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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

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Roman-Inspired Garden Stones to Honor ‘Captain Latin’ By Gwen Cooper


Latin students Max Kucera and Victoria Grabinski mix concrete and scoop it into metal pans to form the round garden stones.

Following the advice “Carpe diem,” of noted Roman poet Horace, about 25 West Geauga Latin students did “seize the day” last Thursday. They worked feverously to create mosaic garden stones as gifts for their favorite teacher, Bill Prueter, who plans to retire this year after 30 years of service. With help from parents, the students mixed concrete, poured it into round metal pans and personalized them with mosaics, beads, shells and messages, making each one an original work of art. The students were divided into three shifts and worked around various sports practices and a previously scheduled band concert to complete their projects. They presented their original creations to Prueter Monday night at the conclusion

of the school’s annual student Latin awards program. The students who comprise West G’s Latin Club invited former students and Prueter’s wife to attend and join in on the fun.

“He makes it fun.” – Tyler Brininger on retiring Latin teacher Bill Prueter They also created a Facebook page where present and former students could add their comments and sing the praises of Prueter. Although, considered a “dead” language because it is no longer learned as a native tongue, Prueter apparently instilled a love of the language and the Roman culture among his students. From his toga-making work sessions held at his home to his hallway chariot races at school using ropes, sturdy flat-bottom

trays and eager students, Prueter encouraged creativity and made the language come to life. “We celebrated Roman holidays and held ceremonies,” second-year Latin student Lilly Makee said when asked about her favorite part of the classes. According to her, Prueter led them to explore the history, literature, custom and culture surrounding the language. “He makes it fun,” Tyler Brininger said. “You just enjoy the experience without knowing that you are learning anything. It’s not until later that you realize you actually learned a great deal in the process.” There are a number of advantages to studying Latin, according to Tyler’s mother, Tamara Brininger. “It really improves their vocabulary and helps with their scores on college entrance

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Chesterland Rotary Wolverines Win Five Straight, Is ‘Hitting the Bricks’ Eclipse Last Year’s Win Total By Maureen Mooney In 1995, the Chesterland Rotary Club funded and constructed a brick walkway around the gazebo in the Chester Township Park. Families, businesses and organizations had the opportunity to display their name on these engraved bricks. Now, 18 years later, the Rotary Club is reconstructing the walkway to include more bricks as well as refurbish the existing ones.

“Over time, some of the bricks have deteriorated and the entire walkway has sunk,” said Rotary member Derek Taylor. “It’s also become a trip hazard”, added Taylor. Taylor and a committee consisting of eight members, including Ben Pintabona, resurrected the project last year, with everything getting started this past winter. Pintabona, who has a con-

Rotary• Page 5


Through June 15, engraved bricks are available for purchase for the Chesterland Commemorative Walkway, a project done by the Chesterland Rotary Club.

By Jamie Ward Maybe the coach thought his team needed a change of scenery. But after just two home games in the first month of the season amid cancelations on a field that grew more weeds than grass, Phil Byron decided to start from scratch. “It wasn't a varsity field, it wasn't safe, it wasn't aesthetic,” Byron said. “We’ve been road warriors. When our field wasn’t playable, we just flipped games away.” Whatever the reasons, it is good times for Phil Byron and his West G baseball Wolverines, winners of five straight. The team’s ninth win, 4-1 over Crestwood, eclipsed last year's win total. The Wolverines took infield practice before the Crestwood game as the former infield lay back behind right field, a pile of dirt and sod. The now all-dirt infield is smooth, and hard. Ground balls bounced true and the team made just one error on an 80 degree day May 2. By all accounts the team is playing its best baseball of the season at the right time. “It’s good to get five in a

row,” said senior 2B Alex Grazia. “We’re playing pretty well as a team. We started off a little slow, but we’re definitely kicking it in before the playoffs.” Grazia helps anchor a team with senior strength up the middle. When West Geauga is at its best, Harrison Sigman (2-2, 2.74 ERA, 24 strikeouts in 23 innings) is on the mound; Cal

Slusarz (9 runs scored) is at short; Grazia plays second; and senior lead-off hitter Noah Bidar (.375 BA, 10 SB's) patrols center field. “That’s our speed and strength right there, and they’ve cut down on the mistakes,” Byron said. “It started off a little rough,” Slusarz said of his season. “But

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Senior Cal Slusarz leads the infield at shortstop.

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


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Natalie Cizek, left, Victoria Grabinski and Lily Makee formed an assembly line to help create about 30 original mosaic tiled garden stones for their Latin teacher Bill Prueter’s Roman garden. They surprised him Monday night with the stones at the conclusion of his Latin student awards program.

Garden Stones from page 1 exams, such as SAT and ACTs,” she said. She said the language has practical applications for student who pursue medicine, law and science, all disciplines that use Latin terms and names. According to another parent, several of the students have older siblings who are former students of Prueter’s who credit their Latin studies as part of the reason they did well on college entrance exams and were accepted to schools such as Notre Dame and Northwestern. “He treats us all as if we are the smart kids,” Victoria Grabinski said. Brenden Judson explained, “There’s a lot of freedom in his class and he trusts us that we will study hard and learn from our experiences.” One mother, Linda Todaro, shook her head over the apparent spell Prueter has on his students. She said they vie to learn enough to go to Latin competitions in Columbus, a regime of study and nine tests held during a weekend, after a week of school.

Todaro said the students do well in the competition, often placing in the top three among schools and outscoring private school students who have had six years of Latin versus four years at West G. “That’s not something that would appeal to you or I, nor it is something that would appeal to most teens, but he somehow has them convinced it is fun,” Todaro said. “They study on the bus on the drive there, take a test as soon as they arrive, study until 1 a.m., sleep and take more tests the next day. And, they tell me this is fun?” Said Alex Concilla, “That’s why we call him ‘Captain Latin.’” Another parent marveled at the closeness of the students. “They include athletes, musicians, serious students and a wide cross-section of interests, yet they are very close,” she said. Who’s idea was it to pay tribute to him with garden stones? “All of us,”said sophomore Max Kucera. “Romans were known for their mosaics tiles and we’ve been to his house. He has a Roman garden there as well as on school grounds near


“Carpe Diem,” or seize the day, is the fond send-off for a much loved West Geauga Latin teacher retiring at the end of the school year.

the entrance to the high school.” “With all the heartfelt work the students have done, we’re expecting there won’t be a dry eye in the house when they present their garden stones to him Monday night,” Tamara Brininger said.

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

WG Wins from page 1


Harrison Sigman, team captain as a senior, hits fifth and is the team’s ace pitcher.

five hits and struck out four. “I felt great, and it felt good to get a win,” Mazzurco said. “I got shelled against Brush; it feels good to get this one.” Koller reached on an error to start the fourth inning and scored on Sigman’s double into right field. It was Sigman’s first double and 11th RBI. Grazia, who admittedly has struggled at the plate this season, delivered a two-out single to left that scored Sigman. “I haven’t been seeing the

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ball well and I’ve been hitting the ball at people,” said Grazia, who also pitched one inning for his third save. Those four runs were all West Geauga would need to improve to 9-6 on the season before Sunday’s tournament draw at Jefferson and two games Monday and Tuesday against rival Chagrin Falls that were finished after deadline. “We're playing well right now and I’m really content with where we are at,” Byron said. “I’m not saying we don’t need to improve, because we all need to get better. But I’m content


JC Mazzurco, a sophomore, pitched six innings to earn his second win of the season against Crestwood

with the strides we have made up to this point.” May will be busy before the sectionals begin May 13. Carmen Engoglia hit a HR that turned heads away from the varsity field to the junior varsity field, which is behind the varsity field. Engoglia's blast landed beyond the left field fence, as the varsity dugout wondered who had hit it. “I knew it would be Carmen,” Bidar said after the game. The team plans on re-planting the sod this fall and working

to get a running water source to the field, an issue Byron blamed for its poor conditions. There are quirks, too, that need fixing. Like third base, which stayed in its peg long after everybody left the field. “Put five guys on it and try to get it out,” Byron told his team, laughing. “That thing is like Merlin’s sword, the sword in the stone. It’s right there. Go and get it.” For more photos, visit Look for more in this week’s Geauga County Maple Leaf.

Chester Officials: Obamacare May Reshape Local Fire Departments By Diane Ryder When the Affordable Health Care for America Act, more commonly known as Obamacare, takes full effect next year, its regulations about insuring part-time workers might have repercussions on local government, especially those with volunteer fire departments, Chester Township officials said April 18. If a seasonal or part-time employee works more than 120 days per year, or more than 30 hours per week, he or she will be considered full-time and must be offered health care insurance or the employer will be hit with a hefty $2,000 per total employee penalty, Chester Township Fiscal Officer Mike Stark said. The regulations could force local governments to cut back on the hours their employees can work, cut back on the number of days they can employ a seasonal worker or decide not to hire additional workers that would add up to more than 50 employees, the officials said. The discussion came as trustees voted to hire a part-time seasonal worker to perform grounds maintenance during the growing season, a practice that many local communities follow. Others hire outside landscaping companies.

“If it’s more than 120 days and we haven’t offered them benefits, we could be fined,” Stark told trustees, adding the rule applies to employers with more than 50 employees. “With our police department and fire department, we’re close to that threshold,” Trustee Ken Radtke said. “We need to be looking at this at a month-tomonth basis.” Because most area fire departments, and many local police departments, have parttime workers who also work for other communities, the issue could become complicated, trustees said. They also said they would be careful to keep all seasonal hires under the 120-day limit to make sure they will not be considered as full time under the new law. “Seasonal employment is counted in days and not hours,” Trustee Mike Joyce said. Radtke asked where he got that fact. Joyce said he has talked to officials in the City of Willoughby, who told him they have hired two attorneys to sort out the employment rules in the new law. “I don’t know where it’s going, but our firefighters are


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I’m starting to play the type of baseball I know I can play, starting to hit the ball a little more, making fewer errors in the field, and I cleared my head, and I'm just having fun playing baseball and that’s the key.” Byron’s lineup against Crestwood looked like this: Bidar, CF; Mike Bielek, LF; Mike Koller, RF; JC Mazzurco, P; Sigman, DH; John Monaco, 1B; Andrew Centrackio, 3B; Grazia, 2B; Slusarz, SS. The Wolverines scored first in the first inning when Bidar reached on an error and scored on Bielek’s hit down the right field line. Bielek stole second, went to third on a ground ball and scored on a wild pitch. Mazzurco, a sophomore who now has 20 innings and an ERA under 2.00 as the team's third starter, pitched masterfully, mixing his fastball, change-up and curveball through the Crestwood order. Mazzurco, working with junior catcher Ross Clark, threw six innings, allowed one run on




part time,” he said. Stark added, “There’s so much to be determined yet. No one knows everything at this time.” He said he has heard employers say they will pay the fine instead of insure their parttime workers, but he said the new rules will fine an employer for all of his or her employees regardless of how many are insured. “It will be $2,0 0 0 for all employees, on everybody, not just on the people you don’t pay,” Stark said. Joyce added, “Suffice it to say, we’re all watching it and are confused by it.”


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Wednesday, May 8, 2013



unique siding

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In 1995, the Chesterland Rotary Club installed a brick walkway around the gazebo at Chester Township Park. Now, the walkway is being reconstructed and updated.

food baskets, painted maps on the asphalt of playgrounds at the elementary schools and giving personal dictionaries to each individual elementary school child. In addition to local projects, the club has also done national work. After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, the club purchased and rebuilt an old bookmobile, filled it with books and drove it down south to donate

to families effected by the hurricane. “This is a very productive, very unitive project,” explained Pintabona. “I don’t think anything brings a group of people together like a service project with a common goal,” added Pintabona. Call Ben Pintabona, 216-2874671, or Reena Kanner, 216218-9180, for more information on this community project.

