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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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Chester Project to Ease Flooding By Ann Wishart After last year’s monsoons, some Chester Township residents might be happy for a drier-than-usual year, but their water woes are not yet over. About 75 concerned residents met with Chester Township Trustees and Geauga County Deputy Engineer Joe Cattell Thursday to discuss flooding problems and solutions on Marilyn Drive. After more than an hour of discussion, some of the muddy waters receded and focus on the problem and Phase I of a solution became clearer. The 40-house neighborhood was built in the 1950s and 1960s when there were no state or federal regulations regarding development in a floodplain, Cattell said.

The 18-inch storm water pipes installed at the time cannot handle a 250-year flood like the area saw in 2011 and the so-called “retention basin” at the end of the Marilyn Drive cul-de-sac is too small to be of any use, he added. The official description of the basin is “a hole in the ground,” Cattell said. “The storm sewer is undersized,” he noted. “The first phase is to remove the bottleneck.” Lots are small and homes close together, so there is no room to create a ditch to carry water away in the event of another heavy storm or series of them, Cattell showed on a map. The solution trustees have proposed for Marilyn Drive is JOHN KARLOVEC/CN

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Geauga Park District to Ask West G Gets a Step Taxpayers For Less Money Closer to New Supt. By Glen Miller

By Cassandra Shofar

Geauga Park District will ask voters for a 1-mill replacement levy that, if approved, would actually reduce a homeowner’s tax bill. On Tuesday, the three park commissioners unanimously agreed on levy language to place a 20-year, 1-mill replacement levy on the Nov. 6 general election ballot. The commissioners held their meeting at the park district’s Swine Creek Reservation in Middlefield Township. If passed, the levy would generate more than $2.98 million per year and would replace a similar 1-mill levy passed in 1993. It would cost taxpayers $30.63 per year per $10 0,0 0 0 of home value, according to the Geauga County Auditor’s Office. The 1993 levy, also a 20-year term, currently generates approximately $1.68 million year and costs $19.72 per year for each $100,000 of property value, according to the auditor’s office. The park commissioners also agreed Tuesday to allow a

West Geauga Schools was spoiled for choice when it came to its pool of superintendent applicants. When it was all said and done, the district had 31 people apply for the slot, which will be soon be vacant. Current Superintendent Tom Diringer announced his resignation in April after serving two years of his threeCurtin

second 1-mill levy passed in 1995 to expire at the end of 2012. That levy currently generates $1.98 million annually for 18 years and costs taxpayers $19.85 per year per $100,000 of value, the auditor’s office said. Money from that levy was earmarked for acquisition of the West Woods property in Russell Township and construction of the nature center, said Tom Curtin, the park district’s executive director. “Promises made, promises kept,” said Park Commissioner Jim Patterson. Allowing the 1995 levy to

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expire and replacing the remaining 1993 levy, Curtin said taxpayers actually would see a decrease in the taxes they pay to the park district by roughly 16 percent. The net effect of the commissioners’ action, however, would result in a loss of income to the park system of about $680,000 per year, he added. But that is fine with the board. “We are past the large land acquisition phase that we’ve been in for the past several years,” Curtin said. “The big push is over.” In addition to the two levies expiring this year, the park

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Drivers Warned to Avoid Munson Twp. Intersection By Ann Wishart Orange barrel season in Geauga County is rolling out a daunting challenge to


commuters who make a habit of going north or south on Auburn Road. Last Wednesday, the intersection of Auburn and Sherman roads in Munson Township was officially closed so the pipes under the bridge can be replaced with box culverts. The bridge spans the Chagrin River and, because of its narrowness, creates a dangerous traffic bottleneck. And, Sherman Road doglegs

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Ease Flooding from page 1 to create a swale from the road to the marsh east of the neighborhood. From there, the water would flow south through a creek and under Cedar Road. Cattell said the culverts under Cedar Road are large enough to handle floodwater from a 50 to 100 year storm. On June 11, trustees entered into a purchase agreement to buy the home of Zlatko and Ann Grahovac at 13103 Marilyn Drive for $140,000. A June 29 closing is expected, contingent upon the Geauga County Prosecutor’s Office’s review and approval of the documents. The Grahovacs originally listed their home for $179,000 last September, said Vic Cizek of Realty Net. Their property backs up to the marsh and, if a swale were cut through the property, it would provide a path for water to flow in a storm, Cattell said. The engineer’s office could survey the property in the fall and design the project over the winter, he said, adding the project could go forward whenever trustees decide to do it. A number of South Woodside Drive residents were invited to attend the meeting,

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

“The first phase is to remove the bottleneck.” – Joe Cattell which was moved from the town hall to the fire station meeting room to accommodate the expected crowd. If those residents were hoping for a solution to relieve flooding on their street as well, they left disappointed. “This project will not to anything for South Woodside,” Cattell said, adding it would not stop flooding if the area sees another 250-year storm. Storm sewers are only good for up to a 50-year storm, he explained, and if infrastructure were built to handle the 250- to 500-year storms, the expense would eliminate other necessary projects. One reason trustees want to solve the problem is because the constant flooding is undermining the roads, Trustee Mike Joyce said. The first of possibly three phases should keep floodwaters from average, 50-year storms from entering homes, he said. While the county will do the engineering work and offer engineering support, it will be up to the township to cover the cost of the excavation. Trustees said there are no plans to assess property owners for cutting a swale across the Grahovac property. However, if the creek bed along which floodwaters are expected to escape is blocked, the Ohio Revised Code clearly says it is up to property owners — not the government — to keep their waterway clear, Cattell said.

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district has on the books a 1-mill operating levy due to expire Dec. 31, 2019, as well as a 0.7mill operating levy that will expire Dec. 31, 2025. The former levy was “all about land acquisition,” Curtin said, adding, “We have fulfilled the promises that we made back in 2000.” Curtin also said based upon budget projections, the park district will be able to make

maintain the parks and complete its projects scheduled through 20 19 with this levy strategy. “As we transition from being in an acquiring kind of a mode to building up services in the parks for the people, we have carefully projected ahead what our capital projects will be,” said Patterson. “We can do things we need to do by replacing this levy.” He added, “What’s also important is we can reduce people’s taxes by doing this.”


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“As soon as water leaves the (township) right-of-way, it becomes the owners’ responsibility,” he explained. Road Superintendent Rob Pealer said he would work with Chagrin River Watershed Partners to see if there are any grants available to help out with the project. Trustee Judy Caputo said if the cost is more than $50,000, the township would have to advertise for bids. While some residents suggested the creation of a broad plan to address all flood areas in the township, Pealer recommended against it. “We have to untangle this mess one piece at a time,” he said. Following the public comment portion of the meeting, trustees unanimously voted to allocate $139,881 to buy the property, which the Geauga County Auditor’s Office values at $144,100. They also approved a purchase order for $1,0 0 0 payable to Realty Net Inc. of Chesterland. In other action, trustees signed a resolution to resurface East Hill and Lyman drives, and another to chip seal parts of Sperry and Heath roads.

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In the July 4 issue of the Chesterland News, we would like to honor the men and women of our area who are currently serving in or veterans of various branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. Please contact our office by June 27, 4:30 p.m. to submit a name, rank, division and dates of service. Call 440-729-7667, email or fax 440-729-8240. Thank you for assisting us in saluting those who serve our country.


