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FRIDAY, JUNE 29, 2012

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Celebrating Aboriginal Day

Children of all ages and ethnicities took part in learning how to dance a traditional jig.

Lambert attends event

BY LIZ BROWN Chetwynd Echo Reporter –––––––––––––– CHETWYND – National Aboriginal Day, held annually on June 21, celebrates three distinct aboriginal

cultures – First Nations, Inuit, and Métis. Last Thursday in Chetwynd, the Tansi Friendship Centre and Moberly Lake members partnered together to cre-

July 1, 2012

ate an all-ages public celebration. Local musicians played while jiggers of every age danced in the grassy field. Leg wrestling had opponetnts in tense locks of competition, and a

Photo by Liz Brown

special addition to the day came when Beverly Lambert, cultural ambassador and traditional dancer

Please see "FROM KIDS," page 2


Fri day, June 29, 2012

C het w y nd Echo


From kids to elders, everyone embraced their culture Continued from page 1

of the MĂŠtis in British Columbia visited Chetwynd during her wagon tour of the north. Aboriginal events provide necessary opportunities to teach and promote culture to youth who often feel lost and lack a sense of belonging in their community said Lambert. “A lot of people don’t know that we have a separate culture other than first nations and Inuit and it’s very important that our children be proud of who they are. Because they’re getting lost out there and I think that’s why a lot of them don’t have a sense of belonging and pride so they end up on streets and in bars because with MĂŠtis it was all about the music and the dancing,â€? said Lambert, who has danced all her life. Lambert has been on the road for two months, travelling to schools and towns teaching culture through traditional dances such as jigging, the wheel of four,

“We have our

own language. We have our clothing we wore. Everything about us was separate from both of those cultures.�

belt and broom dance and their national anthem, the Red River Jig. “We have our own language. We have our clothing we wore. Everything about us was separate from both of those cultures. And to me that’s like, that’s the sense of pride for our children and I couldn’t ask for a better life than doing this.� With her office in Surrey, BC, Lambert has visited Fort Chipewyan, Fort Mc Murray, Edmonton, Lac La Biche, Williams Lake, Quesnel and across the Peace Region. “My mom had 22 kids in

Events such as leg wrestling were popular. Here Justin Berlinger and Jose Lapierre battle it out. Photo by Liz Brown

the Lambert family. When we say we’re MĂŠtis, we always say ‘I am MĂŠtis, my last name is Lambert.’â€? Elementary and high school students wandered over to the Rotary fields with teachers and principles to take in the events. Two keen students took

to leg wrestling, a longstanding tradition among first nations to see who has the strongest legs. Now competitions occur during festivals to continue the tradition and will take place at West Moberly Days, Pemmican Days and other festivals.

Wrestlers Justin Berlinger and Jose Lapierre, challenged each other to several rounds, but with the rain clouds and thunder in pursuit, the game was cut short, crowning Berlinger as the winner every time. Families and students enjoyed face painting,

singing, crafts and plenty of feasting, and finished before the rain with a round dance; everyone from kids to elders joined hands and danced in a circle closing the event to the rhythm of steady drums, matching each step and turn.

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Spill scheduled at W.A.C Bennett and Peace Canyon dams

ECHO STAFF –––––––––––––– HUDSON’S HOPE – The first prolonged release of water in a decade began Tuesday June 26 from the W.A.C. Bennett Dam and Peace Canyon Dam near Hudson’s Hope. The two facilities will continue to generate power during this time. The spill may continue, uninterrupted, until mid-August, dependent upon inflows into Williston Reservoir. BC Hydro’s Peace River facilities are designed to spill; it is considered to be a normal operation during the infrequent periods of excess inflows and water supply. “By spilling earlier, before Williston Reservoir is full, BC Hydro can release a smaller volume of water, minimizing the likelihood of a larger spill later on in the season,” Bob Gammer, community relations officer for BC Hydro said in a press release. “A spill of this size is not expected to cause flooding. Communities downstream of Peace Canyon Dam have been notified and should the spill operation change, BC Hydro will continue to keep communities informed.” Gammer said a similar spill was last observed in 2002. “The spill is a result of BC Hydro’s need to manage high system reservoir levels brought on by higher than average snowpacks and recent rainfall throughout the B.C. Interior,” he explained. The inflow forecast for Williston is currently 125 per cent of normal for the remaining runoff season. BC Hydro is expected to spill between 570 and 1,415 cubic metres

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20 10

Friday 8

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Inside Issue this

Page 11-21.. Celebrating our CSS graduates

Page 27...

Kinuseo Falls to star in Hollywood blockbuster

Page 31..

The first prolonged release of water since 2002 from the WAC Bennett Dam began earlier this week. Photo compliments per second “For everyone’s (m³/s), (20,000 to safety, the public 50,000 cubic feet is reminded that per second) of The public is reminded they must stay water at both that they must stay well well away from dams. Including the spillway the water used by away from the spillway structures of the generating either facility and structures of either units, total dismay not stop on facility... charge downthe W.A.C. stream of Peace Bennett Dam crest Canyon Dam is road to view the expected to be spill,” Gammer between 2,150 and 3,000 m3/s said. (75,000 and 105,000 cfs). By comparSafe locations for public viewing ison, the maximum normal dis- of the spills are at the W.A.C. charge from Peace Canyon Dam is Bennett Dam Visitor Centre, or the 1,982 m3/s. Peace Canyon Dam Visitor Centre. BC Hydro may change the total Both facilities are open daily except downstream discharge, or end the Tuesdays through the Labour Day spill without notice. weekend.

Saturday 9

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Fri day, June 29, 2012

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Be prepared for winter driving conditions.

Check or phone 1-800-550-4997 for the latest road conditions in British Columbia.

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Remembering the flood of 2011




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SHADOWS Johnny Depp

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Use caution when passing or encountering road maintenance equipment.

Drive Safely!


C het w y nd Echo

Fri day, June 29, 2012


Happy Canada Day to all of our readers! Do you have a memory of a Canada Day Celebration? Share it with us! Email or log onto our Facebook page. Your response could be included in this space next week.

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Good luck on your journey Graduates



Naomi Larsen is Editor for the Chetwynd Echo. Contact her at by phone at 250.788.2246 or via email

hat a week last week.

In case our readership didn’t notice, we had our fair share of printing issues last week with our paper defaulting a few items including an entire page changing to a previous page in May and cutting off an entire feature to pages defaulting back to pre-correction stage. For this we say: dang technology. Corrections are being ran in this week’s issue to clear things up and remember, the three of us in this office are only

human (yes there are only three of us who work at the Chetwynd Echo…please remember that.) On that note I have been trying to figure out a way to tie those mistakes into a graduation column and I think I figured out how. To the Graduates of 2012: You’re not perfect, please don’t think you are. I know that sounds harsh but at the end of the day you still all have a lot to learn. Heck, I’ve been out of high school for almost two decades and I learn something new everyday. Secondly, if you make a mistake: own up to it, fix it and move on. If you do that life will be much easier. As graduates you’ve heard the speeches telling you how great you are and

how awesome you are and how the world is your oyster and the future is yours etc…etc… The one thing missing from those speeches? Reality. As the hangovers of summer vacation leave you come September the hangover of life will begin: college and university classes where you become simply a number and not a name. Your professor won’t be about second chances or late thesis hand-ins. They will not care if you slept in and missed chemistry – again. They won’t care if you missed an assignment because you were sick or had to work. You are not their problem. You are an adult pursuing post secondary education and your future. And that is up

to you. That is where life sets in. Summer 2012 marks the end of your childhoods and the beginning of the rest of your lives. And it’s awesome. One of the most awesome things to ever happen to you. Just remember to be humble. It’s easy to think that you know so much more than everyone else. But life is all about learning – about yourself and others. Allow yourself to be someone who can be easily and enthusiastically instructed and then pass your knowledge onto others. And lastly, one of the biggest lessons of life: don’t spend more than you make. Good luck on your life journey.

C het w y nd Echo

Fri day, June 29, 2012



Letʼs all chip in for an assistant To the Editor: In response to Merlin’s column “Come visit us at the Recycle. Now I have learned that Sally, the manager has worked at the depot for a decade. She has no paid assistant. She arrives on the job at 5:30 am and tried to deal with an overwhelming volume of stuff that our 3027 residents want to be rid of. Merlin concludes his epistle with “That’s real dedication.” Sally keeps the welcome mat out for anyone who might volunteer an hour … but she knows these little helpers are already multi tasking to a point dangerously close to wipe-out at ground-zero. (This is not exaggerated, not funny and not exhilarating.) Ah Merlin … be thou mayor or magician … you’ve got me thinking outside the box. I need to find my way back to the box and plant my dancing feet on the Terra firma.

You, Merlin, have to realize how very green is this neophyte. So far I can grasp your instructions. My cardboard is clean and flattened. Ditto the newsprint and metallic. But how do I crunch all this stuff into a symmetrical round bale? Or a square bale? I can’t just justify the margins and watch in shape up. Tried that, it didn’t work. And what about that pesky 2.2” circle of cardboard from my hot black coffee at Tim Horton’s? It looks like cardboard but it feels like plastic or versaviceh? But I cheer up when I think about how tough it was for poor old Isaac when he had to deal with his big scrappy family. I read about that in Genesis 27:22 (NASB) Still lost in the maze I stare morosely at my over ripe banana for potassium. It has obligingly split its skin in half, as once happened to an old cur-

tain in an edifice in Jerusalem. That was about 2033 years ago but you can still read all about it in Matthew 29:31 (NASB) If you want to. I break off a 3” chunk of potassium and carefully fold the discarded skin over the exposed edge The banana is ripe nutritious and delicious. I pour fresh hot coffee into my mug … now I remember how to exit the maze! And I reach for my pen. The one that’s mightier than the sword. If only a few of us would chip in $5 or $10 per month, couldn’t that pay for a full time assistant? Just think what that would mean to Sally and also to someone who needs and wants to work full time. If anyone is taking pledges, please count me in for $20 per month and some canvassing time.

