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DCON 2014 What’s Your Level in Service? Thank you to all of the clubs that have registered for convention! This year, we will be taking over 70 members, which is the most our division has ever brought to DCON! I know there were many issues, registering, but I hope everything has been resolved. If not or if you have any additional questions, please contact me. Every club attending DCON needs to be represented at the March DCM! Every member attending DCON is recommended to attend this DCM to prepare their spirit and to learn more about DCON!

DCON Q&A Have a question about DCON? Feel free to contact me!

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Attend the March DCM! Get your spirit ready! Head to DCON!

What Is DCON? DCON is a celebration of our amazing year of service. It is a time for all Key Clubbers from across the district to come together to celebrate the long hours of service, create memories, have the opportunity to learn something new, and most of all, have fun! You will vote for the next District Executive Board, prepare for the next year, and celebrate what you have accomplished this year. Also, this year, we are honored to have special guest Joseph Vincent perform!

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