND – The Manitoba and has been Chetwynd RCMP has a with the RCMP for 15 Daily food & drink specials new detachment comyears. mander. She began her career in Staff Sgt. Olivia Dawson Creek for seven 250-788-9594 • 4613-47 Ave. Venessa Weightman Tremblay took over May years and then headed to 250-788-6325 22 arriving from Fort St. the East Coast with her Norma Tower John, replacing Sgt. Kim US OUT ON FACEBOOK Action CHECK JUNE 8, 2012 FRIDAY, RE/MAX for another husband 250-788-5388 Rusk who was promoted Chetwynd Realty seven years in Nova to Saskatchewan in BY NAOMI LARSEN Scotia. Ph: 250-788-1120 March. Echo Editor Chetwynd She returned to Fort St. Tremblay grew up in –––––––––––––– John two years ago and Manitoba– and has been CHETWYND thisThe spring received a prothe has RCMP 15 RCMP a tofor Chetwyndwith motion Chetwynd. years. new detachment comDaily food & drink specials She began her career in mander. Please see "MAJOR," page Marlene Boelke Creek for seven Staff Dawson Sgt. Olivia Venessa Weightman 2 250-788-8833 took and overthen Mayheaded to Tremblay years 250-788-6325 250-788-9594 • 4613-47 Ave. thefrom EastFort Coast St. with her 22 arriving Norma Tower husband RE/MAX Action John, replacing Sgt. for Kim another 250-788-5388 Cyears HECK inUS Nova OUT ON FACEBOOK FRIDAY, JUNE 8, 2012 Chetwynd Realty Rusk whoseven was promoted Scotia. in to LSaskatchewan BY NAOMI ARSEN Ph: 250-788-1120 She returned to Fort St. March. Chetwynd Echo Editor two up years John Tremblay grew in ago and –––––––––––––– spring a proManitoba–this and has received been CHETWYND The Chetwynd. the motion RCMP 15 RCMP has a tofor Chetwyndwith

BY NAOMI LARSEN Chetwynd Echo Editor –––––––––––––– CHETWYND – A heavy rainfall warning prompted local officials to prepare for possible flooding in the area this week as the Peace area readied itself to welcome around $1.25 INCLUDES60HST mm of rain Tuesday and Wednesday and more BY NAOMI LARSEN than 100 mm in the Pine Chetwynd Echo Editor Pass. –––––––––––––– RCMP Sgt. Olivia CHETWYND – A heavy Tremblay said for rainfall warning promptChetwynd area it could ed local officials to preaffect the river system pare for possible flooding with potential for flooding in the area this week as on the Halfway, Moberly, the Peace area readied Pine and Kiskatinaw itself to welcome around rivers. mm of rain Tuesday $1.25 INCLUDES60HST “We could see a dramatand Wednesday and more ic response due to the rain than 100 mm in the Pine BY NAOMI LARSEN over Wednesday, Pass. Echo Editor Chetwynd Thursday and Friday,” she Sgt. Olivia RCMP ––––––––––––––said. Tremblay said for – A heavy CHETWYND With the considerable Chetwynd area it could promptrainfall warning snowpack in the Pine Pass affect the river system ed local officials to prefor flooding with potential pare for possible flooding Please see "OFFICIALS," the Halfway, Moberly, on this in the area week pageas2 Kiskatinaw area and readied the PeacePine rivers. around itself to welcome see a dramat60 mm of “We raincould Tuesday ic response due to the rain INCLUDESand HST Wednesday and more over Wednesday, mm in the Pine than L100 BY NAOMI ARSEN Thursday and Friday,” she Pass. Chetwynd Echo Editor RCMP said. Sgt. Olivia –––––––––––––– With Tremblay saidthe considerable for CHETWYND – A heavy snowpack the Pine Pass area it in could Chetwynd promptrainfall warning

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y HappEcho Chetwynd


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Chetwynd Special Supplement Inside See pages 8 - 19