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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New Supt. from page 1 year contract at an annual salary of $110,000. He replaced long-time superintendent Tony Podojil, who served with the district from 1995 to 2010. “We had 31 applicants and we identified nine that we wanted to interview,” said West Geauga Schools Board of Education President Bill Beers. “We actually interviewed eight. And from that, we went down to four.” Beers and the rest of the board brought in the four remaining candidates for a second round of interviews. “And we're now in the process of getting additional thoughts, impressions and input … doing the due diligence,” Beers said. “We probably won't make a decision until the end of (this) week.” The board used the help of Geauga County Educational Service Center Superintendent

Drivers Warned from page 1 across Auburn at the bridge, causing even more traffic problems at busy times of the day. Geauga County Deputy Engineer Alan Prescott attended the Munson Township Trustees’ June 12 meeting to discuss the best way to keep traffic from sliding between the barricades at the intersection and across the bridge. Just because the bridge is still in place does not mean traffic can use it, he added. Trustee Todd Ray said there would be no access to the intersection to anyone except emergency vehicles, which have to be able to travel north and south on Auburn Road. “Safety forces will be able to get through the staggered barricades,” he said, but no one else. Geauga County Sheriff Dan McClelland has met with township road and fire department heads, and agreed that a stronger-than-normal message needs to be posted at the site, he said. “Violators will be ticketed” was suggested, Ray said, and the plan is to monitor the intersection to enforce the warning. Prescott said bridgework has been delayed a couple of weeks because some utility poles had to be moved. “Our crane work definitely requires that the wires be moved before we can relocate the bridge,” he explained. Prescott also warned that once the bridge is taken down and an off-site drive is opened for emergency vehicles, motorist might try to use that crossing. “We’re trying not to encumber emergency response with gates,” added Ray. Township officials also do not want local traffic to use the township driveway that run from Sherman to Auburn, past the road department, ball fields and town hall as a cut through, Ray said.


Matt Galemmo to dwindle down the candidates from 31 to nine, Beers said. “He was reviewing the resumes and applications and also did some first-round background checks on candidates he wasn't as familiar with,” the board president said. “That's how we got to the nine.” In the past, the board used the Ohio School Boards Association to search for its superintendent — as it did in Diringer's case — but decided to take the reins on the search this go-around. “(Galemmo) has not been involved with any of the interviews themselves,” Beers. “It's gone well. I think we've all been satisfied with the quality of the applicants. I think the process has worked smoothly.” He added, “I don't think that we have lost out on anything by doing the process the way we did it.” The board also solicited input from the community via mail, the school website, a community input meeting and

People attending ball games or events at the town hall can continue to use it, he said. Fire Chief Bernie Harchar suggested the deputy who patrols Munson be asked to monitor the construction area more frequently. “It is starting already. People are trying to find shortcuts in advance,” he said, adding passers-through could cause an accident because there are children and adults using Vetter’s Park. Ray said area drivers are going to be discouraged from that practice and the signs and barricaded area would be enforced as much as possible. County Engineer Robert Phillips approached trustees two years ago and proposed the culverts be replaced and the road widened and straightened. The stretch along Auburn from Sherman to Wilson Mills is among the top five most dangerous sections of road in the county, he said. Phillips added the traffic count along Auburn had increased from about 5,50 0 vehicles per day in the 1980s to about 7,500 per day in 2010. The county engineer said replacing the culvert with the concrete boxes would cost $200,000 to $225,000, widening Auburn would cost $300,000 to $350,0 0 0, and straightening Sherman would cost about $600,000. The box culverts cost about $1,200 a foot, he added. The county will be footing the bill for buying and installing the box structure, moving or removing the guardrails and widening Auburn, Phillips said. Sherman is a township road, so Munson will be responsible for straightening it and any repaving along the stretch leading to the intersection. The roads will be closed for weeks, so drivers should plan to follow detours and allow enough time to do so safely.

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at events such as the annual Chesterland Rotary Senior Dinner. Of the feedback gleaned, an overwhelming amount stressed community involvement, district Treasurer Michele Tullai had said, adding “integrity, leadership, a business sense, transparency ... to know the culture of the community” were other popular characteristics mentioned. “We actually got more applicants this time than we did 2 years ago,” Beers said. “That can be for a whole variety of reasons, but by doing it ourselves, we did not end up with the small fraction we had when OSBA did it.” As soon as the board has reached a decision, Beers said they will issue a press release. 24 Hr. Hotline 1-800-550-4900


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St. Anselm 13th Annual

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St. Anselm Catholic School Gymnasium (air conditioned) 13013 Chillicothe Road Chesterland, OH 44026 Incoming Grades 3 through 6th • 9-11:45am Incoming Grades 7 through 9th • 1-4:00pm This successful Camp is in its 13th Year! Basic and Advanced skills will be taught! All ages will be split up according to skill levels from beginner to advanced. Serving, Passing, Hitting, and game techniques will be achieved through instruction then to game play. Prizes, Awards and a Camp T-Shirt is included!

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

popular course taught by Dave Ramsey on DVD. FPU teaches families and individuals common-sense principles like how to make a plan with their money so they are able to free themselves of debt and build lasting wealth. Call John Wilson, 440-72940 06 to register or for more information.

June 29: Chester Alumni Association Reunion

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June 23: Stephen Mitskavich Book Signing 1-3 p.m. Chester Township resident Stephen Mitskavich will be at Fireside Book Shop, 29 North Franklin St., Chagrin Falls, signing his new book, “Crossing a Bridge Through Time, Conversations With My Father Before It’s Too Late.” Stephen is not only an author, but also a father of two adult children, an artist and local insurance business owner. For more information on the book signing, call 440-247-4050. Stephen can be contacted by email,

June 23: Steak Roast

5 p.m. The Chester Alumni Association will hold its 132nd annual reunion at the Kirtlander Party Center, 9270 Chillicothe Road, Kirtland. Anyone who attended the Chester Seminary, Chester or Russell schools and West Geauga Schools is welcome to attend. The class of 1962 will be honored this year. The reunion is well attended and provides a great time to meet old friends and classmates. Paid, advance registration is required by June 22. Call Marilyn, 440-338-3311 or Emerson, 440-478-0536 for more information.

June 30: WG Class of ’61 Reunion

4-7 p.m. Newbury American Legion Post 663 is hosting its third annual steak roast at the post located at 110 08 Kinsman Road. Donation is $15. 50/50 and Afghan raffle available. Call 440-834-9539 or 440834-1159 for more information.

The West Geauga High School class of ’61 is having its 51st reunion picnic at noon in Westwood Park in Russell Township. Call Paula Denniston-Draye, 440-492-2079 for more information.

June 25: Care for Others Golf Outing and Dinner

The seventh Annual Metzenbaum Center golf outing will be held at Tanglewood National Golf Course, 8745 Tanglewood Trail, Chagrin Falls. Modified shotgun start begins at 1 p.m.; dinner and prizes at 6 p.m. Fee is $100 per golfer, which includes golf, cart, lunch, dinner and prizes; or $30 for dinner only, choice of chicken, steak or vegetarian. Activities include 50/50 raffle, skins game and competition holes. The event benefits Geauga County citizens with developmental disabilities. Call Kelly Ericsson, 440-7299406 to register or for more information.

The Care for Others golf outing and dinner will be held at Fowler’s Mill Golf Course, 13095 Rockhaven Road, Chester Township. The event will feature the comedy of Bil Benden as seen on HBO, A&E and Comedy Central. Foursomes are $40 0 and include lunch, dinner, contests and entertainment. Attendance helps hard working people avoid the loss of home, utilities and other basic necessities in the midst of a crisis. Call Blazine Monaco, 440591-0179 to register or for more information.

