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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

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Security is Still a Top Concern as Schools Resume By Angela Gartner While students were busy preparing for the first day of school this week, so were Geauga County school officials. However, instead of buying the usual school supplies, the districts were ensuring students would feel safe when entering school grounds and inside classrooms. Since the February school shooting at Chardon High School, which left three students dead and three injured, many districts have been stepping up their school security measures. "We are under pressure to restore the learning environment at the high school, which has been torn apart since Feb. 27," Chardon Schools Superintendent Joe Bergant said. "Our mission is to restore learning and we are doing a lot of work." He said it was a smooth

transition for new students who were easing into this new school year last Monday. "Everyone seemed upbeat and wants to get back in the routine of education," he said. The district has made counseling available for students who may still be feeling the effects of the traumatic event or have triggered emotions as they return to school, Bergant added. There have been changes to the school security with additional cameras that can record activity placed in Park and Maple elementary schools. Bergant said next summer, more cameras would be added to the remaining elementary schools in the district. Some community members may remember old-fashion locks on the high school's classroom doors. Bergant said with the new locks installed this summer, the teachers will have the ability to






lock the door from inside the classroom. Administrative staff, teachers and other classified school employees also participated in the online safety-training program, which is obligated by law. The company developed the training to help administrators and teachers to respond to an

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West G, Kenston Superintendents Claypool Attacks Ruffled Feathers in Chicken Contest Septic System Grants By Glen Miller West Geauga and Kenston schools superintendents didn't “chicken out” Thursday at The Great Geauga County Fair. Both went head to head during the annual chicken flying contest where new West Geauga Superintendent Geoff Palmer was trumped by Kenston Superintendent Robert Lee.

Despite cheers from West Geauga students seated in a nearby small grandstand, Bomber, the Kenston bird, out flew Mascara, the West G chicken, which did an in-flight Uturn, landing in an area behind where it was pushed out of a mailbox by Palmer. Bomber — gently pushed with a plunger by Lee — flew straight and true, making it 11

feet, 7 inches, before landing where dozens of young, anxious chicken catchers lined up in the corral of the small grandstand and grabbed him. A loud, victorious roar arose from Kenston students seated in the grandstand for the contest, which started between West Geauga and Kenston four years ago.

Flying Chicken• Page 2

By Glen Miller Geauga County Commissioner Walter “Skip” Claypool feels federal grants to local governments and individuals add to the growing $1.1 trillion national debt, most of which he contends is money borrowed from China. Thursday, Claypool made known his opposition to federal grants that he and fellow commissioners Mary Samide and Tracy Jemison approved when said he would no longer vote to approve Environmental Protection Agency grants available to help people who cannot afford to replace failing septic systems. The Aug. 30 commissioners meeting was held in the Junior Fair Pavilion at The Great Geauga County Fair in Burton.


Kenston Superintendent Robert Lee holds his appropriately made trophy with congratulations from West Geauga Superintendent Geoff Palmer.



Claypool, who displays a federal deficit clock at each commissioners meeting, expressed his displeasure the grants after he voted to approve a $22,380 Ohio EPA grant to replace a residential septic system in Russell Township. He explained he approved the payment of the grant money to Excavation Works, Inc. only because the county had previously approved the septic system’s installation. However, Claypool said he would no longer vote to approve such grants. “What right is it, if somebody takes on the responsibility to buy a home, to expect the taxpayers to pick up the burden if somebody has an issue or problem?” he

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Flying Chicken from page 1 Lee’s prize was a trophy — a yellow chicken. Groups of students from both schools were given a timeout from educational “Geauga Leans” tours of the fairground’s agricultural barns and facilities. Sponsored by Geauga County Probate and Juvenile Court Judge Tim Grendell, “Geauga Leans” was started several years ago when Grendell was a state senator to teach children with little knowledge of their nearby rural neighbors more about agriculture and its importance to American life. Grendell and his wife, 11th District Court of Appeals Judge Diane Grendell, sponsored this year’s annual Great Geauga County Fair Chicken Flying Contest, which was hosted by (WOIO) Channel 19 noon

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

weather forecaster Jason Handman. Handman paused the chicken flying contest long enough to do a live weather broadcast, which drew sighs of relief from a few fair officials. Handman predicted the rainy remnants of former Hurricane Isaac would hold off until Monday rather than come charging in Saturday as originally predicted. Eight roosters and 26 hens were pushed out of their mailbox perch by Fair Board President Bob Rogish. Surprisingly, a greater number of chickens made the same U-turn like Palmer’s chicken did, landing behind the elevated stand from which they were launched. One drew a few moos from cows in a nearby barn when it flew to safety on the barn roof. “I would fly the opposite direction if I was going to be

chased by all the kids lined up out there,” said a man who stopped to watch the contest. “The poor thing probably looked down from up there in the mailbox and said, ‘No way’ baby.” The overall winner of the chicken flying contest was Fool, a rooster owned by Chardon High School freshman Rachael Banks. Fool and Toffee, a chicken owned by Lana Strimbu, also a Chardon High School freshman, were the finalists in the contest. Toffie flew 29 feet, 3 inches during first flight — the longest of the contest — while Fool flew 21 feet, 9 inches during his initial flight. However, Toffee then joined the ranks of the U-turn chickens, while Fool flew 11 feet, 7 inches, winning Banks the $75 first prize. Strimbu walked away with $25 for Toffee’s efforts.

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New West Geauga Superintedent Geoffery Palmer uses a plunger to launch "Mascara" from the mailbox during the annual Great Geauga County Fair Chicken Flying Contest.

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School Security from page 1 active shooter in the school building. Kenston Schools Superintendent Robert Lee said the high school assistant principal, along with a representative from the Bainbridge Police Department went to an ALICE training program and brought back some things that will be integrated into the schools' security response plans. "It was found that running and hiding, and a passive response to an active shooter increases the number of injured or (fatalities)," Lee said. "ALICE brought out some other additional security items for the schools to minimize the impact of a shooting." Kenston school officials have also been working on preventative measures to address student issues such as bullying with the Peaceful

Environment At Kenston (PEAK) program, he said. Lee added the district's relationship with law enforcement has changed over the years as there's more coordination between the two entities. In fact, more schools are working with their local law agencies to keep schools safe through preventative programs. West Geauga Schools Superintendent Geoffery Palmer said cameras have been added this month in Westwood Elementary School through Russell Township Police Department. James Russo, operations manager at West Geauga Schools, said the police department is picking up the cost, which is estimated at $17,000. "All the buildings are up to the same level," Palmer said. "That building, we had some concerns, so they added cameras to our secure entryway system."

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


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One Step at a Time for West G Golfers By Jamie Ward The Wolverines varsity golf program sets small goals each season, a requirement in the Chagrin Valley Conference's Chagrin Division, one of the toughest golf conferences in the area, with Aurora, Chagrin Falls, Kenston and Orange perennial powers. “We just want to improve in the CVC and move up a bit,” said Jay Kletecka, the team's coach in his fourth season. West Geauga has moved to Fowler's Mill Golf Course in Munson Township, a course that Kletecka feels will improve the Wolerines program. “We’re getting a better summer program,” he said. “So we're getting kids who are more prepared now. Fowler's has been great to us. One of the pros there is a former West G student.” At the top of the team, there are three consistent scorers, Kletecka said, in Matt Forrai, T.J. Onderdonk and Milan Tropf. Kletecka said the team needs one of the other three — Jeff Gaetjens, Nick Paternitti and Cody Setlock — to play more consistently for the team to win more matches. West Geauga traveled to Pleasant Hill Golf Course in Aquilla Village to participate with CVC Valley teams Berkshire and Cardinal in a non-league match last week. The Wolverines had 179 total strokes from the top four finishers: Forrai (shot a 41), Onderdonk (45), Gaetjens (46) and Tropf (47). Berkshire (156)

Septic Grants from page 1 asked. “If I have a painting problem, is the next step to expect the government to pick up the debt of painting my house?” Rather than accepting government grants, people who are mandated to replace septic systems should have the cost applied as an assessment to their property taxes, he added. Holding up a photo of his 10 children, Claypool said, “There are other ways of approaching those problems rather than burdening my grandkids — your grandkids — with the costs.” County Administrator David Lair quickly noted Claypool was holding the photo upside down. “This type of grant is not our tax dollars coming back to us,” the recently appointed commissioner said. “This is purely a corrupt system that is being used to indebt the future of our kids and our grandkids.” Responded Samide, “Not everything is so cut and dry.” She explained the grants are made available to help lowincome people who cannot afford to replace their septic systems. Many people who need their septic systems replaced are long-time county residents who are living on fixed incomes and are faced with the high cost of

and Cardinal (176) both shot better. Forrai, despite having the fifth best score on the day, was not happy with his performance. “I came into the last hole two over and ended up not doing so well on that last hole,” Forrai, a sophomore, said. He said the course was in better condition than he had ever seen it. “It’s not too different from last year,” Forrai said. “I played varsity last year. It's high school golf. You can’t take it too seriously or else it's not fun.” Junior Jeff Gaetjens also wished he could have played better. “I had two doubles, which I really could have done without. But all in all I played OK,” he said. Gaetjens added he has shot well in practice but has “exploded,” as he said, in matches. “I don't really know what it is, but something about finally doing, like, the real thing, playing real in matches has just gotten into my head,” Gaetjens said. “I've never really done well in a match before. I'm a little disappointed but it's early on, but I'm hoping to do better later.” Gaetjens, who has not golfed varsity until this season, thinks it's a mental thing. “That or I'm really used to my home course and not many other courses,” he said. Milan Tropf said he had poor tee shots. “I just really could not figure out my drives today. That's what really killed my game,” Tropf said.