Look what’s in this weeks flyer at your local

Special Supplement Inside See pages 8 - 19

Look what’s in this weeks flyer at your local

Look what’s in this weeks flyer at your local

Prices are in effect from Friday, June 15 to Thursday, June 21, 2012


Fri day, August 24, 2012

C het w y nd Echo


Elks Lodge donates $1,000 to DARE program

Chetwynd Echo staff –––––––––––––– CHETWYND – The Elks Lodge # 500 donated $1,000 to help Chetwynd RCMP teach the internationally recognized Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) pro-

gram to 115 local Grade 5 school children. Staff Sergeant Anthony Choy, the Non Commissioned Officer in charge of the RCMP Drug and Organized Crime Awareness Service which oversees the Chetwynd

D.A.R.E. program, said that over 250 police officers teach D.A.R.E. to thousands school children in over 90 communities throughout British Columbia. "The D.A.R.E. program equips our children with

Saulteau First Nations Box 1020 Chetwynd, BC V0C 1J0 Tel: 250-788-3955 Fax: 250-788-7261

NOTICE TO GENERAL CONTRACTORS Contract No. 012012 Tender Call No. 001

Tenders are invited from General Contractors for the following projects:

Scope of Work: 1. Building 2 houses – both 3 bedrooms with full basements 2. 10 complete sewer systems for: 5 - 3 bedroom houses 3 - 2 bedroom houses 2 - 1 bedroom houses

For Tender Packages, please contact Nellie Garbitt at Saulteau First Nations, ph: 250-788-7292 or email

A pre-tender site tour will be made available to interested parties at Saulteau First Nations. Deadline date is: August 30 2012 at 3:00 pm local time.

No tenders will be accepted after this deadline.

Sealed tender forms must be addressed to: Nellie Garbitt Capital Projects Manager Saulteau First Nations Box 1020 Chetwynd, B.C. V0C 1X0 Ph No. 250-788-3955 Fax No. 250-788-7261

For further information contact Nellie Garbitt at Saulteau First Nations. Ph: 250-788-3955 or email

the critical thinking and life skills necessary to choose a drug-free life," he said. "While police officers teach the program, the cost of the student learning materials is covered by community donations so the program can be offered free to all students. The learning materials cost approximately $10 per student." Choy said D.A.R.E. BC is their main partner on the D.A.R.E. program. D.A.R.E. BC is a registered charitable organization

responsible for raising funds from within each community to cover the cost of the student learning materials. "We are very grateful to the Elks Lodge for their generous donation which covered the cost of learning materials for 100 students who took the program during the 2011-2012 school year," he said. The founder of D.A.R.E.BC, retired RCMP Staff Sergeant Chuck Doucette said next year's DARE program starts in

September and we will need to raise $1,150 in Chetwynd to cover the cost of learning materials for the 115 students who are expected to take the D.A.R.E. program. We are appealing to the citizens of Chetwynd to help provide the financial support needed to empower their school children in choosing a drug-free healthy lifestyle. Donations can be made on line by visiting the D.A.R.E.BC website




Pursuant to Section 922 of the Local Government Act RSBC 1999, the Council of the District of Chetwynd gives notice that it will be receiving an application at its September 4, 2012 Regular Council meeting from Peace Enterprises Ltd. requesting approval for a Development Variance Permit.

Peace Enterprises Ltd. is planning a consolidation and then subsequent subdivision of their property located at 5120, 5124, and 5128 – 53rd Street SW (Lots 3, 4, and 5, District Lot 1813, Peace River District, Plan 9154) and is requesting approval for a development variance to allow for a reduction of lot frontage from 30 meters to 29 meters.

Property owners who believe interest in their property may be affected by the proposed development variance permit may view the application and all other written information pertaining to this matter in detail at the District of Chetwynd Office located at 5400 North Access Road, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday, excluding statutory holidays.

Any inquiries should be referred to Jannene Disher, Director of Corporate Administration, Telephone: 250-401-4104, Fax: 250-401-4101 or by writing the District of Chetwynd, P.O. Box 357, Chetwynd, BC, V0C lJ0. Dated this 20th day of August 2012. J.M. Disher, Director of Corporate Administration

A day in Talking the life C het w y nd Echo

Logging has been one of Canadaʼs longest standing industries and one of BCʼs mainstays since the early 1920s and 30s. The idyllic sentiments of shanty camps housing men in matching plaid shirts months at a time, sawing old growth trees by hand, sending logs barreling down the river or piled high atop steam engines is engrained in many Canadiansʼ