Football, Environmental Teams Partner to Primp West G for Prom By Ann Wishart What do water purifiers in Guatemala, flowerbeds at West Geauga Schools, May Day and a sophomore offensive tackle have in common? In a multiple choice quiz, one answer would be “mulch.” Another would be “school spirit.” The rest — fill in the blanks. Last Wednesday after school, about 25 members of the West Geauga Schools football team, coach Lou Cirino, members of the schools’ Environmental Discovery Project team and its advisor Irene McMullen gathered at the high school for some hands-on volunteer work.

He even had to show a few the right way to use a shovel, she said. “I think the boys thought it was fun,” she said. “When you’re done, you can see you’ve done something.” Sandwiches from Farmer in the Deli were an added bonus, but McMullen said the project itself was rewarding for the work crew.


struction background, came up with the original project in 1995, is still active on the board and project today. Once a brick is engraved, it’s filled with adhesive paint to make the lettering stand out and help preserve the engravement. The Rotary Club consists of volunteers from the community and will be doing the labor, start to finish. Deadline to order the bricks is June 15. The finished project will be done by mid August, in time for Chesterfest, the annual Chester Township community picnic. Proceeds from this project benefits the Chesterland Rotary Foundation, a nonprofit and tax deductible organization. “This is a great way to show community support and spirit and pride,” Taylor added. Bricks are available for purchase at (click on the brick) for $50 (individuals) or $75 (businesses). Order forms are also available on page 7 of this publication. Other community projects funded and organized by the Chesterland Rotary Club include Breakfast with Santa, the Gazebo Christmas tree lights and decorations, holiday

Page 5

Additions, Framing, Roofing, Siding, Windows, Pole Barns, Decks, Garages “Quality Amish work at affordable prices”

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The Guatemala connection goes back a few years. Linda Todaro, mother of EDP member and senior Isabella Todaro, said her daughter and McMullen’s son, Clay, now a freshman in college, founded EDP when they were in the fourth and fifth grades. Isabella’s older brother Zak,

Environmental• Page 6

“It’s such a thoughtful project and a way of building teamwork and pride in your school.” – Irene McMullen In less than two hours, the students weeded and mulched the seven flower gardens on the West Geauga campus. McMullen, who supervised the weeding detail, said she got a kick out of watching Cirino’s pre-game pep talk with his players about the value of doing something for the community, responsibility and the pride they will feel when the job is well done.


The West Geauga Schools football team and members of the Environmental Discovery Project team helped weed and mulch seven flower gardens on the West Geauga campus last Wednesday as part of a hands-on volunteer project.

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013


transfers Following is a list of real estate transfers for Chester, Munson and Russell townships for the week ending April 26, provided as a public service by the Geauga County Auditor’s Office. Transfers may involve sale of land only. CHESTER TOWNSHIP Susan A. Hammond, 7161 Old Mill Road, to Federal National Mortgage Association, $166,700. (2.27 acres)

Commercial • Residential Driveways • Parking Lots • Seal Coating Basement Waterproofing Patch Work • Drain Tile • Concrete



MUNSON TOWNSHIP Federal National Mortgage Association, 12661 Klatka Drive, to Sharon M. Lerz, $75,000. (1.51 acres) Lucija Vujica, 12680 Mill View Lane, to Anthony N. and Jaime M. Trivisono, $246,500. (5.07 acres)







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from page 5 Kelly Wright and Shawn Cooper joined up to form a core group and they started entering environmental challenges. Most recently, the EDP won an award from the Lexus Ecological Challenge for their project to provide water purifiers and cook stoves to a village in Guatemala, said Max Kucera, 16, offensive tackle for the West Geauga football team and a member of the EDP. They chose the project, organized their approach, paid for the stoves and purifiers and sent a Spanish-speaking expert to Guatemala to handle that end of it, Kucera said. EDP has applied to a number of challenges every year and has a little prize money saved up, he said. The seven annual flower gardens created around the West Geauga school campus by students require maintenance, but the school’s operating budget has been caught in the same fiscal wringer as other districts, McMullen said. Urged to do their community service by Cirino, 29, the football team has taken the maintenance on. The team does other chores in the school district and any donations go into the football program, Cirino said. The coach, who has been teaching government and contemporary issues at West Geauga for six years, said he goes along and works with the boys to set the pace and help them learn a good work ethic. “They love our school,” he said. “I had a coach who did that for me.” Some of the EDP prize money is used to purchase the mulch, which is sold by the West Geauga la cross team to raise funds for their activities — another lesson in leveraging resources for the good of the community, McMullen said. Not only do they sell the mulch, they will deliver it to the buyer’s home, she said. More information is available on the school website. “It’s so sweet. This is why I love to live in the country,” McMullen said. Getting the flowerbeds in order is something of an annual ritual carried out in a group effort before prom, so the school looks great, she said. Cirino, who graduated from West Geauga, really knows how to motivate kids and the results prove it, she added. “It’s such a thoughtful project and a way of building teamwork and pride in your school,” McMullen said. Andrew Todaro, 16 and a member of the EDP, said there were a lot of people at the May Day event and he praised the football team for really digging in. “We gave them food and they worked hard,” he said.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


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Chester Dumpster Issue Heats Up By Diane Ryder Chester Township Trustees appear so frustrated over placement of recycling dumpsters, they would like to get rid of them altogether. Last month, Trustee Ken Radtke suggested moving the bank of dumpsters from their current Parkside Drive location back to the old Chester School site at 12535 Chillicothe Road. Township officials and Park Board members have told trustees they need to be moved because they are too close to the park, are on a street frequently used by police and fire vehicles, and have become a safety issue. At the April 18 meeting, two residents had objected to the Chester School site because they said dumping of trash and garbage at that location had been a constant problem for neighbors. Radtke said the township would install security cameras if the dumpsters were moved. Trustees said a second option, placing them at the unused Fire Station 2, would not be acceptable because of traffic concerns. Last Thursday, Radtke said he had asked trustees to look into the Chester School site, but had received no feedback. He said he had received a rough estimate that it would cost about $18,000 to locate the dumpsters there, with a cost of $15,000 for concrete and $3,000 for fencing. “Any thoughts?” Radtke asked. Joyce said he has discussed the issue with Chester Township Park Board member Joe Weiss and Weiss told him he might have a solution to the problem. “He was kind of excited and seemed to be having something up his sleeve,” Joyce said, adding he would like to follow up with Weiss before making any decisions. Joyce said the dumpsters are more trouble than they’re worth and he might be in favor of doing away with them altogether. “There’s no good place to put the dumpsters,” Joyce said. “They’re nice to have, but it’s a case of ‘not in my backyard. I’m not sure we even need those dumpsters.” He said any money they make from the recycling is lost in the road crew’s time in cleaning it up. “This board hasn’t discussed this yet, but I’m rather disturbed how haphazardly we use that facility,” Joyce said. Trustee Judy Caputo said she is concerned about people using the center to dispose of

their household garbage instead of paying about $300 per year for curbside pickup. “It’s a sign of the times,” Caputo said. “It’s a touchy subject and I would ask the residents to be more thoughtful. The last thing we want to do is chase people down by their license numbers.” Caputo said she also would like to get rid of the dumpsters, because the township has to spend time and money cleaning up after people who use them to get rid of garbage, but the center does serve a purpose. “Did you know that the sheriff’s department has a fulltime deputy who spends his time running them down and prosecuting them?” Joyce asked. Parkview Drive resident Albino Fisco said he has lived on the corner of Parkview and Seminary Lane since 1967, close to the old Chester School, and he and his wife witnessed people dumping mattresses, couches, and trash at the recycling center when it was located there.

“You’d see garbage all over the place,” Fisco said. He told trustees he and his wife were worried that trustees might move the center back to the school site. “My wife is not happy at all,” he said. “People pull in Seminary Lane and use the dumpsters at Drug Mart; I have called the police on them,” Fisco said, adding he knows of people depositing garbage in dumpsters outside office buildings. He said many of those businesses have installed locks on their dumpsters to prevent the practice. “Another option would be pushing it closer to the police station,” Radtke said. He added that the township used to have curbside recycling. “Unfortunately, that program went away,” said Radtke. Fisco asked trustees when a decision would be made. Caputo said she would call him the next time the issue is on the agenda.

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crier May 10-11: Mother’s Day Plant Sale Join from noon to 7 p.m. May 10 and 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. May 11 for the American Legion Post 459 Ladies Auxiliary Mother’s Day plant sale. Flats, baskets and pots available. Held rain or shine. Proceeds benefit school scholarship fund. Call 440-834-4532 for more information.

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May 17: Bee Happy Preview Party and Auction 7-8:45 p.m. Join at St. Mark Lutheran Church, 1190 0 Chillicothe Road, Chester Township, for the Bee Happy preview party and auction. Hors d’oeuvres and beverages available at preview party. Purchase items from plant sale. Silent and Chinese auction. $10 admission per person. Event designed for adults. Call 440-729-1668 for more information.

May 18: KOC Poor Man’s Raffle

Noon to 2:30 p.m. Join at St. Mark Lutheran Church, 1190 0 Chillicothe Road, Chester Township, for a hanging basket and plant sale for Mother’s Day. Call 440-729-1668 for more information.

6-10 p.m. Join at St. Helen gymnasium, 12060 Kinsman Road, Newbury Township for the Knights of Columbus Poor Man’s Reverse Raffle. Dinner includes stuffed cabbage. Beer and wine cost extra. $1,500 top prize. Side boards, raffle bingo and live music by Matt Frank available. $20 per ticket. Call Bill Molnar, 440-2855026, or Ed Rowan, 440-3385836, for more information.

May 14: Genealogical Meeting

May 18-19: Bee Happy Plant Sale

6:30 p.m. The Geauga County Genealogical Society will celebrate its 40th anniversary at Chardon Library, 110 East Park St., Chardon, with an opportunity to view pictures and mementoes of 1973. Stacie Murry will present “A Fun Look at Fashions from the Victorian Era to the Present” at 7 p.m. Cake and refreshments available. No admission; all are welcome. Email for more information.

Join 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. May 18 and noon to 2 p.m. May 19 for the Bee Happy Plant sale at St. Mark Lutheran Church, 11900 Chillicothe Road, Chester Township. A variety of annuals, hanging baskets, perennials, vegetables and garden items available. Plants may be pre-ordered. Hamburgers and hot dogs for sale. Call 440-729-1668 for more information.

May 11: Plant Sale HAIR Color/Hi-Lighting Hair Extensions Perms Brazilian Blowout® Curl Care

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Oxtravaganza and Flea Market Word of Grace Church will be hosting the annual Oxtravaganza and Flea Market. Held 5-9 p.m. July 26 and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. July 27. Looking to make money by selling old “treasures?” Clean out closets, attic and garage and reserve a 20-foot-by20-foot space for $20. Fun, food, live bands and more. Call 440-729-7006 for more information.

events June 17-21: Vacation Bible School 9 a.m. to noon A summer family event, “Athens: Paul’s Dangerous Journey to Share the Truth” will be hosted at St. Mark Lutheran Church. Children step back in time at Athens, exploring some of the adventures the Apostle Paul faced. Kids participate in a memorable Bible-times Marketplace, sing catchy songs, play teamwork-building games, dig into Bible-times snacks, visit Paul and collect Bible Memory Makers to remind them of God’s Word. Everyone learns to look for evidence of God all around them through something called “God Sightings.” Each day concludes at Celebration — a time of upbeat worship that gets everyone involved. Kids at Athens VBS will join nearly a million participants reaching out to needy kids through a hands-on mission project called Operation Kidto-Kid, in which families will send photos and personalized Bible coloring books to children in India. Call 440-729-1668 to register or for more information.