June 27: Financial Peace University 7 p.m. Financial Peace University will be held at Mayfield United Methodist Church, 7747 Mayfield Road, Chester Township. Nearly one and a half million families have been able to positively change their financial situation through Financial Peace University, the

June 30: Metzenbaum Golf Outing

July 4: Independence Day Parade 11 a.m. Bart Alcorn, president of the West Geauga Kiwanis Club, has appointed Rock Pistillo chairman of this year’s Independence Day parade in Chester Township. This year’s theme is “Made in America.” The categories for judging include, but are not limited to Floats; Marching Bands;





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Marching Units; Decorated Bikes; Just for Fun; Sport Team; Pre and Post 1942 Vehicles; Kit Cars & “Specials”; Military Vehicles; Motorcycles; Riding Horses; Horse Drawn Vehicles; Farm Vehicles; Antique Engines and Politicians. Advanced Registration is requested. Registration forms are available at the West Geauga Kiwanis website, and at Discount Drug Mart, Giant Eagle, the town hall and the Geauga West Library. Call Rock Pistillo, 440-4874240 for more information.

July 21: Tour de Metz The fourth annual Tour de Metz bike ride is 15 or 30 miles long. Ride benefits Geauga County citizens with developmental disabilities. Rest stops, refreshments and goodie bags available. Tami Setlock, Email for more information.

Aug. 28: Electolite Grand Slam Super Shotgun Scramble Electolite will host its 15th annual Grand Slam for the Littlest Heroes at St. Denis Golf Course, 10660 Chardon Road, Chardon. Liquor basket, automobiles, vacation packages and sporting event tickets are included in the many prizes. Entertainment includes a Scottish bagpiper and West G students singing the National Anthem. Gourmet breakfast and a steak dinner with open bar are included for registered participants. Limited registration, the event sells out quickly. In loving memory of Bill Greismer, owner of St. Denis Golf Course and Party Center. A wonderful person who will be missed and in the hearts of all those who knew Bill. Download a team registration form at www.thelittles Call Electolite Lite for Life, 440-729-50 0 0 for more information.

Geauga Co. Peri #86 Geauga County OPERS retirees are invited to join PERI #86, an organization that supports the retirement system and benefits. The group meets at 11 a.m. on the fourth Wednesday of the month, every other month. Next meeting is June 27 at St. Marys Catholic Church, Chardon. Guest speaker is Kristina Reider, Director of Geauga County Transit. $10 Lunch payable at door. Reservations due June 21. Call Catherine, 440-286-3730 for more information.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


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demonstrating the creation of a fairy garden in a container and talk about doing it in sections of a garden. Following the program, a luncheon will be provided by Kris Sells and her committee. Also this month, many members of the club are attending a design workshop put on by Betty Lou Hedges, a member of Aquilegia Garden Club, at Westwood Nature Center. Call 440-729-7910 for more information.

Geauga Fresh Farmers’ Market Geauga Fresh Farmers’ Market is located in the South Russell Village parking lot, Chillicothe Road and Bell St. Call 440-474-9885 for more information.

June 23: Kid’s Day Bring the kids for some free fun and give aways. The same day the Geauga County Master Gardeners will be on hand to answer questions about growing flowers and vegetables.

June 30: The Remnants The market will host the musical group “The Remnants.”

July 7: Matt Anderson Matt Anderson, chef Umami in Chagrin Falls, will be back to share cooking and grilling ideas.

July 14: Ty Kellog Entertainment 9 a.m. to noon Every Saturday until early October Ty Kellogg will entertain with his country and western music. Stop at the market booth to pick up a free shopping bag from the Cleveland Clinic Family Health Center in South Russell. The clinic will be at the market to provide its “Healthy Heart” screening. At the market, customers will find strawberries and lots of fresh spring produce: arugula, red and green romaine, red and green leaf lettuce, bibb lettuce, mesclun, spinach, kale, swiss chard- hoop house tomatoes, broccoli, beets, radishes, cilantro, Nappa cabbage, Cipollini grilling onions, sugar snap peas, onions, hanging baskets, vegetable, herb, and flowering plants, fresh bakery, meat, cheese, eggs, fresh herbs, honey and maple syrup, soaps

July 6: Name That Tree Workshop

Master Gardener Phyllis Mihalik with her award winning brugmansia, often referred to as angel trumpet.

and lotion, kettle corn, jewelry and crafts. Rain or shine.

Geauga County Master Gardeners View a list of upcoming Master Gardener classes or call 440-8344656 for more information.

July 19: Growing Angel Trumpets, Brugmansia 7-9 p.m., off site class Many have seen these magnificent plants at garden centers and at the Great Geauga County Fair. Learn how to select and grow these spectacular, fragrant flowers. Go to the award winning brugmansia garden of Master Gardener Phyllis Mihalik where she will teach you the care and propagation of these beauties. She will show you the tricks to get hundreds of blooms on a single plant and how to winter them over for years of enjoyment. As a special treat, receive a brugmansia to take home. Ask Phyllis for a tour of her garden. $35 fee. Light refreshments. Call 440-834-4656 to register or for more information.

August 11: Preserving Your Harvest Bounty Without Canning 9 a.m. to Noon Learn to preserve garden vegetables, herbs and seasonal

HELPFUL TELEPHONE NUMBERS Social Security Administration 1-800-772-1213 Service available from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on business days. Call to report the death of a Social Security or SSI beneficiary or to inquire about survivor benefits.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

1-800-827-1000 Call this nationwide toll free number for survivor benefits, burial benefits or to provide notification of death.

United Way InfoLine Volunteer Center 2-1-1 Service is available everyday, all day. Call if you need to know where to turn for help. Information and referral to health and human service agencies in Geauga County is free and confidential.

fruits without the fuss of canning by freezing, drying and pickling instead. Discover delicious recipes for jams, vinegars and oils that will create tasty meals long after the growing season has ended. Take home simple recipes and sample some of Ruth, Barb and Paula's favorite garden recipes for refreshments. $15 fee. Class held at Patterson Building on the Burton Fairgrounds, 14269 Claridon Troy Road.

Mail check payable to OSU Extension, PO Box 387, Burton, Ohio 44021. Call 440-834-4656 for more information.

June 21: Aquilegia Garden Club Meeting 10:30 a.m. Aquilegia Garden Club will meet at Christ Presbyterian Church, 12419 Chillicothe Road, Chester Township. Janice Bryan will present a program on fairy gardens,

9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Foresters from the Ohio Woodlands Stewards Program will present “Name that Tree” at Big Creek Park, 9160 Robinson Road, Chardon. The workshop is designed to give in-depth training and practice on identifying trees using leaves, bark and other common characteristics. The class qualifies for five hours of continuing education toward the Ohio Forest Tax Law program. Registration deadline is June 29. Cost is $35. Dress accordingly for a morning inside and afternoon outside session. Call 614-688-3421 for more information.

community events July 4 Parade Marshall Rock Pistillo, parade chairman, announced that Domenic Romonto has been chosen as this year’s parade marshall. Domenic was born in Cleveland on Oct. 18, 1924. His father was born in Italy and came to the U.S. in 1912 to make his fortune and return to his old country. World War I altered his plans and he decided to volunteer in the U.S. Army. He became a U.S. citizen because he served in the war. Domenic's mother was born in the U.S. Her parents both came from Italy. Domenic graduated from East Technical High School in 1942 with a combined degree in college prep and cabinet making. He attended Case School of Technology for a year before being drafted in the army during World War ll. He served in a 90mm AntiAircraft battalion, then as a radar operator in a searchlight battalion and finally, as a surveyor in a field artillery battalion. After 34 months in the army, Domenic was discharged and resumed his college education at Case. He graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering in January, 1949. He worked at the same place for 35 years. His last

Chesterland Independence Day Parade Marshall, Domenic and Flora Romonto.

position was assistant chief engineer responsible for engineering computations and the engineering computer operations. Domenic joined the West Geauga Kiwanis Club in 1983. He served as secretary for nine years and later as president for

the 1996-1997 club years. He has lived in Chester Township with his wife, Flora, since 1957 in the same house he built with the help of his relatives and friends. He has three children, Frank (deceased), Carol Ann and Donna.

