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Shout Outs! Thank you Key Club International for continuously making my high school experience better & better! ♡ L-OV-E I love my D-I-V! ♡ Selina Nguyen Incoming LtG of D21

Kim See- Oh dang, if there is a girl that will get you straight it’s Kim. Thank you, Kim, for all that you have done behalf of Key Club and I am glad that you were there to be one of the main managers to the club. Without you, I question where the club would be! Stay spectacular. Rafael Valdez Jackson Outgoing President

My favorite moment so far has got to be at the February DCM. My team named the team after me and I was so honored. I'd like to thank all the members of Team White Girl. Courtney Rigby Glacier Peak Outgoing President

Shout out to Lynnwood Key Club! I'm so proud of everyone who put in their time to volunteer and help out the community in the past year. We grew so much as a club in membership and the bond we have. I can never go to an event without a laugh or a smile. You are all amazing! I LOVE YOU GUYS! Jenny Nguyen Lynnwood Outgoing Secretary

Incoming President

The Buzz: March 2014  

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