On playing the difficult CVC Chagrin course, Tropf said the team just tries to relax. “If we have a horrible round, and I think they both agreed,” he said gesturing to his teammates. “If we have a horrible round, we just shake it off. I mean, some of us do really well one day, and then some of us the other day just flat out don't do well at all. We just have to relax, and that's what we do. We just go out there and have fun.” Kletecka said Forrai, who just missed districts last season as a freshman, has a chance to go far in the postseason this year and possibly qualify for the state tournament before graduation. The Wolverines golf Sept. 4 at Fowler's Mill against Chagrin Falls. The Chagrin Valley Conference’s Chagrin tournament is set for Sept. 20 at Legend Lake in Chardon.

installing new septic units, Samide said. “If you find yourself in this position, what do you do?” she asked. “You may have your house paid for, but you may not have the extra cash to fix your septic and they (EPA) are breathing down your neck to do it.” Neither can the county health district and the state EPA ignore homeowners with bad septic systems “because this is a health issue,” Samide said. “So we’re stuck with cleaning up our septic (systems),” Samide said. Claypool said he would continue to bring the debt clock to commissioners meeting until his temporary term expires in November. The Geauga County Republican Party’s Central Committee appointed Claypool as a temporary commissioner in early July to fill the seat of retired Commissioner Bill Young until a new commissioner is elected. Samide, who was defeated by fellow Republican Ralph Spidalieri, was selected by the central committee as the GOP’s ballot candidate. She is running against Democrat Jim Dvorak. In other action: • Fair Board President Bob Rogish was presented certificates from the Ohio auditor’s,

treasurer’s and secretary of state’s offices commemorating the 190year-old Geauga County Fair as the oldest county fair in the state. The certificates also noted the sound fiscal management of the fair. • The commissioners approved a resolution honoring the 4-H Hare Raisers Rabbit Club for its continued success in leading 4-H fundraising for the Geauga Hunger Task Force. This year, the 4-H Hare Raisers raised $3,076.90 for the GHTF, the most it has collected in eight years, said Rev. Ed Peterson, task force president. The money purchased nearly 1,90 0 food items, enough to provide about 12,000 meals, Commissioner Tracy Jemison said. • The commissioners approved a resolution honoring the late Reno “Jay” Reda Jr., former Ohio Department of Natural Resources wildlife officer for Geauga County, for his work in creating the fair’s natural resources area, also known as “Reno World.” Reda died of cancer earlier this year. • The commissioners honored the work retiring Geauga County Engineer Robert Phillips has done over the last 30 years.


Milan Tropf shot a 47.


West G's Jeff Gaetjens shot a 46.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

of the new year of the Geauga County Genealogical Society, held at Chardon Library, 110 East Park St. Program is free. All are welcome. Email for more information.

Sept. 12: Munson Twp. Flea Market

Sept. 7: Bainbridge Swing Dance 8 p.m. Hepcat Revival is playing live at the Bainbridge Swing Dance at the Township Hall, 17826 Chillicothe Road, Chagrin Falls. Sponsored by KCE. Lesson at 8 p.m., dance and live music from 9-11 p.m. Adult $10, student $8, family $25. Call 216-316-0068 for more information.

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Sept. 7-8: This and That Rummage Sale St. Mark Lutheran Church will hold a community rummage sale at the church, 11900 Chillicothe Road, Chester Township. Times are 4-7 p.m. Sept. 7 and 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sept. 8. Vendor space is $25-$35, inside or out, if a St. Mark table is used. A $1 donation is requested to help feed the hungry in Geauga County. Call Edie, 440-667-5996; Lori, 440-338-3537; or Joan 440256-8229 for more information.

Sept. 10 & 17: Broken Wheels Square Dancing 7-9 p.m. Come to an introduction to square dancing lesson, held at Community of Christ Church, 9017 Chillicothe Road, Kirtland. No admission charge. All are welcome. Call Sue and George Patton, 440-257-1851; Linda and Dan Zehler, 440-254-6504; or Mike and Rose Speers, 440-285-8477.

Sept. 11: Geauga Co. Genealogical Society Meeting


7 p.m. With the availability of many U.S. Census schedules, family history researchers can often track families for several decades. But sometimes a member is missing. Cynthia Turk will present “Institutions for Genealogical Research” at the first meeting

9 .m. to 2 p.m. Stop in and browse for a special treasure or rent a space to get rid of unwanted clutter. Held at Munson Township Park, 12641 Bass Lake Road. Call 440-286-9255 for more information.

Sept.15: Geauga County Tea Party 9 -11 a.m. Come to the Geauga County Tea Party meeting, held at Munson Township Hall, 12210 Auburn Road, for coffee and donuts, and join an Action Group. People will be asked to sign up to deliver campaign literature and meeting flyers in precincts. All candidates are invited to join for informal conversation. The big four-county Tea Party Ohio Senate and House Candidates Night is being planned for Sept. 27. Visit http://www.geauga for more information.

Sept. 17: Financial Peace University 6 p.m. More than half a million families have positively changed their financial future through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (FPU). This nine-week course provides families and individuals with practical tools to gain control of their finances and set themselves up for longterm financial success. Join at Teichman Financial Services, 11630 Chillicothe Road, Chester Township for the course, which meets once a week where a different lesson is taught by Dave on DVD followed by a small-group discussion. Lessons include budgeting, relationships and money, getting out of debt, saving for emergencies and investing. Call Kip Hoover, 440-7290 036, to register or for more information.

Sept. 20: Foster Care Adoption 6 p.m. Every child needs a home. Open your heart to a child. These are phrases often used

for children who are in need of a home when a family is in crisis. Consider becoming a foster/adopt family for those who need support. There will be an information meeting at the Geauga County Job and Family Services, 12480 Ravenwood Dr., Chardon. RSVP by Sept. 14. Call 440-285-9141, ask for a Permanency Planning Worker.

Sept. 30: Into the Light Walk 6 p.m. Join for the ninth annual Suicide Prevention Education Alliance Into the Light Walk, held at Cleveland Metropark Zoo, 3900 Wildlife Way, Cleveland. Visit www.intothelight Call 216-464-3471 for more information.

Oct. 13: WG Trivia Night 7 p.m. Bring friends, family and classmates for a fun, fast-paced night trivia held at Fowler’s Mill Golf Course, 13095 Rockhaven Road, Chester Township. Ten rounds of fun and tricky trivia will begin promptly at 7 p.m., doors open at 6 p.m. Raffles, auctions, games, prizes and silent auction packages available. The event will be emceed by 92.3 “The Fan” personality, Action 19 News sportscaster, and West Geauga alum Anthony Lima. Cash prize awarded to teams of eight or less that come out on top: $50 0 to the night’s most clever crew and $200 for second place finishers. $160 for a table, maximum eight players per table to be eligible for cash prizes. Registration available online at MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover and checks accepted. Bring snacks for table to share, beverages provided. Guido’s pizzas may be preordered with table registration. All proceeds benefit the West Geauga Athletic Boosters. Must be 21 years of age and older to participate. Call 440-729-8426 for more information.

Oct. 20: Mayhem Wrestling Reverse Raffle 6-12 p.m. Join Mayhem Wrestling for their annual fundraiser/reverse raffle, held at Mayfield Heights Community Center. Cost is $50 per ticket. Open Registration for second session will be held at the Mayhem facility from 6-8 p.m. Oct. 15. Season training session will be Nov. 2012 to March 2013. Cost is $200 per wrestler. Workouts geared for both novice and advanced wrestlers. Separate practices included. Call 440-666-2158 for more information.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


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Sept. 13, 20, 27: Activity for the Soul 12:15 p.m. Book Discussion on “Twelve Extraordinary Women” by John Macarthur.

for the WEST GEAUGA SENIOR CENTER West Geauga Senior Center is located at 11414 Caves Road, Chester Township. Call 440-7292782 to register or for more information on these programs.