Just to clarify

To the Editor: On Our Way Home Society is a registered nonprofit animal rescue based out of Chetwynd, B.C. and is in no way tied to Without A Voice Animal Rescue. Our similarities

end at animal rescue. On Our Way Home Society has an active board which is comprised of volunteers who actively serve the Peace Region. On Our Way Home helps by taking in surren-

Bertha Kurjata Chetwynd, BC

Time is critical for Sandy Lake

To the Editor: I would like to reiterate Amy Meyers presentation to council for help to establish a recreation area (June 18 2012) Amy pointed out that the Sandy Lake are has been used by this community and surrounding people for 40 years. Our Mayor is very familiar with this site and uses same for recreation. Size of rec site: 128- acres. Tembec logged approximately 4061 acres (this is logged annually.) Our proposal is .3 per cent of Tembec Annual allowable cut. Tembec did not log about 32,000m3 of their AAC in 2011. There is no alternate site. We have tried to explain the importance of the area as a basic community need, to local Tembec supt, Mr. Braybrook, by letter March 25/12 and various previous letters. Tembec during an 8-month block to log application did not consult with our group. This was to attain an advantage. We believe that together with the Forest Service this was unethical and less then honest. Recently, some attempt has been made to consult from a logging bias. This is completely unacceptable. That is why we are asking council and Mayer for our support, perhaps dered animals, fostering, rehabilitating, vetting, rehoming, and ensuring all animals are placed in safe, loving homes. On Our Way Home was Incorporated as a nonprofit in British Columbia

through a council motion and vote. Time is critical as logging would turn this area into stumps not suitable for recreation. With this support we would: 1. email James Lopez, president of CEO Tembec He has the ultimate authority. 2. 2. Fax D. Braybrook at 7884571 cell 250-219-5812. For the record we will request that he designate this is a High Conservation Value Forest serving basic community needs and defer logging indefinitely. This designation was omitted by error from a logging bias. It is a requirement to identify these areas under the rules for FSC certification. With councils and Tembecs help we will pursue a recreation site through municipal, regional or provincial designation. Again Tembec insists on loggin and our position is no logging on this tiny area - .3 % of their annual harvest. The question is: do they support the community. We are also considering a petition. For Chetwynd Community Group

on June 12, 2012. The next meeting will be held at 1:00 pm on July 7, 2012. Location yet to be determined. Everyone welcome. On Our Way Home is always looking for volun-

George Kalischuk, Chetwynd, BC

teers for fundraising, foster homes, and assistance in transporting animals. If you are interested, please contact Alyssa Bond at 250-874-8744 Alyssa Bond Chetwynd BC

You can email us at; mail to Box 750 Chetwynd B.C. V0C 1J0 or drop of your letter at 5016 50 Avenue. All letters submitted must be signed with a return address and daytime telephone number so we can confirm that it came from you. The Echo reserves the right to edit letters for clarity, legality, length and to refuse publication of any submitted material. We may also choose to use a letter as the basis for a story. So, be sure to keep your letters brief and to the point. Letters originating from the Peace region get priority. We encourage new contributors as we attempt to publish a cross-section of public opinion. - Naomi Larsen, Editor


C het w y nd Echo

Fri day, June 29, 2012


Talisman ranks in top 50 Best Corporate Citizens

BY LIZ BROWN Chetwynd Echo Reporter –––––––––––––– *This is a two part series on Talisman Energy’s commitment to corporate responsibility. This week Talisman says they’re taking steps towards public transparency as well as environmental impacts. Next week: Talisman around the world and the skinny on North American’s shale boom.

CHETWYND – Talisman Energy was recognized last week for its commitment to corporate responsibility, ranking in the top 20 of Canada’s Top 50 Best Corporate Citizens accord5016 49 AVE

5212 40 STREET



ing to Corporate Knights Magazine. Initiatives such as introducing Canada’s first Shale operating principles put Talisman in the industry spotlight which spokesperson Tom Neufeld hopes will provide further steps towards showing the public that Talisman attempts to be transparent. “Talisman’s worked really hard at establishing good neighbour policies,” said Neufeld from Calgary head office. Last year, Talisman donated $250,000 to Fort St. John’s rain harvesting program at the Pomeroy Sports Centre in Fort St.

Great Location in the desirable downtown area, with zoning allowing for an attached residence to live in. This property has a lot of possibilities with other businesses close by; would make a great location for a business and you could live on the premises.

$35,500 MLS 133653

3/4 of an acre right in town. 3 + 1 bedrooms, 4 baths. Renovated kitchen, stainless steel appliances. Livingroom, Nice Master bedroom with ensuite and walkin-closet, huge familyroom, bedroom with its own bath, wet bar and a fourth bath. Backyard is fully fenced with a 16 x 20 workshop.

$427,000 MLS 136673

2 side-by-side waterfront properties. Features a 4 bedroom cabin with huge deck, picnic area, storage shed and RV parking. Very nice gradual walk to the water with southern exposure.Upgraded siding and newer shingles. Seller prefers both properties to be sold together.

$349,000 MLS 136754

1 acre lot in desirable neighbourhood - waiting for you to build your dream home on. Call listing office to check out this prime lot

John. “It’s basically using the runoff collected from the rain to store in underground containers. It is quite unique up there. It’s just kind of one of a number of initiatives that we have in the community.” Talisman continues to grow internationally, operating on six continents. As

Located in the desirable Rodeo Sub, this house boasts three nice sized bedrooms and a separate bedroom downstairs with an ensuite and a full bathroom in the basement. Separate entry into the well lit basement and an attached two car garage! Do not wait to see this fabulous home!

$370,000 MLS 135700

sibly, transparently and provide mutual benefit. “Because people often need to see a benefit in their community if there is oil and gas development going on.” In the last year, Talisman spent close to $900 million in the Montney region and just over half of that money went to local ven-


Ph. 250-788-1120 Fx. 250-788-1121 or

Venessa Weightman

Norma Tower

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B-5028 49 AVE

$79,900 MLS 135193

5206 41 STREET

they grow, Neufeld says their operating challenges equally increase. “Yeah it brings great responsibility. It raises the bar higher and that’s the reason why we did these shale operating principles,” said Neufeld. The shale operating principles are Talisman’s commitment to act respon-

8551 HWY 29 SOUTH



Put our 15+ years experience to work for you. Newer Cape Cod 2400 square foot home. Reclaimed fir interior doors, walnut hardwood, Features include, low-e windows, granite counter tops, radiant in-floor heating, copper kitchen sink, birch custom built cabinets just to name a few. Includes workshop and beach front cabin and several other small outbuildings.

$689,500 MLS 137204

Commercial building for sale in downtown Chetwynd. This well maintained building has an area of 2000 sq. ft. Ideal for office or retail. Currently rented with excellent return. Call listing realtor today for more information.

$189,000 MLS 136988

Located on Highway South this home has 4 bedrooms 2 up and 2 on main floor. Very large spacious kitchen with patio doors to the deck. Property has 6.33 acres, with some outbuildings. There is a shop 35'x100' that has its own septic tank, and a creek running along the property. Call today to see this home.

$125,000 MLS 136727

4704 46 STREET


5120 44A STREET

Marlene Boelke

250-788-8833 3 bedrooms up and 1 down. 1 car garage. Large living room, with fireplace. Master bedroom has a 2 piece ensuite. Spacious kitchen. Large eating area. Aluminum railing with plexiglass on deck. Basement has large Family Room, small kitchen. Unique foyer with lots of room for coats and shoes.

$287,000 MLS 136142

Just over 6 acres West of Chetwynd. Prime acreage with natural gas, water, power and sewer system in place. Very nice building site. Older dwelling on the property is a definite "fixer upper" and the value is in the land. Call for more information on this one.

$110,000 MLS 138075

Prime building lot overlooking the Creek. Nice quiet area in the Rodeo Sub. This lot is priced reasonably and is ready for you to build your dream home. Close to schools and recreation center. Call today for more information on this one!!

$42,900 MLS 136373

dors. “We bought pipe from somewhere else. That wasn’t manufactured in the community. However, we used other local content like truckers and just food and just a number of different things.” Talisman’s work in Northeastern BC focuses mainly on the Montney Shale project in Farrell Creek, near Hudson’s Hope. From late November 2011 and to mid April 2012, more than 40 wells were drilled in the Peace River Region. Since April, drilling has continPlease see "GOAL," page 7



5032 50 AVE

4513 44 AVE


1/4 section, 3 yr old 4 bedroom 1782 sq foot modular home. Very open/huge floor plan, vaulted ceilings, all appliances, complete R/O water system, 75 Acres fenced, propane heat.Master bedroom has soaker tub, shower and his/her sinks. Double size car garage.

$450,000 MLS 137700

5 Acres just minutes from Chetwynd. 3 Bedroom full basement home with single car garage. Basement is waiting to be developed. 2 wells on the property. Sewer system is a lagoon. Quiet setting with good neighbours.

$285,000 MLS 136141

Successful flower and gift shop. 2100 sq. ft. of space. Potential buyers must apply to sears, lotto and Purolator for approval of take over. Price includes supplies and equipment only inventory to take before closing deal. This is your opportunity to be your own boss. Call listing office for full details and to view.

$159,000 MLS 135762

Shop & two lots in the Industrial sub. Shop is 75x 150 steel construction with three 16ft overhead doors, office and storage space. Shop lots is 1.23 acres and the other lots is 1.57 acres and has been built up to road level, fully serviced, plenty of power with three transformers on the property.

$975,000 MLS 135865

This home boasts a nice area in the basement to make what you want. The large deck of 22'x24' is a nice area too relax as well it is covered. The master bedroom is large and the en suite bath has potential to be made from a 2 piece bath to a 4 piece bath. The kitchen is spacious and awaiting your touch to make it fabulous

$272,500 MLS 137088

C het w y nd Echo

Fri day, June 29, 2012



Goal is to reduce amount of fresh water use in fracking Continued from page 6

ued. But Neufeld said because oil and gas development isn’t new in Northeastern BC and Alberta’s backyard, it doesn’t concern the public. He said the issue in the north revolves mainly around road usage. “You know what the most frequent complaint we get about fracking and about shale development is truck traffic. People are concerned about trucks kicking up dust, just the number trucks on the road, traffic safety and just how truck traffic you know kind of deteriorates the road.”

“We were using

trucks to truck the water from Williston reservoir to our fracking operations in the Montney.” To render this, Talisman watered the dusty roads and built a road to the gas plant near Hudson’s Hope. “That’s a road that Talisman built and the public can use it.”