BY LIZ BROWN Chetwynd Echo Reporter –––––––––––––– CHETWYND – Kirby Weisgerber, 51, has lived in Chetwynd since 1987. Originally from a town of 450 people in Leroy, Saskatchewan he headed west for work. He started working in Fort Nelson during the winter and then joined his brothers hauling sulphur in Chetwynd. “This place has always been recession proof,” he said. “If you’ve got a little ambition, you’ll always have a job. It’s always been that way.” Soon the sulphur company lost the contract, leaving Weisgerber and other workers without a job. “Nobody would hire me here. It was clique here eh? Was going to move back to Saskatchewan because nobody would hire me. I phoned around. I just kept phoning.” A couple of weeks later, John Young gave him a job and a truck to drive. Within a few years, Weisgerber bought his own truck and began hauling logs as an owner/operator at age 30. “I wanted to drive a truck,” he said. “I don’t know why. I always found


behind the wheel

mind; not to mention logjams, cold water, harsh winters and time away from family. Fast forward several decades later and while the hours are long, a logger is guaranteed to sleep in his own bed each night. But making it home each night isnʼt comfort enough to keep drivers satisfied nor attract new ones. With markets expanding overseas, British Columbiaʼs

it- coming down a mountain, blinding snow, half out of control, stereo turned up…it was fun. I liked it.” After 31 years behind the wheel he is tired and working on his exit plan. “There’s me and there are lots of guys out there who are up. I got no energy. I’m beat. We’re burnt out. I’m 51. I am going to drive my own truck for seven more years and then

Fri day, August 24, 2012

shut the door. And I will never work more than a 10- hour day. That is my plan. I mean this is beautiful, we should be at the lake or something and we’re here.” Looking around at his shop, a boat, a Razor and camper are stored, admitting he only managed to put an hour and half of time on the boat. Weisgerber sounds envious of his co-worker’s


Premier Christy Clark has promised several years of secured work. Still, stipulations from the mill increase and fuel prices are not getting any lower. Truck maintenance depends on the driverʼs attention to detail, along with road conditions. Many drivers are preparing to exit the industry after spending several decades behind the wheel. Chetwynd-based truck drivers Fabian

work-free summer, and at the same time dumbfounded as to how he does it. “The best thing you can do is what Fabian (Demeulemeester) does. He works winters only. I wish I could do it. Not many people can afford that. It’s very tough to do.” As a Saskatchewan farm boy, he says he did what was necessary to survive. “I hardly remember my

Demeulemeester and Kirby Weisgerber are in their fifties and have been hauling logs for several decades. They are worn out and ready to exit an industry but see few opting to take their place. Following is part two of A Day in the Life feature of logging, the Chetwynd Echo caught up with Kirby Weisgerber, on a hot sunny Saturday in August, which he spent fixing his truck.

20s and 30s,” he said. “All I did was work.” He recalls working long hours that weren’t allowed to be recorded in log books. “Back then when we didn’t have logbooks. That year in ’94, we were hauling all that wood out of Alberta. It took me 20.5 hours to pull that wood out of Camrose, then the next day I’d pull a load out of Drayton Valley and that

was 18 hours. And then I’d preload on Sundays. One year, I bought an old truck. It was a piece of shit and I was just about sunk. And I lied to the bank I lied to everybody. I owed bills everywhere and I went and I bought a newer truck and I pulled – it was 10.5 hours round and I pulled two the one day and then one the next day, two the one day and one the next day. And then I would preload on Sundays. I remember driving and seeing things in the middle of the road I was so tired. I am not…I am not going to go broke. It ain’t happening. So that’s what I did,” Weisgerber said. Working between 11 to 15 hours a day, he returns home assuming an extra hour of maintenance will be required. “Always something. A brake adjustment. A lighting could go. An air leak somewhere I couldn’t find. Always. It doesn’t end. “Years and years of working these hours …but not having a life. It’s been no life. “The only good thing Please see "SURVIVING," page21