Healthy Counties Healthy Seniors Remember to set a goal for the month of September, then fill out the form when goal is accomplished and bring it to the center to be entered into the monthly drawing.

Stained glass classes Beginner classes from 9:3011:30 a.m. on Wednesdays, advanced class on Fridays, same time. Call for details and to register.

Activity for the Body Balance Challenge: Come work on the balance machine.

Sept. 5: Activity for the Mind Senior Scams — this presentation will be given by Home Instead. Don’t get caught

off guard … keep a sharp mind with brain games. Join for lunch immediately following.

Sept. 6: Pillow Case Dresses Join to make dresses for the little girls of Africa. Learn to sew, cut out or just add ribbon. No experience necessary. Still in need of pillow cases for this project, bright and colorful preferred.

Sept. 11, 18, 25: Angel Ornament Making This personalized hand built clay angel makes a wonderful holiday gift. No experience necessary. There’s one on display at the senior center. $25 for 3 classes; clay, firing and beautiful ornament to take home.

Sept. 12: How to Survive Foreclosure

Sept 21: Fall Prevention Day Entire day will focus on balance and preventing falls. Take the balance challenge and do daily exercises to decrease risk of falling. Register for balance screenings, held on Oct. 2.

Sept, 24, Oct. 1, 8: Digital Photography Class Kolman Rosenburg from Dodd Camera will teach this class. Learn about camera settings and how to take a better picture. Registration required.

meetings Chester Township: Sept. 5, 7 p.m., Zoning Commission; Sept. 6, 7 p.m., Board of Trustees; Sept. 10, 7 p.m., Board of Zoning Appeals. All meetings are held at the Town Hall, 12701 Chillicothe Road, unless otherwise noted. Munson Township: Sept. 11, 5:30 p.m. – Park Board, Nero Park, 6:30 p.m. – Board of Trustees. All meetings are held at Township Hall, 12210 Auburn Road unless otherwise noted.

Russell Township: Sept. 5, 7 p.m., Board of Trustees; Sept. 10, 7 p.m. – Board of Zoning Appeals, 7 p.m. – Park Commission, The West Woods Nature Center. All meetings are held at Fire-Rescue Station, 14810 Chillicothe Road, unless otherwise noted. West Geauga Board of Education: Sept. 10, 7 p.m., regular meeting, Middle School Community Room, 8611 Cedar Road.

Sept. 26: Heart/Stroke/ Coumadin Support Group Join for Yoga with Judy. Learn how breathing, relaxation and stretching through yoga can help you handle a disease.

Geauga County Court of Common Pleas Judge Forest Burt will speak on how to survive foreclosure.


transfers Following is a list of real estate transfers in Chester, Russell and Munson townships for the two-week ending Aug. 24, provided as a public service by the Geauga County Auditor’s Office. Transfers may involve sale of land only.

CHESTER TOWNSHIP Wayne A. Cox, 8735 Ranch Drive, to Diana L., Jeremy M. and Rebecca L. McCarthy, $136,000. Loy L. Moss, 12879 Caves Road, to The Bank of New York Mellon (trustee), $33,400.

Viola A. Gore, 12874 Lynn Drive, to Danielle Gecewich, $135,000. Beth L. Nuss (trustee), 9190 Wilson Mills Road, to Jason B. and Lisa Bowden, $340,000.

Eric V. and Jennifer L. Russ, 11692 Riverwood Drive, to Chad A. Komocki and Kristin Saletel, $262,500. Joyce M. Popely, 1030 0 Mulberry Road, to Joanne L. Damian, $190,000. Jeffrey and Sally A. Kalb, 12585 Ashton Trail, to Nicholas J. and Maureen M. Germano, $350,000.

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Congratulations to West Geauga Schools science teachers for receiving the Thomas Edison Award for Excellence in Youth Science Opportunities in the 2011-2012 school year from Governor John Kasich. Award Recipients: Tom Booth, Natalie Cooper, Kristin Gregory, Aly Ledman, Brian Spotts, Mike Sustin, Mike Taurasi and Mark Walton. To receive the award, schools had to conduct a local science fair with 20 or more students. They had to qualify one or  more of these students for one of the academy's 15 district

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


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science days; and have students participate in at least one more youth science opportunity beyond the classroom — such as State Science Day, visits to museums, mentorship programs and extended field trips. The schools also had to convince external professionals from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) business and industry, government and academia employers how and to what extent the school's program met the academy's definition of STEM education.

Sept. 7: After Prom Pick a Theme Meeting

7 p.m. West Geauga After Prom is an end of year celebration that gives seniors and guests a chance to play games, win fabulous prizes and socialize in a safe, alcohol-free environment. This celebration takes many

In memory of

Richard Sneller

No matter what the sport, Dick Sneller was a team player. His love of athletics was only overshadowed by his enjoyment in working with young athletes. Throughout his productive life, Dick continually strived to provide recreational opportunities locally for our community’s youth and to develop our children’s talents so they could reach their fullest potential. For 25 years Dick positively influenced many students as a physical education teacher at West Geauga. While in the district he coached varsity wrestling, freshman girls’ basketball, eight grade football, and girls’ varsity softball. He also was an assistant athletic director for four years during the 1970s. One of his most notable achievements at West Geauga was starting a wrestling program. With a lot of interest but little money, he recruited athletes, gathered some supplies and formed a team. Dick coached the school’s varsity team from 1961-65 and was its freshman coach for seven years after that. As a student athlete at Shaw High School in East Cleveland, he excelled in baseball. During his junior year Dick was the catcher on the state championship team in 1944. He continued his involvement with the sport through coaching and umpiring and through his association with the West Geauga Baseball Federation. Many of his summers were spent at Parkside coaching various teams, umpiring for several leagues and performing maintenance on the field. Dick also helped establish a community youth football program in Chester and Munson townships that later became a project of the Chesterland Lions Club. Dick received a bachelor’s degree in education from Ohio University and served as a corporal in the Marines. Shortly after he married, Dick moved to Chesterland in 1949. He and his wife opened a sporting goods store in Mayfield Heights, and later opened a similar one in Chesterland. Dick was diagnosed with cancer shortly after retiring in 1985, and he spent his last years at his home in Russell with his wife, Joan, and son, Jeffrey. Dick Sneller’s lifetime commitment to offer and enhance recreational opportunites for youth will be remembered for years to come.


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parents and volunteers, working throughout the entire school year to make the event a success. Input from all senior parents and students is needed in choosing this year’s theme in. Meeting held in room 104 at the high school. Some ideas presented, but not yet voted on, are “New York, New York� (stations would include Statue of Liberty, Grand Central Station, Madison Square Garden, etc), “Life’s a Beach� (stations would include beaches from all over the world, Hawaii, Bahamas, Cedar Point, etc.) and “i20 13� (stations would include Facebook, Instagram, Words with Friends, Angry Birds, Pandora, etc.). Past themes included: Backstage Pass, Summer Days/Winter Nights, Around the World in 20 10, West G Opoly, Backlot Tour, Rock and Roll, Fiesta, Viva Las Vegas, A Night on the Boardwalk and Hooray for Hollywood. All After Prom meetings will be held on the second Wednesday of each month in room 104 of the high school: Oct. 10, Nov. 14, Dec. 12, Jan. 9, Feb. 13, March 13, April 10 and After Prom is May 17. After Prom 2013 has already started fundraisers to include Malley’s candy bars, Entertainment Books, 50/50 raffles at home football and basketball games, February Lottery tickets. Call Anita Zurcher, 440-7294066, for more information.

Sept. 8: Tomato Tasting Contest

10 a.m. to Noon The Geauga Fresh Farmers’ Market will hold its annual Tomato Tasting Contest at the corner of Chillicothe Road and Bell Street, South Russell Township. Enter home-grown or farmgrown tomatoes into one of two categories: Cherry Tomatoes and Regular Tomatoes. Bring a quart of cherry tomatoes or 4 to 5 of a single variety of tomatoes before 9:30 a.m. and mark them with the contestant's name and variety of tomato. Entries welcome for the annual Salsa Tasting Contest from 10 a.m. to noon Sept. 22. Salsas made with any local fruits and vegetables: peaches, watermelon, tomatoes, tomatillos, corn and pumpkin are welcome. Bring a quart of salsa by 9:30 a.m. marked with the contestant's name and whether the salsa is hot or mild. There are two categories for prizes. Keep up to date on special market events at www.geauga or follow us on Facebook.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


news Affordable Home Improvement Project Most people have decided to “stay put” in homes and are trying to conserve savings. A great way to change the look of an old tired room is to paint it. For just a small amount of money, change the way a home looks by adding color and life to an area of the house that needs a change. Paint makes rooms like warmer or cooler, smaller or larger.