Talisman’s responsibility also applies to considering their environmental impact. “One of our goals is to reduce the amount of fresh water that we use for oil and gas development.” Currently in the Montney region, a permit allows Talisman to use four Olympic swimming pools of water everyday to perform hydraulic fracturing, equivalent to 10, 000 cubic metres. A main water source for the project is the Williston reservoir. “We were using trucks to truck the water from the Williston reservoir to our

Kayaker saved from Pine ECHO STAFF –––––––––––––– CHETWYND – On June 21, Chetwynd RCMP received a complaint in regards to a theft from a shop on a ranch property in the West Fraser Rd. area. The unknown suspects entered the property via a quad/off road vehicle between 2 am and 6 am on June 19, 2012 and stole a variety of air tools from the shop. Police are requesting that any information in regards to this theft be reported to the Chetwynd RCMP or Crimestoppers. • On June 24 at approximately 8 o’clock in the evening, Chetwynd RCMP along with Search and Rescue and BC Ambulance responded to a report that a kayaker had flipped his kayak on the Pine River and was in need of assistance. Upon attendance to the scene, it was learned that the kayaker was trapped on the shore on the opposite side of the Pine River. A river boat was used to pick the man up on the other side of the river. The man was not injured and was transported back to Chetwynd by police. • On June 25 at approximately noon, Chetwynd RCMP along with BC Ambulance attended a single vehicle

Motor Vehicle Accident involving a motorcycle on Hwy 97 approximately 70 Km South of Chetwynd B.C. The motorcyclist was traveling Southbound near Silver-Sands when the motorcycle went off the road left on a curve. The motorcycle driver has apparently suffered a broken arm as a result of the crash. • On June 26 a Chetwynd residence reported to RCMP that his fishing gear had been stolen from the box of his pick up truck on the night of June 24 to 25th while parked in his driveway in Chetwynd. A fish finder, electric motor and tackle box was stolen from the box of the parked truck. These items are very valuable to the owner who would like them returned. Police are requesting the public’s assistance in locating these items. If you have any information please call the Chetwynd RCMP or Crimestoppers. • Reminder to citizens of the Chetwynd area, we are seeking volunteers for the Citizens on Patrol program. If you would like to volunteer your time to help keep your community safe please contact the Chetwynd RCMP detachment.

fracking operations in the Montney. And again like I said the biggest complaint we get from fracking is the truck traffic. So what Talisman did was we got approval for a pipeline to be built from the Williston reservoir to our operations in the Montney.” Their way of reducing water is by recycling the flowback water. According to Penn State

Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research more hydraulic fracturing companies are treating the flowback water, (which accounts for about 15 per cent of the water used), blending it with fresh water and reusing it instead of discharging to streams or rivers. “After the injection is completed, approximately 10-20 percent of the fluids

(known as flowback) return to the surface via the well. Therefore, a 5million gallon hydraulic fracture stimulation might return 500,000 to 1 million gallons of water.” “Right now we are in the Montney region in northeastern BC. We are recycling virtually all of our flow back water; it’s like 95 per cent plus…of the flow back,” said Neufeld.


The District of Chetwynd is providing this Notice of Proposed Property Disposition and Call for Expressions of Interest (the “Notice”) for the purchase and development of District owned lands being P.I.D. 028-823-486, Lot 1, DL398 and 1813, Plan EPP19842, Peace River District, (the “Property”). The guiding principles for the sale and development of the Property may be found on the website of the District of Chetwynd (the “District”) at The Property is zoned RM-3 Multiple Family Residential – High Density / Commercial Mix. The zoning allows for development of up to 60 units per hectare and up to 25% of building footprint (ground floor) for select commercial uses. The maximum permitted floor space ratio is 0.7. A copy of the relevant bylaws and regulations affecting the Property, Zoning Bylaw No. 932, 2010 and Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 962, 2012, can be obtained by visiting the District website at , scroll though Municipal Office and Development and click on Planning and Development, then click on Development Opportunities and select Multi Family Residential/ Commercial Mix

Please note that this Notice is an invitation for expressions of interest and not a request for tender, and that the District may select any proposal it determines to be in the best interests of the District regardless of price. The District also reserves the right to reject all proposals.

The District will be free to communicate with any or all of the proponents at any time with respect to this Notice and any costs incurred by a proponent under this Notice will be the sole responsibility of the proponent. If a proposal is selected, the District anticipates that it will enter into negotiations with the proponent in which the proponent will be required to enter into an agreement with the District for the purchase and development of the Property. No rights shall be acquired by any proponent until such time as an agreement with the District is executed.

A proposal for the purchase and development of the Property under this Notice will be considered if the proposal is delivered to the District offices at 5400 North Access Road, P.O. Box 357, Chetwynd, BC, V0C 1J0, in an envelope marked “Confidential – Chetwynd Multi-family Development Concept”, no later than 4:30 p.m., July 20th, 2012. For further information please contact Ellen Calliou, Economic Development Officer, District of Chetwynd, at Dated this 19th day of June, 2012.

District of Chetwynd


C het w y nd Echo

Fri day, June 29, 2012

Fifth Annual Music Festival a crowd pleaser

ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT BY LIZ BROWN Chetwynd Echo Reporter –––––––––––––– CHETWYND – RV’s filled the Rodeo Grounds last weekend with country music fans from across the country in honour of

Chetwynd’s fifth annual country music festival. The festival ran from Friday to Sunday. Prepped for rain, the venue was moved inside the rodeo arena, which didn’t dampen anyone’s

spirits, especially the dancers. “A lot of these people start dancing at 9’o’clock. You think they aren’t in shape…I’m not kidding you,” said Barry Kelm from Chetwynd’s very own Grumpy Old Men. If you didn’t know any better, you would assume Walter Kamerlingh of Prince George and Ethel Remenyk of Dawson Creek had been dancing together for years. They met Friday and by Saturday, they rarely left the dance floor. Visiting from Prince George, Kamerlingh takes in a few festivals each summer, but it was his first time in Chetwynd. His nfectious smile and hooting and hollering made it seem as he could dance for days. He and Remenyk twirled and two-stepped to Country Horizon’s version of Ring of Fire. “She’s teaching me the expertise,” smiled Kamerlingh as they left the floor for a brief rest. His next stop is an accordion competition later in the summer while Remenyk has her own list of festivals to visit next. “We have little kids here from a year old or a little older and they are up there dancing,” said Ross Roberts. Band members and pals, Kelm and Roberts have been MC’ing the event for the past four years. “We’ve been playing in the same band – him and I, he was 16 and I was 15. I told him he should learn to cook and get a sex change,” said Roberts. The Chetwynd country music festival is just one

The dance floor was hopping all weekend. Below, Ethel Remenyk and Walter Kamerlingh spent much of the weekend on the dancefloor.

Photos by Liz Brown

stop on a circuit of jamborees, which began in April and will continue through to the middle of September, explained Grumpy Old Men band member striped shirt. He said a lot of the people travel to different festivals in their motor homes from BC to Saskatchewan. The bands varied in style and in experience. “A lot of them, its not high end, but what it is, sometimes there’s a lot of people and this is where

they get a chance to play. We’ve got some really good groups here and we’ve got some that you know, it’s their only opportunity. Organized by Don Harris, band member of Let ‘Er Rip Country, this is Chetwynd’s fifth annual country music festival, the first beginning in Harris’ home. “A few changes to the schedule but other than that it’s been great. Good crowd lots of people,” said Roberts. Vendors selling moc-

casins, rhubarb pie, soft ice cream, and other goodies arrived early and left late. Lawn chairs were packed into the arena and several seats stayed empty for the remainder of the day while couples hit the dance floor. Bands continued on into the evening, providing the crowd with variety in musical styles. Organizers would like to thank BJ Construction, Days Inn and AIM Trucking for supporting the event.

C het w y nd Echo


Fri day, June 29, 2012


2012 Chetwynd Minor Ball Season Finale Man Crew. Divisional Champs were determined in the best of six series between the Blue Man Crew, Greys and Average Joe's. The Mites Division (ages 8 - 12) series was played between Blue Tornadoes, Red Strikers and Chetwynd Pickled Vipers and the Red Strikers were named 2012 Mites League Champs for their efforts. Chetwynd Minor Ball commended the competitive and sportsmanship efforts of all the minor ball players and a huge acknowledgement was extended to all the coaches, team moms and committee members for another great ball season.

The doctors and staff at South Peace Chiropractic would like to inform all patients and the general public that Dr. Lino OʼKeefe, B.Sc., D.C. will be moving to Newfoundland at the end of July, with his last clinic day to see patients being Friday, July 27th, 2012.

To ensure continuity of patient care, files will be left at South Peace Chiropractic under the direction of Drs. Chris and Nancy Garwah and/or the new associate chiropractor(s) hired to replace Dr. OʼKeefe in the Summer/Fall 2012.

Dr. Lino would like to thank all patients for entrusting him with their chiropractic adjustments over the past six years and wishes everyone all the best as you continue the pursuit of your health care goals at South Peace Chiropractic.

Photos submitted


For m For more ore iinformation: nformation: JJay ay M orrison, Community Community Morrison, CCoordinator oordinator

Spectra Ener Spectra Energy gy wishes too inform area ar ea rresidents esidents about pipee hauling activity - June/July

During During pipe pipe hhauling, auling, safety safety isis our our number number one one priority. priority. Spectra Spectra Energy Energy expects expects its its drivers drivers to to follow follow aallll applicable a p p li c ab l e traffic traf fic llaws aws and and to to drive drive safely safely and and respectfully respectfully while while taking t ak in g extra extra precautions precautions around around school school buses. buses. Our Our pipe pipe hauling h au l i n g contractor with contractor has has developed developed a site site specific specific safety safety plan p lan w ith route ro u t e and and driver driver hazard hazard assessments. a s s e s sm e n t s .

Spectra Energy Spectra Energy wishes wishes to to inform inform our our neighbours neighbours in in Beryl B er y l PPrairie rairie and and Hudson’s Hudson’s Hope Hope that that we we will will be be hauling hauling loads loads of of 42-inch 42 -inch ddiameter iameter pipe pipe through through the the area area in in June/July. June/July. TThe he ppipe ipe will will be be stored stored until until summer summer construction construction sstarts tar ts on on the t he TT-North -Nor th 2012 2012 Project, Project, a 24 24 kilometre kilometre 42 inch inch pipeline pipeline loop lo op ooff our our mainline mainline system. s y s te m .

TTel: el: 25 250-262-3606 0-262-3606 CCel: el: 25 0-262-8868 250-262-8868

Pipe hhauling auling will will occur occur during during daytime day time hhours ours Monday Monday through t h ro u g h Pipe Saturday, and and loads loads will will be be securely securely fastened. fastened. IfIf yyou ou see see any any Saturday, activity rrelated elated to to pipe pipe hauling hauling that that concerns concerns yyou ou from f ro m a activity safety standpoint, standpoint, please please contact contact uuss immediately, immediately, or or iiff you yo u safety have any any other other questions, questions, call call us us anytime. any time. have

97 97

Spectra EEnergy nergy Transmission Transmission Mainline Pip Pipeline peline Pipeline Loop op Project oject jee ce ject jec ea Pn Compressor Stat Station t on tion Road High way Highway Project Pipe Hauling Rou Project Route te – through runs from Chetwynd throug gh Hudson’s Hudson’s Hope, Hop e, then up Canyon Drivee to Beryl Road,, onto Drew Road Prairie Road ad to the site. pipe storage sit e. Spectra Energy Spectra Energy Transmission Transmission on Pipe Hauling Route – June/July e/July 2012 1205-16217 May-11-12



BBeryl Ber yl Prairie RRd. d. Rea ch


PPip Pipeline Loo Loop Project ctt Location L i n Project



Drew D Dre w RRd. d.

