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The Five Ws For Music Sharing You might ask why musicians want to share their music. The simple answer is just that music is more enjoyable when shared with another. Whether it is your music that you wrote and/or produced, or music by your favorite artists, it is more enjoyable when shared with another. This is easily done at Pictunes.

To Share Your Music When to share your own music is when you have it perfected to your satisfaction. You don’t want to go public with your own music sharing if it is not the best you can make it. Remember first impressions.

The time to share another artist’s music is when you discover that their music is something your thoroughly enjoy. Share with others who have the same taste in music as you do. It will increase your enjoy and theirs, too. Sharing music at a social music site such as Pictunes makes it easy to share. Just list your music and your followers can click and listen for themselves. Of course, share your own music. But, don’t forget other artists as well. It doesn’t have to be big name artists. They can be found about anywhere. Share your friend’s music to help give them much-needed exposure. Basically, you can share music with just about anyone. Just try to match their music tastes when sharing. However, it never hurts to expose them to something out of their comfort zone. They just might find something they really like.

Music sharing can take place many different places and ways. Pictunes is only one way. Share at parties. Send links to private friends. Spread the word about your favorite music on social media sites. There are many places to share. For more information about promote your music please visit Why the Five W’s and a How Though the five W’s and a how are terms generally associated with journalists, to apply in this instance. They are a good guide in knowing the best to promote your music. They help you make sure to not miss a beat.

The Five Ws For Music Sharing