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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

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Commissioners Seek to Oust Chardon Woman Dies Mental Health Board Members In Accident in Chester By Gwen Cooper

Staff Report

The Geauga County Board of Commissioners is seeking advice from county Prosecutor Jim Flaiz in removing the members of the Geauga County Board of Mental Health and Recovery Services. Commissioners are also looking at possibly giving the responsibilities of that board to the Geauga County Board of Developmental Disabilities. Commissioners Ralph Spidalieri and Blake Rear voted at Thursday’s meeting to ask for the prosecutor’s legal opinion and procedural advice on ousting the board in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code 340.02. Rear and Spidalieri also voted to request the prosecutor’s opinion on having the GCBDD assume the role and responsibilities of the GCBMHRS until a new mental health board could be appointed. Commissioner Mary Samide did not attend the meeting. Spidalieri brought the motions to the table in the wake of decisions by the mental health board to grant pay raises to staff, including Director Jim Adams, which Spidalieri said would have increased Adams’

Laurie Parr, 68, of Chardon, was pronounced dead at the scene following a two-vehicle accident in Chester Township just before noon last Monday, said Chester Township Police Chief Mark Purchase. Parr was going eastbound in the 9400 block of Wilson Mills Road when her 2009 Kia collided with a 20 05 Honda Pilot driven by Carolyn Shankleton, 71, of Munson Township, he said. Shankleton was transported

to Hillcrest Hospital in Mayfield Heights by Chester Township Fire and Rescue with non-critical injuries, Purchase said. Both vehicles sustained significant front end damage, the chief added. Wilson Mills Road was closed between Sandgate Drive and Sperry Road until 3:45 p.m. Evidence is being processed by the Valley Enforcement Group Accident Investigation Unit, Purchase said. No charges had been filed as of Wednesday.


Geauga County Commissioner Ralph Spidalieri, left, asks the prosecutor’s office for advice on removing members of the Geauga County Board of Mental Health and Recovery Services during Thursday night’s commissioners meeting. Commissioner Blake Rear is seated to his right.

salary to about $250,0 0 0, including his retire/rehire status. Spidalieri said the mental health board members showed “arrogance” at their Wednesday board meeting and “should have resigned.” “The last thing we want is to hurt members of the county that need these services because of the board’s inability to responsibly manage their funds with these outrageous salary increases,” Spidalieri said. “At their meeting last night, the

board displayed disbelief that anything was wrong.” Spidalieri introduced a third motion and asked that it be tabled until all three commissioners were present to vote on it. That motion was to request the prosecutor’s office review taking action to rescind all appropriations toward the mental health board funded through the county’s general fund.

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Around Town


U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown addresses a capacity crowd at the Geauga Democratic Pary headquarters during an April 24 visit with constituents.

Sen. Sherrod Brown visits With Geauga Democrats By Gwen Cooper


The Chesterland Chamber of Commerce Business Person of the Year dinner honoring John Karlovec (center) was held last Thursday. Pictured are (l to r) CCOC staff Wendy Insana and Kate Kisicki; CCOC trustees Derek Nevar, John South and Maureen Mooney; BPOY John Karlovec, owner of the Chesterland News, Geauga County Maple Leaf and Kirtland Chronicle; and CCOC trustees Frank Makoski, Gayle Tuttle, Terri Arko, Frank Arko and Michelle Graneto.

“It’s not always easy being a Democrat in Geauga County,” U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown told supporters gathered April 24 at the party’s Newbury headquarters on Kinsman Road. “I give you a lot of credit,” he said. “It’s a lot easier to be a Democrat in Cleveland.” Brown greeted some familiar faces including Russell Trustee Jim Mueller and former West Geauga Schools Board of Education members Kathy Leavenworth and Sally Gillmore. “Your sheriff needs a bigger dog,” Brown quipped when Sheriff Dan McClelland arrived and his miniature police dog, Midge, gave Brown a sniff test. “That’s one scary dog, sheriff,” he said. Brown said The Affordable Healthcare Act has resulted in

200,000 insured Ohioans who did not previously have access to health insurance. He further said that 900,000 Ohio seniors now have preventative care without a co-pay and they can save $900 per year in prescription medicines. “At no time in my lifetime has there been such an assault on a piece of legislation, like Obamacare,” Brown said. “When it was introduced, people complained about the Social Security Act. In 1965 with the passage of the Medicare Act, hospitals were told to integrate. In five years, this healthcare legislation will not be an issue.” He said the John Burch Society was similar to the Tea Party of today. “The far right doesn’t believe in government,” Brown

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American Roofing & Construction