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L etters the editor to the Editor To The Editor of the Chesterland News, The only other Chester clerk I know of who needed an assistant was Michael Spellman. He needed an assistant because he was stealing millions from us. What is your excuse Karen? When Karen Austin took office, she was writing two sets of checks using the same check numbers. The trustees stopped that. During her eight years in office, Austin never had the minutes up to date and was always several months behind. She also omitted any negative remarks made about her job performance in the minutes. Did Ron Cotman as a former trustee force a zoning secretary who did the minutes to resign in tears? An outside firm was hired to minutes. The firm do transcribed every single word. One set of minutes was over 60 pages. Wasted tax dollars and Cotman was to blame. A replacement could not be found. The zoning secretary was hired back. Austin had a falling out with

Trustee Judy Caputo and then used her position to undermine the work of the trustees and take sides with the Cotmans, creating chaos. She produced financial information for the trustees right before meetings began, giving the trustees no time to review her work. Does Austin still owe over $28,000 in back property taxes on her commercial property in Chester Township? Austin was an elected official in charge of finances. That was very worrisome. Did Austin take her responsibilities seriously? You be the judge. The minutes were her responsibility, period. She also refused to release her computer passwords to the Auditor of the State’s office on request. Gary Paoletto Chester Township

Thank You Geauga County families had a blast at the eighth annual Kidsfest held at Metzenbaum Center on May 5. Approximately 500 people attended the event and sparked excitement with over 30 Geauga County agencies providing hands on activities for kids and their families. The purpose of the annual Kidsfest is to provide Geauga County families with a free, funfilled day while learning about various programs and resources available to them. Entertainment was provided by Zach Yaecker, Jasmine Dragons, miniature horse Rick O’Shay (Geauga County’s newest Deputy Sheriff), Banjo the Clown and Spitunia the Clown.

WHY SETTLE FOR LESS! Get the Geauga County Maple Leaf’s awardwinning local news and sports delivered to your mailbox every Thursday!

Area businesses and organizations supported the event with donations that included refreshments, door prizes and giveaways. The event was sponsored by the Geauga County Board of Mental Health and Recovery Services, Geauga United Way’s Youth Fund Distribution Committee, CASA for Kids, Geauga Children’s Alliance, Geauga County Help Me Grow, Family First Council, Tri County Association for the Education of Young Children, and University Hospitals Geauga Medical Center. Special thanks to Capps, Danny Boy’s, DiBlasi’s Bakery, Discount Drug Mart in Chester Township, Dunkin Donuts in Middlefield, Fairmount Minerals/Best Sand, Geauga County Board of Developmental Disabilities/ Metzenbaum Center, Geauga County Job and Family Services,

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kidsfest 2012 held at the Metzenbaum Center.

Georgio’s Oven Fresh Pizza in Chester Township, Giant Eagle in Chester Township and Middlefield, Guido’s Pizza, Heinen’s, Joey’s, Maggie’s Donuts, Mangia! Mangia!, Party Loft in Chardon, Pizza Hut in Chester Township, Sage’s Apples, Walmart in Chardon

news Severe Weather Impacts Rates According to the Ohio Insurance Institute, there were six major weather events in Ohio through July of last year, triggering 125,000 claims that could total as much as $640 million in insured losses. That does not include nonweather related claims or any of the storm activity for August and September. Disaster related insured

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and Zeppe’s Pizzeria. Contact the Board office, 440-285-2282 for more information. Geauga County Board of Mental Health and Recovery Services Chardon While these storm-related events impact each insurance carrier differently, the majority of companies are reporting record losses on homeowners and expect a rise in homeowner rates throughout 20 12 into 2013. Even with rate increases on the horizon, Ohio consumers continue to enjoy competitive insurance pricing in both home and auto. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Ohio has the seventh lowest average home premium and the 11th lowest average auto premium of the 50 states. To learn how A Better Insurance Services can help you, call 216-475-6800.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012



On June 8, The West Geauga Lions Club kicked off ground preparation at the north end of Lindsey Elementary for installation of the Americans with Disabilities Act integrated playground. In order to be ADA accessible, the designated playground area needed to be leveled. Installation of the new playground equipment will only impact the free-standing swing set.


As part of this project, it was determined that the swing set needed modification and updating. As part of this stage in the project, The Lions Club also installed a surrounding retaining wall. The project, sponsored by the West Geauga Kiwanis Club and Lindsey PTO, has received the support of several local community groups and the West Geauga Board of Education. The support and ongoing fund raising efforts have made it possible for the project to remain on target for installation prior to students returning to school in the fall. Next steps will include the community build on July 14. Questions regarding the project can be directed to

Page 7

Randall at Tammy

Community Preschool Offers New Class Community Preschool, 11984 Caves Road, Chester Township, announces a new program for the 20 12-20 13 school year. The Kindergarten Enhancement class is designed for the kindergarten student who attends school for half-day sessions. The class is structured to follow the kindergarten curriculum standards set by the Ohio Department of Education. Children enrolled in this

School News• Page 8



440-729-2400 Fax 440-729-3408

Fax 440-729-3408

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Lions Club members from left to right: Dennis Farmer, Mike O'Brien, Steve Protz, Rick Rug, John Romah, and Tony Delpra with Lindsey Project Achieve student Wayne Randall. Not pictured: Wayne Zahler, Steve Zahler, Don Bear and Joe Fornaro.

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West Geauga Middle School Kiwanis Students of the Month

Pictured left to right: Gia O'Brien, Drew Heatwole, Anthony Albino, Chris Zannetti and Hannah Zannetti.

School News

West Geauga High School Kiwanis Students of the Month

from page 7

2012 DATES AVAILABLE! Imperial Catering Service, Inc. AT

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440-256-8488 Fax: 440-256-3939 e-mail: Kirtland

class will have the opportunity to engage in group learning activities, one-on-one instruction with the teacher, gross motor activities and social interaction in a relaxed environment. The class size is limited to 12 students to enhance individual instruction. There are a few openings remaining in the 3, 4 and Prekindergarten classes. Call Peggy Jakab, 440-9426048 for more information.