W.A.C. W .A.C. Bennett Dam

CCanyon anyon Drive D ive Driv Dinosaur Lake

ac Pe


PPeace eace Canyon Dam


Laydown Yard Pipe Storage Site MOBERLY MOBER LY LAKE L v er

Public Notice

Above, Chetwynd Minor Ball 2012 Mites League Champions - Red Strikers and below Chetwynd Minor Ball 2012 Pony League Champions - Blue Man Crew

ly Lake Mober


Submitted –––––––––––––– CHETWYND – Laughter and cheers were heard from the old ballpark last week when Chetwynd Minor Ball hosted their annual year-end wind-up celebration to mark the end of another season. Games with players vs. parents and girls vs. boys took place, followed by presentations to league champions, fun player draws and a baseball supper for almost one hundred minor ball youth between the ages of 8 - 18 years old. Chetwynd Minor Ball 2012 Pony League Champions (ages 13 - 18) was awarded to the Blue



9977 2299

C het w y nd Echo

10 Fri day, June 29, 2012


Canada Day

festival & fireworks




Rotary Park STARTING AT DUSK Displayed by the Chetwynd Fire Department


Activities from 12:30 - 3 pm

Bouncey House Dog Agility Demo 1 pm Washer Tournament Face Painting Hot dog fire pit Live Music Jodieʼs Ice Cream Truck Concession Truck


Once a year we celebrate the fact that we are lucky enough to be Canadian. To be Canadian is to be blessed, when w e c o n s i d e r o u r w a y o f l i fe i n comparison to so many others in this world! We must never take this for granted. Our beautiful country has provided us with a lifestyle envied by the rest of the world and we should cherish our good fortune. On July 1st get together with family and friends to celebreate Canada’s birthday and all the wonderful things our country stands for.

Happy Canada Day!


Minister of Transportation MLA Peace River South& Infrastructure

10300-10th Street Dawson Creek, BC Toll Free: 1-877-784-1330 Phone: 250-784-1330 Fax: 250-784-1333

Happy Canada Day!


5 km Fun Run 8am Wear red & white. Meet at the Rec Centre

REC CENTRE ACTIVITIES O’Canada following the parade

Cake & Refeshments


Starting at the District Office at 11 am and ending at the Recreation Centre. (Parade participants meet at the District of Chetwynd office by 10 am) Little Prairie Heritage Contact the Chamber of Commerce to participate in Museum Lunch by donation the parade 250-788-3345

11:30 - 1:30 pm

Happy Birthday Canada! Chetwynd Echo

Blair LEKSTROM Peace River South


Did you know?

• The capital of Canada is Ottawa, Ontario. • Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth is Canada's Head of State and the Queen of Canada. • Canada's land is divided into ten provinces and three territories.(Can you name them?) • Canada has more donut shops per capita than the United States does. • Canada's two official sports are lacrosse and hockey. • Canada's national colors are red and white. • Canadians consume more Kraft Dinner (aka Kraft Macaroni & Cheese)per capita than any other nationality on earth. • Baseball is Canadian - First game: June 4, 1838 - Igersoll, ON • A Canadian invented Standard Time • The Hudsons Bay Company (aka 'The Bay') is the world's oldest company • We invented: Ski-doos, jet-ski, Velcro, Zippers, Insulin, Penicillin, Zambonies, and the telephone • A Canadian invented Superman

2012 Class of

C het w y nd Echo

Fri day, June 29, 2012



Bursaries Winners Student Photos Award Winners Prom Speeches



Fri day, June 29, 2012

C het w y nd Echo


• Guest Speaker •


OF F 2012! 2012!

The opportunity The world rld of op portunity tunity awaits you... Dream big, work hard, b d, and success will be your reward. eward. CONGRATULATIONS CONGRA ATULA T ATIONS GRADUATES! GRADUA DUA ATES! energy


was very flattered to be chosen to be the guest speaker, especially because it has been a year since we have seen each other. I really was at a loss for words (believe it or not) on what I wanted to say. I wanted to be funny and inspiring, and blurt out words of wisdom that you would remember forever. So, I grabbed a grad list and thought if I spoke for a minute about each one of you (because I could except for Josh,) it would only take 76 minutes, then the ceremony would be over, you could grab your certificates, and then we could go for dinner. Then I remembered there are awards, bursaries and recognitions that need to be given out, and no one wants to sit through a four hour ceremony so I rethought my strategy. When I grabbed the grad list I noticed a few names missing. Hmm, quite a year eh!! I see now that you are here, up on stage just where you should be. Lesson learned, never take things for

granted. It takes a lot of work to finish some things, but it is all worth it in the end. Life is going to be like that. It takes a lot of work to succeed. Remember the effort put in will determine how things turn out. Here are my words of wisdom summed up in ten little things. 1. Your family loves you. 2. Treat people fairly 3. You might not get what you want the first time 4. There is a perfect life waiting for you. This will come with highs and lows, heartbreaks, love, laughter, and tears, but it is your life the way it is meant to be. 5. Everybody deserves a second chance. 6. You will never be too old to learn, although it may take awhile. 7. If you think you should apologize, then you probably should. 8. If you see a slide, slide down it. 9. If you see a swing, swing on it. 10. If you ever get to go to Europe with a crowd of young people, do it! I am so very proud of all of you. It has been a pleasure watching you grow up. I see amazing things in your future, and look forward to seeing where life takes you. Expect me to creep your facebook, and add a comment or two, although is we are friends it is not really creeping is it. Now I will end with a quote I stole from the famous Matt Johnson. “I am going through the worst break up of my life…all the good times we had together…I will always love you…but this is it… Goodbye high school.” Be good and be safe!! -Louise Knox

Fri day, June 29, 2012

C het w y nd Echo


•Principal’s Speech•



rads, I have had the opportunity to teach a number of you in one or more of the following areas: Physical Education, Planning 10, Math 11, and have also spent many hours trying to get you out of the halls or my office!! Because of this I have been fortunate to

watch you grow into young men and women, and can comfortably say, we expect great things from you. I hope you will carry your collaboration, sense of community, and support of each other forward with you into your adult lives. Earlier Caleb mentioned I used to have a full head of hair, this is true, as I remember I seemed to start loosing it in September, 2007. Isnʼt that when this class started at C.S.S. I wonder if there is a connection? Some of you know that I am not the biggest fan of public speaking on this scale. So, knowing that I will be speaking at grad, I start getting my remarks together early in the year, so that I can edit and practice.

In October of this year I started thinking of a word that describes the class of 2012, after awhile it came to me. When I look at these students sitting on the stage at this time, one word comes to mind, “terminal.” Please stay with me while I explain! This celebration represents the end of your journey in public education. Some of you might come back to us to upgrade a course or two, but for the vast majority of you the journey has terminated. However, there is another meaning of the word, terminals refers to where you board an airplane to begin your journey, and that is also what I see when I look at you on this stage, 76 young men and women awaiting the beginning of a new journey. For some of

•Mayor’s message•



o the Graduates of 2012

Well, naturally, I am going to say “Congratulations” and wish you the best in the months and years ahead. But there is much more I would like to say and hope that some of it will benefit you as you make decisions for life. Having just passed a

major hurdle, you can be justly proud of completing a grueling four years of study. And if youʼre in the top 10% it took more than a little work. It is the work ethic that you nurture and use to advantage that will set you out ahead of the pack. Some of you could be contemplating a little break from study. Be careful and donʼt be seduced by the siren call of easy money. Moneyʼs nice but if you choose immediate gratification in place of long-term preparation there could be regrets in five or ten years. And if you do take that time off to work, donʼt get sucked into buying a new pickup or dirt bike or quad or some other frivolous object. Make a deal with

your parents to pay them rent and board and save your money. Itʼll come in very handy when you finally settle on a career. So many exciting options are out there! An entry-level job in one of the local industries could be very tempting. If that is what you want, give it all youʼve got. On the other hand, if you invest in some solid postsecondary training leading to trade certification, your chances of a satisfying life-time career are greatly enhanced. And if university is your goal, try to keep out of student debt. Whatever your choice, be sure itʼs what you want. Give it your best. Make your teachers proud to have had a part in your success.

you, that is college or university, for others training in a trade, some will go to work, and others will travel before deciding your path. So, please keep in mind, as you sit there looking out at the crowd who came to celebrate your achievement, when you step off this stage you have not just completed high school, but that this stage is the terminal to your new journey. Also, please remember that the best journeys not only offer new challenges, experiences, opportunities, but also bring you back home. Do not forget that there is a community waiting to hear about all of the exciting new things in your lives. Please stay in touch with us, know that we are proud of you, and we will miss seeing you each day.

Thank you The Graduates of 2012 would like to thank the following for helping to make our graduation a success.

Buds & Baskets Super Valu IGA Chetwynd Echo Coffee Talk Express Recreation Centre Staff Bursary & Scholarship Donors School District Maintanence Chetwynd R.C.M.P. Grad Parents and relatives Grade 11 parent & student volunteers Sherry Mounsey Kathy Sawchuk Candy Wagner Ruth Lagreca

Mr. & Mrs. Tower Leanne McFeeters Shawn Fletcher Ashley Norris Reid Foerter Chris and Lauri Mason Helen Toppin Home Hardware Peace Country Rentals


Fri day, June 29, 2012

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” - Dr. Seuss

Congratulations on your Graduation! It’s just the beginning of so many hopes and dreams. Go ahead and make it happen with the “No-Hassle Tassel” student financing package. Your future is waiting!