2 5¢

Letter Size 8½ x 11” on standard copy paper

Any Quantity

8389 Mayfield Road Chesterland OH 44026 440-729-7667 Mon-Fri 9-4:30

Subscribe to your community paper!

Save up to 20% on a subscription to the Maple Leaf, delivered to your home every Thursday, online every day!




Mail this form to: Geauga County Maple Leaf, I want to subscribe! P.O. Box 1166, Chardon, OH 44024-5166

One Year, In County



FREE ESTIMATES • Senior Discounts Available


One Year, Out of County

Prices subject to change without notice.

9-5 Daily, Year Round

Name: Address:




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Subscribe online at:

11414 Caves Road Chesterland 44026


Apples, Maple Syrup, Fresh Apple Cider, Pies & Donuts!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


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Strength & Weight Class Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10 a.m. Join for a one hour strength and weight class.

for the WEST GEAUGA SENIOR CENTER West Geauga Senior Center is at 11414 Caves Road, Chester Township. Call 440-729-2782 to register or for more information on these programs.

May 7: Yoga 2 p.m. Instructed by Barbara Tercek. $1 donation. Benefits of this class include breathing, flexibility, strengthening and better posture.

May 7: Chair Yoga 2:30 p.m. Instructed by Barbara Tercek. $1 donation. Benefits of this class include breathing, flexibility, strengthening and better posture.

May 10: Dare to be 100 9 a.m. Breakfast and guest speaker. Topic is summertime safety and preventing dehydration.

May 15: St. Anselm Intergenerational Program 11 a.m. St. Anselm first graders will read books. Grandparents welcome.

May 16: Iris Folding Learn the art of paper folding

with a template and create greeting cards.

May 20: Spring Luncheon 12:30 p.m. Ladies wear favorite apron or bring a kitchen gadget and share stories. Lunch catered by Mangia Mangia. $10 per person.

May 29: Coffee with the Commissioner 11 a.m. Geauga County Commissioner Tracy Jemison will join for coffee and answer questions about the county government.

May 30: Out to Lunch Bunch Join for a lunch outing at Cabana’s Restaurant in Chardon.

July 19-Aug. 1: National Senior Games Volunteers needed for the summer National Senior Games. Call Lauren Grys, 216-4796361, for more information.

“We expedite quality and service.”


Stained Glass Area Wednesdays and Fridays, 9:30 a.m. Instructors available for beginners. Open area to work on projects independently.

Horseshoe Pitching Mondays, 12:30-2 p.m. Looking for men and women to pitch shoes at Chester Township Park for an eight-week league. Beginners welcome.

May 22: Stroke/Coumadin /Heart Support Group Young of Heart 11 a.m. Guest speaker Nurse Nina Chokski will talk about lifestyle modification.


home improvement

Owner Operated • Free Estimates

Call Today!

440-975-1901 • 440-423-1454

Spring al! S peci Buy 5 Double Hung Solid Vinyl Replacement Windows and Receive 1 Free Window of Same Value Exp.: Memorial Day.

(Wood common openings up to 101 U.I.)

St. Anselm Young of Heart has a trip planned to Lancaster, Pa., to see the production of “Noah” at the Sight and Sound Theatre on June 25-28. Included is a trip to Gettysburg for a tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield and more. Cost is $405 per member or $414 for non-members. Call Nancy Battenfield, 440729-9684, for more information on this trip. On July 1, the group will see “Viva Las Vegas” at the Croatian Lodge Ballroom in Eastlake. Enjoy the excitement of Las Vegas presented by the Latshaw Pops Orchestra, singers and dancers. Cost is $50 per member or $53 for non-members. Call Jeri Fisco, 440-729-2239, for reservations or more details.

Mention this ad and RECEIVE 2 FREE STORM DOORS w/ purchase of Whole House Siding.

Serving your community for 18 years. OWNER INSTALLS EVERY JOB! Licensed • Bonded • Insured


Celebrating 20 Years in Chesterland! Still Chesterland’s oldest & best professional pet grooming salon! Make an appointment to see why!

American Kennel Club certified Reasonable rates - Over 30 years experience Breeder of top quality Standard Poodles

440-729-4007 12661 Chillicothe Road, Chesterland

We Sell Homes

Other Realtors Couldn’t!






SOLD! $179,900 Super Sharp! 4 Bedroom, Cul-de-sac

$179,900 Wooded Parklike Lot 3 Bedroom, 2.5 Bath






$139,900 3 Bedroom, 1.5 Bath, Eat-in Kitchen

SOLD! $279,900 5 Bedroom, 4 Bath, Cul-de-sac


G! N I D N E P $419,900 Stately Colonial 4 Bedroom, 3.5 Bath

$169,900 3 Bedroom, 1.5 Bath, Full Finished Basement

$389,900 Cul-de-sac, In-Law Suite, 4 Car Garage

$349,900 REAL BEAUTY! 4 Bedroom, 2.5 Bath

Call Us TToday oday for a No--Obligation Home Market Analysis Free No

440-525-3718 rali Marrali Angelo J. Mar

Real Estate Services

Sales Partner to John DeSantis Mega Million Dollar Producer Howard Hanna Real Estate Services

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community events



Fax 440-729-3408 440-729-2400 Fax 440-729-3408












Soups 10.5-11.5 oz

10 $


10 4$ 5

Cream of Celery, Cream of Potato, Vegetable, many more Reg. 1.79



Stuffed Chicken Breasts Cordon Bleu, Broccoli & Cheese, or Kiev 5 oz.

10 $



Russell Stover Sundown Vitamins & Chocolate Supplements Assorted Types, 12 oz Boxes


Glucosamine & Chondrotin Complex

Assorted Types & Sizes


$ 99

Save 9.90 on 10

Osteo Bi-Flex Joint Comfort, Assorted Types & Sizes


Save up to 4.00


12 13

Milford Valley Farms


Tomato, Chicken Noodle, Cream of Mushroom


Character Shaped Vitamins


All Types


Save up to 30.99 on 2


ST. ANSELM FESTIVAL SCHEDULE The 41st St. Anselm Church Festival maintains its roots with the motto “Food, Family and Fun.� Located at 13013 Chillicothe Road, Chester Township. Carnival rides, games, $10,000 cash raffle and instant bingo available all four days. Call 440-729-9575 or visit for more information.

May 23, 5-11 p.m. Featured Food: Cavatelli and Meatballs, Pierogies, BBQ Ribs Featured Live Music: Skinny Moo 7 p.m. to midnight: Monte Carlo

May 24, 5-11 p.m. Featured Food: Cavatelli and Meatballs, Fish Fry, BBQ Ribs Featured Band: Dave’s Planet 7 p.m. to midnight: Monte Carlo

Coy Home Services

All Your Roofing Needs Residential & Commercial Gutters Gutter Cleaning NO JOB TOO SMALL!

May 25, Noon to 11 p.m.

FREE GUTTERS with any Tear-off

Fully Insured

440-622-8519 Leaf Proof Gutters Installed

MRC Stables

Horse Camp & Lessons 440-478-8415

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Featured Food: Cavatelli and Meatballs, Stuffed Cabbage, BBQ Ribs Featured Band: The Joey Tomsick and the JTO Band, The Wayne Tomsic Band, Festivus 11:30 a.m.: Cornhole Tournament 4:30 p.m.: Polka Mass, a

Angelo J. Mar Marrali rali Sales PPar artner ar tner to John DeSantis Mega Million Dollar PProducer roducer Howard Hanna Real Estate Ser Services vices


celebration of the many ethnic heritages that are a part of the parish 5 p.m.: The Great Brad Magic Show 7 p.m.: to midnight: Monte Carlo

May 26, Noon to 11 p.m. Featured Food: Cavatelli and Meatballs, Pulled Pork Featured Band: The Don Wojtila Band, Time Traveller/ Cinema Show, Disco Inferno 3 p.m.: Pie Eating Contest, 7 p.m.: Jungle Terry 7 p.m. to midnight: Monte Carlo

Rescue Village Summer Series Enjoy stories, singing, dancing and games in Geauga Humane Society’s Rescue Village’s beautiful Celebration Garden, 15463 Chillicothe Road, Russell Township. Children will have the opportunity to help Nacho guide through picture books, learn the importance of pet care and how to approach a dog properly. Meet inside Rescue Village’s Community Room if rain. Pre-register by contacting Linda Hernandez at or 440596-1743.

Read About Your y Library Local Librar

Real Estate Services


GEAUGA WEST LIBRARY The Geauga West Library is at 13455 Chillicothe Road. For more information on these programs or to register, call 440729-4250 or register in person.

Book Discussion June 5, 7 p.m. “Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet,� by Jamie Ford.

It’s Almost Vacation Time May 16, 7 p.m. Discover vacation options from singing in the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville to quilting in West Virginia to big-game driving in Africa. These choices and many more are available in packages including airfare, lodging and meals. Program designed for adults.

Participants are asked to bring a can of cat/dog food or a $2 donation. May 18, Noon: “Spots Colorful Day,� by Emma Dodd. June 2, 4 p.m.: “Pete the Cat,� by Eric Litwin. July 14, 4 p.m.: “Biscuit,� by Aylssa Capucilli. August 17, at 1 p.m.: “Clifford the Big Red Dog,� by Norman Bridwell.

Arabica Scoops Up New Ice Cream Arabica Coffee House, 12626 Chillicothe Road, Chester Township, is now featuring a new ice cream brand, Ashby’s Sterling Ice Cream. Based in Shelby Township, Mich., Ashby’s Sterling Ice Cream has been recognized on numerous occasions for its quality and innovative flavors including Amaretto Cherry. Raspberry Chip Cheesecake, Ultimate Peanut Butter Brownie, Banana Puddin’, Belgian Chocolate and Scout’s Honor Mint Cookie. Featuring 70 creamy, premium flavors loaded with “good stuff� such as buttery, roasted and salted pencan halves, chewy Mackinac Island Fudge, large black or maraschino cherries and fresh frozen strawberry halves. Stop in to Arabica to try these assorted ice cream flavors. Call 440-729-3130 for more information. Program designed for youth.

Book Buddies Training Monday, June 3, 3–4 p.m. or 4:15-5:15 p.m. On Monday nights and Wednesday afternoons, encourage young students with reading and gain volunteer hours. Book buddies must attend a training session, apply and commit to participate. Program designed for teens.

Book Tasting June 11, 1–2 p.m. for middleschool students; 3–4 p.m. for high-school students Check out new books and get a taste of a book in three minutes. Program designed for teens.

G AT E S M I L L S LIBRARY Gates Mills Library is at 1491 Chagrin River Road. For more information on these programs or to register, call 440423-4808 or register in person.

Super Sign-Up Day May 29, 4–8 p.m. Register for summer reading and pick up reading logs in person. Phone registration begins May 30. Program designed for entire family.

$10,000 Cash Raffle  Monte Carlo  Instant Bingo  Rides Prize Raffles  Cornhole Tourney  Games  Great Food STANSELM.ORG


I Dig My Dad June 13, 7 p.m. Show dad, grandpa or uncle reasons of care about him at this “guy� event.

Book Discussion May 14, 7-8 p.m. Join to discuss “Girl in Translation� by Jean Kwok. Everyone is welcome.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Mother’s Day Specials

Page 11

for Special Mothers!

cooking demonstrations, kids’ day, corn celebration, strawberry shortcake day, the annual salsa tasting contest and the annual tomato tasting contest. Visit for more information.