Fri day, August 24, 2012

Labours Eve


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Fri day, August 24, 2012



Surviving two downturns, mill closures and a divorce

Continued from page 19

about hauling logs as a driver is you are home every night. As a truck driver. You pivot around this mill. You are home every night. That is the best thing. This why anybody who hauls logs, whose going to be a truck driver – this is why they do it because they’re home every night. That is the best thing about hauling logs. And it’s Monday to Friday with weekends and holidays off. That’s a nice thing.” Keeping maintenance down is especially tricky in the summer and because of the heat, Weisgerber prefers winter roads to summer. “You got a snow pack to drive on (in the winter). Your maintenance is lower. Your tire wear is lower because everything runs cooler. The best time to make money logging is winters…everything runs hotter so you’re putting more wear on everything. That is the difference between summer and winter loading.” Weisgerber has had two accidents in 31 years of driving. He was involved with a head-on collision in Fort St. John with a oneton truck resulting in him hitting the windshield, causing whiplash and a back injury. “I was just along the government scales. A guy came out of the long yard. He wasn’t watching and he hit me so hard, it knocked the motor of the – literally moved the motor up and out of the truck. That’s how hard he hit.” Two Christmases ago, he

“Youʼre always fixing something.”

and put another one in. That’s what you got to do to stay alive in this racket…you can’t go to the shop every time there’s a problem. You can’t do it. It’ll break you.” Weekly maintenance on weekends consists of greasing, electrical checks, air checks, welding small cracks. He says the upkeep is time consuming.

Weisgerber says the key is learning how to fix your own truck. Photos by Liz Brown encountered an indecisive moose by the golf course. “I didn’t know which way he was going to go so I go by him and hit the breaks. I just about got around and then the truck went into a skid and went down over the bank… It was the perfect spot. Everything slid into the ditch and another truck came along, got hooked up and pulled me out. I was right down in there and there was a gully either way 300 yards. If I would have hit that area, I would have been upside down. Everything just jack-knifed and just stopped there.” While Weisgerber prefers owning and operating for himself, the stress increases with maintaining

your own truck. “You’re always fixing something. If something breaks, tell the guy, ‘here this is broken.’ But where it’s me, you got to fix your own stuff. The best money you’ll ever make is working on your own truck and you can quote me on that.” Last weekend, Weisgerber spent two days fixing brakes and performing other general maintenance. “All the stuff I just did there in the last two days, I couldn’t imagine what the bill would have been if I had taken it in.” “Two years ago, I re-andre’d the motor in this shop. Three days. I only missed one trip. I re-and-re’d that motor – pulled one out

“I’ve survived two forestry downturns, mill closure and a divorce. And that’s all because of working on my own junk. So that’s the key to it.” Drivers who relax on weekends usually have a mechanical problem midweek he says. “You lose a trip. You lose two trips. Add that up. Downtime’s a killer.” Not only is making a dollar a concern, but if the Department of Transportation performs a surprise inspection, work is missed and a driver could be hitchhiking a ride home. “They shut one truck down just because the wheel’s still leaking. Won’t

even let them take the truck home…a friend of mine got stopped at twenty to four in the morning. It’s 3:40. AM. So when you got a guy like that around, you got to stay on top of Simple as your stuff. that.” After years of learning the tricks of the trade, Weisgerber is more than ready to hand over the keys and anticipates selling his truck within the decade. In fact, several drivers are in Weisgerber’s age bracket, presenting the question of who will take these veterans’ place behind the wheel.

Please see "THERE," page 23


Fri day, August 24, 2012

C het w y nd Echo


Recent closure of Zellers has had impact on mall Continued from page 10 make a living like you can up here, both in wages and the quality of the employment." He said already found accommodations with members in family Tumbler Ridge, though he said the housing shortage in the area would definitely make it difficult for other people trying to find work here. Despite indications that the global demand for steel-making coal, which is what the Peace Region

produces, may be cooling off, the industry is anticipating a prolonged need for workers, driven largely by the age of the current workforce. "There are number of projects under development, but also some operating mines as well, so the opportunities for employment are not only related to exploration, but also attrition at the existing mines," said Karina Brino, president and CEO of the Mining Association of British Columbia.

"The mining industry has a mature workforce, so as people retire or get closer to retirement, our operating mines will be looking for people, and the projects that are under development in that area will also need people." She said while the industry is watching the global markets closely, and specifically in China, there is no indication of a halt in activity here in the Peace. "When we talk about hesitation in the markets and things perhaps slow-

DINOSAUR BOAT RAMP AND CAMPGROUND CLOSURE When: Tuesday, September 4 to Wednesday, October 31, 2012 BC Hydro will rebuild and upgrade the boat ramp and dock at the Dinosaur Reservoir Campground at Hudson’s Hope. To maintain site safety during the project, the work will require the complete closure of the boat ramp and campground for approximately eight weeks from Tuesday, September 4 to Wednesday, October 31, 2012.