C het w y nd Echo

• Valedictorian Speech •

learnt the ropes pretty quickly and after that high school became a blast. Whether it was building race cars in wood shop, learning about the interconnectedness of the planet in biology and its life forms (Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family Genus, Species, yeah) or jamming out in the hallways, there was always something there for us to learn. LINDSAY ROLAND Now here we are today, o w. I t ʼ s h a r d with the knowledge weʼll t o believe that need for whatever path grad is finally we choose to follow. And here. I remember our first maybe some extra things day of Grade 8, walking down the hallways; we all thought we were the coolest kids in town because we were in high school now. That was until we saw the Grade 12s. I remember thinking how accomplished they looked; they were confident, educated, and all their goals and dreams were beginning to fall into place. At that moment, I couldnʼt that seemed a little usewait for graduation. How less at the time (Ahem, cool must it be, to be on trig proofs). But weʼve your way out the door learned valuable life lesthat would lead to your sons, and got a lot of life? Thatʼs what we are advice from people who here to celebrate today; are more experienced the completetion of our than us, so we are feelfirst big stepping stone of ing pretty confident. life and all we have to do And we canʼt forget is walk across this stage. about all the bonds weʼve Getting up here was formed over the years. no easy feat, though. Iʼm not just talking about Living through high the covalent or ionic one school means youʼre either. Some of our going to have to tackle a friendships will last a lifefew demons, so to speak. time, and even though Beginning high school others may fade, we can was a mixture of emo- never forget the great tions for us; exciting, times we had with each intimidating, maybe even other. scary. I have taken away so Itʼs probably a good much, both from my thing our school has only friends and my teachers. four hallways. But we I went into high school


shy, quiet and unsure of what I wanted to do with my life. But from the encouragement of my friends and teachers, I have grown so much as a person. Sports helped me open up and learn how to make friends, now I am not as afraid to talk to a stranger as I used to be. Iʼve learned how to manage my time through the piles of homework, sports and work Iʼve had through the years. But I have to say the best experience of all was just hanging out with my friends in and outside of

“Now here we are today

with the knowledge we’ll need for whatever path we choose to follow.” the classroom. I will carry all the great memories with me for the rest of life, along with the confidence they have given me. Now if you havenʼt had enough sappy stuff already, letʼs get down to our future and what it might bring. I have been trying to find a quote; one that will hopefully give you guys some inspiration for the coming years. There was one by Dr. Seuss, and I think it drives the point home. “Youʼve got brains in your head, and feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. Youʼre on your own,

and you know what you know. You are the guy whoʼll decide where to go. Youʼll be on your way up! Youʼll be seeing great sights! Youʼll join the high fliers who soar to high heights. You wonʼt lag behind, because youʼll have the speed. Youʼll pass the whole gang and youʼll soon take the lead. Wherever you go, you will top all the rest. Today is your day. Your mountain is waiting. So…get on your way.” I think Doctor Seuss hit the nail on the head with that one. Our future is right in front of us, and wherever we go depends on the decisions we will make. You are responsible for you and what you do. You can achieve anything as long as you set your mind to it. The possibilities in our world today are endless, and all we have to do is choose to take the first step. Anything is within your grasp. Now I know you guys have heard this many times before, but the only person who is standing in your way is you. So whether you are going off to university in the fall, taking a year off to work or travel, or not going back to school at all, never stop trying. Never stop working towards your dream. I want to wish everyone the best of luck in the future, but I know youʼre not going to need it. You only live life once guys, so live the best you possibly can and just have fun!

Fri day, June 29, 2012

C het w y nd Echo

• Class Speakers•



“That is why we need to

thank our parents for not giving up and always forgiving us.”


i, Iʼm Caleb and this is Kelsey, and we are representing the class we have been a part of for the past five years. In just a couples minutes, it is going to be time to graduate, and time to start making our own choices, that will affect where we go in our lives, and who we meet. Coming from C.S.S. brings quite a unique experience, and I am glad to say I enjoyed it as a whole.

I remember walking into C.S.S. for the first time and being so terrified of what the next five years would bring. I laugh at myself now for being so scared, because my school years were some of the best years of my life. All the memories each and every one of us have of high school will be remembered and taken through the rest of our lives. Weʼve all been in this situation when you are

telling your parents some hilarious story and they are giving you the serious look, and after you are done, you get the talk about how you shouldnʼt have done thing, shouldnʼt have trashed your car. But, when you look back on them, you realize without these talks, we wouldnʼt be where we are today. That is why we need to thank our parents for not giving up and always forgiving us. I know that everyone from our grad class has a plan, and even if they do not, I am confident that whatever they choose to do is going to leave an impact on the world. We can always look to Mr. Mason for a life lesson, in fact five years ago he had a full head of hair, and five years from now he will probably have none. Just like change is not always what we want, but it is always what makes the person we are. Audrey Hepburn once said, “Nothing is Impossible” the work itself means “Iʼm Possible.” Hepburnʼs statement is relevant to our graduating class because when we first stepped foot into C.S.S. in grade eight, graduation was a unrealistic dream, but here we are sitting in front of all of you achieving the goal we

once thought would never come. What we do after C.S.S. is now decided by us, who we are going to be, and what we are going to do. When we walk out of the C.S.S. for the final time and go our separate ways, I have no doubt that we will make a difference. I know whatever we want in life we will accomplish. We would like to thank all the people that accompanied and supported us through our journey through out high school. We appreciate you attending our school leaving ceremony. And to my fellow graduating classmates, I challenge you to take many risks, and donʼt let fear stop you from being what you want to be.


“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” - Dr. Seuss


Congratulations to Kelsey McFeeters and Kaylin Gansevles on your CSS graduation!

We hope your graduation day was special in every way, and we wish you much luck as you take the next step.


shoot for the

STARS Joshua Crisfield Hailey Dommasch Skylar Hillton Ryan Plambeck

Your diploma is your ticket to a bright future. May it take you far!

Happy Graduation


Fri day, June 29, 2012

C het w y nd Echo

Colton Anderson STANDARD BUS

Josh Courtoreille ROAD N始 BUSH


Nicole Carin-Duff SUPERVALU

Joshua Crisfield CHETWYND REDI MIX

Brenton Cryingman ALL WEST GLASS





Destiny Calahasen TANSI




Courtlyn Henchel WALTER ENERGY

Christopher Campbell BEELYNE

Jesse Curtis


Kaylin Gansevles STANDARD BUS


Fri day, June 29, 2012

C het w y nd Echo

Scott Campbell CO OP PETROLEUM


Meghan Garvey


Hunter Hernstedt SPECTRA




Kove Disher BEELYNE


Skylar Hillton WILDCAT VIDEO

Blaine Gerstel WILDCAT VIDEO

Hope Clement-Saley WALTER ENERGY

Hailey Dommasch BUDS AND BASKETS







Brandon Jeffery WILDCAT VIDEO


Fri day, June 29, 2012


Marlee Martens SUBWAY



C het w y nd Echo

Tristan Kennedy CO OP PETROLEUM

Chace Martin BEELYNE


Halie Stout REMAX


Keenan Martin BEELYNE


Angela Sullivan STANDARD BUS

Jared Krewshewski DOMINOES PIZZA



Adam Totusek REMAX


Kelsey McFeeters TANSI

Marti-Jean Ross IRC CATSHACK


“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. You are the guy who'll decide where to go.” -Dr. Seuss

Fri day, June 29, 2012

C het w y nd Echo




Patine Munroe TIM HORTONS



Jennifer Myslicki




Calum Rounthwaite SPECTRA ENERGY

Keri-Lynn Rousseau BEELYNE

Hunter Russell DIRECT TOWING




“Congratulations! Today is your day. You’re off to Great Places! You’re off and away! -Dr. Seuss


Kayla MacFarlane WALTER ENERGY

Mikala Osborne


Christopher Shirey CO OP PETROLEUM


Fri day, June 29, 2012

The Future Is Yours

As you leave behind the halls of school and enter the real world, we hope the lessons you’ve learned will guide you toward great success. Your hard work and commitment are an inspiration to the students who look up to you, and you’ve made all of us very proud.

Congratulations, graduates. We wish you all the best!

Chetwynd Echo 5016 50th Avenue Chetwynd, BC 250-788-2246 | fan us on Facebook!

C het w y nd Echo


THE FOLLOWING ARE THE BURSARY AND SCHOLARSHIP DONORS AND RECIPIENTS. Bursary/Scholarship (2012) AmountRecipient Aspol Motors $400 Caleb Larsen Canfor $250 Colton Anderson, Sarah Beattie Carol Walker Memorial $300 Nicole Cairn-Duff Cavalier Motivated Athlete $350 Lindsay Roland Catholic Womens League O.L.P. $200 Kayla MacFarlane, Paul Harford Chetwynd Chamber of Commerce $500 Caleb Larsen Chetwynd Community Arts Council $500 Jennifer Myslicki Chetwynd CUPE Local 3052 $500 Hailey Dommasch Chetwynd Forest Industries $500 Paul Harford, Hunter Russell $300 Chetwynd and District Minor Hockey $250 Colton Anderson, Lindsay Roland, Chris Campbell, Destiny Calahasen, Spencer Gover Chetwynd Karate Club $1000 Hunter Russell Chetwynd Masonic Lodge $500 Arik Lirette, Jared Cupples CSS Parent Advisory Committee $200 Sarah Neale, Lindsay Roland, KelseyMcFeeters, Jennifer Myslicki, Nicole Cairn- Duff Chetwynd Teacherʼs Association 2 @$500 Sara Goldie, Paul Harford Chetwynd Firefighters $750 Arik Lirette Communications Energy& Paper Workers $500 Keagan Wark Union Local 449 Darren Patershut Memorial CSS Bursary $500 Tanner Dalke District of Chetwynd Bursary $1000 Jim Tse Don Titus Elementary School $500 Calum Rounthwaite Don Titus PAC $250 Jim Tse Dokie School PAC $200 Meghan Garvey Duz Cho 2 @ $500 Kelsey McFeeters, Kaylin Gansevles Chetwynd Elks Lodge #500 $1000 Paul Harford, Hunter Russell Hospital Employees Union $150 Kayla MacFarlane, Lindsay Roland Inland Auto Centre $300 Brenton Cryingman Lakeview Credit Union $4000 Lindsay Roland Chetwynd Lions Club $500 Sarah Neale Little Giant Figure Skating $200 Kaylin Gansevles Little Prairie Elementary School $500 Travis Stevens Little Prairie Parent Advisory Committee $250 Lindsay Roland, Kaylin Gansevles Moccasin Flats Metis 4 @ $500 Kelsey McFeeters, Kaylin Gansevles,, Emily Wark, Sarah Beattie. Spectra 4 @$1000 Jared Cupples, Tanner Dalke, Caleb Larsen, Calum Rounthwaite. Standard Bus Contracting Ltd. 2 @ $500 Angela Sullivan, Hunter Russell SD 59 Principals and Vice-Principals $1000 Paul Harford Talisman $500 Lindsay Roland, Sara Goldie, Colton Anderson Timberline Motors $300 Calum Rounthwaite Trent Richardson Memorial 2 @ $500 Tanner Dalke, Jim Tse Walter Energy $1000 Jim Tse Windrem Elementary $500 Kelsey McFeeters Dogwood District Scholarships 5 @ $1000 Hailey Dommasch, Kaylin Gansevles, Paul Harford, Lindsay Roland, Emily Wark. I.W.A Scholarship $1000 Sarah Beattie School District 59 Claude Galibois $1000 Hailey Dommasch Dave Nybakken Technology Scholarship $1000 Arik Lirette

