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By Mathew Saw -

It is important to know how to build chest muscles. Most people should work out the pectoral muscles two times a week. Lifting heavy weights that work these muscles means that 2 to 3 days of rest need to be taken before working out the chest again. Many people will do three sets of reps. The amount of reps people normally do ranges between 8 and 12. Smaller amounts of reps can be done if heavy weight is being used. The most important things that need to be done to build chest muscles are using proper techniques and doing proper exercises. The most common exercise used to build chest muscles is the bench press. The barbell bench press is one of the most well-known and common core lifts used to build muscle mass. This exercise involves lying on your back and lifting the bar to the chest and back up. Always work with a spotter to prevent injuries from happening.

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A couple of variations of the traditional bench press exist to also help build chest muscles. These variations are called incline and decline bench. Like the name implies, the incline bench is done on a 45 degree incline. The decline lift is done at a 45 degree decline. Both lifts can be done with the traditional

bench press or as alternatives to it. They are done the same way as a bench press is which includes lifting the weights to the chest and back up. It is very common to replace barbells with dumbbells. Dumbbells provide an additional challenge and help work balance and wrist strength as well. Dumbbells flyes are used to build chest muscles after bench pressing. This exercise makes lifters isolates the chest muscles making it a challenging but important exercise. To do this exercise people need to lie flat on a bench with feet firmly on the ground. With elbows slightly bent, lift the dumbbells directly over the chest and come back down slowly to a horizontal position even with the body.

There are some great supplement exercises that can be used to increase the strength of chest muscles.Simple dips are a good body weight exercise to use. There are also a lot of machines specifically designed to work the chest. This would include things like a pec deck machine and a sitting chest press machine. Cable crossovers are used to isolate the chest muscles as well.

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Chest press machine  

The seated machine chest press is an upright version of the standard lying bench press. The arms, under load, are pushed away from the chest...

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