For more information please contact BC Hydro at 250 561 4858, or at


When complete, the facility will feature a two-lane boat ramp and a larger dock extending further from the shore to accommodate more boats over a wider range of water levels.

ing down a bit, we're talking about a slowdown, not a shutdown," she said. "We have not seen any projects put on hold or not going ahead as a result of the slowdown in China. The demand is still there. The opportunity for investment is there." The natural gas sector is struggling with its own challenging price environment due to an overabundance of supply in North America, but the industry still continues to grow in this region and the need for workers persists. "We're not seeing a real impact on production right now - those companies that have acquired leases have gone in and continued their work there," said Travis Davies, spokesperson for the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers. "You're still looking at a sector that is still very much focused on hiring as opposed to laying off." He said the industry is facing a looming worker shortage due to both attrition and the overall growth of the sector. He said much of that growth is in anticipation of being

able to export to Asian markets in the coming years, but also expected growth domestically in power generation and conversion of fleet vehicles. Nationally, the wholesale and retail trade sector was the hardest hit in terms of employment losses in July. Summer is generally a slower time for many retailers, and those in the Peace have the added burden of having to compete with stores just across the border in Alberta that can offer shoppers here a bit of a tax break. Irlene Marple, manager of the Dawson Creek Mall, said despite many of the mall's tenants struggling with flat sales during the summer months, there is still a need for workers because of the high turnover rate in the sector. "We lose a lot of people," she said. "People don't seem to want to make a career in retail, and that's part of the problem. Right now, this mall is looking for staff in so many stores. If anybody out there is looking for work, we can put them to work here at the mall."

Marple said the lower wages relative to other local sectors is an issue, but also new regulations in regards to the restaurant sector, for example. She added the recent closure of the mall's anchor tenant, Zellers, has had a bit of an impact on overall visitation and sales, though not as much as expected. "As we get ready to find out what the new store or stores will be that will take that unit, I'm sure that will increase, and there will be lots more opportunity for employment too," she said. Retailers around the region are posting job openings for clerks, cashiers, customer service representatives, managers and other positions. Nationally, July also saw job losses in the professional, scientific and technical sectors, as well as in public administration, but in Dawson Creek, there are job openings for an animal health technologist, pharmacy technician, and a bylaw enforcement officer, for example. Job openings in the Northeast can be found online at

C het w y nd Echo

Fri day, August 24, 2012



There ainʼt no big money in this racket: Weisgerber Continued from page 21

“The driver pool is aging out,” he said. “We’re all getting older and tired. Nobody wants to work the hours no more and they’re running out of people. No young guys want to do this. And I don’t blame them. Not that good of a life. I don’t blame them at all.” While working for somebody else and not having to pay truck expenses provides decent wages, he says the draw still isn’t there, along with the skill set. “There are not a lot of people who can drive a log truck back and forth. How do you send somebody out on a $250,000 to $300,000 unit with no experience? You still got to find a guy who will get it back and forth without laying it down on it’s side.” After years of experienced, he has seen his share of changes in the industry. The biggest being when Canfor switched from long logs to Cut To Lengths (CTL). “Everybody had to pull trailer – switch your rigging…everybody,” he said. The other significant change where many coworkers didn’t survive was the forestry downturn. “All those mills shutting down, the mill literally had you by the balls. This is what we’re paying and that’s it. You had no negotiation room…so then when these two mills fired up in town and they had no trucks, well then … some leverage. “

Two years ago, Weisgerber visited the Canfor office and negotiated wages for the drivers. “I said ‘Here… this is what I – you’re killing us.’ So I showed them the facts and figures and by God I got a raise for every truck hauling out in the Tumbler area.” He showed about 32 per cent of their profit was going towards fuel alone. “When I was in there fighting for rates, I tried to get that through to Canfor I said ‘You don’t understand the hours we work. You think ‘Oh you’re only working 11 hours.’ No. You’re not even scraping the edge of the hours we put in. There are a lot of hours that are unforeseen to the mill. This has always been the problem:

how much they think we need to survive and how much we think we need to survive has always been way apart. Always has been very controversial.” Last year’s fuel bill was $91,000 on one truck Weisgerber, who is predicting a crash in 2015, said. “There are no more trees. There is no more viable trees. Actually right now there’s nothing. Prince George is losing 32 per cent of their cut. Quesnel, Williams Lake are losing at least 35 per cent because the bugs are worse than they thought. “If I was going to drive truck, I wouldn’t get into logging. There’s no way. I don’t see a good future here. But Chetwynd itself...I don’t know.