Foreign Exchange Student at WGHS When Fati Ezzahra Outznit wore her hijab (head scarf) on the first day at West Geauga High School, she was worried the other students would not accept her. What happened was the exact opposite. “They were so nice, they were completely accepting,” said Fati, who has been overwhelmed by her warm

School News• Page 10


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Pictured left to right: Dana Anger; Emma Cipriani

Pictured left to right: Joe Egan; Nick Iacampo; Zak Kucera

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

chatter Amy C. Naderer, daughter of Dan and Anna Naderer, of Chester Township, received a Bachelor of Science degree in human development and family studies from B o w l i n g Green State University. Amy accepted a position at Bryant and Stratton College as an admissions representative. Blake Vedder, of Chester Township, was named to the dean's list at The University of Rhode Island for the spring term. Michael D. McConnell, son of James and Beth McConnell, of Chester Township, received a Bachelor of Science degree in environmental studies from the College of Arts and Sciences at Ohio Northern University. Grace E. Whiteley, of Russell Township, was honored at Wittenberg University's Spring Honors Convocation and received membership to Omicron Delta Kappa, a national senior leadership honor society recognizing leadership in scholarship, athletics, university publications, cultural life and student affairs. Jason L. Sacash, son of Richard and Linda Sacash, of Russell Township, received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with majors in management information systems and marketing from the Dauch College of Business and Economics at Ashland University.


announcement Steve and Teri Javorek, of Chester Township, are excited to announce the engagement of their daughter, Katelyn, to Kyle Baker, son of Gary and Linda Baker, of Columbus. Katelyn is a 2002 graduate of Notre Dame Cathedral Latin High School and Kyle is a 2002 graduate of Worthington High School. Katelyn and Kyle met while attending Ohio University. The bride and groom currently reside in Columbus, where Katelyn is an eighth grade English teacher and Kyle

is an accountant. Their wedding will take place on July 7, 20 12 at St. Agatha’s in Upper Arlington. The happy couple will honeymoon in Jamaica.

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Page 10


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

School News from page 8 reception from the students, principal David Toth, the staff and West G community, and is truly grateful to everyone. Fati is a foreign exchange student who won a competitive scholarship through the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange & Study Program (YES) and AFS. The YES program advances mutual understanding between the U.S. and countries with significant Muslim populations. Fati's home town is Taroudant, Morocco, but this year, she was able to spend her senior year at West G by staying with Kim and Hayder Alabasi, and their two daughters. The Alabasi family and Fati shared a wonderful year together. Next year, the Alabasis will be hosting a girl from Israel and West G students will once again benefit from a multicultural experience. Even though Fati’s natural language is Arabic, she is fluent in French and English and took honors classes while attending West G. She was able to graduate with an over 3.6 grade point average.

Fatina Outznit, foreign exchange student at WGHS pictured with home host Kim Alabasi.

Fati was surprised most by the close friendships she made this year. She believes these friendships will last a lifetime and is hoping that some of her West G friends will come to Morocco to visit her someday. She also really liked her teachers and had a hard time saying goodbye to them. Angie Lieber is another

student from exchange Switzerland being sponsored by AFS and attending West G this year. She is being hosted by Ron Fenander and Meridith Jurek. If anyone is interested in hosting or becoming an exchange student, contact a local AFS volunteer, 440-9530840.




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Pease support the following local businesses that support West Geauga Schools Apex Land Management Arabica Bada-Bing Pizza Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Cardinal Physical Therapy CD&J’s Landscaping, LLC Ceramics & You Chase Bank Chesterland Mini Storage Chesterland News Debord’s One Hour Heating & Air Eddy Fruit Farm Edward Jones Investments/Allyn McNaughton Garrett Painting Geauga Floor Care Georgio’s Pizza Glissful Boutique Intensive Care Doll Hospital Joshua Saxon/Ruscher Insurance Lisa Thoreson/Howard Hanna Real Estate Services Luczkowski Agency/Nationwide Insurance Merrill Lynch/Anthony Anderson Monticello Garden Center Mr. Gettysburg Ohio Connect, LLC Our Town Café Painting Solutions/Dan Peck Palma’s Hair Design Playground World Power Marketing SAK Automotive Spencer Printing Concepts, Inc. TecXpert & Computer Options The Miniature Cellar Tom Basista/West Geauga Plaza Zeppe’s Pizza

Business or residents that wish to join this networking group may contact: Lisa Thoreson | 440-834-9800

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Read About Your Library y Local Librar

Certified Collision Repair

Did You Know? In Ohio (by law) you have the right to have your vehicle repaired at the shop of your choice. Don’t let anyone make that choice for you. • All Insurance Claims Honored • Rentals Available on-site • State-of-the-art Unibody & Frame Repair • Complete Auto Body Services • Guaranteed Quality Repairs ir epa R in Writing & Color Matching n pair We Re ARE! with C


ol yC



t Cen

The Geauga West Library is located at 13455 Chillicothe Road. For more information on these programs or to register, call 440729-4250 or register in person.


) 06 . 3 ds. t (R R


d ry o a ulber 6 R e M 02 ga oththe & H 44 u c a i i l l lico 1 O Ge Chf Chil and -269 4 9 57 r o erl 11 orne hest 0-72 c C 44

bo Uni

Sleuthing with St. Findde-Lost June 20, 7 p.m. Armed with a few clues, Lucky Larry and St. Find-deLost set out on a quest to find his ancestors. Examine actual census, birth, marriage, death and other records looking for Larry’s lost relatives. Learn the types of information found on each record and how it leads to other records.

Celebrating 30 Years Serving Our Community


Mind Games June 26, 7 p.m. Mental Floss: “Where knowledge junkies get their fix” will show new games, trivia and brain teasers. A program for teens and adults.

C H A U TA U Q U A AT GEAUGA WEST LIBRARY Women on America’s Western Frontier July 3, Noon to 1 p.m. Bring lunch and join Ohio Humanities Scholar Debra

Conner for this special program. “Women are the forgotten men of history,” claimed historian Daniel Boorstein. Learn about the lifestyles and the habits of the women who settled the western frontier in the early 1800s.

Research for Business Startups July 21, 10-11:30 a.m. Go through the process of researching a market and creating a strategy for confirming that there is a real market for goods and services. Class limited to 15.

YOUTH SERVICES Going Wild with Jungle Terry June 21, 7 p.m. School-age (first through fifth grade) children may enjoy animal entertainer, Jungle Terry, as he shows live exotic animals from snakes to alligators.

Dreaming of Olympic Gold June 28, 2 p.m. or 7 p.m. The library is having its own Olympics. Come and compete in special athletic activities.

G AT E S M I L L S LIBRARY Gates Mills Library is located at 1491 Chagrin River Road. For more information on these programs or to register, call 440423-4808 or register in person.

G2P: Mariokart Tournament June 21, 6:30-8:30 p.m. Join for a race around the track in a Mariokart Tournament. Test your skills against other gamers. First and Second place for ages 12-18 will win prizes. Registration required.

Technology Petting Zoo

events St. Mark Vacation Bible School




Heavy & Light Equipment

(440) 729-7057

June 25-29, 9 a.m. to Noon A vacation Bible school event called Babylon will be hosted at St. Mark Lutheran Church. A fun-filled week of music, crafts, games and learning God’s Word. Registration is $5 per child or $10 per family. Scholarships available upon request. On June 29, immediately following VBS, St. Mark Christian Preschool will be hosting an open house for the community from Noon to 2 p.m. Call 729-1668, for more information.

June 23, 10 a.m. to Noon Come to the library to take technology for a test drive. Visit the Technology Petting Zoo for hands-on interaction with iPads, iPods, Kindles, Nooks and more. Staff from Tech Wise LLC will be available to answer questions and share tips for interacting with the library through technology. Registration requested, but drop ins welcomed.

Dancing on a Dream June 25, 7-8 p.m. Come to the library to experience a very moving dream. Mary, who was born with spinal bifida, dreamed of being able to dance as a child even though she was in a wheelchair. Now as an adult, she has extended the possibility of

people with all kinds of abilities to perform together. The piece, titled "Dancing On A Dream," shows the struggles and triumphs of Mary's life, the perseverance of keeping a physically integrated dance company alive and ultimately making her dream to dance despite her disability a reality. Dancing Wheels by Patricia McMahon and John Godt describes the creation, training and performances of The Dancing Wheels Company. Registration required.