May 11: Perennial Gardeners Plant Sale 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Perennial Gardeners are holding the annual plant sale in the Chester Township Town Hall parking lot. The sale features annuals, hanging baskets, herbs and hundreds of perennials, many of which have been raised by club members, who will be available to assist in choosing the appropriate plants for each person’s gardening needs. A new addition this year will be a raffle. Purchase tickets for $1 each or six for $5 and get the opportunity to win rose bushes, shrubs, gift baskets or a massage. Profits enable the club to continue planting and caring for the bandstand and corner park at state Route 306 and U.S. Route 322, offer scholarships to horticultural students, present educational programs at each monthly meeting and support many other gardening activities in the community. The Perennial Gardeners meet at 7 p.m. at West Geauga Middle School the fourth Wednesday of the month. Membership is open to those living in the West Geauga school district. Call 440-338-8644 for more information.

Geauga Fresh Farmers Market The Geauga Fresh Farmer’s Market will open on May 11. Vegetable and flowering plants, spring produce and salad greens, hanging baskets, cut flowers, honey, cheese, meat, baked goods, soaps and lotions, and other seasonal produce and crafts available. Master Gardeners will be on site to provide demonstrations, answer questions about growing seedlings and vegetables as well as other plant questions. Located in the South Russell Village parking lot at Chillicothe and Bell roads. Hours are 9 a.m. to noon every Saturday, rain or shine, until early October. Special events will include

Have a position open? Advertise in The Chesterland News Help Wanted Section! Call (440) 729-7667 for rates and information.

GEAUGA COUNT Y MASTER GARDENER VOLUNTEERS The following programs are held at Geauga County OSU Extension Office, Patterson Center, 14269 Claridon-Troy Road, Burton Township, unless otherwise noted. For more information on these programs or to register, call the 440-834-4656 or visit

Life on the Rocks May 18, 10 a.m. to noon Join Mike Blakeman for a one-mile interpretive hike to see the park’s spring wild flowers and explore its impressive plant diversity. Learn about the area’s unique geology and how many of the plants have adapted to growing on bare rock. Tree ID will be covered and include Canadian Hemlock and Yellow Birch. Held at Nelson Kennedy Ledges State Park, 12440 State Route 282, Garrettsville. Wear sturdy footwear. Held rain or shine. Advance registration is limited and required. Serving the Area Since 1936

Gardens Galore, Art and More Pumps • Water Conditioning Disposals • Sewer Cleaning Boilers • Water Heaters

June 19, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Hundred’s of plants, familiar and exotic, as well as one-of-akind garden art pieces, attic treasures, divine desserts, free horticulture demonstrations, mini classes and “ask the expert” available. Free admission. Garden tool sharpening available for modest fee. Held at Burton Century Village, 14653 East Park St., Burton Township. Proceeds fund the Geauga County Master Gardener Volunteers Scholarship Fund.

meetings Listed are public meetings and executive sessions in the county for the coming week, unless otherwise noted. These meeting notices are NOT legal notices. Chester Township: May 15, 7 p.m., Zoning Commission. All meetings are held at the Township Hall, 12701 Chillicothe Road, unless other­ wise noted.

9988 Kinsman Rd., Novelty Ohio 44072

440-564-1433 OH LIC #17983

Munson Township: May 14, 6:30 p.m., Park & Recreation Board; May 16, 6:30 p.m., Board of Zoning Appeals. All meetings are held at Township Hall, 12210 Auburn Road unless oth­ erwise noted. Russell Township: May 13, 7 p.m., Park Commission, The West Woods Nature Center; May 15, 7 p.m., Board of Trustees. All meetings are held at Fire­Rescue Station, 14810 Chillicothe Road, unless other­ wise noted.

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

great food • great community 12650 Chillicothe Rd., Chesterland OH 44026 (440) 729-9010 Mon-Thur & Sat 7am-2pm • Fri 7am-2pm & 4:30-7:30pm • Sun 8am-2pm

Come in for

Mother’s Day Specials! All Mothers Receive a Flower (while supplies last)

CHECK OUT OUR DAILY SPECIALS -including Lunch Specials, Homemade Soups, and Breakfast Specials - ALL WEEK LONG!

Northwest Corner of Mayfield and Ch

Visit us at www.west


Prestige Jewels



It’s what we do! L aPuma Baker y 440-729-0078 12656 Chillicothe Road, Chesterland OH 44026

Order Cake Now! Now! OrderYour Your Mother’s Mother's Day Day Cake Authentic Lemon Ice, Spumoni & Gelati...all made here at LaPuma

TURING: FEATURING: FEA A rtisan Breads & Rolls Cakes Pastries & Cak es Largest Selection of Scratch-made Italian Cookies

Special for Mother’s Day! Cassata Cake with Chocolate Dipped Strawberries



HOME OF THE ORIGINAL CLEVEL TA CLEVELAND CASSAT AND CASSA (often imitated, but never duplicated!)

AIL ALL BAKED FRESH D AILYY DAIL here at LaPuma’s in Chesterland Check out our Daily Specials on Facebook!

Tuesday-Saturday 8am-5pm • Sunday 8am-2pm • Closed Monday

West Geauga Cleaners 12646 WEST GEAUGA PLAZA • CHESTERLAND • 440-729-4762

Spring Cleaning Time Bring in your Winter Garments to be Cleaned All Dry Cleaning Done on Premises

get mom surfing Get Mom Surfing smoothly Smoothly again! Again! Slowness, Blue Screens, Lockups...

WE CAN HELP! Let us help you with all of your business & residential needs! REPAIRS • CLEANUPS • UPGRADES IN STORE AND ONSITE SERVICE

Computer Options • (440) 729-4540 RELIABLE • LOCAL • ESTABLISHED Over 43 years in Business

WEST GEAUGA PLAZA, 12628 CHILLICOTHE, CHESTERLAND, OHIO HOURS: Mon., Wed., Thur. 9:30-6 • Tue., Fri. 9:30-5 • Sat. 10-2

A Dog’s Life of Chesterland L.L.C.

12654 West Geauga Plaza, Chesterland OH 44026 (440) 729-7722 CANINE/FELINE NATURAL FOODS, SUPPLEMENTS, SUPPLIES & GIFTS




729-2130 • Fax: 729-0032 OPEN DAILY: MON.-FRI. 8-8 SAT. 8-7 • SUN. 10-5 www.canineaffaircenter .com .canineaffaircenter 440-729-9375 • www Agility • Puppy Classes • Obedience • Rally • Private Lessons Grooming • Canine Massage • Jog-a-Dog Treadmill



Wednesday, May 8, 2013


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hillicothe Roads (Rts. 322 & 306)

The Quilted Thimble

Gift Certificates Gift Certificates Available Available

Quiltmaking Supplies and Gifts Marty Anastasio, Owner

A Perfect Match . . . . . . for all your ceramic needs GREENWARE • BISQUE • FIRING • PAINTS • GLAZES SUPPLIES • CLASSES

Stop in and check out the Class Samples

Bring this ad and ree Pattern and Get a FFree chase our Pur 10% OFF Y Purchase Your

OPEN SEMINARS OPENWORKSHOPS WORKSHOPS •• SEMINARS CLASSES FOR ADULTS & KIDS CL ASSES FOR to ADUL TS & KIDS CLA ADULTS Beginners Advanced Beginners to Advanced ~ Birthday Parties & Scout Outings ~ Relax, Unwind, Socialize & Get Creative! Relax, Unwind, Socialize & Get Creative! SUMMER STUDIO HOURS:Thur. Thur.&&Sat. Sat.10 10am STUDIO HOURS: AM -- 55pm PM SUMMER Tue. & Wed. 8pm & Wed 12 Noon Noon - 9 PM•• Sun., Sun., Mon. & Fri. CLOSED Tue

12662 W. Geauga Plaza, Chesterland 440-729-1572

12628 Chillicothe Rd. Chesterland OH 44026 West Geauga Plaza

440-729-2259 Mon 10-8 • Tue-Sat 10-5 • Closed Sunday


Happy Mother’s Day

Expires 5/31/13

Mon-Fri 6am-9pm Saturday 7am-9pm Sunday 7am-5pm


Arabica Coffee House is proud to introduce the addition of

’s Sterling Ice Cr Ashby Cream Ashby’s eam


Your Outp Outpaatient Therapy Provider al Therapy and Physical for all your Physic Occup Occupaational Therapy Needs AZA GEAUGA PLAZA 12656 WEST GEAUG A PL 440-688-4186 • CALL OR STOP IN FOR AN APPOINTMENT •

at its Chesterland location. Award winning hand-dipped ice cream since 1984!

Treat Mom to a Half -P rice Ice Cream Cone Half-P -Price

Starts with the creamiest 14% butterfat ice cream mix. Made with: whole nuts, real fruit, rich fudge, chocolate, caramel, pure vanilla, and more!!

Coupon good for anyone, including non-Moms! Exp. June 30, 2013

12626 Chillicothe Road, Chesterland • 440-729-3130 (Rt. 306 just north of Rt. 322, next to West Geauga Plaza)

Gift Certificates Available for Mother’s Day! Don’t forget to call us for your Prom Styles!!

Greater Cleveland Doll and Bear Show Sherwin-Gilmour Party Center

Hair Products

Make an Appointment Today! Walk-ins Welcome

5947 Mayfield Road, Mayfield Hts OH 44124

Sunday, May 19th • 10am - 3pm Appraisals and Stringing available For more information, please Call Eileen at

P alma alma’’s


Intensive Care Doll Hospital and Doll Shop


12653 West Geauga Plaza • Chesterland OH 44026 440-729-9690

Hair Design a salon for the entire family

TUES. - WED. 9-5 THUR. 9-8, SAT. 9-5

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Mother’s Day Specials Perennial Gardeners of Chesterland

PLANT SALE Saturday, May 11th 8 AM to 2 PM Rain or Shine

Chester Town Hall Parking Lot Rte. 306 just North of Rte. 322

Large Assortment of Hanging Baskets, Perennials, Herbs and Annuals Shop for yourself at this popular plant sale and remember Mother’s Day!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

for Special Mothers!

