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Showbiz Success: the Chet Holmes Way If success had a face, it would be Chet Holmes’. He has managed to grow professionally from a regular sales consultant to America’s top marketer. Then he teamed up with Tony Robbins and has created Business Breakthroughs International –one of the top business training and coaching company. This January he’s preparing the premiere of his latest musical, Emily’s Song. Some may ask: is there anything Chet Holmes can’t do? Chet Holmes Probably not, but all success has a story behind it. Showbiz success is glamorous, glitzy and would make anyone think of Hollywood, the Walk of Fame and the Academy Awards. For Chet Holmes, as writer and producer, it means having business acumen and applying his top principle: working smarter, not harder. Emily’s Song is a fine example of such a precise combination of talents and it maps out the show biz success in Chet Holmes’ own way. The story is deeply authentic and moving. An orphan girl raised by her father loses him at the age of 10, when he mysteriously disappears. From here, the girl’s “from rags to riches” story evolves with ease and in such a smooth way that it has credibility and people can identify with her and her torments. Chet Holmes It could have been a great Hollywood movie… and it almost was. LeAnn Rimes was approached to play the main character and production was ongoing, when Chet Holms halted it and turned the story from a movie into a musical. In this way, Emily’s evolution from a destitute orphan to a pop star is pinpointed with wonderful songs, most of which were written and composed by Chet Holmes and his songwriting daughter Amanda. Taking a great subject away from Hollywood and offering it to the stage instead was a daring move, but it is known that success favors the courageous. But people love live performances, because they have a greater feeling of connection with the actors on stage, than with an image on the screen. And the results measured up to the risk taken: the premiere of Emily’s Song was completely sold out, and everyone agreed, as one theatergoer’s review said “unless you have no heart at all you are going to be emotionally affected”. Business Growth Masters This is, in short, how Chet Holmes succeeds: thinking out of the box, ahead of the trends, and applying solid discipline to everything. Everyone could learn a great lesson from Emily’s Song: how not to be satisfied with the obvious way, but carve out your own; how to put intelligence and emotion into everything you do; and how to choose the smart way, not the hard way for every project you have to work on. Emily’s Song is not just a musical: it is a lesson on success.

Chet Holmes  

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