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March ISSUE 12

Photo by Victor Mach

“At every end is a new beginning” For some of us, our Key Club journey is ending, but for some it is just beginning. As you all know, this term is coming to an end! That means this is the last issue and this upcoming DCM will be the last of this term! However, that does not mean this is all over. After DCON, Selina Nguyen will take over, so get ready for some amazing-looking newsletters and fun-filled DCMs! This issue includes plenty of old pictures, meaningful shoutouts, and sincere thank yous. Thank you for reading my newsletter and supporting me throughout this term. All of you

Division 21 Pacific Northwest District Check out our website!

http://division21bees.wix. com/keyclub

make Division 21 great. Every year we grow and become better and better. Every member has left a mark on their home, school, and community. Those of you who will still be continuing your Key Club journey or those of you who are just starting, cherish every moment because time will go by so fast. Remember that service never stops. Find ways to serve, whether it is through Key Club, another organization, or indivdually. BEE inspired to serve. Once again, thank you for your contributions to Key Club and to service. All of you made my term a success.

Forever Serving, Chester Pham

In this issue: Greetings Who Are We? Meet the New LTG A Word from the Board Divisional Update- DCON For Officers Shout Outs DCON 2014 ICON 2014 Key Leader Eliminate KCCP March of Dimes Kiwanis One Day Key Club Pen Pals February DCM Recap Save the Date! CKI Eliminate Merchandise Contact Information

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DIvision 21’s goals this year are to have all 13 clubs in their area have active status, expand membership in the division, fundraise and increase awareness of Key Club International and the Pacific Northwest District’s goals and projects, and have extensive communication between all clubs regardless of distance. However, our biggest goals are those stated by Key Club International: To provide service, build character, and develop leadership.

Who are we? Division 21 Bumblebees! About Us:

Key Club International

13 schools: Arlington Edmonds-Woodway Glacier Peak

Pacific Northwest District

Henry M. Jackson Kamiak Lake Stevens Lynnwood Mariner Meadowdale Monroe Mountlake Terrace Snohomish Stanwood

Our mascot:

Division 21 The Bumblebee! Our colors: Yellow and Black

Your school’s club!

The Next Queen Bee About Selina Nguyen: School: Lynnwood High School Grade: 11 Favorite Food: Ramen Favorite Color: Pink Favorite Subject: Art. I like drawing & designing stuff. Favorite Animal: I like pandas Favorite Sport: Volleyball Dream Vacation: I want to go to Australia one day♥ Hate: I hate chocolate. Guilty pleasures: French Fries & Vanilla Ice Cream♥ Pet peeve: dirty hands & messiness. Other: I is da Vietnamese. I AM A NEAT FREAK, OCD PERSON Goals: To increase attendance at DCMs, more interdivisional DCMs/service projects & to maintain healthy relationship w/ Kiwanis! (: “HEY KEY CLUBBERS! HOW DO YOU FEEL?! I hope you feel very, very good because DCON 2014 is literally just 25 days away! Are you excited? I hope you are! I am so pumped! The March DCM is also just around the corner! Make sure you attend to prepare alongside Division 21 members for DCON 2014! Don’t worry if you are not attending DCON 2014 either, come & get to know all the unique members in Division 21! Maybe you’ll consider going to DCON 2015 after the DCM! It is also very important to attend the March DCM because that will be Chester’s last DCM as Division 21’s LTG! Be sure to come & thank him for all of his hard work as our LTG! In addition, if you want to make spirit gear with your fellow divisional members, bring additional supplies to the DCM! There will be some materials provided but if you want to make more, bringing extra materials is strongly encouraged! It’s never too early to start making or shopping for spirit gear! I want to see your inner creativity shine! Represent that Division 21 Bumblebee spirit with pride! WE WANT THAT SPIRIT STICK AT DCON 2014! If any of you have any cool cheers/chants for our division, please let me or Chester know as well! It is surreal that I will be serving you all this upcoming year! My official installation as LTG is so close! I can’t wait to see all of you very soon! In case you didn’t know… Division 21 is now on Twitter & Instagram! Follow Division 21 @pnwdivision21! Get the latest updates on Division 21 & join the countdown to DCON 2014! Selina Nguyen Division 21 Lieutenant Governor-Elect