Turney’s Hardware offers paint solutions for every budget. Benjamin Moore’s Ben and Ace’s newest brand, Clark & Kensington, are reasonable priced. Both brands have paint/ primer combinations to help


Page 7

save a step and are available in many different, vibrant colors to make a room stand out. For a few dollars more, the new Regal Select paint line offers a wide array of finishes and smoother application. Turney’s also carries Wooster brushes and rollers, made in Ohio. These tools will ad the professional touch to any paint project, Stop in and visit the paint department at Turney’s Hardware, 12670 West Geauga Plaza, Chester Township.

“I like the surprises in nature — the Bald Eagle, deer, all kinds of creatures. I was touching up a painting and a little bird jumped into the frame. I had to paint it in.”


00 OFF

all gallons of Clark+Kensington paint+primer in one. Offer expires 9/12/12.

Offer valid on regular price paint gallons of Clark+Kensington paint+primer in one. Offer excludes paint supplies. No rain checks. Store stock only. See store for details. Limit 5 gallons.

Sept. 22: Punt Pass and Kick Competition 2 p.m. The West Geauga Kiwanis Club will be hosting the NFL Pepsi Punt Pass and Kick competition, held at Kiwanis Park at Eddy Fruit Farm, 12079 Caves Road, Chester Township. Participation is free to all children ages 6 through 15 (with birthday as of Dec. 31, 2012). Boys and girls will be separated into five age groups: 6-7, 8-9, 10-11, 12-13 and 14-15. Children will compete against each other in punting, passing and place kicking in fun and engaging competition. Scores are read to the closest feet and inch, based on distance and accuracy. Participant with highest total score for all three events in each age group will be considered the winner and advance to sectional competition and perhaps national competition. All participants must wear soft sole gym shoes. No cleats, turf shoes or bare feet permitted. Applications available at most local stores in Chester Township as well as St. Anselm, Westwood, Lindsey and West Geauga Middle School. Call 440-729-4018 for more information.

For more stories on Chester Township and the surrounding communities, pick up a copy of this week’s Geauga County Maple Leaf.

Discover YOUR perfect match!

Satur day Saturday day,, September 15, 2012 Noon to 5pm Located at the

Eltech Building Pr Property operty Ave./Rt. 100 7th A ve./Rt. 44 -plenty of free parking on-site & nearby

dvance T icket Tick Advance et at ick $20 A Char $25 Day of Event $5 Designated Driver (mug & soft drinks) INCLUDES Beer Tastings & Commemorative Tasting Mug Ticket holders will be required to provide proper identification to prove proper legal drinking age.

Experience food offerings from some of Chardon’s best restaurants & eateries!


Black Box Brew Kettle Cellar Rats Chardon Brew Works Cornerstone

Fat Heads Great Lakes Brewing Co. Lager Heads Market Garden Brewery Co. Thirsty Dog Willoughby Brewing Co.


Sorta Blues • Pay Dirt • Smack the Frog SPONSORS: 7th Avenue Properties, Universal Disposal, Chardon Signs, NPI Audio Video Solution. All proceeds from the Chardon BrewFest support Chardon Tomorrow, a civic organization whose purpose is historic preservation and economic development of the Chardon community.

Page 8


news The Quilted Thimble When local quilt shop Remembrances closed in 2006, quilters in Chester Township discovered they had to travel miles to find fabric and patterns. Luckily, Chester will again be able to supply quilters with the latest quilting supplies.

The Quilted Thimble, owned by Russell Township resident Marty Anastasio, has moved into West Geauga Plaza. Choosing a location for the store was easy, she said. “Chesterland and Chesterland’s small businesses offered a great support system and I

loved the small town feel,” the owner said. Former employee of Remembrances, Anastasio knew exactly what she wanted — The Quilted Thimble to offer to quilting enthusiasts. They can come into the store and purchase everything they need to complete a quilt. Anastasio has found in her 35 years of quilting, she had to visit different shops to get the necessary materials to complete one quilt. Recognizing that there has been a movement of younger people joining quilt groups, The Quilted Thimble is also offering

The Quilted Thimble

12628 Chillicothe Rd. Chesterland OH 44026 West Geauga Plaza 440-729-2259

Antiques on the Square

Quiltmaking Supplies and Gifts

Mon 10-8 • Tue-Sat 10-5 • Closed Sunday

Marty Anastasio, Owner

It’s great to have a quilt shop back in Chesterland. Stop by and see us!

Voted #1 VOTED #1 101 Main Street

Sunday, 10am SUNDAY, Sept. SEPT. 30 25 ~• 10 A.M. to to 33pm P.M. at Willoughby Hills Community Center 35400 Chardon Rd., Willoughby Hills, OH 44094 (exit #189 off 271 just east of route 91)

FREE GIFT TO THE FIRST 75 PEOPLE THRU THE DOOR! Admission: Adults $3.50 • Children 12 & under $1.00 For more info, please call Eileen at 440-729-9690

Second YearininaaRow Row Four Years Chardon OH 44024 by by Fox Fox 88 Hot Hot List


OPEN MON.-SAT. 10-5 SUN. 12-5 Open Mon-Sat 10-5 101 Main St., Chardon

Sun 12-5 440-286-1912

Visit Chesterland’s

Antique Row

Cuckoo’s Nest Resale Shop Multi-Dealer Shop

Furniture, Smalls, Vintage, Retro, New

8378 Mayfield Rd. 440-729-2224 Tue-Sat 11 to 5

Mon-Sat 10 to 6 Sun 12 to 5

Furniture, Jewelry, Pottery, Glassware, Vintage Clothes, and more 12686 West Geauga Plaza Chesterland OH 44026


Sophie’s Treasures and Antiques Steeplechase Antiques etc... 440.729.7678

Multi-Dealer Shop


8386 Mayfield Road Chesterland OH 44026 440-729-0900

Isobel’s Vintage Fashions on 2nd Floor Collectibles, Jewelry and A ccessories, China Sets Accessories, Tues-Sat 11am-4pm or by appointment

7976 Mayfield Road, Chesterland OH 44026 • sophiestreasureshop-ebay Estate Liquidations & Appraisals

The “Antique Boutique” that has something for everyone


Nearly New & Antiques Too 12686 West Geauga Plaza

Sophie’s Treasures 7976 Mayfield Rd.

Steeplechase Antiques 8386 Mayfield Rd.

Mayfield Rd. (Rt. 322)

Chillicothe Rd. (Rt. 306)

8378 Mayfield Rd.

Open Tues - Sat11:00-5:00

West Geauga Plaza Dr.

Cuckoo’s Nest Resale Shop

more modern fabrics and patterns, including bags, iPad cases and kitchen aprons. Anastasio looks forward to reconnecting with the quilting community and will soon be offering classes. Call 440-729-2259 for more information.

Nearly New Full of Surprises Customers looking for antiques, second-hand items or collectibles might find what they need in Nearly New and Antiques Too, which recently joined the Chester Township community. Open for ten months now, Nearly New has been serving customers with its eclectic mix of the old and new at its location, directly across the parking lot from Giant Eagle in West Geauga Plaza. The 6,40 0-square-foot warehouse/retail space allows for dining room tables, couches, dressers and other large pieces, which would be difficult to accommodate elsewhere. Customers can browse through an array items ranging from unique ones — such as a gumball-machine table lamp — to everyday items, such as clocks, dishes, glassware, figurines, books, artwork and other standard second-hand fare. Nearly New also has a vintage clothing section that includes wedding gowns, shoes and hats. If something doesn't strike a customer's fancy at Nearly New, stop at Sophie’s Treasure, 7976 Mayfield Road.

Both stores have the same owner and Sophie's Treasure is known for its older antiques, fine collectibles and also hosts an outdoor market every Saturday and Sunday from spring through fall in the parking lot. Nearly New and Antiques Too is located at 12686 West Geauga Plaza, Chester Township. Hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday and noon to 5 p.m. Saturday-Sunday. Call 440729-0744 for more information.

Steeplechase Antiques and Cuckoo’s Nest Resale Shop Kathy Willis, a Chester Township resident for 32 years, opened Steeplechase Antiques three years ago along with two other vendors, Julie Pfenning and Dorothy Herrick. Willis, Pfenning and Beth Henderson also opened Cuckoo’s Nest Resale Shop in June. Both shops offer a variety of merchandise including furniture, jewelry, linens, china, retro and more. The owners appreciate and value local customers and look forward to meeting new ones. They also encorage customers to “help make the community a location people will want to visit … shop local.” Steeplechase Antiques is located at 8386 Mayfield Road. Call 440-729-090 0 for more information. Cuckoo’s Nest Resale Shop is located at 8378 Mayfield Road. Call 440-729-2224 for more information.

14,000 Sq. Ft. of Antiques

Nearly New and Antiques Too 440-729-0744

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Auntie’s Antique Mall 15567 Main Market (Rt. 422) P.O. Box 746 Parkman OH 44080 (located 5 miles east of SR 44 on 422


Yesteryear Shop,Inc.

