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Credit Crunch Still Hits Locals Monday, September 21, 2010

By Jack Jones A year after and is credit crunch over? Local Inshops in Kings Heath as been hit the most and is still recovering.

Kings Heath High street is one of the busyiest areas in the 5 mile radius and seem to have turned into a ghost town in some places. Just walking along the High Street is enough to witness the crunch. The truth is that people haven’t recovered from the crunch. There are more charity shops on the High Street then ever. A local in-shop is hit the worst as market traders commented; ‘we simply can’t afford the rent and there are to many overheads, if there aint enough customers there is no point us being there’. Another Market Trader commented “This is not something new customers are thinking before buying, and not spending as much as they have alot of bills to pay and simply cant afford luxeries, leaving us with less sales which is the cause of stale closing down”. Full Story Page 4


Empty Stalls - In-Shops Kings Heath

2,000 Police 1 Pope

By Chetan Ghai

Pope Benedict visited Birmingham on 19th September 2010 as part of his state visit to the United Kingdom. The pope had a ceremony at Cofton Park in front of 70,000 pilgrims. Local supermarket worker commented “For a Sunday the store was

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like a ghost town the only customers we had were police officers”. His arrival was set to up security measures and over 2000 police were present for his safeguard. The police officers were fully equipt and ready for any threats as terror threats may occur. One follower commented; ‘small

amounts of fights occured but were resolved as quick as possible’. Many residents complaint that 2,000 police were way too many for one person. One debate was that the trip itself cost the council £80,000 Full Story Page 26

E 25 G A P SEE


12/3/2010 11:22:26 AM

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Financial Crises Hits High Street

New Big John’s Big John’s have replaced Mc Donalds on the Kings Heath High Street. Big Johns have now decided to expand there business and take it one step furture, unusually openning on a busy high street. Locals are pleased to know and are anxious for the grand openning set to open later this month. Local fish & chip shops are not that happy and are complaining that this will reduce there sale and trade. Local council have given permission for them to open and should be openning according to plan soon.

Big Johns - Kings Heath Outlet openning

The Arrival Of Asda

Shops closing down on busy high street

By Chetan Ghai

FINANCIAL REPORTER The In Shop is one of many place that have been effected by the Credit Crunch. Just walking along the High Street you will notice alot of shops empty. There has been a dramatic increase in charity shops on the otherhand which locals believe is due to the Finacial crisis. Many stores are driving in customers by massive sales upto 75% off. Economics expert warn “Nothing like this has happened for a generation and will take time to recover from this situation” Mr Singh, a Market Trader commented that; “This is not something new customers are thinking before buying, and not spending as much as they have

alot of bills to pay and simply cant afford luxeries, leaving us with less sales which is the cause of stale closing down”. He further commented; “I am closing down this month as I cant afford the rent, and I ain’t making enough money”. Locals complain with the VAT set to go up next year things won’t improve. Because of the rise in VAT this will in general make the credit crunch worse than already. Big outlets have also commented that this situation is one that has hit them hard and profits have fallen.Eventually some major shops may close down. On the High Street itself Mc Donalds closed down recently and another well

known outlet Summerfield was taken over by Morrisons and now recently another take over has occured with the grand openning of Asda. This will hopefully give a boost to the retailers although there are far to many supermarket already. This will build a healthy competion between outlets but it is feared that the small businesses may not benifit from this.

New Asda set to bring more custom on the high street. A new Asda has been openned on the Kings Heath high street recently and despite the finacial crisis is booming with customers. Local resitsants are complaining that they are disturbed in the early mornings with lorries pulling up and complaining that it is too small compared to normal Asda’s making it congested. One customer decribed how he had drove around several times in the Car park to find parking suggesting that the store is too small. Asda have noticed this and have commented that this may be because of people parking there and going to other outlets. Asda also commented that if this is the case the car parking tendent will issue fines to relevent people taking advantage.

New Asda - Kings Heath

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Only on O2 12/3/2010 11:22:31 AM

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12/3/2010 11:22:31 AM

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12/3/2010 11:22:31 AM

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