A Word from the Board YAY! Less than a month left until DCON! DCON attendees, please make sure you’ve ordered the T-shirt or the spirit packet. There are lots of divisions this year who are preparing a lot for the spirit gears, so we should make sure that we are spirited and ready to get that spirit stick!! You should learn all the Key Club and Bumblebee chants. Don’t forget that we’re trying to come up with a new and cooler Bumblebee chants! If you have any ideas, please let us know. By the way, thank you for everyone who came to February DCM! You guys were incredibly spirited, passionate, and involved. As a senior and an outgoing Divisional Secretary, I’m so glad to see how our Bumblebees are getting more and more passionate as time goes on. At this point, the incoming and outgoing officers should be actively interacting. One of the efficient ways of doing this would be having an executive meeting with all outgoing and incoming officers – that way, the incoming officers would understand how the club runs and learn some useful officer skills from the outgoing ones. Secretaries, as always, please check how your members are doing in terms of number of hours! Make sure you keep track of the ones who are inactive, so you can send them little notes or get them more involved with various events. Also, outgoing secretaries, please show the incoming secretaries how to fill out the secretary reports! It’s one of the most important jobs of the secretary because those reports can be useful in many ways – such as filling out the annual achievement report for DCON. Bumblebees, thank you, always, for being awesome members and great buddies! (: Jinha Park Divisional Secretary

Hey guys! It’s that sad, sad, sad time of year, where all your beloved officers finish their term… BUT FEAR NOT! There will be brand NEW officers taking their positions! With that in mind, DCON 2014 is buzzing our way! To enjoy the savage fun that is DCON, we must first prepare! To do so, the March DCM will be set up personally for y’all convenience! So you better attend! I would also like to encourage you guys to go all out at DCON: wear bee costumes, wear bee accessories, wear REAL bees (actually don’t because that’s just dangerous), anything that will essentially show off your Division 21 pride! Back onto the topic of the March DCM, we will be preparing hard: practicing chants, learning how to foam at the mouth, and Chester himself will teach us how to twerk! Isn’t that exciting?! Well, with all that said, I leave you guys with a bumble (get it? Humble? Haha) farewell. Key Club 5ever. Victor Mach

Divisional Editor/Webmaster

Divisional Update- DCON

Join us for DCON Spirit Prep!

At the March DCM, we will be practicing cheers, making posters, bonding, and getting ready for DCON! All DCON attendees are recommended to attend, but all clubs attending DCON must be at the DCM! Spirit gear will be distributed.

Come Up With A New Divisional Cheer? Get that creative honey flowing! Our division needs a fresh cheer! Have any ideas? Contact me or Selina! Let’s win that spirit stick this year!


Complete Your Spirit! Want to go all out this year? Here are some ideas! - Get Yellow/Black socks! - Make tutus/capes - Buy some extra Division 21 Merchandise (pins and wristbands) - Make your own Hug Me and divisional posters. - If anything, yellow is the focus. - Attend the March DCM!

For Officers March Service Ideas!  Plan ahead for a community Easter event!  Wear green and also do something green on St. Patrick’s Day.  Plan a large school/park clean-up for Earth Day.  Talk to your Kiwanis and plan an event for Kiwanis One Day!  Help a senior center with Spring Cleaning

Resources The PNW District Resource File for the 2013-2014 year is here! Please download it and look through the files! There is so much information in there that will help you run your club, fundraise, and serve! Zipped: 8m0gj9tmz3rp/PNW%20KC%20R Unzipped: e/PNW%20KC%20Resources%20 2013-2014

Add Your Officers! As your incoming officers are being elected, add them to the divisional page! This way they can be up to date and involved in the division right form the start of their term! 677618666539/

Officer Contact Info Selina will be contacting all of our clubs to get the contact info from all of the new officers. Help make her job easier by gathering this information now! Create a list with the name, position, Email address, phone number, and home address of each officer. Send this information directly to her.

Shout Outs! Thank you Key Club International for continuously making my high school experience better & better! ♡ L-OV-E I love my D-I-V! ♡ Selina Nguyen Incoming LtG of D21

Kim See- Oh dang, if there is a girl that will get you straight it’s Kim. Thank you, Kim, for all that you have done behalf of Key Club and I am glad that you were there to be one of the main managers to the club. Without you, I question where the club would be! Stay spectacular. Rafael Valdez Jackson Outgoing President

My favorite moment so far has got to be at the February DCM. My team named the team after me and I was so honored. I'd like to thank all the members of Team White Girl. Courtney Rigby Glacier Peak Outgoing President