Mission Is Possible June 27, 2-3 p.m. Sunny D. Lite and her henchman, Cumulo Nimbus, have stolen the greatest treasure in the world. Where did it go and how can Agent 007-1/2 get it back before it's too late? Will the Mission Is Possible Force find the treasure, save the planet and reconcile Mother Nature with her favorite Sun? Join the M.I.P Force to solve this mystery as a secret agent. This program is for students going into kindergarten through fifth grade. Registration required.

Cleveland Orchestra Community Concert Preview June 28, 1:30-2:30 p.m. Join at the library as Cleveland Orchestra's Dr. Rose Breckinridge previews the 2012 Blossom Festival. The program will give an overview of the 2012 Blossom Festival with focus on the Aug. 11 concert featuring the “new pianist star” Yuja Wang playing Tchaikovsky’s “Piano Concerto No.1.” Join before the program with lunch at Sara's Place with a discount for those coming to the program after lunch. The preview, geared to both new and experienced music lovers, will include background on the composers and compositions as well as guided listening to musical excerpts. Registration required.

STORY TIMES Family Storytime Wednesdays, 10 a.m. Come to the library for a program of rhymes, songs, fingerplays and stories for children not yet in kindergarten. Registration not necessary.

Baby & Me / Toddler Storytime Thursdays, 10 a.m. Come to the library for a program of rhymes, songs, fingerplays and books for babies from birth through 35 months old and their caregivers. Registration not necessary.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Page 13


recreation For more information on these programs or to register, call the Geauga Park District at 440286-9516 or visit www.geauga

Grandparents in the Park: Summertime Fun June 21, 10-11:30 a.m. The Rookery Grandparents and grandchildren celebrate the first day of summer with indoor and outdoor activities and summertime snacks. Bring a snack to share. Partially wheelchair/stroller accessible. Registration required.

Hound Hike: Pace with Your Pooch June 21, 6:30-8 p.m. Headwaters Park Grab walking shoes and a leash to enjoy this pup-friendly walk. Held outdoors, so dress for the weather. Bring dog towels, a water bowl, poop scoop and bags for dog clean-up. Only one dog per handler: must be able to fully control dog, kept on leash at all times (8 feet max). Dogs must be nonaggressive to people and other dogs; if altercations or incidents occur, or dog(s) exhibit aggressive behavior or excessive barking, owner(s) of problematic dog(s) will be asked to leave. Meet at Route 608 parking area. Registration required.

Summer Solstice Canoe June 22, 7-9 p.m. Headwaters Park Celebrate the summer solstice (the longest day of the year) while afloat on the beautiful waters of the East Branch Reservoir. Must call Park District office to register June 15-21. Ages 12 plus with adults with canoeing experience. Only one 7-to-12-year-old child allowed riding in middle of each boat.


Wear shoes to get wet or muddy; bring water and a change of clothes just in case the canoe overturns. Indicate if intend to cancel in consideration for the waiting list. Meet at boat launch. Registration required.

Backcountry Ledges Hike June 23, 10 a.m. to Noon The West Woods Join a naturalist on an offtrail adventure to explore the of the Sharon beauty Conglomerate ledges of The West Woods. This is a rugged hike with slippery, wet and muddy conditions off trail. Meet in Deer Run Shelter parking area. Registration required.

July 3, dusk Chardon High School, 15 Chardon Ave.

BURTON July 4, 6 p.m., fireworks at dusk Geauga County Fairgrounds This years event includes a raffle drawing for a beautiful patriotic picnic table, hand quilted Afghan, wall hanging and scarf. Items were donated by the Middlefield Methodist Men’s Group. 10 0% of raffle sales go to the Wounded Warrior Project® to help injured veterans. Tickets available at grandstand.

M AY F I E L D V I L L A G E June 30, dusk Corner of route 91 and Wilson Mills Road

WILLOUGHBY July 4, dusk South High School, 5000 Shankland Road

MENTOR July 4, dusk Civic Center Park, 8600 Munson Road

Home Grown Butterflies June 24, 2-3 p.m. The West Woods Nature Center Join Greater Mohican Audubon Society president and life-long butterfly enthusiast Cheryl Harner as she presents a program focusing on Ohio’s native plants as nectar sources and host plants in the home landscape, then learn what to plant to support their life cycle in all stages.

Geauga Walkers June 26, 1-2:30 p.m. The Rookery Join other active seniors on weekly hikes in Geauga County and the surrounding area. Hikes are typically 1 to 1 1/2 miles long and held year-round. A naturalist leads hikes. Call Geauga Senior Center for full schedule, 440-279-2137.

Chester Sandlot Looking for girls ages 15 and older to meet once per week to play pick-up softball. This is not an organized league. Call Dave, 440-729-9186, leave a message.

SOLON July 4, dusk Solon Community Park, 6679 SOM Center Road


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June 21: Judge Terri Stupica at NAMI


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6:30 p.m. Chardon Municipal Court Judge Terri Stupica is scheduled to speak about mental illness and dual diagnosis in Chardon Municipal Court at The Geauga Board of Mental Health and Recovery Services, 13244 Ravenna Road, Chardon. Light refreshments available. Reservations requested. Call 440-286-6264 for more information.


Dave Bitterman • 440-729-1877 Insured and Bonded


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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Notices should be sent in writing by the funeral directors and memorial societies to: Chesterland News, 8389 Mayfield Road, Chesterland, OH, 44026, or faxed to (440) 729-8240 or emailed to

Arthur A. Meitzner Sr.

home improvement

“We expedite quality and service�


Arthur A. Meitzner Sr., 73, peacefully departed this world on June 6, 2012 at Legacy Place Senior Living in Twinsburg. He was born in Bedford on Oct. 12, 1938 and lived in Northfield on his family farm. He graduated from Nordonia High School in 1956. Meitzner was a long time resident of Chester Township for over 40 years. He was a butcher and retired in 20 02. He enjoyed golfing, wood carving and spending time with his grandchildren. Meitzner will be greatly missed, but never forgotten by his three children, Mary Katherine (Gene) Brickman of Prescott, Az., Christine (Philip) Lago of Streetsboro, and Art Jr. (Jodi) Meitzner of Wickliffe; grandchildren Sarah, Andy, Ryan and Drew. He was preceded in death by

Robert William "Bobby" Stanton, 53, of Burton Health Care Center in Burton, passed away June 11, 2012, in Burton. Born April 24, 1959, in Toledo, he had lived in Russell Township before moving to Burton. In November 1977, Bobby was in a motorcycle accident in Texas, which left him impaired. He was a loving son and brother, and an inspiration to all. He will truly be missed. Survivors are his mother,

Roselyn Krizan; brother, Donald (June) Stanton; sisters, Barbara (Dave) Distel, Karen (Greg) Singer, and Robin (Dave Shaw) Kozelka; and many nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his father, Donald Stanton; and stepfather, Roland "Chris" Krizan. Private family services were held. Burial was in Riverview Cemetery in Russell Township. Special thanks to Bobby's second family at Burton Health Care Center for taking such good care of him over the years and to Hospice of the Western Reserve for their help in letting him go. Arrangements are being handled by Gattozzi and Son Funeral Home in Chester Township. Online tributes and at condolences

laughing and having fun, learning new things, fulfilling relationships, self confidence and good self esteem. The presentation provided tips on how to reach some of these goals, including connecting with others, staying as active as possible, getting enough sleep and knowing when to ask for help.

