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2012 Christmas Catalogue

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Dale Ahlquist’s newest book on G.K. Chesterton - page 2 -

Beautiful Christmas plays and poetry by Frances Chesterton - page 3 -

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New Titles

The Complete Thinker: The Marvelous Mind of G.K. Chesterton by Dale Ahlquist

Pre-order! The Soul of Wit: Chesterton on Shakespeare edited by Dale Ahlquist

Retail $17.95 | Member $14.35

Retail $10.95 | Member $8.75

SKU #00515

SKU #00516

In his latest book, Dale Ahlquist presents Chesterton’s thoughts on almost everything, from east to west, from old to new, from politics to economics, from Shakespeare to Dickens. Learn what it means to be a complete thinker.

The greatest writer in the English language takes on the other greatest writer in the English language. The most complete collection ever assembled of Chesterton’s incomparable literary criticism of the Bard.

The Complete Father Brown Stories

The Collected Works: Volume 37

introduction by Michael D. Hurley

Collected columns from the Illustrated London News

Retail $17.95 | Member $14.35

SKU #00518

For the first time, all the Father Brown stories in one volume. Includes the “The Donnington Affair” and the “Mask of Midas,” two stories that were never included in Chesterton’s original Father Brown collections.


Retail $24.95 | Member $19.95

SKU #00517

The final installment of The Illustrated London News volumes, this book contains all of G.K. Chesterton’s columns from 1935 to 1936. Also includes subject index for volumes 27 through 37.

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How Far is it to Bethlehem edited by Nancy Brown Retail $19.95 | Member $15.95

SKU #00514

G.K. Chesterton’s wife, Frances Chesterton, was a gentle poet and playwright. Her works long lay in obscurity, except for a few Christmas lyrics. This volume introduces to a new generation six plays for children and adults, an essay, and numerous poems. To read these works is to understand better G.K. Chesterton’s wife and spiritual companion.

The Tumbler of God: Chesterton as Mystic by Fr. Robert Wild Retail $24.95 | Member $19.95

SKU #00386

Scholar, retreat master, priest, and certainly a mystic himself, Fr. Wild is ideally suited to make this study of Chesterton’s mysticism. Contains great insights from a variety of Chesterton’s writings. A wonderful book that is a revelation as well as an inspiration.

Chesterton Classics


The Everlasting Man

Ballad of the White Horse

Retail $11.95 | Member $9.55

Retail $14.95 | Member $11.95

Retail $12.95 | Member $10.35

Considered by many to be Chesterton’s best book, it is certainly his most indispensable book, a unique and refreshing spiritual autobiography and defense of the Christian faith.

One of Chesterton’s greatest and most important books, bringing together history, mythology, art, philosophy and theology to demonstrate the centrality of Christ.

A beautiful new edition of Chesterton’s epic poem, published by Seton Literary Classics. With notes by Sharon K. Higby and wonderful illustrations by Ben Hatke.

SKU #00048

SKU #00049

SKU #00502



Introduction To Chesterton

Apostle of Common Sense by Dale Ahlquist

Common Sense 101 by Dale Ahlquist

Retail $13.95 | Member $11.15

Retail $16.95 | Member $13.55

SKU #00014

SKU #0000

Everyone asks, “which Chesterton book should I read first?” Start here. An overview of Chesterton’s most important books, liberally spiced with quotations.

Take a look at the world through Chesterton’s eyes. Topics include wonder, paradox, art, poetry, education, science, Puritanism and and Paganism, Democracy, and defending the faith.

The Complete Thinker: The Marvelous Mind of G.K. Chesterton by Dale Ahlquist

The Universe According to G.K. Chesterton: A Dictionary of the Mad, Mundane, and Metaphysical

Retail $17.95 | Member $14.35

SKU #00515

In his latest book, Dale Ahlquist presents Chesterton’s thoughts on almost everything-from east to west, from old to new, from politics to economics, from Shakespeare to Dickens. Learn what it means to be a complete thinker.


Edited and Introduced by Dale Ahlquist Retail $7.95 | Member $6.35

SKU #00286

An irresistible compilation of “Chesternitions.” Already a bestseller. Sort of. Order a bunch of them. Give them as gifts!