West Geauga Middle School 3RD QUARTER HONOR ROLL AND MERIT ROLL 4.0 List - 8th Grade Anna Murray Alyssa Posante Matthew Fazio Anthony Brocone Sydney Young Jason Gialamas James Pusterhofer Isabel Sentle Austin Maguire SabrinaSugar Nicholas Luther Amanda Zakelj Marissa Barbieri Hannah Fox Sophia Pountney Shannon Stanforth Magdalen Canitia Deanna Swinerton Dana Kulma Kevin Wright Morgan Carcelli Lindsey Stanforth Camryn Heatwole David Sprenger Heather Wilson Celeste Slapnicker Marin Musser Jack Makee Jennifer Curtis Samuel Faulk

Hailey Donato McKenzie Pile Honor Roll – 8th Grade Massimo Adhikary Molly Alesnik Joseph Anderson Jessica Baliker Rachel Bobango Hannah Brinning MilesCanton Maggie Corlett Antonia Costa Alison D'Alessandro Kaitlyn DiBiase Sydney Diedrich Gabriella Engoglia BreonaFarcas Bella Garcia AlexandriaGrim Erin Hoeh Jessica Kamis Emma McCarty Albert Medancic Jorge Mirabelli Matthew Palmer Julia Patete AlyssaPecharka Olivia Pecharka Christina Praprost Grace Prexta

Jordan Robinson Jack Rybak Jessica Sargent Nathan Short Bradford Simpson Ariel Stocum Oliver Struger Angelina Todaro Ellen Wehrle Aiyana Welch-Muraski Kara Zebrowski

Ashley Gianguzzo Chloe Green Marisa Herman Nicole Insana Chloe Jamison Vincent Kamensky Robert Kelly Gianna Kosley Nathaniel Kucera Linda Lujan Grace Lutat Cassandra McCartney Daniel Menges Alec Moore Drake Myers Nicholas Paros Joseph Pasquale Kendall Portman Isabella Puruczky Anna Sheridan Mira Silvasy Alexandrea Spies Keirra Spotts Elizabeth Swoboda James Tadaj Alyssa Tirabassi Evan Vetturini Bridget Vidal Chase Waterman

Merit Roll – 8th Grade Owen Allen Matthew Amato Matthew Angie Quinn Arra Kaylee Biesemeier Patrick Blazek Jordan Brown Kellie Cassese Kimberly Davidson Angela DeSciscio Gabriella DeSciscio Alex Edmunds Nicholas Elia Kathryn Ellis Kyle Gallagher Max Garcia Tessa George West Geauga• Page 15 Kaarina Georgevitch

Changing the world never looked so good! West Geauga High School Interact Club is making a difference, not only in the community but around the world. The Interact Club performs community service and raises funds for various international projects. Recently the Interact Club has adopted the YUDA bands project. This project allows West Geauga High School students to sell handmade leather bracelets where the funds raised will help educate youth in Guatemala, Zambia and Kenya. The cost for one bracelet is $7.00. 175 bracelets are all it takes to send one child to school, and our goal is to sell 550 bands that allows 3 children to get an education. Once the 2 week sale is over the money will be given to a YUDA band project manager so the children helped are able to achieve the education they deserve.

To find more information about the bracelets or starting your own project visit

If purchasing a YUDA band is something you are interested in please contact Chelsea Arnold, the Interact Club advisor, at

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Mother’s Day Specials West G from page 14 Margaret Williams Caroline Wolfhope Derek Zebrowski 4.0 List – 7th Grade Nathaniel Bihun Grace Carter Carla Cavasinni Michael Concilla Brittany Fleck Angelina Fornaro Sarah Frederick Francesca Garofalo Rayne Gasbarrino Sydney Gembka Nathaniel Grabinski Elisabeth Jadrych Mirielle Korting Benjamin Kovacic Kayla Lorenzo Cassidy Luckey Elizabeth Marino Isabella Marino Duncan McElroy Anthony McFarland Jordan Mitri Eva Mulloy Lexi Ober Gregory Owendoff Adam Riedel Tara Ritt Jax Shenkel Tessa Smith Caitlin Speyer Carlo Valletta Sydney Velotta John Wenger Xavier Zup Honor Roll – 7th Grade Samantha Ange Matthew Armstrong Paul Averill Adam Baraona Christina Becker Cory Bouchek Morgan Brown Nicholas Canitia Joey Conrad Kelly Cooper Shaun Csumitta

David Daniel Dela Cruz Gabrielle DelValle Lindsey Downs Trent Fritzsche Molly Gallagher Alec Gervasi Laney Harsch-Vanek Samantha Heim Valerie Heintz Ryan Hodgins Madison Horrocks Calie Huge Noah Ickes Ayah Ighneim Halle Karohl Nicholas Kimble Anastasia Kotkovskaya Cameron LaRocco Sarah Lloyd Jamie Lose Thomas Magalski Lily Martin Ryan Martin Peyton Mastroianni Angelle McIntire Preston Melkerson Michael Nevar Lauren Osters Michael Osters Eric Petrovic Isabelle Radak Caleb Ramey Jennifer Schweiger Kyle Straka Angela Volcensek Brianna Wilson Cameron Zimmermann Merit Roll – 7th Grade Lauren Alvarez Jessica Atkinson Autumn Bear Emma Bell Allison Bisker Joseph Camino Margaret Carmigiano Anthony Coneglio Nicholas Dale Caprina Daley Katlyn Darrah Nick DeCastro Veronica Dvozenja Brennan Greisl Tyler Hackleman

Matthew Haines Jared Halliman Marissa Harding Leeah James Jill Jevnikar Emma Johnston Azzan Khan Mark Kiec Christopher Kollar Hunter Kollmorgen Natalie Kosley Gina Leanza Anthony Leonard Andrzej Luckwitz Marco Marino Dennis Mikonsky Nico Morgano Kendall Mullenhour Jennifer O'Donnell Matthew Robertson Emma Roth Rebecca Saggio Julia Sassano Natalie Shaner Maria Fernanda Silva Amy Sparent Jonathan Stewart Renee Tollon Bryce Townsend Allison Traci Hannah Walker Justin Wesen Zane Williams


gSwedish Massage py 1 HourTonia 65 HOURS: • Sat.CST 9-2 A.M-W-TH-F Hogan,9-6LMT,

Gift Certificates Available • Services for Women &00* Men $

for Special Mothers!

Claire Mersol Francesca Mirabelli Jack Musser Lauren Ralph Daniel Siegfried Jessica Smith Mia Spyker Matthew Stewart Gabriel Tagg Julia Teeter Gianna Wagner Nicole Wilk-Savage Kaitlyn Zerbe Honor Roll – 6th Grade David Beattie Lucas Brookes Lucia Carpinelli Eli Critchfield-Carty Kylie Czikray Arden Frankmann Gregory Goden Dominic Grim Anna Jadrych Ashton Keeler Maxwell Kling Brandon Leuchtag Anna Lucarelli Giovanni Luciano Graham MacLellan Alexis Marin Renato Marino Jacob Martin Robin McBride Christopher Meyer Kenneth Meyers Benjamin Mihacevich Dakota MurtonHughes Raquel Nevar Rachel Oprzadek Bennett Palmer

4.0 List – 6th Grade Mohammed Aidja Claire Andres Rachel Ange Zachary Bobango Arriana Casanova Meena Chauhan Ellen Coffey Nicholas D'Alessandro Ashley DiPenti West Geauga• Page 16 Eileen Faulk Joshua Frank Isabelle Gabram Sarah Grinstead Mackenzie Hanford Ivy Heim Jenna Hoeh Emily Kamensky Rory Kelly Leah Kulma Lindsey Kulp

HOGAN MASSOTHERAPY May Valley Building • Suite 4B 8228 Mayfield Rd., Chesterland

Page 15

Specializing in for ALL occasions

Communion Graduation Wedding

17800 Chillicothe Rd. Bainbridge Twp. NEXT TO FIRE STATION


Hours: Tue-Fri 5:30 am-2 pm • Sat 6 am-2 pm Sun 7 am-12 pm • Closed Mondays

Page 16


Mother’s Day Specials

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

for Special Mothers! West G from page 15

Chesterland Historical Village The Chesterland Historical Village is located at the corner of Caves and Mayfield Roads. Call Judith Schwed, 440-729-7768, for more information.

May 9: Annual Meeting and Pie Night

Easy to Start... Easy to Use...

Make it Easy for Mom! The innovative STIHL Easy2Start™ makes starting STIHL power tools easy and straight forward, without requiring a lot of effort.

7 p.m. Held at the Old Town Hall. Gather for reports and information of projects and events that take place at the village. All are encouraged to attend. All activities are supported through donations of time, funds, materials and dedicated volunteers. Get to know the village and foundation and people behind the scenes. Pie available.

Reservation applications available at the info board at the parking lot of the village. Vendors, antique dealers, treasures fun and adventure available.

School House Restoration The foundation recently hired Palmieri Company to restore the 186-year-old bricks on the Scotland School House. These homemade bricks have deteriorated over time. Patching, tuck pointing and sealing are under way. This is one of seven district one-room school houses that were scattered around Chester Township. The house closed in 1926.


No More Hard Pulls with STIHL Easy2Start™.

Aug. 17: Flea Market on the Greens

We Grow What We Sell!







FREE Line! er ½” Trimem$1295 Valu

FS 45 C -E C-E - lightweight - easy to maneuver - fast, easy start

14030 Mayfield Road, Claridon 440-635-4371

We are growingr beautiful gifts fo

Mother’s Day

Sun., May 12th

Monday - Friday 9-6 • Saturday & Sunday 9-5

Our most popular trimmer!




C-BE MS 180 C -BE Great for homeowners! - easy to maneuver - fast, easy start - easy to make adjustments

We service what we sell.




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Merit Roll – 6th Grade Ruslan Abakumov Tyler Amato Samuel Bartell Ellie Benedict Lauren Brooks Joshua Burke Anthony Cavelli Olivia Conley Sara Conley Kyle Csumitta Alexandra DeSciscio Nicholas DiNallo Emily Donato Austin Drayer Mary Fahey Benjamin Fazio Cassandra Fritsch Michael Funnell Robert Jakubs Richard Kirk Nicholas Kozer Evan Lance Kaitlyn Littlejohn Michael Lyman Arianna Maguire Zachary Manolio Nicolette Mormino Stephanie Mueller Getty Murton-Hughes Alexander Novitski Hunter Olson Taylor Orloski Alexandra Paros Grant Pawlikowsky Kevin Petransky Gabriel Phan Justin Renner Grace Roxbury Mikayla Salvati Devin Schaeffer Max Schweiger Bridgette Sexton Franklin Spelic-Davis Tyler Sweeney Katherine Toth Julia Ward Garrett Wineberg


Relaxation Therapeutic Medical Hot Stone Pilates

2270 Lost Nation Rd., Willoughby

(440) 946-3687

Samantha Paros Vincent Pasquale Alyssa Ranallo Jonathan Rash Maddison Salvati Michael Snyder Sarah Suba Nicholas Wasko Leo Winterich Jack Zakelj

Open Mon-Fri 10-8 Sat 9-4 All therapists are licensed by the Ohio State Medical Board

CHESTERLAND NEWS Copies available at the following locations:




440.543.2093 Purchase 4 or more sessions & save 10%! 16706 Chillicothe Rd Chagrin Falls, OH 44023

CVS Giant Eagle Turney’s Burger King McDonald’s Drug Mart Shell Gas Station Geauga West Library Chesterland News


John Anthony Circle K Shell Gas Station

KIRTLAND Kirtland Diner Kirtland Library

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Mother’s Day Specials

Page 17

for Special Mothers!

news WG Middle School 4.0 List, Honor & Merit Roll Third Quarter 20 12-20 13 School Year page 14.

Lindsey Elementary A.C.E. Awards The following Lindsey Elementary School students won the third quarter A.C.E Award: Kindergarten: Campbell Henricksen, Ty Kirchner, Christopher Paradise, Cora Wiemer and Christopher Whiting. First Grade: Julia Arnaut, Elizabeth Furst, Heidi Jazbec, Isla Mancino, Will Northup, Sofia Romano, Joe Stumpf, and

Lindsey Elementary School third quarter A.C.E. Award winners, grades kindergarten through second.

Michael Temesi and Nevaeh Allen. Second Grade: Shelby Amans, Zoe Cowles, Bo Dolecek, Ryder Frankmann, Isabel Gracon, Emma Horrocks, John Mikes, Haley Ottman, Natalie Pistone, David Zagorski and Rachel Hammitt. Third Grade: Joey Bergles, Grace Gyetko, Antonio Katusic, William Lyman, Stephanie Meyer, Faith Neylon, Sam Onderdonk and Sophia Sugar.

