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Chet Holmes Announces a New Business Era: The Virtual Era Doing business virtually has been around for some time, and Chet Holmes was among the first business people to recognize its advantages. And we don’t mean just buying stuff online and internet banking, but also working as a virtual employee. Chet Holmes has created Business Breakthroughs International together with Tony Robbins as a 100% virtual company. Everyone working for BBI is a virtual employee, from salespersons to top managers and business coaches. And inspired by Chet Holmes’s success and his engaging presentations, more companies are choosing virtual employees over traditional, office based employees. Chet Holmes It is not a simple and easy transition to make, but once you take the decision to take your business virtual, Chet Holmes can help with the critical issues which make the difference between success and failure. These are recruiting top virtual employees, creating your intranet portal which the virtual employees will use for reporting and training and creating a business model adapted to the virtual business world.

But why would you decide to take your business virtual? What’s in it for you? Chet Holmes has researched this field extensively and has a lot of convincing answers. One top reason is that virtual employees are more productive than traditional employees. Working from the comfort of their homes, they are highly motivated, more energetic, friendly and organized. They strive to succeed with more enthusiasm than office bound employees and they tend to be very loyal to the company they work for. Chet Holmes If this doesn’t sound tempting enough, then think of the many bills and expenses that you will get rid of! Keeping a fully staffed office is an expensive thing. You have to pay the lease, fit out the office with furniture and equipment, order office supplies frequently, pay for electricity, telephone and internet services. If you add them up, you’ll get quite a large sum, which you have to pay monthly. If you turn your business virtual, you can use this money to get necessary business coaching, participate at professional fairs and develop your company. Very soon, a lot of companies will outsource most their operations and turn their business virtual. And Chet Holmes knows what this means – that the best virtual employees will be hired by your competitors. This is not what you want, do you? While the trend is still not a norm, there is a wealth of top virtual employees out there, looking out to be hired and work for you and their success. Chet Holmes knows how to identify them and handpick them from the mass of candidates. So, what are you waiting for? Get them, turn your business virtual and find out how big business can be done even from your living room sofa. Business Growth Masters

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Completely grasp the power of this – There are always a smaller number of ideal buyers, rather than all buyers, so ideal buyers are cheaper...

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