Fri day, June 29, 2012

C het w y nd Echo



History 12 – Lindsay Roland Law 12—Colton Anderson, Talyor Duriaux Communications 12—Ryan Plambeck English 12—Paul Harford Math 12—Cole Comeau Biology 12—Lindsay Roland Chemistry 12—Lindsay Roland Physics 12—Paul Harford Warner Wilson Senior Sciences—Lindsay Roland Digital Media Programming—Arik Lirette Digital Media Animation—Jesse Curtis Cal Cameron Visual Artist—Jennifer Myslicki, Alyssa Zimmerman Top Work Experience—Sarah Henry Senior Foods—Paul Harford, Jim Tse, Jesse Curtis, Micheal Ritter Motivated Athlete—Lindsay Roland Senior Male Athlete—Tanner Dalke, Caleb Larsen Top Applied Arts and Science—Jennifer Myslicki Top Academic Arts and Science—Lindsay Roland Vice Principals and Principals—Kaylin Gansevles, Skylar Hillton, Kelsey McFeeters, Lindsay Roland

• Advice to the Grads•

“Always we hear the cry from teenagers: what can we do? Where can we go? My answer is: Go home, mow the lawn, wash the windows, learn to cook, build a raft, get a job, visit the sick, study your lessons and after youʼve finished, read a book. Your town does not owe you recreational facilities and your parents do not owe you fun. The world does not owe you a living - you owe the world something. You owe it your time, energy and talent to that no one will be at war, in poverty or sick and lonely again. In other words, grow up, stop being a cry baby get out of your dream world and develop a backbone, not a wishbone. Start behaving like a responsible person. You are important and you are needed. Itʼs too late to sit around and wait for somebody to do something someday. Someday is now and somebody is you.” – Northland College NZ principal John Tapene (via Arlene Williams)

“The truth that life will not be easy but filled with moments of great joy that should be savoured, that everything worth having is worth working for. None of this 'first rung on the ladder, the future is yours' garbage.” – Jeremy Hainsworth, Vancouver BC

“Life is short. Embrace every opportunity you're given. Don't burn too many bridges. Be thankful. But most importantly, stand up for what you believe in and never EVER stop being yourself.” – Alyssa Bond, Chetwynd ,BC

“There are no mistakes, just life lessons... what you learn from it and do about it is more important than the stumble.” - Reinisa MacLeod, Chetwynd, BC “Go to College or University!” - Sarah Laws, Kamloops BC

“Neither a borrower nor a lender be, For loan oft loses both itself and friend, / And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry." Hamlet 1.3.75–77” - Gus Ruiter, Chetwynd BC 1. Don't hit SEND. 2. The written word is a poor medium for sarcasm 3. If you're not scared you're not improving. 4. Don't ever start paying for drugs. 5. Revenge is for children and the emotionally retarded

Congratulations Meghan Garvey! Well done! We are very proud of you. Love Mom, Dad & Mackenzie xxxooo

Graduation 2012

Graduation Day is one of those milestones everyone strives to achieve and it should be cherished.

Graduation is the time of life when young people enter into the adult world and either carry on to post secondary education to pursue a degree, trades training or they may choose to go directly into the workforce. Whatever choice you make, I know that you can look forward to a BLAIR LEKSTROM, MLA South BlairRiver LEKSTROM wonderful career in the years Peace Minister of Transportation & MLA Peace River South Infrastructure ahead. Canada is a land without limitations and opportunities abound for those who wish to pursue them. Enjoy graduation and look ahead to an exciting and rewarding life.

- Chris Marchand, Dryden Ontario

Don’t forget to take a moment and say “thank you” to your family and friends for their support over the years.

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Fri day, June 29, 2012

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Outdoors group stumble upon 1972 plane wreckage

From left, Leisa Stanyer, Roseanne Keim Deanna Haugen and Kristin Atherton rest by the wreckage.

BY LIZ BROWN Chetwynd Echo Reporter –––––––––––––– MT WARTENBE – The ChetwyndOutdoors Society embarked on a historical hike and bike in early May to Mount Wartanbe. Mount Wartanbe provides scenic vistas of Lone Prairie’s vast landscape and hosts wreckage from a fatal plane crash occurring in the seventies. The roughly 20 participants consisted of outdoor enthusiasts, explorers, history buffs and a pilot.

The crew hiked, biked and quaded up the trail until they were forced into dense forest where the remaining debris lay scattered on the ground and twisted amongst the trees. Pieces of wings, wires tangled like yarn, control switches and mechanical parts littered the forest. Superstition hovers around pilots attending crash sites and it keeps many away from even reading about such incidents. It didn’t keep flight instructor and pilot Jon Thomson from the crash.

Hiking for History

“ J u s t T h e curiosity. It Chetwynd is a pretty Echo archives Not one whole recorded the sobering site just to see a body was found, plane crash in small crash. an issue But I guess idenfication was d a t e d made by rings We d n e s d a y I’m just curious in a nonJuly 12, 1972. and wallets. m o r b i d The crash way,” said occurred on Thomson. Saturday July Thomson 8, 1972. In the provided insight to vari- article, the plane is ous parts of the plane and described as “an executive also made a possible cor- turbo-prop Cessna 421”, rection to the initial news- but after finding an engine paper write up during the at the site, Thomson said time of the accident. the plane was a six cylin-

Above, Roseanne Keim digs through the wreckage.

Photos by Liz Brown

der Continental 520 cubic engine. “It is absolutely 100 per cent a piston engine. The construction of the piston is completely different,” said Thomson. The article reported six men who flew into the side of Mount Wartanbe and crashed at 3,500 feet, dying on impact. Persons involved in the crash were pilot Douglas Russell Gant, 47, Gordon Douglas Morrison, 40 from Edmonton; John Howard Marshall 28, from St. Albert, Alberta, and the

remaining three were mining engineers from Australia: Maurice Guddard, 32, Charles Lilly, 40, and Ashley Barton 28. “Three bodies were found in or near the wrecked fuselage while the others were scattered over a wide area. One witness said not one whole body was found, identification was made by rings and wallets,” said the article. Bodies were recovered Please see "POOR," page 15

C het w y nd Echo

Poor visibility caused crash Continued from page 14

with the help of RCMP and Search and Rescue and sent to Vancouver on Monday for Coroner’s inquest Tuesday. The plane was en route from Edmonton to Chetwynd to perform a coal feasibility study in the Sukunka River Valley and was meant to land at about 9:30am. During the flight, there were reports of ‘poor visibility’ over the radio. “If we knew what the cause of the crash was, which I think was weather, then you know we can maybe apply that to our own decision making process and become better pilots and try not to make the same mistakes,” said Thomson. Roughly ten years ago, Wayne Aselson found the crash site when he and his friends were hunting in the area. He saw seats

strewn everywhere and a motor, which he managed to pack out with him. The same weekend of the Wartanbe crash, a plane went down in Mackenzie, taking another two lives in the span of two days. After the hike, Thomson further researched the Cessna 421 and later posted to the Chetwynd Outdoors Society a link with more information. “They were manufactured between 67 and 85, so the one on the mountain was maximum five years old when it crashed,” he said. “It’s just interesting that it all survived for 40 years. At one point the wreckage burned, that much is true.” The hikers continued past the crash to the top of Mount Wartanbe until the wind beckoned them back to shelter.

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Fri day, June 29, 2012



Carbon Creek Coal Mine under environmental assessment

BY LIZ BROWN Chetwynd Echo Reporter –––––––––––––– CHETWYND – During Monday’s council meeting, the District presented an email from the Environmental Assessment Office requesting their presence at a midJuly group meeting to assist with the Environmental assessment of Cardero Coal’s proposed Carbon Creek mining project. Project assessment manager Gerry Hamblin of EAO wrote: “The Environmental Assessment Office would like to establish a working group of federal, provincial, local government and First Nation representatives to assist EAO with the environmental assessment and to hold an introductory working group meeting in Chetwynd, preferable in mid-late July, subject to the members; avail-

Garden grant

BY LIZ BROWN Chetwynd Echo Reporter –––––––––––––– CHETWYND – The Sukunka Group was excited to receive grant approval from the District

ability.” Cardero Coal Ltd. is proposing the development of a coal mine that will average production of 2.9 million metric tones of clean coal per year. The site rests 40 km West of Hudson’s Hope at the 77-kilometre mark of Johnson Creek Road. Cardero’s website states: “The company plans to produce a hard coking coal, a semi-soft coking coal and a PCI product. The company plans to continue with exploration drilling aimed at expanding the current resource base and advancing the Carbon Creek assets towards a production decision.” On Feb. 29, three young members of the Saulteau First Nations reserve camped out along Johnson Creek and vowed to stay camped until the spring in protest to the development of the mine. Nancy Curry, corporate commu-

for $30, 000 this spring. The money will go towards the community garden project and the Healing Garden. The community garden is expected to be in operation by spring 2013. The garden will exist in the field adjacent to the Rodeo Exhibition Grounds. The $15,000 will go towards the developing, planning

nications representative told the Chetwynd Echo in March in response to the First Nations camped protest “I’m a bit surprised by it because we’re not even working right now.” One of the protesters concerns was if the area experienced another flood like 2011’s. “Say a big rain comes like last summer…the wash over is going to go directly into Carbon Lake,” Nathan Parenteau told the Chetwynd Echo on March 30th. But the proposed project is moving forward and Hamblin said in the email that the meeting would touch on “an overview of the proposed project and the draft Application Information Requirements,” along with outlining timelines and next steps. Council was left to decide on a date and determine who would attend the meeting.

of community garden plots and setting up the mobile kitchen onsite. The horse manure from the Rodeo Exhibition Grounds will be the garden’s main source of fertilization. The garden will be available for people in the Chetwynd community who would otherwise not have a plot of land to garden with. The mobile

kitchen will be a teaching vehicle, allowing lectures on food storage, cooking, prep, etc. to take place onsite. The other $15,000 was given to help fund the project coordinator for the hospital’s Healing Garden. The project coordinator is responsible for planning and maintaining the garden for hospital patients.

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Fri day, June 29, 2012

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Free English Practice Mondays 9:30 am at Northern Lights College and Wednesdays at 5:30 pm at the Chetwynd Public Library Call 250-788-2559 Chetwynd Breastfeeding Support Network meets every Tuesday at 9:30 a.m at the Chetwynd Public Library. Little Giant Air Cadets Mondays at 6:30pm at the Royal Canadian Legion. Ages 12-18. Come on out!

Taking Off Pounds Sensibly (TOPS) meets every Wednesday at 6 p.m. at the Pine Valley Seniors Centre Call 250-788-9563

Pine Valley Seniors Hall weekly activities including Cribbage, Whist, Bingo and Carpet Bowling. Call Anita at 788-5838 for more info. Chetwynd Society for Community Living Board Meeting. First

Wednesday of each month.

Chetwynd Minor Hockey Early Bird Registration June 19, 20 and 26 6-8 pm at the Chetwynd Recreation Centre.