A booklet published by the National Institute on Aging called “What’s On Your Plate? Smart Food Choices For Healthy Aging� is handed out during the presentations. Extra copies are available at each senior center and the Geauga County Board of Mental Health and Recovery Services. The program is being presented in all of the Geauga County senior centers. Call 440-285-2822 for more information.

his parents, Arthur John Meitzner and Catherine Isabella Meitzner (nee Simonovitz), and sister Barbara Karasick. A memorial service will be held on June 20 at noon at St. Marks Lutheran Church, 11900 Chillicothe Road, Chester Township.

Robert William Stanton

Owner Operated • No Hassles

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New Program for Seniors

The Geauga County Board of Mental Health and Recovery Services is presenting the third topic in its Senior Educational Series called “Food For Good Mental Health�. It focuses on different things that help achieve good mental health, such as feeling positive,



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Electronic and TV, 57&MFDUSPOJD Appliance Service  '3&&&45*."5&4  0O8BML*O4FSWJDF







Following is a list of real estate transfers in Chester, Russell and Munson townships for the week ending June 8, provided as a public service by the Geauga County Auditor’s Office. Transfers may involve sale of land only.


:&"34 35 YEARS 4&37*/( THE SERVING 5)&53* TRI-COUNTY $06/5:"3&" AREA




Frank Tursic (TOD), 8448 Wilson Mills Road, to Sara E. Gruden, $119,900.


Robert J. and Pamela J. Kreigh, 10996 Glenwood Drive, to Jeffrey and Adriana Tennis, $229,000. David H. and Sharon L. Weinberger, 12323 Valley Vista Drive, Federal National Mortgage Association, $70,000. Rollin G. Cooke III, Lake Road, to John and Mateja

Ackworth, $62,500. Rollin G. Cooke III, Lake Road, to Albin and Tinka Lampic, $62,500. Marie Cornelius (TOD), 13130 Auburn Road, to David A. and Janet M. Barb, $148,000.


Robert E. Pilch Sr. and Janet Cooper Joseph, 13583 Northwood Road, to Janet Cooper Joseph, $56,000. Maria and Gioia DiGiannantonio, 14470 County Line Road, to Ashjen Capital Holdings Ltd., $370,000.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


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Community Meetings

Munson Township: June 20, 5:30 p.m., Park Board; June 21, 6:30 p.m., Board of Zoning Appeals; June 26, 6:30 p.m., Board of Trustees. All meetings are held at Township Hall, 12210 Auburn Road unless otherwise noted.

Russell Township: June 20, 7 p.m., Board of Trustees; June 27, 7:30 p.m., Zoning Commission. All meetings are held at Fire-Rescue Station, 14810 Chillicothe Road, unless otherwise noted.

Chester Township: June 20, 7 p.m., Zoning Commission; June 28, 7 p.m., Board of Trustees. All meetings are held at the Town Hall, 12701 Chillicothe Road, unless otherwise noted.

West Geauga BOE: June 21, 6:30 p.m., BOE, special meeting / executive session regarding employment of superintendent; June 25, 7 p.m., BOE, regular meeting. Both meeting at WGMS Community Room, 8611 Cedar Road.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

CLASSIFIED ADS MISC. Flyers to distribute? Do it the easy way. Insert them into the Chesterland News for only $37.50 per thousand or 33/4c per piece. Call 440-7297667 for details. Please check your ad! W e make every effort to avoid errors. We ask that you check your ad the FIRST day that it appears. Any errors should be called in to the Classified Dept. at 440-729-7667 by noon Friday. We cannot be responsible for more than one incorrect insertion if you do not call the error to our attention. Thank you.

FOR SALE Colema n Powermate 6250 portable generator, 5kw continuous 6,250 watts peak, 10 hp Briggs & Stratton engine $500 OBO. 440-729-6591. Western Reserve Memorial Gardens - 2 mausoleums, section B, #23, crypt letter D. $7800 for both. Call 330-9958989 for more information. MTD chip per/shredder, 5.5 H.P., 3-way feed, $250. Slot sprayer 15 gallon, 12 volt battery $75. 440-856-9440. Asph alt Patching: repair, replace, free estimates, all work professionally done. 440-915-8227. Drivewa y limestone: free delivery. All sizes delivered and spread. Best prices, $27.50 per ton. Topsoil available. 440-915-8227. Mulch: best prices, free delivery. Dyed bark $28.50/yd., regular bark $26.50/yd. All delivered prices. 440-915-8227.


Store for rent. Neat on Murray Hill, busy section. Great for classes! Call exercise evenings, 440-729-7341. Lake Shore- East 185th St: 1-2 bedroom apartments. $425$525. Very large, clean, secured and more. 440-7290323.


440-862-5706 • 440-254-4281 Paying cash $50 - $15,000 for: cars, trucks, scrap, running or not, construction equipment, tractors, muscle cars, antique cars, tools. 440-8625706 or 440-254-4281. Top dollar, wrecked, junked and unwanted vehicles. Scrap clean-ups, free removal. Used parts and tires for sale. Call 440-321-1469 or 440-321-1467. Wanted junk cars and trucks. Pay $250 and up. 440-293-8504 or cell 440-228-5921. 1929 Mercedes Gazelle kit car. Ford frame, Pinto engine, new brakes, tires, timing belt, battery, transmission fluid, filter, water pump, fuel line. carburetor. Rebuilt Automatic transmission, canvas top, good body, 10,627 miles. Serviced by Don’s. Asking $5900, 440-729-2982.

HELP WANTED Chesterland machine shop looking for a part-time/full time driver. 440-729-2626.

WANTED TO BUY Wan ted extra large black walnut trees 24” diameter and larger. 440-834-4232. Wanted riding lawnmowers, 4 wheelers, farm tractors, etc. 440-352-7372.


RENT A TENT ALL OCCASIONS 20 X 20’ • 20 X 30’ • 10 X 10’ 440-537-9348 • 440-668-7868

If you need to have a Moving sale,, Estate Sale or Garage Sale, call Kathy Willis at 440for assistance. 729-2790 References Experienced. available. We are now doing partial estate buyouts. Wanted: Grandma’s costume jewelry, compacts, perfume, linens, knickknacks. Grandpa’s toys, trains, coins, bottles and fishing lures. Also buying misc. collections and estates. 440-338-5942. Ann ual neighborhood sale: Easthill, Appleblossom, Oakhill, Chesterland. June 21 - 23, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Household goods, children/adult clothing (infant - size 8), antiques, claw foot tub, 4X10 trailer, Cadillac rims, toys, bicycles, Little Tikes, Fisher Price, much misc.

OFFICE SPACE Chester Business Park 8437 Mayfield Rd.


• Rental Units from 400 sq ft. & larger • Leases available 6 mos. & longer • All Utilities included Beautiful renovations ongoing Call for YOUR space TODAY!


Kirtland on Rt.6, just west of 306. Ideal space available for lease. Warehouse, offices and any type of service shops. Call 440-283-9191 or 440-3131611. Party rental - 20x20 tent, one 3 foot cooler full of ice, 10x10 pop up tent, one eight foot table, one 6 foot table, $225 per day. Set-up and take down included. Chesterland, Russell area. Steaming pot, charcoal grill, chafing dishes, cambro’s, outdoor fire pit are available at additional costs. Mike, 440-479-5723.

Multi-Family g arag e sale, 7049 Mulberry Road, Chesterland. June 21 - 23, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Ton’s of girls clothes, newborn to 5 years. Powerwheels Hummer, $100. Bathroom sink, never used. Lots of household misc. No early birds.

