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A Word from the Board YAY! Less than a month left until DCON! DCON attendees, please make sure you’ve ordered the T-shirt or the spirit packet. There are lots of divisions this year who are preparing a lot for the spirit gears, so we should make sure that we are spirited and ready to get that spirit stick!! You should learn all the Key Club and Bumblebee chants. Don’t forget that we’re trying to come up with a new and cooler Bumblebee chants! If you have any ideas, please let us know. By the way, thank you for everyone who came to February DCM! You guys were incredibly spirited, passionate, and involved. As a senior and an outgoing Divisional Secretary, I’m so glad to see how our Bumblebees are getting more and more passionate as time goes on. At this point, the incoming and outgoing officers should be actively interacting. One of the efficient ways of doing this would be having an executive meeting with all outgoing and incoming officers – that way, the incoming officers would understand how the club runs and learn some useful officer skills from the outgoing ones. Secretaries, as always, please check how your members are doing in terms of number of hours! Make sure you keep track of the ones who are inactive, so you can send them little notes or get them more involved with various events. Also, outgoing secretaries, please show the incoming secretaries how to fill out the secretary reports! It’s one of the most important jobs of the secretary because those reports can be useful in many ways – such as filling out the annual achievement report for DCON. Bumblebees, thank you, always, for being awesome members and great buddies! (: Jinha Park Divisional Secretary

Hey guys! It’s that sad, sad, sad time of year, where all your beloved officers finish their term… BUT FEAR NOT! There will be brand NEW officers taking their positions! With that in mind, DCON 2014 is buzzing our way! To enjoy the savage fun that is DCON, we must first prepare! To do so, the March DCM will be set up personally for y’all convenience! So you better attend! I would also like to encourage you guys to go all out at DCON: wear bee costumes, wear bee accessories, wear REAL bees (actually don’t because that’s just dangerous), anything that will essentially show off your Division 21 pride! Back onto the topic of the March DCM, we will be preparing hard: practicing chants, learning how to foam at the mouth, and Chester himself will teach us how to twerk! Isn’t that exciting?! Well, with all that said, I leave you guys with a bumble (get it? Humble? Haha) farewell. Key Club 5ever. Victor Mach

Divisional Editor/Webmaster

The Buzz: March 2014  
The Buzz: March 2014  

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