Youth Group for ages 13-18. Mondays 7 pm - 8pm. Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church. Call 250-4017201

Baby’s Best Chance Pregnancy Outreach Program Drop in : Mondays 12 - 2. Weekly Group Sessions Wednesdays 11 am-1pm. Located at Kici.

L O C A L S PO T L I G H T CANADA DAY PARADE JULY 1 11 AM TO REGISTER CONTACT THE CHAMBER Ca tod ll Th e eve ay w Ech i o pu nt an th yo bli sh d we ur f or it ’l FR here l EE !

Paddle for the Peace July 14 2012 Noon at the Halfway River Bridge, Hwy 29. After paddle activities 2 pm at Bear Flats. Music Jam to follow

Anyone interested in learning beginner stained glass mosiac classes, please call 250-788-5603.

Chetwynd Chamber of Commerce “The voice of local business” Phone: 250 788 3345 Fax 250 788 3655 Box 870 Chetwynd, B.C V0C 1JO

We wish everyone a safe and happy Canada Day weekend!

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Fri day, June 29, 2012



JUNE 24 Sherry Stringfield, Actress (45) JUNE 25 Ricky Gervais, Comedian (51) JUNE 26 Derek Jeter, Athlete (38)

JUNE 27 Lorrie Morgan, Singer (53) JUNE 28 John Cusack, Actor (48)

JUNE 29 Gary Busey, Actor (68) JUNE 30 Michael Phelps, Athlete (27)

ARIES - Mar 21/Apr 20 Aries, you could find yourself daydreaming this week, which will only make an important decision even harder to make. You need to focus, or the week will be wasted.

TAURUS - Apr 21/May 21 Common sense may be what you use to operate, Taurus, but this week a little imagination and spontaneity could be the secret to achieving great success in the next few days.

GEMINI - May 22/Jun 21 Be careful with whom you share your goals, Gemini. While there just may be a few copycats who want to steal your thunder, you could find a promotion is stolen away as well. CANCER - Jun 22/Jul 22 Cancer, explore new ways of doing things this week, especially in your professional life. There's always room to grow and a new perspective might make things easier.

LEO - Jul 23/Aug 23 Leo, be careful of a misstep when you move into new territory. Don't leak information before you have fully developed the ideas, or things could get tricky.

VIRGO - Aug 24/Sept 22 Cosmic fog is clouding your reality, Virgo. It is unlikely you will be able to make a sound decision, so it is best to wait a while before tackling difficult or life-altering projects.

LIBRA - Sept 23/Oct 23 Libra, there is no time for daydreaming right now. There's simply too much to get done. Start on small tasks and build up to the larger ones.

SCORPIO - Oct 24/Nov 22 Sometimes the best growth comes from not knowing where you're heading, Scorpio. While you may want to have a game plan, let creative energy drive you instead.

SAGITTARIUS - Nov 23/Dec 21 Sagittarius, though right now you can probably get away with saying whatever comes into your mind, it's better to stick to the subject at hand. Censor yourself a little. CAPRICORN - Dec 22/Jan 20 Capricorn, a fear of failure may override your ambition. Don't let these feelings compromise your plan for doing something new and different.

AQUARIUS - Jan 21/Feb 18 Aquarius, it can be a little challenging to figure out what is bothering you, but be patient. The truth will be revealed in due time. Focus on something else. PISCES - Feb 19/Mar 20 Pisces, you may have some unfinished business to complete, but it won't get done right away. Focus on the task at hand.

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Founded in 2003, Aleet Signs & Graffix is Chetwynd's largest sign company covering a wide range of options from building signage and vehicle decals to large scale full colour digital printing. Owned and operated by Sandi Shook, Aleet Signs specializes in graphic design, installation and service on all types of promotional signs. They also provide vinyl lettering, decals, logo design, truck and fleet graphics, banners, plywood signs, billboards, display signs and building signs. They presently service many of the local oilfield, pipeline, coal mine, logging and construction industries. Aleet Signs is made up of a dynamic team – Shook and her colleague Delena Nelson – with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in signage production and digital print management. Wherever possible they have proactively sought new technologies and opportunities, and by adopting these into their South Access Road workshop they have stayed at the forefront of their industry. Most recently they introduced the SummaDC4 printer to their inventory. Aleet Signs prides themselves on challenges, innovation and their creative atmosphere. With a purpose-built workshop located above Shookʼs Xtreme Performance it gives them the ability to handle any job no matter the size. And because they are 100 per cent locally owned and operated, customers donʼt have to worry about ordering and shipping costs. Aleet Signs & Graffix is located at 4805 South Access Road in Chetwynd BC. They are open Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm 250-788-3974.


Come and refill your bottle anytime with the 24 hour fill station Valley Pure Water 4616 N Access Rd Specializing in Commercial Deliveries

Please be advised that the hours of operation for the Recycling Depot are as follows: Sunday Mo nday Tues day Wednes day Thurs day Fri day Saturday

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Fri day, June 29, 2012

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Kinuseo Falls is ready for its closeup

BY TRENT ERNST Tumbler Ridge News –––––––––––––– TUMBLER RIDGE – “We finally landed a major Hollywood production into the Northeast!” says an ebullient Clint Fraser. Fraser does Strategic Planning and Marketing for Northern BC Tourism. As part of that, one of Fraser’s jobs is location scouting for movies for

the BC Film Commission. He’s been working for months with the production crew for Seventh Son on securing a location, and, after extensive scouting, they have chosen Kinuseo Falls as the scene of an important battle in the movie. Fraser says that, while the location manager looked waterfalls across the province and even down into the states, they

kept coming back to Kinuseo Falls. “They asked what the falls looked like now, not in summer, when everything was perfect. I kept warning them that the water was high and it would be cold, but it sounds like the director really wanted to film at a real waterfall, rather than insert a CG waterfall in post production.” After a preliminary

location scout by a local photographer (ahem), members of the crew came to scout the waterfall. Fraser said they must have liked what they saw, because they chose to go film there. “The guy says Please see "KINUSEO," page 30



The next regular meeting of the Peace River Regional District Board has been re-scheduled to 10 a.m. Wednesday July 11, 2012 at the Peae River Regional District Office, 1981 Alaska Avenue, Dawson Creek, BC. Members of the public are invited to attend. Karen Goodings, Chair

Fred Banham, CAO


Notice is hereby given that the Regional Board of the Peace River Regional District intends to consider Zoning Amendment By-law No. 2019, 2012, for Third Reading at their Board Meeting on July 11, 2012, to be held at PRRD offices located at 1981 Alaska Avenue in Dawson Creek, BC.

This summer could be a scorcher.

Proposal: Zoning Amendment By-law No. 2019 2012, proposes to rezone District Lot 2020, PRD, from A-2 (Large Agricultural Holdings) to R-5 (Residential 5 Zone), as illustrated below, to accommodate its subdivision into two rural residential lots.

Nearly half of all wildfir wildfires es in British C Columbia olumbia ar e caused b y human car elessness. Please Please prevent prevent are by carelessness. and rreport eport wildfir es. T o rreport eport a wildfir e, wildfires. To wildfire, call *5555 on yyour our cell. cell. F or mor e inf ormation, visit For more information, emer This notice is in general form only. A copy of the proposed amendment bylaw and relevant background documents may be reviewed in detail, between the hours of 8:30 am to 12:00 noon and 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, at the Peace River Regional District office, located at 1981 Alaska Avenue, Dawson Creek, BC. Any inquiries, comments or concerns should be referred to the Development Services Department, by calling 784-3200 or 1-800-670-7773, fax: 1-250-784-3201. Fred Banham, CAO


Fri day, June 29, 2012

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C het w y nd Echo

This spot could be yours for $10/week. Includes centre spot rotation. Call Naomi today 250-788-2246 CUSTOM FRAMING

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Fri day, June 29, 2012

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Labours Eve


Prenatal Classes offered in Chetwynd. Call to register! Visit us on Facebook

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Fri day, June 29, 2012

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Kinuseo one of the top three locations in Northern BC Continued from page 27

to me ‘wow we couldn’t believe how many people were out there. We passed at least 30 boats. At the falls alone there were 15,’” says Fraser. “I told him that was what it was like on the weekend, but it would be far less busy during the middle of the week. Fraser sees a couple dozen film scripts each year, and is asked to pitch possible locations. “A lot of times, they’ll send us

the script, but from here I’m just working on what the Location Manager told me.” Fraser says that Kinuseo is one of three locations in Northern BC that the producers have been considering. While he’s not sure the other two locations will pan out (as the production is about to wrap up), he’s excited that Northern BC was chosen for the movie. “They went everywhere. They’ve been all over the globe.

They looked high low long and hard for this particular waterfall scene. We’ve been working with them for two and half months, and it’s so great to have landed this.” While filming was only expected to last a couple of days, Fraser says this is one of the biggest productions to come to Northern BC. “We’ve had some pretty major proPlease see "SHOOTING," page 33

A major Hollywood production company has fallen in love with Kinuseo Falls.

Photo by Trent Ernst

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BC Hydro is notifying marine users of the Williston Reservoir of the placement of a yellow scientific buoy about 500 metres upstream of the W.A.C. Bennett Dam, between the spillway and intake structure at approximately Lat. 56.01911, Long. -122.213287. This wind and wave data collection buoy is yellow and is marked with a flashing yellow light. The buoy will be deployed as of July 2012 and will remain over at least two open water seasons. Mariners are requested to keep clear of the buoy and exercise caution when navigating in the area.

Credit Cards Accepted!

For further general information about the buoy, please contact us at 250 561 4858, or email


Anyone with navigational concerns regarding this buoy or location can contact Transport Canada’s Navigable Waters Protection Program at 604 775 8868.

Ph. 1-877-962-4262 to speak directly to a cleaning technician for your appointment

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Fri day, June 29, 2012

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Remembering the events of one year ago: The Flood The Mayor’s Report


with Merlin Nichols

t’s time to remember again. Just one year ago as we were basking in the dream of a sunny summer we were visited by the awesome spectacle of days of unrelenting rain. The good earth absorbed as much as it could (bless the earth) and, when it could take no more, it released its load of water, sand, silt, stones, and trees on an unsuspecting community. Though carved by success as is Chetwynd, the floods of June 2011, would have done us in were it not for the heroic efforts of District staff and scores of unsung volunteers who committed themselves and their heavy equipment to saving our homes, businesses, and infrastructure. Local contractors stayed with the town for the duration turning down all other lucrative opportunities. Fortis BC left a crew in town for a week just to be ready if the flood caused a gas-line rupture. So many owe so much to so few! We can’t name all the scores of people who worked heroically to save our town, but we’ll mention a few. For starters, Rob and Paul shared countless hours managing, directing, and supporting staff and contractor efforts. Their sleepless efforts paid off by reducing flood impact to our

community; their work goes on now in recovery and reconstruction activities. Early in the event, our water and sewer systems were on the brink of collapse under the pressure of tons of muddy water. Water levels in the towers were dropping fast in spite of pumps running on full output. To save the town and our ability to fight a fire, the Mayor ordered a complete shutoff of town water at the towers. Staff labored on like sailors in a sinking ship until, finally, in desperation, the pumps were silenced. In the ensuing quiet an unusual sound could be heard. It was traced to a valve stuck in the open position; the system was saved. Water levels slowly climbed back to normal. You would have thought that would be enough. But it wasn’t; not by a fireman’s hat. The low-lift pump in the river was now completely submerged under nine feet of swirling, turbid water, drowned, and out of commission, barely resisting the battering of trees as they rushed along in the muddy torrent. Friday night a level-two emergency was declared (remember the three levels of emergency?) but even then the magnitude of the impending disaster could not be known – but some guessed. Sometime in the middle of the night one of our resident equipment owners volunteered all of his equipment for free (he was paid, of course) – a remarkable gesture of good citizenship!

