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Chester Shih

2400 Elliot Ave Seattle, WA 98121 Phone: (206)605-6612 E-mail:

Education/Certification Bachelor of Science in Fashion Marketing and Management The Art Institute of Seattle General Studies, Major in Business The Winchendon School Edmond Community College

Seattle, WA Seattle, WA Seattle, WA Boston, MA Lynnwood, WA

Skill: Technical:

Personal Attributes:

Identify the different factors including the fashion cycle Communication/public speaking skill Develop and display personal selling skills Language (Chinese mandarin, English) Management skills Knowledge of international business Design and use an inventory database Prepare work schedule for employees

Excellent communication skills Creative Disciplined problem solver Self-motivated leader Personable and friendly

Software Microsoft Office 2011 Illustrator/ Photoshop CS4 Operating system: PC/ MAC

Experience Taipei Toy Festival

Taiwan, Taipei 2006~2010

Trend Knowledge Knowledge of advertising Highly experienced research skill

Co-Founder of Puzzle Entertainment

Seattle, WA


Seattle, WA


Experience of event promoting Team managing/communication/public speaking skill

Client for multiple night clubs/Lounge bars

Highly experienced in management position Highly experienced in team work, and communicating with team members Knowledge understanding client’s needs Experience of making advertising (Posters, fliers, web-site design and video making)

The Art Institute of Seattle annual Fashion Show

Seattle, WA


Experience in event planning Fashion industry knowledge

Interests I enjoy been a promoter for any type of events. Puzzle has been a very successful organization in Seattle area. It’s a great job which had helped me improved my communication, human relation and manage skills. Now I have four years’ experience of being a promoter/ team manager. I’m a team player and great with people.


personal Resume


personal Resume