School News• Page 18

Eddy Fruit Farm

12079 Caves Rd., Chesterland at corner of Wilson Mills Rd. • 440-729-7842

Apples & Cider

Maple Syrup, Honey, Preserves & Nuts

NEW! Asparagus & Locally Grown Hydroponic Tomatoes

Hanging Baskets & Perennials FOR


• Locally Raised Organic Frozen Chicken & Ground Beef (grass fed) • Stutzman Family Farm Grains Local Organic Flour, Grains & Crackers • Middlefield Cheese Original Cheese Co-op • Large Assortment of Whitehouse Chocolates

Visit our Online Store to view our Catalog • Market Open 9am-6pm • 7 Days a Week • Year Round • We Ship Nationally

Abate Greenhouses ~ Annual Mother’s Day Sale ~

All 10” Hanging Baskets Reg. Price $ 16.49

7080 Mulberry Rd. (Corner of Mulberry & County Line) Ph (440) 729-3616

Sale Valid Wed. May 8th thru Sun. May 12th 2013

Page 18


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lindsey Elementary School third-quarter A.C.E. Award winners, grades third through fifth.

School News from page 17 Grade: Josh Fourth Danszczak, Athena Hocevar, T.J. Kreuz, Lauren Mikes, Jacob Nemunaitis, Trevor Ober and Jillian Smith. Fifth Grade: Lindsey Askew, Maddie Cook, Bryce Hofstrom, Mikey Marotta, Aidan Pitcock, Despina Sarris, Jenna Ritt, Jenelle Sparent, Maggie Timm, Paul Trentanelli and Payton Zurbuch. Students were nominated by teachers for displaying positive

attitude, citizenship and effort.

NDCL Students PSAT Score High NDCL Juniors Joseph Cermak, Zachary Geizer and Kathleen Moorman are among the top 50,000 scorers of the more than 1.5 million students who took last fall's Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT). The outstanding performance on the PSAT qualifies the students as National Merit commended students, semi-finalists or finalists. Designations will not be announced until fall.

St. Anselm School Honor & Merit Roll T H I R D Q UA RT E R 2 01 2 - 2 013 S C H O O L Y E A R Principal Award-4th Grade

High Honors – 4th Grade

Nora Raicevich Madison Shenkel

Lydia Gattozzi

Principal Award-5th Grade

Gia Marra

Jack Baker Marcus Glass Brian Kuchta Keira Oyen Principal Award-6th Grade Samantha Antczak James Bozak Joseph Cefaratti Evan Ditchman Michael Foiani Evelyn Horton Maxwell Kristoff Kevin McGinty Dean Nardi Isabelle Reynolds Summer Salem Christopher Velotta Katherine Vombergar Tyler Wiece Principal Award-7th Grade Haleigh Gundy Chelsea Martin Madison Mitchell Eric Oyen Sally Sterkel Ava Thomas Katelyn Zakrajsek Principal Award-8th Grade

WGHS student Geordi Kogovsek, was recognized for earning the top 10 placement in testing after competing for international awards and scholarships as emerging leaders and entrepreneurs at the International DECA Conference. The top state and provincial winners put talents to the test during the program’s final round of competition.

Emma Baker Grace Barber Madeline Horton Caroline Lettrich April Leygraaf Kaley McLaughlin Ana Vombergar

High Honors – 5th Grade

High Honors – 6th Grade Elena Holizna Thomas Powers Valerie Raicevich High Honors – 7th Grade Christoph Ciurlionis Madelyn Lesko Hannah Loncar Kori Ryan High Honors – 8th Grade Lauren Grdina Jordyn Hertzing Marisa Jones Honor Roll – 4th Grade Maria Bevanda Emma Ditchman Joseph Grazia Levente Karetka Emily Kaseda Nicholas Liberatore Peter Ramaska Jessica Romano Anna Shepard Julia Siupinys Melissa Sterkel Nicholas Velotta Lexi Vombergar Adam Zakrajsek Honor Roll – 5th Grade Violet Giglio Anna Keresztesy Meredith Mallon-Jeffrey James Mitchell

Anthony Shepard Pierce Thomas Honor Roll – 6th Grade Ante Bevanda Angela DiNardo Rachel Friedl Nicholas Gattozzi Olivia Gelo Rebecca Michelle Kosir Antonio Linek Matthew Stankewicz Alexis Zienka Honor Roll – 7th Grade Hannah Junglas Stefani Markiewich Andrew Sieminski Grace Sullivan Honor Roll – 8th Grade Olivia Duggan Grace Powers Isabella Varga Madison Zadravec Effort Award – 4th Grade Laine Roberts Marina Spuzzillo Effort Award – 5th Grade Taylor Pudelski Effort Award – 6th Grade Julia Frank

Improvement Award 4th Grade Emily Kaseda Nicholas Liberatore Maria Bevanda Julia Siupinys Improvement Award – 5th Grade Kathryn Colagiovanni Theresa Van Burik Improvement Award – 6th Grade Tyler Marous Summer Salem Improvement Award – 7th Grade Hannah Loncar Stefanie Markiewich Chelsea Martin Madison Mitchell Eric Oyen Sally Sterkel Improvement Award – 8th Grade Emma Baker Jack Friedl Madelyn Horton Marisa Jones Nina Rizzo Robert Sterkel Isabella Varga

Effort Award – 7th Grade Zachary Zienka Effort Award – 8th Grade Jack Friedl Carl Natale Nina Rizzo Leanna Siupinys

visit us at

Representatives from Progressive Insurance recently visited Saint Anselm School to explain to third-, fourth- and fifth-graders what insurance is all about. Students — including (l to r) Julia Siupinys, Nora Raicevich, Melissa Sterkel, Teacher Nancy Pschirer and Laine Roberts — participated in a board game, “Progressive Parkway,” which helped students understand how insurance helps protect people from experiencing financial losses after real life events.

St. Anselm School seventh- and eighth-grade students recently participated in a “Real Money, Real World” program. (L to R) Maddie Horton, eighth grade, and Grace Sullivan, seventh grade. Students randomly choose jobs and number of children they will have and plan to live on the salary from that given job. Expenses including health insurance, taxes, cost of living, child care, communications, clothing, credit card debt, entertainment, food, housing, transportation and utilities.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


recreation WGRC Day Camp Registration


The West Geauga Recreation Council will host the traditional West G Day Camp for children in grades kindergarten through fifth and a Middle School Camp for kids in grades sixth through eighth. The campground, located adjacent to the West Geauga Middle School in Chester Township, offers 15 wooded acres with a covered pavilion, heated swimming pool, volleyball court, soccer field, basketball courts, an arts and crafts pavilion, and playgrounds. This year, in-person registration will be at the West Geauga Recreation Council campground (adjacent to West Geauga Middle School) from 9 a.m. to noon on Sat., May 18. Registration for all of WGRC’s summer programs available, including Learn to Swim. Day camp activities include swimming, art, sports and woods time. Middle School Camp is held every Thursday. Sixth through eighth graders are off on field trips including: bowling, kayaking, a Captains game, the beach, roller skating, water park and more. The ice cream truck visits on Wednesdays. Kids can bring money for a refreshing treat. Special visitors come to the camp including Jungle Terry, musicians, magicians and Geauga Park District programs. On hot days, the fire department may come and spray the kids to cool them off. Camp runs 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday, June 10-Aug. 16. Morning care, 7-9 a.m. and after care, 3-6 p.m. available. Registration is bi-weekly, weekly or daily. All counselors are trained, CPR and first-aid certified. Visit or email for more information.

All programs are wheelchair/stroller accessible unless otherwise noted. For more information on these programs or to register, call the Geauga Park District at 440286-9516 or visit

Best Bets For Birding Geauga May 9, 7-8:30 p.m. The West Woods Nature Center An illustrated review of the rich variety of breeding birds found in the diverse habitats of Geauga County.

The Search For E. T. May 10, 7-9 p.m. Observatory Park Explore the solar system's most promising spots for potential extra-terrestrial life, then find out about the ongoing search for life beyond Earth and how to participate in the hunt. Presentation followed by either outdoor telescope viewing, weather permitting, or an indoor planetarium program.

Boating Birder’s Songbird Search May 11, 9-11 a.m. Eldon Russell Park Join International Migratory Bird Day, online at, to celebrate the return of migratory songbirds from the Latin American Tropics. Goal is 50 species, including the famed Golden Swamp Warbler. Bring canoe or kayak; a limited number of park canoes available. Registration required until May 10.

Trail Horse Nature Challenge May 11, 10 a.m. to Noon The West Woods Nature Center Challenge self and horse on a series of natural trail obstacles and nature questions along park trails. Awards in youth and adult divisions. Helmets recommended. Anticipate hills, gravel, bridge and stream crossings.

Registration required; assigned departure times will be in order of registration.

Annual Spring Bird Walk Series May 12, 7:30-9:30 a.m. Big Creek Park The fifth of six bird walks held in April and May to participate in a Greater Cleveland tradition since 1933. See a variety of birds during spring migration, each walk at a different park. Seasoned bird watchers assist novices with observation and identification. Walks held rain or shine, except for thunderstorms and/ or high winds. Dress for weather; bring binoculars and bird guide.

The Sky Tonight Planetarium Show May 12, 2-3 p.m. Observatory Park Open House, 1-4 p.m. Join during building open house for a preview of what to look for in the sky this month.

Geauga Walkers May 14, 1-2:30 p.m. Frohring Meadows Join other active seniors on weekly hikes in Geauga County and the surrounding area. Hikes are typically 1 to 1 1/2 miles long and held year-round, but canceled if the temperature is 20 degrees or lower. A naturalist leads hikes scheduled in Geauga Park District parks. Call Geauga Senior Center for full schedule, 440-279-2137.

Nature 101: Spring Happenings May 14, 7-8:30 p.m. The West Woods Nature Center Get a “crash course” in the plants and animals of the season. Learn about spring with a short indoor introduction and an outdoor hike to experience frogs calling, birds flying and all that nature in the spring has to offer.

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Senior Citizen Discounts Over 20 Years Experience


440-256-2200 FREE ESTIMATES

It’s Almost Time for Day Camp! WGRC offers Day Camp for children in Kindergarten thru 8th grade at its Campsite, located next to the West Geauga Middle School R OPIES


Activities include

Swimming in heated pool, Crafts, Playground and Cookouts and lots of FUN & SURPRISES!!


25 ¢

Chesterland OH 44026

SATURDAY, MAY 18th • 9am-NOON 440-729-7667

at the WGRC Campground Mon-Fri 9-4:30 adjacent to WG Middle School

For more information please email - Registration forms available at -

EZ Go Cart Tours at Headwaters Park May 15, 10 a.m. to Noon Headwaters Park Guests with limited mobility will be able to tour the grounds in the Park District’s EZ Go Cart, available for short six-person tours.

• Eyewear to fit any budget • Newest contact lens technology • Treatment of eye diseases and injuries • Cataract evaluations • Laser vision consultation • Saturday appointments

COMPREHENSIVE EYECARE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Serving The West Geauga area for Over 35 Years

12690 Opalocka Drive, Chesterland, OH 44026 440-729-9546 For more stories on Chester Township and the surrounding communities, pick up a copy of this week’s Geauga County Maple Leaf.

• Five 2-week Sessions -Letter Size YOU CHOOSE: Daily, 8½ x 11” Y L N O Weekly or Biweekly on standard registrations available copy paper • Camp hours: Any 9amQuantity to 3pm • Extended care available from 7am until 6pm


Joseph S. Parisi, O.D.