Wood’s drying up so there’s going to be a demand for it – as you well know. So Chetwynd area, I‘d say is ok because of what they pull.” Weisgerber looks forward to the day he hands his keys in and gets a

cushy job with a 35-hour workweek. For now, he keeps his truck fixed and relaxes once in a blue moon. “Got to keep your maintenance down if you want to make a dollar. I am the cheapest son of a bitch out

there. I work all on my own rigging the best I can. And I’ve scraped by through the years. I live in a trailer. This is it. There ain't no big money in this racket.”

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C het w y nd Echo

Cops nap alleged boozer on motorized picnic table

QMI AGENCY –––––––––––––– LONDON, Ont. – An Ontario man is facing charges after he and his buddies constructed a motorized picnic table and drove it around town. Police said they attached a lawnmower motor and four customized wheels to the picnic table and took it for a spin on Sunday evening.

But the joy ride came to a sudden end when residents called police to complain about the group scooting around London's streets, allegedly with open booze. When officers found the table parked on a sidewalk, they charged a 46-yearold South Huron, Ont., man with having an open container of liquor in a public place.




Fri day, August 24, 2012

C het w y nd Echo

Cops charge 22 car-crash gawkers


featured Job Opportunities

QMI Agency –––––––––––––– BELLEVILLE, Ont. – Cops charged 22 people with distracted or careless driving for snapping cellphone pictures of a highway collision in Ontario. “One driver was seen using his elbows to steer his car as he videotaped

with a video camera,” Ontario Provincial Police stated in a news release, adding the man was charged with careless driving. They charged 21 others with distracted driving. One transport truck rear-ended another in the eastbound lane on Hwy.

401 at Napanee, Ont., at about 6 a.m. Monday, causing serious injuries to one driver. A Midland, Ont., trucker was charged with careless driving. Investigators then noticed passing motorists stopping to use their phones and other devices to record the scene.

Police say the use of such devices can cause a “considerable” increase in the risk of collisions. “At highway speed, a driver sending a simple text message travels the length of a football field without looking at the road,” according to the release.

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RELOCATION OPPORTUNITY TO BEAUTIFUL KAMLOOPS BC Atlas Information Management Ltd. is offering full time employment for a Senior Forestry Field Supervisor with 3 to 5 years experience. See for job details or send resume to


TEAM! SOUTH PEACE COMMUNITY RESOURCES SOCIETY Posting circular: Job-1581 Position Available Stopping the Violence Counselor Chetwynd

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Stopping the Violence Counselor Stopping the Violence Counselor – Chetwynd

The Stopping the Violence Counselor is responsible the provision of individual and group counseling services to women who have experienced recent or historical violence or abuse. Ensures that the delivery of service fits with the philosophy and standards of the organization and meets provincial standards

STV – 17.5 Hours per Week As per the Collective Agreement August 31, 2012 Lori Brooks, Human Resource Coordinator P.O. Box 713 (10110 – 13 Street) Dawson Creek BC V1G 4H7 Telephone: (250) 782 9174 ex. 228 Fax: (250) 782-4167 E-mail:

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The Chetwynd Echo, Echo a 50-year-old community newspaper prided on its local content, is looking for an enthusiastic, energetic and motivated professional for the position of Advertising Sales Manager.

DESCRIPTION A qualified candidate would be responsible for the sale and development of advertising material and campaigns to serve the marketing requirements of local businesses. This includes working closely with clients and aiding them to develop a marketing ad campaign to benefit their specific needs and then taking those ideas and developing a print product with the company's composing hubs.

