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23/04/2010 12:13:01

EXCLUSIVE Miss P The Queen of Bhangra’s New Album Recently DJ CKG caught

up with Miss Pooja AKA ‘The Bhangra Queen’, who is well known for her unique Punjabi songs across the world. She has sung over 1500 songs and released over 200 albums in February alone! She has been described as the driving force and inspiration of Punjabi music.

For those, who don’t know much about you give us a quick rundown of your Punjabi singing, where you from? And how long you been in the music industry? I have being singing since I was 8 years old. After earning a masters in music, I took the Bhangra scene in India by surprise with my powerful sweet Punjabi vocals. I later began recording duets with a number of artists based in England. Once I had established on the Indian scene, I took my career to the biggest names in the industry. But 2000 is truly my year as i have helped release a solo album and have taken on a more hip and fresh look.

So who have you collaborated with so far? I collaborated with many well known artists like Manak E, Jay Sean, Malkit Singh and many more. I enjoyed working with Malkit Singh in particular as you may know he was awarded by the

queen an award for outstanding performance to the Asian community and working with him helped me get my name out there.

Punjabi singing is something that you are well known for, but you are certainly the most successful to have perfected this. What’s the reaction been like from the mainstream in India? People like it and appreciate my efforts. My music’s been played for mainstream, artists, underground artists, and they have showed me nothing but love.

You certainly have a large Punjabi vocabulary, maybe more so than a whole lot of your listeners. Was there ever the worry that a lot of your fans would not be able to understand many of your lyrics?

You’ve released alot of albums this year what motivates you to do this? I enjoy singing and guess I like new challenges and to be honest. Money is a real motivation.

When is your new album going to be released? And tell us about it. My new album ‘Back to Punjab’ is releasing later this month it is basically what the title says, its about my village in India and has traditional folk music combined with modern beats. I wanted to keep the traditional beats and modernise them. It’s going to be a good album. It features top Asian artist around the world including RDB, Jay Sean and Manak E and is not to be missed.

What do you plan do doing in the future?

I’ve thought about that, but this is what I do naturally. It’s something that’s very personal to me and people should understand as its pure Punjabi.

I plan on making more albums in a whole new style and I probably do this until I die, this is my future I am living.

Do you also sing in English?

So whats your message to your fans out there?

No. My songs have a lot of English in them; hooks, chants, verses, but they’re all from other who’re collaborating with me.

Im coming with a whole new album be prepared to be amased this is going to be too good.

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23/04/2010 12:13:01

s Pooja Interview

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23/04/2010 12:13:23

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