Lawn Maintenance Lawn & Bed Installation Spring & Fall Clean-ups Mulching • Fertilizing Aerating • Dethatching Brick Patios & Walkways Pavers • Retaining Walls Fire Pits • Decks Outdoor Kitchens Drainage Work

Luczkowski Agency • 8045 Mayfield RRoad, oad, Chesterland OH 44026 home/auto/landscapers/excavators/auto repair shop/bonds/life

Page 20


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

into Shape! g n i Spr Regular Jazzercise & Offering Jazzercis 16Workout CLASSES a Week CHESTER JAZZERCISE CENTER

Free Babysitting M-F

Geauga Market House • Rt. 306

1BuyMONTH FREE 1 Month, Get One FREE Minimal Joining Fee.

New Students Only. Expires 5/31/13.

440-729-FIRM Certified Collision Repair

Did You Know? In Ohio (by law) you have the right to have your vehicle repaired at the shop of your choice. Don’t let anyone make that choice for you. • All Insurance Claims Honored • Rentals Available on-site • State-of-the-art Unibody & Frame Repair • Complete Auto Body Services • State of Ohio certified air p e auto body repair shop nR

pair We Re ARE! with C

li Col




) 06 . 3 . t ds

(R R a d lberry o R u 26 a thehe & M 440 g o u H l i c ot Gea hil hillic nd O 691 C C a 9-2 4 f 57 r o erl 11 orne hest 0-72 c C 44

bo Uni


Please support the following local businesses that support West Geauga Schools All American Car Wash Apex Land Management Arabica Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Bob K. (Mr. Gettysburg) Cardinal Community Credit Union Cardinal Physical Therapy CD&J’s Landscaping, LLC Ceramics & You Chase Bank Chesterland Chamber of Commerce Chesterland Mini Storage Chesterland News D&D Massotherapy Debbi Paterno Graphic Design Debord’s One Hour Heating & Air Eddy Fruit Farm Edward Jones Investments/Allyn McNaughton Geauga Floor Care Geauga PC Georgio’s Pizza Glissful Boutique Joshua Saxon/Ruscher Insurance Lisa Thoreson/Howard Hanna Real Estate Services Luczkowski Agency/Nationwide Insurance Merrill Lynch/Anthony Anderson Monticello Garden Center Ohio Connect, LLC Our Town Café Painting Solutions Palma’s Hair Design Perennials Preferred Playground World SAK Automotive Spencer Printing Concepts, Inc. TecXpert & Computer Options The Miniature Cellar The Quilted Thimble Tom Basista/West Geauga Plaza Truline Industries

Business or residents that wish to join this networking group may contact: Lisa Thoreson | 440-834-9800

Celebrating 30 Years Serving Our Community

Complete Home Service

CHARDON SQUARE 129 Main Street 440-286-9711 toll free 866-230-9711

EXTERIOR •Roofing/Gutters •Siding •Windows/Doors •Deck Refinishing •Pressure Wash •Painting

INTERIOR •Painting •Drywall •Wood Floor Refinishing •Wallpaper

The West Geauga Football coaches will be hosting two separate football camps for boys this summer. Camp for boys in grades first through sixth will be held 10 a.m. to noon July 22-26. Camp for boys in grades seventh through eighth will be held 9 a.m. to noon August 5-9. To pre-pay for the camp and pre-register, early registration is available through June 14. Cost is $55. Send check, payable to West Geauga Gridiron Club, P.O. Box 203, Novelty, OH, 44072.

Birthright is a free & confidential crisis pregnancy center ~ We Care about You ~

(L to R): Two Lindsey Elementary School students, Jenna Ritt, fifth grade, and Ali Ange, fourth grade, were recently named Ohio State Gymnastics all around champions. Jenna placed first on floor, second of vault, fourth on beam and fifth on bars. Ali placed first on vault, bars and floor and fourth on beam. Both girls compete for Lake Erie Gymnastics School (LEGS).

Include camper’s name, tshirt size, grade entering in the fall and email address. A camp form and waiver will be sent once registration is received.

entertainment May 21: GANG Rug Hooking 6:30-8 p.m. The Geauga Arts Network Group program features a rug hooking demonstration by Beth Croup of Cross Creek Farm Rug Hooking Studio. Croup will demonstrate the

art of rug hooking and share examples of her work as the GANG guest. Held at Heinen’s Cafe, 402 Center Street, Chardon. No admission, everyone is welcome. Call Joanne Durante, 440729-6481, for more information.


24 Hr. Hotline 1-800-550-4900

~ warm, caring, easy to talk with ~ free pregnancy testing ~ maternity/children’s clothing

Exterior Interior Unlimited

WG Football Camp

Notices should be sent in writing by the funeral directors and memorial societies to: Chesterland News, 8389 Mayfield Road, Chesterland, OH 44026, emailed to or faxed to 440-729-8240.

Annette Laughlin Annette Laughlin (nee DeArment), age 89, of Chester Township, passed away April 25, 2013. Beloved wife of the late Thomas C.; loving mother of Lorinda (Kevin) Plank and Douglas (Debbie) Laughlin; devoted grandmother of Andrew, Melanie, and Jack Plank; and dear sister of the late Paul DeArment.

Friends called at Gattozzi and Son Funeral Home in Chester Township April 29. Interment held at Knollwood Cemetery held May 30. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions in Annette’s name may be made to the City Mission, 5310 Carnegie Ave., Cleveland, OH 44103. Online video tribute and condolences at

Ask about our Leak Proof Gutters and

NEVER CLEAN YOUR GUTTERS AGAIN!! For Outside/Inside Work Call:

440-521-4174 Fully Insured


w/any Roof Tear-off

NUISANCE ANIMAL REMOVAL •Racoons •Beavers •Groundhogs •Opossum •Muskrats •Skunks •and Many More Dead Amimal Removal BRANDON JOHNSON


Humane Treatment of all animals

CHESTERLAND NEWS Copies available at the following locations:

CHESTERLAND CVS Giant Eagle Turney’s Burger King McDonald’s Drug Mart Shell Gas Station Geauga West Library Chesterland News


John Anthony Circle K Shell Gas Station

KIRTLAND Kirtland Diner Kirtland Library

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Page 21

CLASSIFIED ADS very good condition, $6500 OBO, 440-477-8203.

MISC. Flyers to distribute? Do it the easy way. Insert them into the Chesterland News for only $37.50 per thousand or 33/4c per piece. Call 440-7297667 for details. Please ch eck your ad! We make every effort to avoid errors. We ask that you check your ad the FIRST day that it appears. Any errors should be called in to the Classified Dept. at 440-729-7667 by noon Friday. We cannot be responsible for more than one incorrect insertion if you do not call the error to our attention. Thank you. Have you seen the Rotary Commemorative Brick walk way display at the WG Library? Pick up an order form for the project now in progress, at local merchants or www.chesterland Click on the brick. For additional information, call Reena at 216-218-9180 or Ben at 216-287-4671.


440-862-5706 • 440-254-4281

FOR SALE Heat your entire home, water and more with and Outdoor Wood Furnace from Central Boiler. EZ Heat 440-543-4504. Two (2) swimming pool water filters and hoses. $300 for all. 440-729-1045. 2000 Corvette Coup N-B, N-T. Harley Davidson top end 3,000 miles. Sears 5hp, S-P lawn mower. Best offer, 440729-3825. Ski b oat, 1990 Sk i Natiqu e,

Have you seen the R otary Commemorative Brick walk way display at the WG Library? Pick up an order form for the project now in progress, at local merchants or www.chesterlandrotary. org. Click on the brick. For additional information, call Reena at 216-218-9180 or Ben at 216-287-4671. 700 + guns in stock, big variety of ammo. Ohio Supply & 125 State Street, Tool, Wadsworth OH. 330-335-1506.

MOTORCYCLES Great coverage and rates for motorcycle insurance. I am a rider like you and know your needs. Call 440-313-4296 for a quote.

HELP WANTED Help wanted - All positions. Part or full time. Stop in to apply at Aladdin’s eatery, 775 SOM Center Road, Mayfield Village, 440-684-1168 or 8870 Mentor Avenue, Mentor, 440205-5966. Yard work, part or full time. Cutting grass, weeding, etc. 440-655-4791. Restaurant help for original Mario Fazio’s. Now hiring more great people! Prep cook, delivery driver, dishwasher, servers and server assistants. Apply in person between 2 and 4 p.m. 34400 Chardon Road, Willoughby Hills.

HELP WANTED Route 6. Ideal location for any type of work facility, industrial or commercial. 440283-9191. Party Tent Rental - 20’ x 40’, delivery, set-up, tear down included, $220. Proceeds used for community projects, scholarships. Chesterland Rotary Club. Call Fred Nevar 440-729-3281. Garage apartment in Chesterland. Rent includes heat, electric, rubbish pick up, 1 - car garage included. For more information, call 216-344-0707.

OFFICE SPACE Chester Business Park 8437 Mayfield Rd.


• Rental Units from 400 sq ft. & larger • Leases available 6 mos. & longer • All Utilities included Beautiful renovations ongoing Call for YOUR space TODAY!




Must have eexperience. xperience. irst Aid, certified CPR/First Must be cer tified in CPR/F communicable disease, and child abuse. Fle Flexible xible hours are a must.

CHESTERLAND OFFICE WAREHOUSE SPACE on Rt. 322 (just east of 306)

2000 sq. ft. Bays with 12 ft. overhead doors

Email or Fax Resume to 440-729-0410

Ideal for contractors, engineers, etc. ACE FOR RENT! PLUS OUTSIDE SP SPACE


CALL (440) 729-6000 Wedding/party - Music Sound System for rent. Perfect for weddings/parties. Yamaha professional sound system with wireless microphone included. $175, delivery and set-up included. Chesterland Rotary Club. Jim Bohinc, 440729-2717.

Experienced breakfast cook needed immediately. 4-5 days per week – No evenings, no weekends (except occasional fill in). Please call, or stop in at Our Town Cafe', 12650 Chillicothe Rd, Chesterland, 440-729-9010.

Chesterland - 3 bedroom, 1 and baths, brick home, full basement, 2-car attached garage, central air. Landscaping included. Convenient location. Available May 15. Call 440-7290427.


Ava’s Bright Beginnings Childcare

Kirtland - just west of 306 on

HOME FOR SALE This GREAT HOUSE has it all! Includes a fabulous in-law suite.

PRICED TO SELL 440-283-9191 Classifieds• Page 22





Philip Elia Jr. • (440)564-7529



Specializing in Tree Stump Removal



FullyESTIMATES Insured FREE Free Estimates

GEST CONSTRUCTION For Estimates Call Josh at


(440) 729-3641 729-7471 • • (216) (440) (216) 316-1477 316-1477

Call Josh

CONCRETE WORK! Driveways-Sidewalks-Concrete Floors Garage & Building Demolition NEW Garage Packages Construction Debris

Airport Pickup or Drop-off Special Rate for Chesterland Residents


216-789-4303 or

440-285-0757 Ken’s Professional K itchens/Baths Tile & Marble 440-339-0730 E ntryways N o Job Too Small S erving Chesterland Area (440)729-4615

H & K Inc.


Bonded & Insured • Local Company

Protect annuals and perennials year-round with our deer repellent program. L. Caticchio & Son Landscaping Inc. 440-567-1231


TREE TRIMMING MOWING Call Dan for a Great Price!


Chesterland Resident

Rich Lynce 440-289-6541


• Composite & Wood Decks • Interlocking Paver Patios and Walkways • Interlocking Retaining Walls • Ponds and Landscaped Patios

FREE ESTIMATES • 216-789-7658

Palmieri Company



Residential Commercial•Industrial

Drainage Work • Driveway Grading Brush Hogging • Land Clearing Demolition Work • Ponds Basement Waterproofing Gravel • Topsoil • Tree Work


Over 30 years Experience & Loyal Service

440-862-5706 • 440-254-4281 Call for Free Estimates



Commercial & Residential

Fully Licensed Wiring & Repairs GENERATOR SYSTEMS

729-4659 8801 Carmichael Drive Established 1958



Spring Clean-Ups Clean-ups Spring Landscaping Lawn Lawn Maintenance Maintenance

Electric Co.

Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Counter Tops Custom Cabinetry Wall & Entertainment Units Fireplace Remodeling

Commercial & Residential Slate • Gutters • Siding Carpentry & Chimney Work ○





Call Dan for a Great Price!

440-342-4552 INTERIOR - EXTERIOR Painting & Staining

PRESSURE WASHING DECK REFINISHING 14 years Experience Insured • References Chesterland Resident



Dependable Service

440-729-9400 Yard & Storm Damage Cleanup INSURED • REFERENCES AVAILABLE

The Tractor Scrapper Free Removal of Unwanted Lawn & Garden Equipment

Tractors, Mowers, Boat Motors, etc. John • 440-478-0483

Asphalt Sealing Hot Crack Filling • Patching Call Nick • 440-786-1375

William Gest

PAINTING Interior & Exterior

No Job Too Small • Free Estimates

440-729-7471 • 440-346-4463

Page 22


Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Auctioneer/Owner Mary Ann Bertha Crozier

Chesterland News, 8389 Mayfield Road, Chesterland, 440-729-7667.

from page 20

10609 Chillicothe Rd. Kirtland OH 44094 AUCTION AUCTION Fri., Fri., May May 10th 10th 440-256-2580

GARAGE SALES If you need to have a Moving sale,, Estate Sale or Garage Sale, call Kathy Willis at 440729-2790 for assistance. References Experienced. available. We are now doing partial estate buyouts.

5:30 5:30 pm pm

ITEMS --- 16 cement and sandstone Garden Statues, Cherry Gate Leg Mid-Century Table, Mahogany Drop Leaf Table, Six Ladder back Chairs, Petite Maple Curio, Solid Office Desk and File Desk, Bookshelf, Cedar Chest, Small Occasional Tables, Vintage Oak Ice Box, Mahogany Leather top Library Table, Leather top Desk, Marble top End Table, Cheval Mirror, Ornate “Shell” Mirror, Nesting Brass Tables, Martha Washington Table, Walnut Clock Shelf, Large Round Pedestal Oak Table, Chest of Drawers, Oriental Carpets, Framed Art, Asian Art, Espinoza Kachina Doll, Illinois RR Pocket Watch, Tilley RR Switch Lantern, Vintage Quilts, Misc. Vintage China and Glassware, 14K Tie Clip and Cuff Links,22K $50.00 Peso on a 14K Chain Bracelet, Lucien Piccard 14K Ladies Multi-Gemstone Wrist Watch,14K Art Deco Hamilton Mesh Wrist Watch, Vintage Miriam Haskell Bracelet, Misc. Lots Of Sterling Jewelry, 14K Pin with Ruby and Diamonds, Many Lots of Costume Jewelry, 18 pc. Briddell Knife Set, Large Sterling Lunt Flatware Set Service for Twelve Plus Serving Pcs. , Sterling Lots, Limoges H.P and Signed(Muville) Fish Platter and twelve Plates, Cherub Meissen Style Compote, Vintage Flatware and serving Pcs., Collection of Lucite and Beaded Ladies Handbags, Royal Daulton, Coins to include Morgan Silver Dollars, Kennedy Half Dollars, Eisenhower Half Dollars, Gold Presidential Dollars, and MANY MORE ITEMS NOT LISTED YET!

Wanted: Grandma’s costume jewelry, compacts, perfume, linens, knickknacks. Grandpa’s toys, trains, coins, bottles and fishing lures. Also buying misc. collections and estates. 440-338-5942. Estate Sale: May 16-18, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Quality furniture priced accordingly. Household items. 13629 ChardonWindsor Road 440-537-1670. Es tate Sale/Garage sale: Pictures, TV’s, entertainment centers, beds miscellaneous items and more. Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 9 am. to 3 p.m. (Garage & outside only) Everything must go! Moving sale, 13180 Spring Blossom Trail, Chesterland. Saturday, may 11, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Antique oak pieces, household items, furniture, tools, luggage, collectible plates. No reasonable offer refused.

Graphics, design, typesetting: Beautiful work done at the News. Logo Chesterland designs, letterheads, brochures and business cards. 8389 Mayfield Road, Chesterland, 440-729-7667. Resumes: Resu mes can be typed for you at the Chesterland News, 8389 Mayfield Road, Chesterland, 440-7297667. Cons truction and back hoe Specializing in service: replacing old drain tiles and catch basins, reshape gravel driveways. Hauling of demolition materials. Call Mike, 440729-7810. Babysitter/nanny, available to care for your child. Everyday after school and weekends. Experience with all ages and some special needs children. References. Call Paige at 216-246-6694. Offering special discounts for interior and exterior painting and staining this season. 14 years experience. Professional insured, call Dan at 440342-4552. Guitar/Bass guitar, theory, songwriting and beginning lessons. Denny piano Carleton, instructor, West Geauga Market House. 216392-8749 or

WORK WANTED Come to our Auction for Great Items & a Great Time! Look on for full Advertising info & Photos. Also 50 ITEMS on AUCTIONEER: Mary Ann Bertha Crozier TERMS:15% BP (3% discount for cash or Ohio check). All items sold as is.

College student available to do yard work, painting, power washing and more. Call Eric at 440-488-5057.


Music Lesson s - guitar beginning to advanced. Rock, jazz, classical. All band instruments. Drums (winter/spring road lessons) Consignments, repairs, sales. 440-221-2274. Mowing and lawn care - reasonable, dependable. 440-7299400.

To be prepared for the huge amount of kittens that will be taking over Rescue Village in the next several months, we are currently seeking donations to aid in their care. Please help us make it through kitten season by making a donation to rescue Village from our kitten wish list. Purina Kitten Chow (yellow bag), powder KMR (kitten milk replacer), fleece baby blankets, snuggle safe heated disk for pet beds, heating pads (without safety shut off), PetAg nurser bottles for kittens, wash cloths, vaseline (single use packets), food scales, canned kitten food, kitten toys, small litter pans, blue Dawn dish soap, gift cards.

Yard and storm d amage clean-up, down tree removal and brush chipping. Call 440342-4552.


Free removal of scrap metal and appliances. 440-342-4552.

Color copies, great price! The Chesterland News offers full service copying. Color or Black ink, any quantity on any paper. 8389 Mayfield Road, Chesterland, 440-729-7667.

Lawn care and landscaping services. Mulch and topsoil delivery. Call now! 440-8295699.

Plumbing : Professiona l, affordable, reliable. Water heaters, toilets, faucets, drain cleaning. 440-537-6045 or 440285-0800.

Carpenter - 30 years experience. Kitchen, decks, finish work, doors, storm doors, small jobs also. 440-729-8157. Pressure washing and deck refinishing. Chesterland resident, references. 440-342-4552.

VACATION RENTAL Fax service available at the Beautiful 2 story, St. Pete Beach, Florida home; 4 baths, sleeps 8. New furniture, game room. Open water view on intercostals. Private pool, pavilion and spa. Fishing, boating, water skiing from own dock. Minutes to gulf beaches. Weekly, monthly rentals. Call 440-7299001 or email Dawnee

100% Organic


CN 13MP • Expires 6/6/13

CN 13TB • Expires 6/6/13

CN 13PP • Expires 6/6/13

CN 13SG • Expires 6/6/13

$18/yd Picked Up $20/yd Delivered (min. 10 yds.)

Visit Our Website:

440-256-3100 Credit Cards accepted

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


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Now Open in

Chesterland! • Conveniently located, next to Dairy Queen • Custom learning plans built to meet your child’s exact needs • Individual instruction by Sylvan-certified teachers

GET STARTED FOR $49! Receive a single subject assessment for just $49 (a $199 value).

Sylvan of Chesterland

Sylvan of Lyndhurst

8437 Mayfield Rd. Chesterland OH 44026

5110 Mayfield Rd. LyndhurstOH 44124

(440) 473-6065

(440) 473-6065


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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

fr chants and from Merchants om the Mer Management of

e Centre Maywood Centr 8389 Mayfield Rd. • Chesterland

Now part of

Consignment Boutique

Reliant Insurance Professionals 8389 Mayfield Road Chesterland OH 44026 440-729-3109

Maywood Centre 8389 Mayfield Rd. Chesterland OH 44026

Mon-Fri 8am-5:30pm • Sat by appointment

440-729-ONCE Donna & Kathy Banfield

Stop in for a FREE QUOT get entered in E and a drawing to win a $50 D anny Boys Gift Card!

Stop in and talk to one of our agents: Karen Taylor or Mandie White


8389 MAYFIELD RD., CHESTERLAND (440) 729-1636 FAX (440) 729-1637 DRIVE-THRU HOURS


M-Th 8:30-4:00 Fri 8:30-6:00 Sat 8:30-1:00

M-Th 9:00-4:00 Fri 9:00-6:00 Sat 9:00-1:00


define yourself•

8389 Mayfield Road Chesterland OH 44026 Off: 440-729-1806 Res: 440-286-6933 STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES


BODY SCULPTING FITNESS STUDIO 8389 Mayfield Rd. Chesterland OH 44026

over 20 classes offered weekly!


visit for class schedule & information

440-729-3463 call for a FREE trial class




8389 Mayfield Road Chesterland OH 44026 440-729-3355

8389 Mayfield Rd. Chesterland OH 44026 440-729-7675 FAX: 440-729-7624

14885 N. State Ave. Middlefield OH 44062 440-632-9151 FAX: 440-632-5334

6595 N. Ridge Rd. (Rt. 20) Madison OH 44026 440-428-0313 • FAX: 440-428-0312

“If you’re in pain, I’ll see you today! You’ll get what you need for fast pain relief plus understanding care.

More Than You Expect

R. Michael Secoy, D.C.

Call TODAY for an appointment!”


MON. 2/$20 2 Pastas or

Featuring $5 Appetizers 11am - 7pm Mon. - Sun.

Woogie Wed. $599 Woogies THUR. Pint Night $2 pints $999 Rib Special FRI. Ladies Night $4 martinis

2 Sm. Specialty Pizzas TUE. Kids Eat Free! w/1 Reg. Entree

WED. Wine Down Wed. 50%off Bottle of Wine


BIG “HALF PRICE” WINE SALE Wed. 5/8 thru Wed. 5/15 Over 7000 Wines in Stock Largest Selection in Ohio See the Wines at


CHESTERLAND OFFICE 8389 Mayfield Road 440-729-1176

ving the community’s Serving Ser chiropractic needs since 1986

Voted “Best Wine Shop in Cleveland” 7 Times The ONLY Area Store that Really KNOWS Their Wine


Colonial Wine and Beverage

Chester Chiropractic Center 8389 Mayfield Road, Chesterland OH EQUAL HOUSING LENDER, MEMBER FDIC

Visit our Website: www

8389 Mayfield Road In Chesterland Since 1958 Owned by a Chester Resident Since 1998

Make Mother’s Day Special and Celebrate it Every Day!

our Hometown Newspaper Since 1967 ~ ~Y Your

8389 Mayfield Rd., Chesterland OH 44026 AX 440-729-8240 PH:: 440-729-7667 • F FA PH Email: Web:

Chesterland News May 8th, 2013  

Chesterland News May 8th, 2013

Chesterland News May 8th, 2013  

Chesterland News May 8th, 2013