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Motcomb & Kinnerton Streets Today, Motcomb Street is a small enclave of

houses with accommodation above, artisans’

shops in Belgravia. It was originally named

houses, small businesses and pubs. Today, it

Kinnerton Mews, but the name changed shortly

still retains a feeling of a small village. Earl

after completion in 1830. The north side of

Mountbatten of Burma, who was assassinated

Motcomb Street features the stucco front of

by the IRA in 1979, maintained a house at No.2

the ‘Pantechnicon’, built by Seth Smith to

Kinnerton Street from 1968 until his death.

designs by Joseph Jopling in 1830. It formerly

Studio Place, renamed in 1931, was built as

housed carriage showrooms, shops and extensive

College Place in 1844. It contains Bradbrook

warehousing, with a bazaar in the block opposite.

House which, until 1890, was a series of schools

The supposedly fire-proof warehouse behind

of anatomy. It was then converted into artists’

burnt down in 1874 and was replaced by a

studios, renamed Kinnerton Studios in 1893

shopping arcade and garden.

and then Bradbrook House in 1948. During World War I it was used as a hospital.

The Kinnerton Street area was developed from 1824 by Seth Smith and named after a village in Cheshire on The Grosvenors’ estates. The street was built as a service road, including coach

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Grosvenor Estate History  

History of the Grosvenor Estate

Grosvenor Estate History  

History of the Grosvenor Estate