“The Complete Antique Shop” ~ OVER 45 YEARS ~

EVERYTHING!! NOW ON SALE - 20% OFF EVER YTHING!! Lamps repaired & rewired. Replacement shades. Royal Doulton figurines, poplar jelly cupboard, 6 pc. bowl & pitcher set, faux bamboo stand, cut & polished prisms, R.S. Prussia bowls, miniature lamps, 1940s hats, wicker lamp, 1850 spool-turned poster bed, 1825 chest of drawers w/original sandwich glass pulls, bronze signed lamp, cedar chest and more!

7603 CHARDON RD. (RT. 6), KIRTLAND • 440-256-8293 OPEN Wed. thru Sun. - Noon to 5 P.M.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Page 9

around town

anniversaries Neighbors to the Rescue


After Reverend Loren Gisselbeck recently sustained multiple rib fractures from falling, his neighbors on Reserve Lane in Chester Township immediately offered their John Deere tractors and themselves to take care of Loren’s 2-acre yard for as long as needed.

Lindsay Erin Vlah, a 2004 graduate of West Geauga, is marrying Matthew Young Williams of Lancaster, SC. on Oct. 6, 20 12 in Virginia Beach. Lindsay is a 20 08 Cum Laude graduate of Eastern Michigan University and works as a hotel sales manager and Matthew is currently serving in the United States Navy. We wish them all the best.

“A simple thanks just doesn’t seem adequate somehow,”

Pictured L to R: Dale Laczko, Jim Makee, Frank Dobnikar and Loren Gisselbeck.

- Gisselbeck said


1850s Furniture • Antique Dressers Antique Flax Spinning Wheel Phenix Chest w/Bottom Drawer Cedar Chest & Matching Dressing Table Jewelry • Collectibles • Accent Pieces • Furniture Sofas • Recliners • Dining Tables/Chairs Bedroom Sets • Bookshelves • Gun Cabinet Perfume Bottles • Slot Machine • Vancura Gallery Artwork ANTIQUES • ANTIQUES • ANTIQUES


We Now Have FFowlers owlers Milling Co. PProducts roducts & Gorants Chocolates

11777 Mayfield Rd., Munson • 440-285-7071 HOURS: Mon-Fri 10am-7pm • Sat 10am-5pm • Sun by chance NOW ACCEPTING NEW and USED QUALITY FURNITURE and CONSIGNMENTS BY APPOINTMENT



440-256-2580 10609 Chillicothe Rd. Kirtland OH 44094

th and FRI. SEPT. 14th AT 5:30PM THUR. SEPT. 13 13th

Century Home Antiques


• Antiques ~ Buy & Sell • Antique Dealer • Buy-Out Estate Contents • Appraiser • Complete Estate Sale Setup • Estate Liquidator


Coming This Fall: PUMPKINS & MUMS We Are Open Wednesday-Sunday 11-5



9959 Chillicothe Road, Kirtland

Having a Yard Sale? Place an ad in the Chesterland News Classifieds!

Call (440) 729-7667 for rates and information.

ITEMS: Cherry 9 pc. glass door bookcase, 2 Lane lamp tables, Hepplewhite chest of drawers, Steward cedar chest, foyer table, glass/metal sofa table, Henkel Harris mahog. tall boy chest, pigeonhole cabinet, silverware chest, chest w/glove drawers, Jasper chest, Jasper secrt. desk, walnut drop leaf table, mahog. corner curio, Serpentine buffet, Duncan Phyfe table, Deco vanity/bench, 4 pc. Victorian parlor set, lg. cherry exec. desk, 2 leather chairs, many occasional chairs and tables, lg. armoire, 3 pc. 1930 bedroom set, 2 pc. mahog. bedroom set, exceptional 3 drawer walnut chest, decorative mirrors, floor lamps, vintage Manhatten Co. NY brass double shaded student lamp unsigned marked #10, B&H double student lamp, 2 other student lamps, cranberry shade Victorian hanging lamp, outside patio furniture, white 6 ft. metal bench, net return golf practice indoor net and fixtures, Tour Links putting green, 2 sets golf clubs, cast golf ball cleaner, 4 wicker chairs, 8 metal heavy patio chairs, Nordic Track bike, weigh machine, firepit, Bose speaker system, tin lined tea caddies, 2 inlaid writing lap desks, Chein roller coaster/box, ostrich eggs, Depression glass, historical plates, local historical articles, many prints from Gallery One, Godey’s fashion plates, Boehm owl series plates, Lennox animal series plates, many unique Royal Doulton pcs., silver plate, sterling candlesticks, sterling sherbet glasses, Limoges, Beswick, Royal Copenhagen, cut glass, Cybis, crocks, tribal art collection, many books, framed art, Howard Miller wall clock, Craftsman tools, scroll saw, air compressor, edger, adjustable tool tables, leafblower, snowblower, utility light, router, ytable, wood stabilizer, saws and blades, Dewalt saw, circular saw, chain saw, miter saw, ladder, bullet trap, motorcycle truck ramps, AND MORE! THIS AUCTION IS A BIG ONE!!! COME AND LOOK AT WHAT WE HAVE! IT IS SOMEWHAT SET UP - WE ARE STILL RECEIVING ITEMS THROUGH JULY & AUGUST

TERMS: Cash, Check, all Major Credit Cards, Buyers Premium 15% (3% discount for cash or check). BP on Monday is 10%. ALL ITEMS SOLD AS IS WHERE IS. FOOD PROVIDED • CLEAN GALLERY SETTING • PLENTY OF PAVED PARKING

AUCTIONEER: Mary Ann Crozier

Accepting consignments or buying good merchandise for upcoming auctions.

Page 10


Pease support the following local businesses that support West Geauga Schools All American Car Wash Apex Land Management Arabica Bada-Bing Pizza Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Cardinal Physical Therapy CD&J’s Landscaping, LLC Ceramics & You Chase Bank Chesterland Chamber of Commerce Chesterland Mini Storage Chesterland News Debord’s One Hour Heating & Air Eddy Fruit Farm Edward Jones Investments/Allyn McNaughton Garrett Painting Geauga Floor Care Georgio’s Pizza Glissful Boutique Intensive Care Doll Hospital Joshua Saxon/Ruscher Insurance Lisa Thoreson/Howard Hanna Real Estate Services Luczkowski Agency/Nationwide Insurance Merrill Lynch/Anthony Anderson Monticello Garden Center Ohio Connect, LLC Our Town Café Painting Solutions Palma’s Hair Design Playground World SAK Automotive Spencer Printing Concepts, Inc. TecXpert & Computer Options The Miniature Cellar Tom Basista/West Geauga Plaza Truline Industries Zeppe’s Pizza

Business or residents that wish to join this networking group may contact: Lisa Thoreson | 440-834-9800

events Sept. 9: Anniversary Celebration 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Chester Christian Center A/G Church will be celebrating its 25th anniversary with a day filled with fun for the whole family. The event will be held at the church, 11815 Chillicothe Road, Chester Township. There will be an outdoor service at 10:30 a.m. followed by a free meal and ice cream social. Enjoy horseback riding, Jungle Terry, balloon extraordinaire Jeff Wright and corn hole throughout the day. Free and everyone is welcome. Call the church office, 440729-6203, for more information.

Sept. 8 & 22: Journey of Hope 10-11:30 a.m. Affected by cancer? If so, join Journey of Hope, a community

for those touched by cancer, at Fellowship Bible Church, 16391 Chillicothe Road, Chagrin Falls, for a cancer support group meeting. September is the “Power of Prayer” month. Whether a caregiver or a cancer patient, Journey of Hope provides an opportunity to gain valuable information and to be encouraged. Childcare available. Refreshments provided. RSVP is encouraged, but not required. Call 440-543-5643, for more information.

Sept. 12: DivorceCare 7-8:30 p.m. Separation and divorce is a painful and difficult process. Join at Word of Grace Church, 9021 Mayfield Road, Chester Township, for DivorceCare, a 13-week program and support group that takes a Biblical approach to separation, divorce and related issues such as reconciliation, remarriage, forgiveness and the effect of divorce on children and families. The goal of DivorceCare is to aid individuals experiencing separation and divorce in finding help, discovering hope for the future and experiencing God’s healing in a personal way. DivorceCare will meet Wednesday evenings beginning Sept. 12. Call the church office, 440729-7006, for more information.