Shout out to Lynnwood Key Club! I'm so proud of everyone who put in their time to volunteer and help out the community in the past year. We grew so much as a club in membership and the bond we have. I can never go to an event without a laugh or a smile. You are all amazing! I LOVE YOU GUYS! Jenny Nguyen Lynnwood Outgoing Secretary

Incoming President

Selina, what can we say…we hope you don't follow in Chester's footsteps…for the love of all things good in this world. You are incredibly kind and friendly, and we know that you can turn you division upside-down—for the better. Sometimes you have to keep Chester under control, which makes you seem like the outtie. We know that you’ll do an amazing job with your term! Brian Le Incoming LtG of D66 Josh Kim Incoming LtG of D27

Vianté Dile-Basnight- Enthusiastic, unselfish, understanding, high-five addict. Just some of the few amazing traits of this guy. He is one of the most dependable people that I was able to get to know and I’m glad that he joined Key Club becoming an officer. I’m honored to have worked with you, V, and thank you for always having my back. V, I owe you the highest of fives. Rafael Valdez Jackson Outgoing President

Thank you, Chester, for starting my relationship with Division 21! You’ve done an amazing job as Lieutenant Governor. You’ve definitely created a lot of “BUZZ” on the District Board. Under your crazy persona, you definitely are a kind, caring, hardworking fellow. Best of luck in your bee-utiful future! Brian Le Incoming LtG of D66

Shadi Mattar- With anything related to Key Club, I can ask Shadi for anything. Granted, we were friends ever since 5th grade but Key Club was a simple excuse to get closer with one another and build an everlasting friendship. Thanks for always being there, bro. Rafael Valdez Jackson Outgoing President

Chester, your twerking gives us eye cancer. Brian Le Incoming LtG of D66 Josh Kim Incoming LtG of D27

Deb Kalina- Being a first-year advisor, you have had a huge impact on myself and the club. In everything, you’ve always looked at each obstacle in an optimistic view and this entire experience (bad or good) has been a unique learning experience. Without you, I’m sure I would not be the person who I am today and I’m not only lucky to call you my teacher and advisor, but as a friend as well. Thank you for all of the possibilities you’ve opened and I know Key Club will further prosper with you being the greatest possible advisor. Rafael Valdez Jackson Outgoing President

Favorite memory has been everything that has happened in the DCM's and DCON, and especially twerking so i expect to see purpling! Alvin Wong Lynnwood I’m saddened to be near the end of my Key Club experience in high school. From the bottom of my heart, I could not have been the person I am today without all of you amazing bumblebees and the amazing experience you have shared with me. During the first Key Club meeting that I attended, they explained how the club has the potential to change yourself; to make lifelong friendships, grow a passion for volunteering, and become leaders. As I evaluate myself, I believe that Key Club has given me all of those and more so. In my entire high school life, I can easily say that joining Key Club was the best decision that I have made. Rafael Valdez Jackson Outgoing President

Bee secretaries, Kim, Jenny, and Jinha: You three are definitely some of my favorite #sexytaries in the district! Thank you for always turning in the monthly reports. They are honestly so perfect and beautiful each month. Also, a huge shoutout to each of you for all the hard work you put into your clubs and division as secretaries. I know it can be stressful sometimes, so thank you for always keeping up with the job and setting the standard high for your innies. I haven't seen you guys in a looooong time, so I better see each of you at DCON this year! I love my #sexytaries <3 Keep in touch :) Hakikat Bains Outgoing District Secretary Division 21â&#x20AC;Śbest of luck reconstructing your image. Listen to Selina and youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be right on track to becoming the BEE-utiful division once again! Brian Le Incoming LtG of D66 Eric: OMG ERBEAR! You're pretty much my favorite cousin ever. Thanks for all the hard work you put into our district this past term. You were honestly the best district treasurer to work with. I still think secretaries are more important ;) I'm so glad I met you through key club and we became such pals. I would say "let's keep in touch", but it's not like you have an option...WE ARE BESTIES. DCON means the ends to our terms, but that doesn't mean goodbye. Also, through this year, you have left me with a new perspective on pens and watches. Thank you for that enlightenment. Our division still welcomes you as an honorary narwhal! SEE YOU IN A FEW WEEKS :) Hakikat Bains Outgoing District Secretary

