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School might be ending, but Key Club goes on. In this issue: How do you plan to keep serving even when school is no longer in session? Now that it’s June, it’s time to say our final farewell to our Key Club Alumni. To those of you who are graduating, I hope that you have gained valuable experience and learned so much as a member of Key Club. I hope that you will all continue to serve your community and the world no matter where you’re headed.

Division 21 Pacific Northwest District

To those of you who will still be in Key Club, school might be over and summer might be in session, but service and Key Club still go on. We will still be having DCMs and I highly encourage all members to attend Seattle Rally (Page 12). Remember, this is a perfect time to begin planning your year, whether academically or for Key Club. Plan ahead and start the next year off strong.

Greetings K-Family Organization Who Are We? Divisional Appointees ELIMINATE KCCP Year in Review May DCM Recap Upcoming June DCM Summer Rallies Seniors Circle K

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Interested in becoming more involved in the division? Divisional appointee applications are on page 5!

DIvision 21’s goals this year are to have all 13 clubs in their area have active status, expand membership in the division, fundraise and increase awareness of Key Club International and the Pacific Northwest District’s goals and projects, and have extensive communication between all clubs regardless of distance. However, our biggest goals are those stated by Key Club International: To provide service, build character, and develop leadership.

K-FAMILY ORGANIZATION There is never a wrong time to learn more about the Kiwanis Family. Here are some basics to get you started!

Key Club International  President  Vice President  Eleven International Trustees  Vice President  Eleven International Trustees Pacific Northwest District of Key Club International  Governor  Secretary  Treasurer  Bulletin Editor  International Trustee assigned to the PNW District  Board of Trustees (Divisional Lieutenant Governors)  Appointed Positions

Pacific Northwest District of Kiwanis International  Governor  Governor-Elect  Secretary-Treasurer  Board of Trustees  Administrator  District Sponsored Youth Committee

Kiwanis Division  District Area Administrator  Kiwanis Lieutenant Governor

Key Club Division  Lieutenant Governor  Appointed Positions

Key Club  President  Vice President  Secretary  Treasurer  Bulletin Editor  Board of Directors

Kiwanis International  President  Treasurer  Board of Trustees  International Committee on Key Clubs  Board Committee on Key Clubs

High School  Principal  Faculty Advisor

Other K-Family Organizations

Kiwanis Club  President  Vice President  Secretary  Treasurer  Board of Directors  Chairman and Members of Sponsored Youth Committee

Who are we? Division 21 Bumblebees! About Us:

Key Club International

13 schools: Arlington Edmonds-Woodway Glacier Peak

Pacific Northwest District

Henry M. Jackson Kamiak Lake Stevens Lynnwood Mariner Meadowdale Monroe Mountlake Terrace Snohomish Stanwood

Our mascot:

Division 21 The Bumblebee! Our colors: Yellow and Black

Your school’s club!

Interested in Serving The Hive? Interested in serving the Bumblebees? Do you think you have what it takes? If you answered yes to both of those questions, apply for an appointed position! I will be appointing 3 Bumblebees to work alongside me and serve Division 21. Any members or officers can apply. Applications are due by June 30th! Contact me if you have any questions. You can access the application here: m

All Divisional Appointees must: 1. Strive, at all times, to strengthen and build Key Club membership in Division 21. 2. Attend all divisional board meetings 3. Attend a majority of DCMs 4. Assist with planning and executing DCMs and other divisional activities 5. Encourage divisional spirit 6. Use effective communication skills 7. Be prompt with all tasks given Divisional Executive Assistant 1. Perform all duties of a Divisional Appointee 2. Work alongside the Lieutenant Governor to help administer the division 3. Assist with divisional planning and organization 4. Promote the division and divisional goals 5. Help organize divisional service projects 6. Assist the Lieutenant Governor with any task given

Divisional Editor/Webmaster 1. Perform all duties of a Divisional Appointee 2. Create and maintain a divisional website and other media outlets 3. Take pictures at DCMs 4. Assist with the creation of the divisional newsletter by helping with finding contributors, proofreading, and improving the design 5. Work with editors in the division to promote Key Club 6. Assist the Lieutenant Governor with any task given

Divisional Secretary 1. Perform all duties of a Divisional Appointee 2. Help maintain a divisional database 3. Assist with the gathering and organization of Secretary Reports 4. Take attendance and notes at DCMs 5. Work with secretaries in the division 6. Assist the Lieutenant Governor with any task given

What will DIVISION 21 do?

 ELIMATE is the District Project this year so we will definitely participate!  Stay tuned to find out what Division 21 will do this year to ELIMINATE MNT!