440-729-2400 Fax 440-729-3408

Fax 440-729-3408


Garden Market





Cream of Mushroom Soup

10 lb Bag



Light Bulbs •Double Life

4 pk, 40, 60 or 75 watt

HEARD DAILY ON RADIO: Truth for Life Monday - Friday 8:00 AM & 5:30 PM 1220AM (WHKW) 12:30 PM 103.3FM (WCRF)

•Bathroom Globes 1 pk

-25, 40 or 60 watt Your Choice


Save up to 2.00





Save 96¢ on 4



•Fruit Loops 12.2 oz •Apple Jacks 12.2 oz •Corn Pops 12.5 oz •Cocoa Krispies 16.5 oz Your Choice


2$ for

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Read About Your Local Librar Library y

GATES MILLS LIBRARY Gates Mills Library is located at 1491 Chagrin River Road. For more information on these programs or to register, call 440423-4808 or register in person.

Making ChoicesExploration Station Sept. 6, 10–11 a.m. Join at library for stories and activities about making choices. Children will be able to explore and practice thinking skills through play at hands-on learning stations. Making Choices The program is for ages 3-5 with a caregiver. Registration required.

Artist Reception: Finizia/ Albaugh Photography Sept. 7, 5-7 p.m. The Friends of The Library will be featuring an artist in the meeting room every two months. Michael Finizia and Mark Albaugh will be featured starting Sept. 1 and the show will run for approximately six weeks. With an eye for beauty and balance, Finizia's photography is edgy and interesting, with something for everyone. Albaugh is constantly striving for new and innovative ways to express himself through photography. Artwork can be viewed during library hours. A special artist reception will be held from 5-7 p.m. Sept. 7. Light refreshments offered.

Tuesday Book Discussion Sept. 11, 7-8 p.m. Join for a book discussion of “Murder in a Basket,” the second of Amanda Flower’s books about India Hayes. Everyone is welcome.

GEAUGA WEST LIBRARY The Geauga West Library is located at 13455 Chillicothe Road. For more information on these programs or to register, call 440729-4250 or register in person.

Book Donations Needed The West Geauga Friends of the Library thank everyone who contributed to making the Summer Book Sale a record breaking success. Donations are currently being accepted for the next book sale from Nov. 7 to Nov. 10. Donations may include new or gently used children and adult books, audio books, DVDs, music, puzzles and games for adults and children, collectibles, coffee table books, comic books and prints. Donations can be dropped off anytime during regular library hours. Call Mary Ann, 440-7297683, for more information

Thank You The Youth Services Department would like to welcome everyone back for another terrific school year. We would like to remind families that we are eager to assist you in any way and encourage you all to participate in our story times and programs throughout the year.

STORY TIMES All story hours begin the week of Sept. 17.

Sept. 12: 7:30-8:30 p.m. Join for a book discussion of “Breaking Night” by L. Murray. Everyone is welcome.

Baby Time with Miss Jane

Cleveland Orchestra Concert Preview Sept. 13: 7:30-8:30 p.m. Join at the library as Cleveland Orchestra’s Dr. Rose Breckinridge previews the 20122013 season. This program will give a brief overview of the Severance Hall season and focus on the Sept. 20 opening night concert with Mahler’s Third Symphony. Registration required for this free event.

STORY TIMES Family Story Time

home/auto/landscapers/excavators/auto repair shop/bonds/life

Thursdays, 10 a.m. Come to the library for a program of rhymes, songs, fingerplays and books from birth through 35 months old and caregiver. Registration not necessary.

Wednesday Book Discussion

Save 2.58 on 2

Luczkowski Agency • 8045 Mayfield R oad, Chesterland OH 44026 Road,

Baby & Me/Toddler Story Time

Wednesdays, 10 a.m. Come to the library for a program of rhymes, songs, fingerplays and stories for children not yet in kindergarten. Registration not necessary.

Wednesdays, 9:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.; Thursdays, 10 a.m.

Toddler Time with Mrs. Dean Mondays, 6:30 p.m.; Tuesdays, 9:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

Preschool with Mrs. Reilman Tuesdays, 6:30 p.m.; Wednesdays, 9:30 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Trailblazers with Mrs. Egan Mondays, 6:30 p.m. Theme is "Fabulous Fifty States." For kindergarten through second grade.

Modern Family Sept. 9, 2 p.m. Families may sign up for the first Family Program of the year, "Modern Family." Families will be encouraged to share who makes up a family and will make a book together reflecting the special bond. Enjoy a snack and play games. Registration required.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Page 11

fitness Sept. 18: Arthritis Expo 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Hear about the latest in arthritis treatment including an update on rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and the connections between arthritis and diabetes at the Arthritis Foundation’s annual free Geauga County Arthritis Expo. The event will be held at Mayfield United Methodist Church, 7747 Mayfield Road, Chester Township. Registration begins and doors open at 9:30 a.m. Educational presentations include: “Rheumatoid Arthritis & Lupus Update,” rheumatologist

Arminda Lumapas, M.D.; “Back Pain and Arthritis,” speaker TBA; Diabetes and Arthritis,” Stephen Burgun, M.D.; and “Equipment to Make Life Easier,” Dotti Thompson, MOT, OTR/L, CLT. Arthritis Foundation exercise demonstrations, door prizes and community exhibits will round out the day. Lunch will be offered for a $5 donation. Meet UH Geauga Medical Center therapy dog Shawn and his handler, Alan Graham, COTA/L. The event is co-sponsored by University Hospitals Geauga Medical Center.

Chester Police Beat Aug. 21 through Aug. 28

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Officers were dispatched for a domestic dispute on Chillicothe Road. When the officers got on scene, all parties were separated and no further action was needed. Officers were dispatched for a domestic violence report in the area of Sperry Road. Upon arrival, officers discovered an intoxicated male on scene. Male was arrested on domestic violence charges for threatening the female involved and also charged with being an intoxicated person in the roadway. Officers were dispatched for a physical domestic involving a male and female. Both parties involved were taken into custody and transported to the Geauga County Safety Center.

PROPERTY DAMAGE Resident in the area of Ranch Drive advised that around 12:30 a.m., they believe the mailbox in the front of the house was

damaged by a car. No vehicle was seen in the area, however, tire tracks were noticed by the mailbox. Officers took pictures at the scene and spoke to neighbors in the area, but nothing suspicious was noticed.

FREE ESTIMATES • Senior Discounts Available

Joseph S. Parisi, O.D. Larry F. Biales, O.D.

DUI Officers conducted a traffic stop in the area of Mayfield Road and Lynn Drive. Upon speaking with the driver, officers noticed a possible opened container of alcohol on the passenger side of the car. Passenger was issued a summons to appear in court due to being under age and in possession of alcohol. Officers photographed the container and its contents, which later were destroyed.

TRAFFIC VIOLATION Officer conducted a traffic stop in the area of Manchester Drive and Avon Lane. Driver was taken into custody for a warrant through Trumbull County and cited by Chester police for using fictitious plates on the vehicle he was stopped in.

unique siding O R I G I N A L & C R E AT I V E Unique in design to suit your home CALL FOR FREE ESTIMATE

JAMES M. McGEE 440-286-2392 or 440-729-2393 440-729-2393 440-537-3347 (cell) Cell Phone:•440-537-3347 Financing Available


• Eyewear to fit any budget • Newest contact lens technology • Treatment of eye diseases and injuries • Cataract evaluations • Laser vision consultation • Saturday appointments

COMPREHENSIVE EYECARE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Serving The West Geauga area for Over 35 Years 24 Hr. Hotline 1-800-550-4900

~ warm, caring, easy to talk with ~ free pregnancy testing ~ maternity/children’s clothing CHARDON SQUARE 129 Main Street 440-286-9711 toll free 866-230-9711 Birthright is a free & confidential crisis pregnancy center ~ We Care about You ~

12690 Opalocka Drive, Chesterland, OH 44026 440-729-9546 Additions, Framing, Roofing, Siding, Windows, Pole Barns, Decks, Garages “Quality Amish work at affordable prices”

Behind the Pines Construction LLC Dave Bitterman • 440-729-1877 Insured and Bonded

Catholic Montessori School Currently accepting applications at all levels. Please call to set up an observation. A Catholic Montessori School serving preschool through 8th grade that instills a life-long love and respect for learning, creating, exploring and preparing students to make an extraordinary difference in our world.



Page 12


Certified Collision Repair


Did You Know? In Ohio (by law) you have the right to have your vehicle repaired at the shop of your choice.


Don’t let anyone make that choice for you. • All Insurance Claims Honored • Rentals Available on-site re a • State-of-the-art Unibody & Frame Repair C • Complete Auto Body Services ith w • Guaranteed Quality Repairs ir r i epa a R in Writing & Color Matching p n pair e We Re W ARE! with C



ol yC


t Cen


) 06 . 3 ds. t (R R y err

ad R o Mulb 2 6 e 40 th & ug a icoicothe OH 4 1 l e l i G l pa Chf Chil and -269 e 4 R 9 57 r o erl n 11 orne hest 0-72 o i c C 44 lis

ni aU

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

l Co Celebrating 30 Years Serving OurdCommunity e ifi

All programs are wheelchair/ stroller accessible unless otherwise noted. For more information on these programs or to register, call the Geauga Park District at 440286-9516 or visit www.geauga

Sept. 6: Shutterbugs Camera Club 7-9 p.m. The West Woods Nature Center All levels and ages are welcome to join for an educational session and critiques. See "Things to Do" on the website for monthly topics and optional assignments.