Alvin Wong-Man, I honestly cannot remember the time we met, Alvin, but somehow, we’ve grown a bond like none other. Thank you man for always being there, even at 3 in the morning. Oovoo must be getting tired of us talking about our never-ending girl problems! Thank you, Alvin, for being always dependable, trustworthy, and humorous! Stay amazing, Alvin! Rafael Valdez Jackson Outgoing President Chester-Talk about an amazing Ltg.! Your passion for the club is contagious! Through a busy schedule, you’ve always helped the JHS club in any way that you can and I’m glad that you were part of my Key Club experience. Thank you, Chester, for being one of the most inspiring figures I’ve ever met. Rafael Valdez Jackson Outgoing President

Selina: Girl, can I just start by saying, YOU ARE SO CUTE. I loved Winter Board with you! Thanks for choosing my side and helping me stand against your outtie. I loved writing that book for you and opening your eyes to the truth. I know you're going to do such a fantastic job as LTG. Division 21 will be in good hands <3 We definitely need to keep in touch after DCON :) Thanks for all the great times this past weekend and good luck next year in your term! Hakikat Bains Outgoing District Secretary

Members, Officers, Advisors, and Kiwanians: Thank you so much for making my term a success! Every year, we raise the bar and grow as a division and as an organization. Because of all of you with your support for me and dedication to Key Club, this was an amazing year. I know that there will BEE so many more amazing years to come. I am beyond grateful to be able to end my four years of Key Club on such a positive note. Chester Pham Outgoing LtG of D21

Dear D21-ers, You guys are the craziest bunch of people I've ever met. I mean, c’mon... Who goes around screamin' and yellin' all the time, waving their hands all over the place, and start twerking on each other? Well, bumblebees of course. ...and that is what makes you guys so awesome. It's a hard for me to say that this is my final year of Key Club, even though it feels like my first year. I met so many amazing people whose spirit overflowed with so much energy. Not only did you guys shake the room, but you guys also moved hearts. Thank you all for making life a little bit more meaningful…except for Alvin. He’s just crazy (just kidding, bro, just kidding)! I remember the first DCM I had… man I was nervous. And I think it was also when I twerked for the first time (up on a tree too!) But you guys, as always, cheered me on. From then onwards, I felt as a part of an important family. I wish I can add way more to this cheesy little shout-out to you all, but I think Chester wants this little spiel to have an ending. Guys: Stay awesome. Ladies: Stay beautiful ladies, as always. From the one and only, the ever so dashing, Vianté R. Dile-Basnight Jackson Outgoing Vice President Chester: Well, where do I start with you... You pretty much turned your division ratchet and I have argued with you more than any other boardie this past year. You also made twerking a thing for our district and you kept a beautiful streak of being punished at every board meeting. BUT, despite all of this, you were a fantastic LTG and you were an even better friend. This has been one of the best experiences of my life and I can give a lot of the credit to you for always entertaining our board and making us laugh, talking to me when I was stressed, and even being sassy with me when we had our daily "break ups". Through all the ups and downs of our friendship, I can honestly call you a bestie. Thanks for all the good times and thank you for all the hard work you put into both your division and our district. I can't wait to present the #sexytary forum with you at DCON...its going to be the best officer training ever! And then I'll see you again, a month after DCON! Omak has been warned of you and you have been warned of Omak so it will be interesting to say the least. Thanks for everything, CheSTAR! Hakikat Bains Outgoing District Secretary

DCON 2014 What’s Your Level in Service? Thank you to all of the clubs that have registered for convention! This year, we will be taking over 70 members, which is the most our division has ever brought to DCON! I know there were many issues, registering, but I hope everything has been resolved. If not or if you have any additional questions, please contact me. Every club attending DCON needs to be represented at the March DCM! Every member attending DCON is recommended to attend this DCM to prepare their spirit and to learn more about DCON!

DCON Q&A Have a question about DCON? Feel free to contact me!

To Do List   

Attend the March DCM! Get your spirit ready! Head to DCON!

What Is DCON? DCON is a celebration of our amazing year of service. It is a time for all Key Clubbers from across the district to come together to celebrate the long hours of service, create memories, have the opportunity to learn something new, and most of all, have fun! You will vote for the next District Executive Board, prepare for the next year, and celebrate what you have accomplished this year. Also, this year, we are honored to have special guest Joseph Vincent perform!