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Chesterton Essentials

Chesterton Beer Mug Retail $12.95 | Member $10.35

Chesterton Coffee Mug SKU #00007

12 oz. Beer Mug with American Chesterton Society logo and the appropriate quotation: We should thank God for beer and burgundy by not drinking too much of them.

Retail $12.95 | Member $10.35

SKU #00000

Attractive stoneware mug with the ACS logo on one side and on the other, Chesterton’s signature under one of his perfect quotes: Daybreak is a never-ending glory...getting out of bed is a neverending nuisance.

CHE T-Shirt (color options: red shirt | grey shirt) Retail $24.99 | Member $19.99

RED SKU #00322 | GREY SKU #00323

If, instead of launching into a rant about class warfare when pressed for an answer to the question, “What’s wrong with the world?” you astutely reply, “I am,” then this is likely the shirt for you. Join the ranks of the Eternal Revolution! Available in both red and grey.



Christmas Bundles Beginner’s Bundle Retail $72.90 | Member $66.70

SKU #00331

Introduce a friend or even an enemy to Chesterton with Dale Ahlquist’s two gateway books to G.K. Chesterton and an annual membership which includes a subscription to Gilbert Magazine, the greatest magazine in the world.

Free gift with purchase - our new Chesterton Minute Collection CD, a $12.50 value!

For the Chestertonian Who Thinks He Has Everthing Retail $30.90 | Member $24.70

SKU #00525

These are two books that you don’t have. William Cobbett is Chesterton’s informative tribute to the social critic, historian, adventurer and proto-Distributist. G.K. Chesterton on G.F. Watts is a beautiful edition of Chesterton’s full-length study of the artist plus several gorgeous reproductions and previously uncollected essays. Free gift with purchase - our new Chesterton Minute Collection CD, a $12.50 value!

Get Thinking! Retail $45.85 | Member $36.65

SKU #00524

Learn how to think like G.K. Chesterton! This Christmas bundle includes Dale Ahlquist’s latest book, The Complete Thinker: The Marvelous Mind of G.K. Chesterton. Also included is In Defense of Sanity, a collection of the very best essays of Chesterton. To top it off, we added the Chesterton dictionary, the Universe According to G.K. Chesterton. Free gift with purchase - our new Chesterton Minute Collection CD, a $12.50 value!


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From ACS Books

Hound of Distributism

Best Laid Plans

Return of Father Brown

Edited by Richard Aleman

by John Peterson

by John Peterson

Retail $13.95 | Member $11.15

Retail $19.95 | Member $15.95

Retail $13.95 | Member $11.15

Snappy, witty, clear and concise essays explaining Distributism, the idea that keeps pursuing us. SKU #00332

The author of these 88 bitesized tales that twist and turn has revived the lost art of the short mystery. SKU #00309

Father Brown is back in action in this collection of irresistible short stories that will baffle you till each startling solution. SKU #00212

The Chesterton Minute Collection CD Christmas special! Free CD with any ACS membership or $25 purchase Retail $12.50 | Member $9.99

SKU #00528

By popular demand, we’ve packaged this collection of 55 1-minute Chestertonian reflections on faith and the Church, written and read by Dale Ahlquist. A great resource for apologetics during this Year of Faith!

Apostle of Common Sense The Apostle of Common Sense: Season VI Retail $39.95 | Member $31.95

SKU #00307

See Dale Ahlquist back in his wing-back chair, Chuck Chalberg as GKC back on his park bench, and Kevin O’Brien as Stanford Nutting back in his inclusivity sweater. Some say it’s the best season ever. Some say it’s even better than that! Twelve great new episodes including God is Dead: Chesterton vs. Nietzsche; The Divine Detective; and Ask Mr. Chesterton III. Set of 2 DVDs.



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Christmas Special!

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ACS Christmas Catalogue 2012  
ACS Christmas Catalogue 2012  

Gift the gift of Chesterton this year ... and receive a gift for yourself! Free Chesterton Minute CD with any ACS membership or $25 purchase...