QUALIFICATIONS This position involves a high amount of working with people thus the successful candidate should be friendly, enthusiastic, confident and outgoing. The ability to work within deadlines is a must. Strong organizational abilities and adequate written and verbal skills are required. A good working knowledge of computer programs (Macintosh) is necessary. A current driver's license and a reliable vehicle are essential. Prior sales experience is an asset. Training is provided to the suitable candidate. PLEASE EMAIL, FAX OR DROP OFF RESUMES ATTENTION TO THE PUBLISHER - NAOMI LARSEN EMAIL: FAX: 250-788-9988 ADDRESS: 5016 50TH AVENUE • CHETWYND BC • V0C 1J0


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• Site preparation • Foundations & pilings

• Delivery • Set-Up & More

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TOLL FREE 1-877-737-4278 1-250-962-1733 3157 Bellamy Place, Prince George, BC

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C het w y nd Echo

Financial Planning Centre

Insurance Planning

Investments Estate Protection Mortgage Insurance

• WealthLINK Financial Services • Benefits North Group • Empire Life • Great West Life • Industrial Alliance • Manulife/Maritime • Pacific Blue Cross • Standard Investments • Sun Life Financial • Transamerica Invests


Email: Members of the KHS group

Consultants Gordon Hayward, RHU, EPC Catherine Stovel, RHU, EPC

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The Chetwynd Echo reserves the right to classify ads under appropriate headlines and to set rates therefore and to determine page location. The Chetwynd Echo reserves the right to revise, edit classify or reject any advertisement and to retain any answers directed to the Chetwynd Echo. The Chetwynd Echo cannot be responsible for errors after the first publication of any advertisement. Notice of errors on the first day should immediately be called to the attention of the appropriate advertising department to be corrected in the next available edition. It is agreed by the advertiser requesting space that the liability of the Chetwynd Echo in the event of failure to publish an advertisement or in the event of an error appearing in the advertisement as published, shall be limited to the amount paid by the advertiser for only one incorrect insertion for the portion of the advertising space occupied by the incorrect or omitted item only, and that there shall be no liability to an event greater than the amount paid for such advertising. Advertisements must comply with the British Columbia Human Rights Act which prohibits any advertising that discriminates against any person because of race, religion, sex, color, nationality, ancestry or place or origin or because age is between 44 and 65 years unless the condition is justified by a bondable requirement for the work involved.

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CLASSIFIEDS Monday to Thurs 9 a.m to 5 p.m

Monday to Thurs 9 a.m to 5 p.m



Box 750 Chetwynd BC V0C 1J0



ONE WEEK: 10 words, $6.50/week + HST

Additional words 11¢ each + HST TWO WEEKS: third week free THREE WEEKS: two extra weeks free




OFFICE HOURS 250-788-9988 Attn: Classifieds

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You can email your digital pictures (JPEG) to the Chetwynd Echo or bring them to us to scan. Pictures are an additional $5.

We make every effort to avoid errors. Please check your ad the first day it appears. Allowances can only be made for one incorrect insertion. If you find an error contact us immediately at 250-788-2246. An adjustment will be made and your ad extended another week. The Publisher reserves the right to refuse, revise, clarify or reject an advertisement. All classifieds must be prepaid.

no experience required. Start i m m e d i a t e l y .

Logging crew and road builders wanted. Busy forestry company looking for experienced rigging crews including hooktenders, chasers, rigging, pullers and chokermen. Also looking for road builders. Please email resume to jobintheupperfraservalley.gmailcom. or fax 778-732-0227

Northern Property REIT Maintenance Technician needed. Required skills: basic carpentry, basic plumbing, basic electrical, basic drywall and basic painting. Driver’s abstract and criminal check will be required. Please forward resume to Elsie at PERS ONAL

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FOR RENT Apartment for rent. One bedroom. Fully furnished. 1 bathroom. $1200/month including utilities and high speed. Chetwynd. Call Sharon Kennedy at 250788-3133. Two bedroom mobile home available July 1. No dogs please. 250-788-3133. $1200/month.

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Chetwynd sky

A summer sunset from top of Wabi Hill is a sight to behold. Photo by Liz Brown

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Chetwynd Echo Aug 24 2012  

Chetwynd Echo Aug 24 2012

Chetwynd Echo Aug 24 2012  

Chetwynd Echo Aug 24 2012