The Kiwanis Children’s Cancer Program, KCCP, in support of Kiwanis Doernbecher Children’s Cancer Program in Portland OR., Kiwanis Children’s Cancer Program in Seattle WA., and the Kiwanis Children’s Cancer Program in British Columbia and the Yukon, will raise money and awareness to fight and find the cure for children’s cancer. The KCCP was founded by Past PNW Kiwanis Governor Frank Morehouse in 2010. His inspiration was a young cancer patient named Penny. Morehouse worked at the hospital where Penny stayed. Penny was diagnosed with a brain tumor and required surgery and radiation therapy. Penny visited Morehouse during her hospital stays and talked about what was happening to her. Sadly, Penny eventually lost her battle with cancer. The KCCP is a long term project that will hopefully expand to a global program. Children’s cancer affects many families. Thousands of children are diagnosed with cancer each year, and with the help of research, their chances of surviving have more than tripled. KCCP hopes to be a part of finding a cure. “The Pacific Northwest is the beginning. The world is our goal.”

Come to the April DCM!

Year in Review

Glacier Peak High School This past year Glacier Peak's Key Club has helped out at many events such as auditions, spaghetti feeds, and food drives. Our most successful event was our food drive at Fred Meyers in Snohomish. We raised about $300 and collected 1,330lbs of food and toiletries, which were donate to our local Snohomish Food Bank. We feel very lucky to have the chance to give back to our community. Courtney Rigby Glacier Peak High School Key Club President

Lynnwood High School This year, the Lynnwood Key Club was able to able to experience a tremendous growth in membership after the District Convention. In the beginning of the year, it was a really rough start for the club because of the small membership. In the fall, we participated in the Special Olympics, many food drives and a few other projects here and there but there weren't many events and active members. However, as more members started to dedicate more of their time into the club, especially after some members went to DCON, those members were able to go back to school to share and inspire more people to join this amazing organization! After DCON, the new officers took over and many more events were scheduled. The increase of membership also followed! Since then, the club has participated in many events including, Kiwanis One Day, popcorn selling at Martha Lake Elementary, Brainworks at Hilltop Elementary, Healthy Kids Day at the YMCA, the Kiwanis Fundraiser & the Martha Lake Elementary School Carnival, which was a blast! The Martha Lake Elementary School Carnival was probably one of the highlights of the year because our club had a total of 122.5 hours from our 24 participants, for just that event! It was mind blowing! The new officers and members have found a new love for Key Club that they do plan on continuing into next year! This year was truly amazing in Key Club! Key Club changes your life, it’s only a question of whether or not you're willing to give it a try. Though we're a smaller club in our division, Lynnwood Key Club will definitely continue to dive into service & show people that a smaller club can do just as much as a bigger club can! Selina Nguyen Lynnwood High School Key Club President

May DCM Recap When was it? 11:30 AM- 1:00 PM on Saturday, May 25th

Where was it? Silver Lake Park

Who attended? Members and officers from multiple schools in our division!

What happened at the DCM?      

Officer discussion/Goals Bonding and interactive ice breakers Tons of food! Summer Rally Info KCCP and District Project (Eliminate) Farewell to the Seniors

June DCM Mukilteo Lighthouse Park Wednesday, June 26th 12:00 PM- 2:00 PM

AGENDA  Potluck! Bring drinks, chips, or other snacks!  Meet others in the division and bond  Participate in ice breakers  Year Recap  Seattle Rally Info  Have Fun!

Join the Facebook Group! https://www.face /314677618666539 /#!/groups/31467 7618666539/?fref= ts

What is a DCM? DCM stands for Divisional Council Meeting. They happen each month and everyone is invited! You get to meet members in the division, learn about Key Club, and have fun!

Summer Rallies Every summer, divisions across the Pacific Northwest District gather at the various Summer Rallies. These rallies are great places to meet Key Clubbers from other divisions, attend amazing and educational forums, show your Bumblebee Spirit by competing for the coveted Spirit Stick, and learn about what’s going on in the PNW District!

Our reward for a successful Miracle Minute at Seattle Rally? Our IP Lieutenant Governor Rachael Lee got pied!

Division 21 at Seattle Rally 2012

2013 Summer Rallies Portland- June 22 Tacoma- June 27 Eastside- August 2 Seattle- August 12 Alaska- August 17 Canada- August 24 Southern Oregon- TBA

To the Seniors

As a senior, your time in Key Club has come to an end. I want to thank all of you for your dedication and service to this organization. Whether you participated as a member, officer, or Division 21 Bumblebee, you have made a difference to your school, community, and division. I hope that all of you will continue to serve and change the world no matter where life takes you.

Only a few Division 21 Seniors are pictured, but you will all be remembered!

Other K-Family Organizations Key Club Alumni: Reconnect with Key Club Alumni and keep in touch with Key Clubs. Circle K: Circle K is the Key Club at college campuses. If your school doesn’t have a Circle K, make one! Kiwanis: Past Key Club members can join their Kiwanis Club for free for the first few years. Kiwanians serve the children of the world while participating in their community.

“The best way to find yourself is to

lose yourself in the service of others.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Ask not what your club can do for you, ask what you can do for your club!

Chester Pham PNW Division 21 Lieutenant Governor Key Club International (425) 314-0369

The Buzz: June 2013  
The Buzz: June 2013  

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