Sept. 7: Cart Tours 9-11 a.m. Frohring Meadows Reservable spots are available for EZ Go Cart 30 minute interpretive trail rides. Five seats per ride. Call 440-279-0880 to reserve a seat.

Sept. 7: Homeschool Days: Amazing Astronomy 2-3:30 p.m. Observatory Park Homeschoolers will explore astronomy with a variety of fun activities including a planetarium program and a planetary trail walk. Separated by age groups of 5

to 8 years old and 9 to 12 years old. Adults may attend or drop off child with waiver. Registration required.

Sept. 8: Timbertots: Super Seeds! 10-11 a.m. Orchard Hills Park For ages (Ages 3-5 w/adult). Discover what makes seeds so super. They can fly, they can jump, they can pop and some are even yummy, too. Registration required.

Sept. 9: The Sky Tonight Planetarium Show 2-2:30 p.m. Open House 1-4 p.m. Observatory Park Join every Sunday afternoon during building open house hours for a preview of what to look for in the sky this month.

Sept. 9: Monarch Butterfly Tagging 12:30-4 p.m. Frohring Meadows Net and tag Monarch butterflies on their way to winter havens in Mexico for Monarch Watch's study of this crosscontinental migration. Play a board game” “life-sized dramatizing the hazards of this amazing journey and catch other insects also calling the meadow home. Nets provided or bring own. Sun protection, socks, hat and long pants recommended for meadow environment.

Perennials Preferred, Inc. Plants for Sun and Shade, For all your Rock, Trough, and Fairie Gardens, Native Plants, Herbs , *Mums, Asters, Kale

30% off most Plants 50% off Hanging Baskets and select Containers Sat. & Sun. Sept. 8 & 9 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm *New plant material excluded


New Asphalt Resurfacing Patchwork Sealcoating Commercial • Residential Free Estimates



440-543-2253 Burned Out? Refresh at C h e st er C h r i s t i a n Center A/G 11815 Chillicothe Rd. Chesterland 440 729 6203 440.729.6203 A Church with Purpose for All Ages Sunday 9:30 AM Discipleship Hour Sunday d 10:30 AM Morning i Service i Wednesday at 7 PM

Test your plant I.Q. ! Come in and be the first to identify our mystery plant. WIN a perennial of your choice! 7572 Mayfield Rd. 440 729-7885 Open Tuesday - Sunday 10-6



Life cycle and migration overview at 12:30 p.m., netting in field surrounding shelter from 1-4 p.m. Participants may join in at any time.

Sept. 9: Late Summer Wildflowers 4:30-6 p.m. Frohring Meadows Hike the Big Bluestem Trail and enjoy the lush display of colorful late summer wildflowers while hearing folklore passed down from pioneers and Native Americans.

Sept. 10: Beat the Heat Nature Stroll 7-8:30 p.m. Frohring Meadows Enjoy a leisurely naturalist-led walk to experience what meadow, woods and wetland wonders nature has in store for the evening.

Sept. 11: Timbertots: Super Seeds 10-11 a.m. or 1-2 p.m. Orchard Hills Park Discover what makes seeds so super. They can fly, they can jump, they can pop and some are even yummy, too. Age 3 to 5 years old, with adult. Registration required.

Sept. 11: Hound Hike: Hound Dawg'n 6:30-8 p.m. The Rookery Have a dog-gone good time hiking the trail. One non-aggressive leashed dog per handler. Registration required.

Sept. 12: The Bird Tornado Strikes Again 7:30-8:30 p.m. Burton Gazebo Witness the annual phenomenon of hundreds of chimney swifts circling, swirling tornadolike and then plummeting into an old chimney used as a migratory "motel" on the journey to South America. An unforgettable spectacle.

Sept 12: Cart Tours 9-11 a.m. Headwaters Park Reservable spots available for EZ Go Cart 30 minute interpretive trail rides. Five seats per ride. Call 440-279-0880 to reserve a seat.

TOM & TONY’S BARBERSHOP 8442 Mayfield Rd. 729-2379


The newest hairstyles for young men & boys as well as classic styles at modest prices.

HOURS Mon. thru Fri. 8am-6pm Sat. 8am-5pm No Appointments

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


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NEW STORE HOURS: Mon.- Wed. 10am - 6pm • Fri. 10am - 5pm • Sat. 10am - 2pm • Closed Thur. & Sun.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

CLASSIFIED ADS JOHN MONACO 216-789-6607 cell office 440-729-0169 fax 440-729-7798

Transforming Spaces and Building Relationships for Over 30 Years

Concrete • Excavating • Hardscape • Sewer

Commercial & Residential

Licensed. Bonded. Insured.



Flyers to distribute? Do it the easy way. Insert them into the Chesterland News for only $37.50 per thousand or 33/4c per piece. Call 440-7297667 for details.

Assistant/Tech nician for local eye doctors office. Parttime hours, send resume to

Please check your ad! We make every effort to avoid errors. We ask that you check your ad the FIRST day that it appears. Any errors should be called in to the Classified Dept. at 440-729-7667 by noon Friday. We cannot be responsible for more than one incorrect insertion if you do not call the error to our attention. Thank you.

Full time CNC milling set-up person needed. Five years set-up experience, Fanuc control. Excellent pay and overtime. Call 440-729-2616.


Recently updated 3 BR/2BA ranch style home on one acre. A/C, fireplace, 2 car attached garage, laundry room, appliances, hardwood floors, pets ok, $1150/month plus deposit, 440-384-7439.




Pinball machines, “Keen ball” and “Super 6”. Large wine press, Lancaster, OH. 440-5374423.

440-862-5706 • 440-254-4281

Top dollar, wrecked, junked and unwanted vehicles. Scrap clean-ups, free removal. Used parts and tires for sale. Call 440-321-1469 or 440-321-1467. Wanted junk cars and trucks. Pay $250 and up. 440-293-8504 or cell 440-228-5921.

COMMERCIAL • RESIDENTIAL Driveways • Parking Lots • Seal Coating Patch Work • Drain Tile • Concrete


1939 Plymouth, 4-door, $1400, OBO. 1976 Jaguar XJS, with 350 Chevy engine, good condition, $2300, OBO. 440-537-4423. 2002 Kia Sedona EX minivan, 58,000k miles, original owner. Runs great, $5000, 440-423-1516.

Spacious 1 bdrm apartment, furnished, 50 inch flat screen, all utilities and laundry facilities. Available immediately. Single, non smoking. $850 per month. 440-286-4848. Chesterland commercial property. Nice, four rooms for rent, useful for several businesses. Come and take a look. Call 440-729-2380 or 440-3184923.

Crafters wanted for Eastlake Middle school craft show, December 1, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information contact $25 for space and $30 with table.

Paying cash $50 - $15,000 for: cars, trucks, scrap, running or not, construction equipment, tractors, muscle cars, antique cars, tools. 440-8625706 or 440-254-4281.

Party rental - 20x20 tent, one 3 foot cooler full of ice, 10x10 pop up tent, one eight foot table, one 6 foot table, $225 per day. Set-up and take down Chesterland, included. Russell area. Steaming pot, charcoal grill, chafing dishes, cambro’s, outdoor fire pit are available at additional costs. Mike, 440-479-5723.

Older Club Cadet wood chipper, 8 hp, end dump cart, $170 for both OBO. 440-668-6679.

OFFICE SPACE Chester Business Park 8437 Mayfield Rd.


• Rental Units from 400 sq ft. & larger • Leases available 6 mos. & longer • All Utilities included Beautiful renovations ongoing Call for YOUR space TODAY!


Kirtland on Rt.6, just west of 306. Ideal space available for lease. Warehouse, offices and any type of service shops. Call 440-283-9191 or 440-3131611.

Complete darkroom equipment with 2 Besseler enlargers, $225. Rattan family room set by Lane, couch, loveseat, recliner, table. Teal/mauve print, $350. 440-729-0858. For sale, 2 floral couches (rose, green, white) like new, $600. One queen sofa, tan Henredon, multi-heavy flex steel, $175. 440-729-0022. Cooktop, 30” sealed gas, Kenmore, black, very good condition, $150. Sink, 18gauge, double bowl, stainless steel 33” x 22” x 7” with faucet sprayer and two soap dispensers, $75. 440-729-7537.