By Saturday morning we knew we were caught up in the vortex of a century event. With power lost on Wabi Hill, all internal communication was cut off. Monitoring of the vital systems became next to impossible. Al was run off his feet – literally. To the rescue came a gang of temporary student workers with walkie-talkies: “Go to sewer station; read dial; call me; adjust setting; go to pump house; read dial; call me; adjust setting. Now go…” And so it went, hour after long and soggy hour, for the duration. Heroes without names! So many owe so much to so few! And there was the little red excavator that could. For 18 hours without a break, like a mosquito on an elephant, it perched on the berm and kept the water flowing in the right direction. We don’t even know the identity of the operator but he saved a lot of stuff from watery destruction. As the crisis wore on and the water continued its dirty work of destruction, District staff had to take turns at the controls of contractors’ equipment from time to time to give the operators an opportunity to limber stiff muscles, replenish their personal fuel supplies, and take care of other pressing needs. Day and night, young people guarded the south access to the industrial subdivision to prevent unauthorized access. It was a time of bonding for everyone as we experienced the

Please see "WORK," page 33

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Fri day, June 29, 2012

C het w y nd Echo

The Archie’s Ball Team would like to wholeheartedly thank all of the sponsors, volunteers & participants who contributed an outstanding $17,400 towards seniors and the hospital needs. Archieʼs 11th Annual Ray Cunningham Memorial Charity Golf Golf Tournament Special thanks to the Ray Cunningham family for the generous $1500.00 donation given in Rayʼs memory.

Thank you to the Club House Staff; Linda, Nicole, Mario, Brittney & Vanessa for the support & service.

Thanks to all the participants & all "The Archieʼs” & helpers who assisted in the tournament. Special thanks to Brian Nousek for providing safe rides home.

Archieʼs 11th Annual Charity Slopitch Tournament

A huge thanks to the 9 teams that participated in this event and to all the spectators who came out to cheer on the players. Thanks to "The Recycle Man - Joe Dempsey" and teams for the ballpark cleanup. A&W AIM Ventures All West Glass B.J.'s Furniture & Feed Bob Lasser Bryan & Teresa Cunningham Buds & Baskets Buffalo Aerial Services BUMP Contracting Ltd C and T Logging Canfor CE Franklin Chet TV Channel 40 Chetwynd Echo Chetwynd Glass Chetwynd Petroleums Chetwynd Redi Mix Coffee Talk Express Crowfeather's Store Days Inn Dennis Hart Dody Wood Dragon Palace Duz Cho Construction Fields Store

Thank you to these sponsors: Gear-O-Rama Supply Great Canadian Oil Change Hart Hi-Way Laundromat Home Hardware Hub International Barton Insurance I.G.A. IRC Catshack JA Shannon Trucking Jacked Up Slopitch Team JD Road Maintenance Jim Gayse Jim & Robyn Parrish Joe Dempsey Johnson Rad & Muffler Kal Tire Kat & Lindy Hendrickson Ken Crowle / Picture Plus Gallery Lakeview Inn & Suites Lonestar Sporting Goods Maple Leaf Loading Murray's Pub & Kitchen Murray Swanson/Jigger Brew Holdings Natural Springs Golf Resort Nevada Bobs

North Country Rebuilders Northern Industrial Sales Northern Oasis Car Paul Paquette & Sons Contracting Peace Country Rentals Peace FM 94.5 Peoples Drug Mart Pomeroy Inn & Suites Robert's Towing & Recovery Royal LePage Sand Source SMS Equipment Socket's Automotive Repairs Steward Services Ltd Sundance Enterprises Super Valu Tara Strachan Tembec Tim Horton's Track West Trucking Valley Pure Water Wilma Richardson Woodlands Diner Xstrata Coal Young's Mills


Shooting in summer unique for BC C het w y nd Echo

Continued from page 30

ductions up here: Eight Below and Insomnia and The Grey, but I’d say this is one of the largest overall budget features that we’ve seen in the region.” Northern BC’s movie industry is heavily tied into the production base of Vancouver, which is the thirdlargest production centre for movies. “We’re essentially the off-set location for productions out of there. It’s very rare that we’re getting something here that isn’t based out of Vancouver. They come up here for the more dramatic locations.” The big surprise for Fraser is the fact that the movie features Kinuseo Falls in Summer. “In the north, where we see a lot of our activity, a lot of the interest is in snow locations. We’re positioned well, because

we have more snow for more of the year. We have a real competitive advantage for winter scenes. It’s not often that we see a movie looking at us for a summer location, so the fact that they’re shooting at Kinuseo now is unique.” Fraser says that while there are not movies being filmed in the north all the time, they do provide a worthwhile economic boost. “It’s estimated that they spend on average about $150,000/day in the local economy, so it’s time worth investing. It’s not like you land one a week, but if you get one a year, that’s really good value.” Fraser says he’s excited that the movie is filming in Tumbler Ridge. “It’s different. It’s not something that happens every day in Tumbler Ridge, and I think it’s an exciting thing.”

Work to restore damage not done Continued from page 31

power of a united stand against the enemy. Even the Ministry rose to the occasion with an unexpected e-mail authorizing the use of heavy equipment in Windrem Creek. An opportunity not to be ignored! Two huge excavators, the biggest in town, were immediately dispatched to clear the creek of debris, trees, and other impediments to the free flow of water. Windrem Creek is now a free-flowing stream, much more able to carry the flow than it has been in living memory. Our neighbouring town of Tumbler Ridge (thank you Tumbler) remembered Chetwynd’s help during its time of danger in the great fire of a couple years ago. Said Tumbler, “Chetwynd was here for us in the fire; we’ll be there for you in the flood” and it offered its vac truck in our emergency. This is the reason for having neighbours. Each for all; all for each. We’ll help without expecting reward. Leo, the commander of the rescue efforts did the

paper work that ensured that we would be financially reimbursed for emergency expenditures in the millions. His work didn’t end when the water stopped falling. For days after he laboured on to cross all the eyes and put the dots where they belonged to satisfy the insatiable appetite in Victoria for marks on paper. Because of his labours, people who worked to save our town have been paid at fair market value for their hours of work. Through the crisis, from beginning to end, CAO Doug was the quiet moral support for the exhausted workers. Never interfering, yet always there to lend an ear and supporting encouragement, he cheered on the army defending our homes and businesses from the implacable enemy. We’re not done yet. Approximately two million in reconstruction may happen this summer to restore our streets and bridges to their former glory. Give our workers a thumbs-up as coming and going you meet them.

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We are The Bargain! Shop, a dynamic general merchandise retailer with 229 stores operating nationwide in Canada. We are currently looking for a motivated and results driven Keyholder to be part of our Super Friendly team in Chetwynd, BC BC..

Keyholder You You have have the the flexibility flexibility to to work work evenings evenings and and weekends, weekends, have have general experience, general retail retail e xperience, sstrong trong communication communication skills, skills, and and the the ability ability to work environment. Responsibilities to w ork in in a fast fast paced paced multi-task multi-task e nvironment. R esponsibilities include manager allll areas off sstore include assisting assisting the the m anager in in a areas o tore operations operations including including but but not not limited limited to: to: sales, sales, expenses, expenses, sshrinkage, hrinkage, profitability, profitability, customer customer service, service, inventory, inventory, merchandising, merchandising, and and freight. freight. We offer offer competitive competitive wages, wages, merchandise merchandise discounts, discounts, o pportunities We opportunities for growth, growth, and and a fun fun w ork e nvironment. for work environment. Please apply in person at: The Bargain! Shop 5300 - North Access Rd, Chetwynd, BC V0C 1J0 w

Fri day, June 29, 2012


JOB POSTING SFN – BC Hydro Liaison Technician Full Time 1 Year Term Position

PURPOSE: The successful candidate acts as a liaison between BC Hydro (BCH) and Saulteau First Nations (SFN) and performs a variety of roles to support the SFN. The successful applicant shall assist Chief and Council, Lands staff and Community members understand the Site “C” and other BC Hydro projects and assist in ensuring that these projects are conducted in a sustainable manner and in the best interests of the SFN. KEY ACTIVITIES: • Working closely with Chief and Council and Lands staff to ensure that the SFN are fully engaged and participates in the Site “C” and Environmental Assessment processes • Providing recommendations on BCHʼs projects to Chief and Council and Lands staff regarding potential impacts and mitigation measures with respect to the SFN Treaty and Aboriginal Rights • Ensuring all work is completed in a safe manner in accordance with policies and procedures • Developing and maintaining positive working relationships, conducting thorough consultation with Community members including Elders and Youth, and researching information on the proposed projects QUALIFICATIONS: • Minimum resource management degree, diploma or equivalent and five or more years field and project management experience and must be able to demonstrate abilities to liaise with both BCH and the SFN; • Excellent knowledge of the SFNʼs Treaty and Aboriginal rights and interests; • Excellent public relations and oral, written and interpersonal communication skills; • Demonstrated ability to work in a team environment and willingness to learn new skills: • Well developed planning and organizational abilities; • Able to deal tactfully with sensitive issues and maintain confidentiality of discussions and records; • Able to type and efficiently and effectively utilize a personal computer; • Able to Use Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Publisher; • Possess a BC class 5 drivers license and his/her own reliable transportation; and • Able to travel

SALARY AND BENEFITS: • Dependent on qualifications and experience • Comprehensive benefits package available after probationary period Closing Date: Wednesday, July 4, 2012 at 4:30 pm

Please submit cover letter and resume, including 3 references to:

Human Resources Saulteau First Nations PO Box 1020, Chetwynd, BC V0C-1J0 Email:

For further information and job description, please feel free to contact or Rick Publicover (email: or Fernie Garbitt (email:


Fri day, June 29, 2012



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