Dates April 11-13, 2014 Kawkawa Camp Hope, BC October 24-26, 2014 Camp Collins Gresham, OR

The Kiwanis Children’s Cancer Program, KCCP, in support of Kiwanis Doernbecher Children’s Cancer Program in Portland OR., Kiwanis Children’s Cancer Program in Seattle WA., and the Kiwanis Children’s Cancer Program in British Columbia and the Yukon, will raise money and awareness to fight and find the cure for children’s cancer. The KCCP was founded by Past PNW Kiwanis Governor Frank Morehouse in 2010. His inspiration was a young cancer patient named Penny. Morehouse worked at the hospital where Penny stayed. Penny was diagnosed with a brain tumor and required surgery and radiation therapy. Penny visited Morehouse during her hospital stays and talked about what was happening to her. Sadly, Penny eventually lost her battle with cancer. The KCCP is a long term project that will hopefully expand to a global program. Children’s cancer affects many families. Thousands of children are diagnosed with cancer each year, and with the help of research, their chances of surviving have more than tripled. KCCP hopes to be a part of finding a cure. “The Pacific Northwest is the beginning. The world is our goal.”

About Kiwanis One Day Each year, Kiwanis clubs around the world join in a day of service. Kiwanis One Day started in 2007 to unite the Kiwanis family and their communities in the spirit of service to make an immediate impact on communities across the globe. This day of service is made possible by the participation of nearly 600,000 Kiwanis family members involved in Kiwanis, Aktion Club, Circle K, Key Club, Builderâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Club and K-Kids in 80 countries around the world. For Kiwanis One Day, Kiwanis members find community service projects relevant to local needs. Activities can include anything such as painting murals, beach cleanups, raking leaves, collecting food, and providing maintenance.

How Do You Participate? Talk to your Kiwanis Club! They probably already have an event planned and could definitely use some extra volunteers!

Key Club Pen Pals It’s exciting to get “snail mail” from someone who lives in another state—or even another country. Have you ever wanted a pen pal? We’re creating a Key Club pen pal program this spring, so now’s your chance to get one! Start by writing a letter. Write about yourself, the state you’re from, your favorite service projects— whatever will help another Key Clubber get to know you. Your letter should look something like the image below. Then put your letter in an unsealed, stamped envelope with your return address on it.

Next, let us know what type of pen pal you’re looking for by filling out this survey. Based on the letters we get, we’ll do our best to match you with the best pen pal for you. (Note: All pen pal matches are based on availability. We can’t guarantee that your preferences will be met.) Print the survey, put the survey and your letter inside of a second, larger envelope and send them to the address below by March 31, 2014. Key Club International Attn: Nicole Harris (pen pal) 3636 Woodview Trace Indianapolis, IN 46268 Your final envelope should look something like the one below.

As long as you followed all of the above instructions correctly, your job is done! We’ll handle it from there. Make sure to send in your letters by the March 31 deadline. That’s only a little more than one month from today! Want more than one pen pal? You’re definitely allowed to have more than one pen pal! Just repeat the directions above and send us another letter to help pair you with a different Key Club member. Download: Key Club pen pal survey *Please note that Key Club International reserves the right to reject any pen pal requests that don’t meet the above requirements. That decision is at the discretion of Key Club International staff.

February DCM Recap When was it?

Saturday, February 22nd 3:30 PM- 6:30 PM

Where was it?

Mill Creek YMCA

Who attended? Members and officers from all over the division!

What happened at the DCM?  Bonding  Ice breakers  DCON Preparation •Information on spirit items •Cheers, chants, etc.

Save The Date- The Last DCM! March DCM March 22nd Mariner Fire Station 12425 Meridian Ave S, Everett, WA 98208 2:30pm- 5:30pm (end time may vary)

Agenda -

Final DCON Prep (Collecting spirit gear, etc.) Club Awards Icebreakers Meet others in the division and bond Have Fun! Bring friends and food to share! Service Project?

Eliminate Merchandise!

Lanyards $5 Tanks $15 T-Shirts $15 If you or your members are interested, let me know before November! Like the PNW Eliminate Project Page: wEliminateProject?fref=ts

Contact Information

District Executives Divisional Board Lieutenant Governor Chester Pham Divisional Executive Assistant Selina Nguyen Divisional Secretary Jinha Park Divisional Editor/Webmaster Victor Mach

International Trustee Roshni Chandwani

District Governor Trang Tran District Secretary Hakikat Bains District Treasurer Eric Grewal District Bulletin Editor Sara Thomas Convention Chair Denny Lim

“The best way to find yourself is to

lose yourself in the service of others.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Ask not what your club can do for you, ask what you can do for your club!

Chester Pham PNW Division 21 Lieutenant Governor Key Club International (425) 314-0369

The Buzz: March 2014  

Division 21 March Newsletter