Classified• Page 15






Specializing in Tree Stump Removal FullyESTIMATES Insured FREE

Commercial & Residential Slate • Gutters • Siding Carpentry & Chimney Work ○

Free Estimates Rich Lynce 440-289-6541




Complete Tree Service Mowing & Lawn Care



Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Counter Tops Custom Cabinetry Wall & Entertainment Units Fireplace Remodelings

Philip Elia Jr. • (440)564-7529

Call Dan for a Great Price!

440-342-4552 INTERIOR - EXTERIOR Painting & Staining

PRESSURE WASHING DECK REFINISHING 13 years Experience Insured • References Chesterland Resident


Plumbing, Electrical Carpentry


- Over 20 yrs. exp. FREE ESTIMATE - Highest quality (440) 840-5259 Small Jobs Welcome workmanship


H & K Inc.


Bonded & Insured • Local Company


Dependable Service


440-729-9400 Yard & Storm Damage Cleanup INSURED • REFERENCES AVAILABLE


Electric Co.

Commercial & Residential

Fully Licensed Wiring & Repairs GENERATOR SYSTEMS

729-4659 8801 Carmichael Drive Established 1958


Asphalt Sealing Hot Crack Filling • Patching Call Nick • 440-786-1375

PERKINS EXCAVATING Over 30 years Experience & Loyal Service Drainage Work • Driveway Grading Land Clearing • Demolition Work Basement Waterproofing • Ponds Hauling Gravel, Topsoil, Mulch • Tree Work 440-862-5706 • 440-254-4281 Call for Free Estimates

The Tractor Scrapper Free Removal of Unwanted Lawn & Garden Equipment

Tractors, Mowers, Boat Motors, etc. John • 440-478-0483

Visit Us Online @



For Estimates Call Josh at (440) 729-7471 • (216) 316-1477 CONCRETE WORK! Driveways-Sidewalks-Concrete Floors Garage & Building Demolition NEW Garage Packages Construction Debris

Palmieri Company





Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Classified from page 14

CHESTERLAND NEWS 8887 Sherman Road, Friday and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Everything must go! Vases, TV’s, tools, kids games, much misc.



Wanted extra larg e black walnut trees 24” diameter and larger. 440-834-4232.

Computer Repair, Reasonable Rates, Spyware & Virus Hardware & Removal, Software installation, Troubleshooting, Networking, Ray, Located in 216-315-0508. Chesterland Area.

GARAGE SALES If you need to have a Moving sale,, Estate Sale or Garage Sale, call Kathy Willis at 440for assistance. 729-2790 Experienced. References available. We are now doing partial estate buyouts. Wanted: Grandma’s costume jewelry, compacts, perfume, knickknacks. linens, Grandpa’s toys, trains, coins, bottles and fishing lures. Also buying misc. collections and estates. 440-338-5942. Muns on Townsh ip Flea Market, Saturday, September 15, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Munson Township Park, 12641 Bass Lake Road, mile S. of Rt. 322 & Bass lake Road. 440-2869255. Russell, 8357 Riverside Drive, Friday & Saturday, September 7 & 8, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Electric guitar, river kayak, 5hp boat motor, leaf blower, egg incubator, kerosene heater, misc. tools, garden house items. Russell, 8339 Riverside Drive RT. 306 between (off and Dines), Fairmount September 6-8, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Partial estate, plus downsizing. Years of collecting vintage items. Household, much misc. No early birds. No Checks. Moving Sale - Tools, construction items and materials, lawn & garden tools, exercise equipment, tanning bed, furniture, including antique humidor, recliner, oak tables, bedroom set, small appliances and more. September 8 & 9, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. 12147 Bardwell Drive. Russell - multi-family, Friday & Saturday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Woodsway Lane, off Caves. Toddler toys, tools, chairs, mirrors, kitchen appliances, dining room set, luggage, porch swing, golf bag & clubs, adult bicycles, housewares, much more! Look for balloons! Moving Sale, Everything must go! Thursday, September 7, Friday, September 8, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 8398 Riverside Drive, Russell. Something for everyone, no junk! Friday, September 7, 9 a.m. to 3p.m. 12747 Rockhaven Road. Furniture, appliances, glassware, clothing, household, misc. Garage sale - Thursday, 9/6 and Saturday 9/8, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Trampoline, guitar, organ, teenager clothes, rugs, bedding, ice cone maker (new), coolers and tons of household items. Garage sale - Clothes, books, tool box, health and beauty aids, movies and misc. 8956 Ranch Drive, Chesterland. Friday, September 7, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and September 8, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“I gave my business of 24 years to my husband!” Now I am looking for general bookkeeping work. Receivables, payables, etc. Reliable, honest and affordable. Kathie, 440-552-6506.

PETS Geauga County Dog Warden is in need of dog and puppy food both dry and canned (nothing from China). We also are in need of bleach. Please help us care for the 700+ dogs that come to our shelter each year. Geauga County dog Warden, 12513 Merritt Road, Chardon. Call 440-286-8135 for more information.

Color copies, great price! The Chesterland News offers full service copying. Color or Black ink, any quantity on any paper. 8389 Mayfield Road, Chesterland, 440-7297667. Fax service available at the News, 8389 Chesterland Mayfield Road, Chesterland, 440-729-7667. Graphics, design, typesetting: Beautiful work done at the Chesterland News. Logo designs, letterheads, brochures and business cards. 8389 Mayfield Road, Chesterland, 440-729-7667. R esumes : Resumes can be for you at the typed Chesterland News, 8389 Mayfield Road, Chesterland, 440-729-7667. Amish girl looking to clean your home or offices. Good references, honest and reliable. Call Susie at 440-6224716.

Page 15 Guitar and beginning piano with Denny Carleton at the West Geauga Market House. 216-392-8749 or

Carpenter, 30 years experience, decks, kitchen, finish work, storm doors. Small jobs also. 7298157.

Pressure washing and deck refinishing. Chesterland resident. References, 440-342-4552.

Plumbing : Professiona l, affordable, reliable. Water heaters, toilets, faucets, drain cleaning. 440-537-6045 or 440285-0800.

Constru ction and back hoe service: Specializing in replacing old drain tiles and catch basins, reshape gravel driveways. Hauling of demolition materials. Call Mike, 440-729-7810. Offering special discounts for interior and exterior painting and staining this season. 13 years experience. Professional insured, call Dan at 440342-4552. Music CO-OP, 440-221-2274. Music lessons on all instruments. Retail sales, rentals, consignments. Guitar, amp and band instruments and repairs. 12661 Chillicothe Road.

Skip’s Painting, wallpapering, power-washing, and repairs. Insured. small Satisfaction guaranteed! Member of Angie’s List. Over 25 years’ experience. 440-3385098. Yard and storm damage clean-up, down tree removal and brush chipping. Call, 440342-4552.

FRESH PRODUCE Pick your own fresh produce and freshly picked Chester Gardens. 7572 Mayfield Road, at Mapes Greenhouse. 440-7083742.

SERVICES Flyers to distribute? Do it the easy way. Insert them into the Chesterland News for only $37.50 per thousand or 33/4c per piece. Call 440-7297667 for details.

Chesterland Lions Chesterland Lions

POOR MAN’S RAFFLE Saturday September 8th, 2012 4:30 PM until Midnight. MUSIC and DANCING • Raffle

$500 Main Boar rize - - - Plus Side Boar ds Boardd PPrize Boards Raffle format will be to draw 5 numbers only

Roast Beef and Pork Dinner Beer and Wine included in Ticket Price Donation: $60/couple • $40/single if purchased in advance $65/couple • $45/single at the door (if tickets are still available)

SNPJ Hall • 10946 Heath Rd. • Kirtland OH 44094 Proceeds benefit all Lions Club charities and the Chesterland Lions Youth Football Program. Please help support these worthwhile efforts and have a great evening at the same time. For tickets or information contact Mike Stark, 440-666-5600, or any Lions Club member. The Lions Club is a group of men and women fostering friendship while taking and active interest in civic, cultural and social welfare of the community. The Lion Club runs the Chesterland Youth Football program, maintains Safety-Town, contributes towards West Geauga After-Prom, local scholarships, the Lions Eye Clinic at St. Vincent Charity Hospital, the Ohio Lions Eye Research Foundation, the Lion Hearing Aid Bank and other community needs.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

$100 OFF Sealcoating Sealcoating and and Cracksealing Cracksealing

$400 OFF Asphalt Asphalt

Paving Paving -- remove remove & & repave repave or or new new installation installation over over gravel gravel

Resurfacing Resurfacing -- repave repave over over existing existing surface surface

4 YEAR WARRANTY 25 YEAR LIFE • Fast Service - a week or less • Discounts for Seniors, Friends/Neighbors/Groups

AMERICAN ASPHALT 440-729-8080 •

We Fix Your Problems!

Chesterland News September 5th, 2012  

Chesterland News September 5th, 2012