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Chet Holmes: Personality Testing May Save Your Company from Expensive Mistakes

Personality testing is erroneously left to recruitment agencies by most employers, and never employed within the company for the existing staff, warns Chet Holmes, one of America’s best recruiters and business trainers. Apparently, most managers don’t believe that personality testing is necessary, once the candidate has gone through a standard recruiting procedure. Chet Holmes But this is truly the problem, argues Chet Holmes. Recruiting agencies have a standard personality test for all positions. Let’s envision this situation: a good operations manager is promoted as CFO. The once brilliant performer now struggles and does not reach even the minimum level expected of them. Why is that so? Simply because of this: that person had all the necessary traits to be a great operations manager, and none of the traits of a CFO. Using a personality test before offering a function within the company should be mandatory, recommends Chet Holmes. He himself has seen some of his handpicked sales persons fail, because they did have all it takes to perform at B2B level, but not when faced with a client at the other end of the telephone line. So many people struggle in the wrong position, while they could perform superbly in another department. You may have the top client relationship manager hidden among your sales persons and wonder at their lack of performance, despite the friendly and outgoing attitude. Chet Holmes That is why all companies should offer their entire staff a professionally developed personality test. This test can save a business a lot of money in terms of paid salaries, unrealized sales and badly implemented strategies. Having the right types of persons in the right positions is as critical as developing a sound growth strategy. Chet Holmes has seen how a company can change its entire way of running after his personality test was given both to new hires and existing staff. And, more important, this test has helped managers take the correct hiring decisions for sensitive positions within their company. Business Growth Masters Personality testing is not a fad which will go away – but it must be done scientifically. After dismissing all the usual tests you may find at recruiting agencies, Chet Holmes created his own version. This test is based on letting people have a more honest input in answering the questions. Also, Chet Holmes’ test has various versions, each applying to a certain department and a certain set of positions within a typical company. In this way, your potential executives won’t get to answer the same set of questions as the secretary and the IT administrator, but a set of questions designed to identify leadership qualities necessary for this position.

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