Huge garage sale - everything priced to sell! Household, kids, antiques. Lyman Road, off 11689 Thursday & Mulberry. Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Graphics, design, typesetting: Beautiful work done at the News. Logo Chesterland designs, letterheads, brochures and business cards. Mayfield Road, 8389 Chesterland, 440-729-7667.

Cons truction and back hoe service: Specializing in replacing old drain tiles and catch basins, reshape gravel driveways. Hauling of demolition materials. Call Mike, 440-729-7810.

Thursday & Friday, 6/21 & 6/22, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., 8360 Belle Vernon Drive, Russell. Under counter refrigerator, record albums, children’s clothes ( .25), Step 2 kitchen, kids motorized motorcycle, toys, Tupperware, other scrap booking books (new), sheets.

Resumes: Resumes can be typed for you at the News, 8389 Chesterland Mayfield Road, Chesterland, 440-729-7667.

Photographer/videographer, available to capture all your special memories for any occasion; graduation parties, family reunions, birthday parties, office parties, etc. Call Michelle for more information, 440-286-4848.

11982 Laurel Road, June 21 & 22, Thursday & Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., June 23, Saturday, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Kids toys, John Deere power wheels, clothes, gas fireplace w/mantel, weight machine, boat w/motor, snow blower, generator, housewares, many misc.! Huge sale - Gates Mills, 7820 Battles Road. Friday, June 22, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday, June 23, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Bake Sale, Saturday. Two patio heaters, Temperpedic bed (single), oak captains bed, oak teachers desk, freezer, electronic, Christmas, garden, equestrian items, clothing, books, CD’s, speakers and much more!

WORK WANTED Computer Repair, Reasonable Rates, Spyware & Virus Hardware & Removal, installation, Software T r o u b l e s h o o t i n g , Networking, Ray, 216-3150508. Located in Chesterland Area. College student available for painting, driveway seal coating, yard work, gutter cleaning, etc. call Eric at 440-4885057.

LOST & FOUND Missing tortoise named snappy “Nappy.” Lost brown sulcata tortoise, 12” X 8.” Likes lettuce and grass. Last seen near Caves and Mulberry in Chesterland. Please call if found. Gentle, does not bite. 440-729-1555 or 440-413-3153. Reward of $200 if found.

REAL ESTATE Chesterland split level, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1 acre lot, 2 car attached garage, central air many updates, move in ready. $139,000, 440-878-1610. By owner - Kenyon Drive, Chesterland, colonial - 2800 sq. ft., family home, 25 x 25 family room, living room, eat in kitchen, office, workout room, 3 large bedrooms with closets, master suite, zoned heating throughout, 2 car attached garage, patio with built in gas grill, newer siding, roof, windows, on 1 acre. Great neighborhood. Move in condition. Call 440-488-0736.

College student available for spring clean-up and odd jobs. Services can include weed eating, weeding, mulching, etc. Call 440-231-4377. Having a party? Let Home Party servers assist with preparation, serving and clean up. Call Elaine at 440759-7763 or Kathy at 440-4770765. Attention teachers: In home daycare available for 2012 2013 school year. Safe and loving with lots of experience. Call Stacey 440-503-1936. La wn mowing and maintenance. Per cut or contract. Call now: Office, 440-729-9400, Mobile, 440-342-4552. Math tutor - College student to assist available middle/high school students in math. Algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, calculus and statistics. Call 440-533-5961 for more information. Decks - power-washing and staining, protective coatings. Free estimates, references. 440-564-7404. Painting - home exteriors and interiors. Free estimates, references. 440-247-5452. Amish girl looking for more work. Will clean your house, help with laundry, spring cleaning, babysitting. For more information call Lori at 216-215-0822. Painting - interior/exterior, EPA certified. Aluminum siding refinishing, decks, trim, garages, basements. Wallpaper and removal. Call Don at 440-897-4600. Pressure washing and deck refinishing. Chesterland resident. References, 440-342-4552. Local cleaning women with ten years experience has openings for bi-weekly or monthly cleanings. Will also one time cleanings. do Reasonable rates! Please call if interested. Heather at 440384-1137. DJ-Force, disc-jockey service. 27 years experience for all occasions. Weddings, birthday’s, anniversaries and private functions. Call Roy at 216-288-3328.

PETS Geauga County Dog Warden is in need of dog and puppy food both dry and canned (nothing from China). We also are in need of bleach. Please help us care for the 700+ dogs that come to our shelter each year. Geauga County dog Warden, 12513 Merritt Road, Chardon. Call 440-286-8135 for more information.

Garage s ale: Household items, baking, cake decorating, glassware, toddler clothes, treadmill, etc. 9583 Kim Drive, Friday & Saturday, June 22 & 23, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Bernese mountain dog puppies AKC registered, p.o.p ready, 8/14/12. 440-688-4048 or visit

Enormous multi-family sale. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, June 21 -23, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 12456 Bentbrook Drive (Off Mayfield, 1 block west of Caves). Tons of furniture, housewares, electronics and more.

Flyers to distribute? Do it the easy way. Insert them into the Chesterland News for only $37.50 per thousand or 33/4c per piece. Call 440-7297667 for details.

Huge yard sale, n ew u sed, vintage, couches, tables, glassware, linens, wicker outdoor table, bookcases, lamps, men’s/women’s clothing. Mulberry to Cambridge to 7981 Oxford Lane. Thursday and Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday, 8:30 a.m. - noon.

Guitar and beginning piano with Denny Carleton at the West Geauga Market House. 216-392-8749 or

Jenny’s Auto Detailing - All year round. 440-361-0932. Offering special discounts for interior and exterior painting and staining this season. 13 experience. years Professional insured, call Dan at 440-342-4552. Music CO-OP, 440-221-2274. Music lessons on all instruments. Retail sales, rentals, consignments. Guitar, amp and band instruments and repairs. 12661 CHILLICOTHE ROAD. Carpenter, 30 years experience, decks, kitchen, finish work, storm doors. Small jobs also. 7298157. Plumbing : Professiona l, affordable, reliable. Water heaters, toilets, faucets, drain cleaning. 440-537-6045 or 440285-0800. Skip’s Painting, wallpapering, power-washing, and repairs. Insured. small Satisfaction guaranteed! Member of Angie’s List. Over 25 years’ experience. 440-3385098. Yard and storm d amage clean-up, down tree removal and brush chipping. Call, 440342-4552. Two boys and a scrappy idea. Metal recyclers. Removal of unwanted lawn & garden equipment, hot water tanks, washers, dryers, batteries, cans, etc. Call 440-729-8213.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT Munson residents interested in serving on the Munson township Board of Zoning Appeals as an alternate, or other boards of interest, which are non-compensated public service appointments, are requested to send a letter of interest and resume to the attention of the Munson Township Trustees, 12210 Auburn Road, Chardon OH 44024, to be received by June 25. Monday, Applications may also be dropped off in person at the Township Hall, between the hours 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. weekdays. The Board of Zoning Appeals meets the third Thursday of every month at 6:30 p.m. For additional information contact the Munson Township office and 440-2869255.

WHY SETTLE FOR LESS! Get the Geauga County Maple Leaf’s awardwinning local news and sports delivered to your mailbox every Thursday! Contact 440.285.2013 for more information!


Color copies, great price! The Chesterland News offers full service copying. Color or Black ink, any quantity on any paper. 8389 Mayfield Road, Chesterland, 440-7297667. Fax service available at the Chesterland News, 8389 Mayfield Road, Chesterland, 440-729-7667.


Chesterland News June 20th, 2012  

Chesterland News June 20th, 2012

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