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Brown from page 1 explained. “In two years, the debate will be, why does the far right want to take away our healthcare benefits and bring back limitations for pre-existing conditions?� Brown relayed a story about a Cincinnati woman meeting him at the capital for coffee. “She is a conservative and wants to talk to me about homeschooling,� he said. Then, she surprised him by thanking him for voting for The Affordable Healthcare Act. “She pointed out her 15-year-old son, a diabetic, to me,� Brown said. “She said before Obamacare, her family was turned down for insurance 34 times because of her son’s condition.� In addition to healthcare, Brown said he is hearing concerns about the need for job creation and the need to revitalize roads and infrastructure from his constituents. “We once led the world in infrastructure, now we’ve fallen behind,� he said. “One way to pay for road improvements on a national level is to close some of the tax loopholes on corporations. Instead of giving large corporations a tax credit for moving their factories

Commissioners from page 1 In the motion, he asked that these general fund monies “be directed to another agency that would oversee the use of the funds in a fiscally responsible manner so that services that those funds support are not affected in any way.� He further stipulated these funds would be re-allocated to the mental

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U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown speaks with Helen Lintala, a Bainbridge Township nurse who works at the Veterans Administration Hospital.

overseas and taking jobs with them, we should close that loophole.� Helen Lintala, of Bainbridge Township, said she believe Brown “genuinely cares about people.� “I met him at the V.A. Hospital, where I work,� she said. “Later he sent me a hand-written note thanking me for my work with our veterans. Few people, yet alone politicians, send hand-written notes anymore. He’s more than just a politician.� health board “when there is a new CEO and board in place to responsibly handle the spending of these funds.� “Our hands are tied with their levied money,� Spidalieri said. Rear asked Spidalieri if he had another agency in mind, to which Spidalieri answered, “Juvenile court comes first to my mind.� The commissioners’ next meeting will be held 10 a.m. April 29 at 470 Center Street in Chardon.


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Wednesday, April 30, 2014


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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

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"&(!$ &'&*!$ )&%##)$!(+


#*,')& !%$(%-#

May 2: Christopher’s Fox’s Bargain Box 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. St. Christopher’s by the River Episcopal Church will hold its semiannual bargain sale at the church, 7601 Old Mill Road, Gates Mills. The sale includes rooms of new or gently used clothing, jewelry, antiques and art, vintage items, books, toys and more. Proceeds benefit the church’s missions, especially among local agencies.

May 3: Munson Fishing Derby 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Munson Township’s annual Community Fishing Derby is open to all Munson Township residents. Join for a morning of fishing fun at the Scenic River Retreat, 10900 Mayfield Road, Munson Township. Don’t forget fishing pole — catch and release only. Bait provided. Prizes awarded for longest and most fish caught. Call 440-286-9255 for more information.

May 10: Saint Anselm Spring Luncheon 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Consider celebrating Mother’s Day with Saint Anselm’s spring luncheon. The newly renovated Fowler’s Mill Country Club, 13095 Rockhaven Road, Chester Township, will host the event for $30 per adult and $20 per child under 12. There will be boutiques available from local vendors and appetizers while visitors shop. The boutiques will be open from 9 a.m. to noon. Call Bonnie Ramaska, 216-407-2817, for more information.








7 p.m. All are welcome to join at Chardon Library, 110 E Park St., Chardon, for the Geauga County Genealogical Society meeting/program. Karen Beck will present “Heroes on Horseback: The Pony Express from St. Joseph Mo. To Sacramento CA.� Program will begin after a short business meeting. Free, all are welcome. Visit or email for more information.

May 17: Rummage Sale 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Chester Christian Center A/G Church will be holding a rummage sale at the church, 11815 Chillicothe Road, Chester Township. There will be lots of items to chose from, for young and old alike. Proceeds benefit a short-term missions trip that is being planned for the summer of 2014 to Pridnestrovie, an area near Russia that is not recognized by the United Nations. Call 440-729-6203 for more information.

May5-8: WG After Prom Dine and Donate The 20 14 After Prom Committee has been working for months planning the After Prom party for West Geauga seniors and their guests. This event gives the seniors a safe, drug and alcohol free environment to be together and continue to celebrate everything they have worked so hard to achieve. It takes a community effort to raise funds to make this evening a success and we are excited to invite you to dine around town the week of May 5. Four Chester Township restaurants will donate a portion of their sales to After Prom when patrons mention they are participating in the “Dine and Donate Fundraiser.� May 5: Oak & Embers Tavern May 6: Bada-Bing Pizza May 7: Spectators Sports Grille May 8: Danny Boys



 !$"# #"%

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May 13: Geauga County Genealogical Society

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meetings Listed are public meetings and executive sessions in the county for the coming week, unless otherwise noted. These meeting notices are NOT legal notices. Chester Township: May 1, 7 p.m., Board of Trustees; May 7, 7 p.m., Zoning Commission. All meetings are held at the Township Hall, 1270 1 Chillicothe Road, unless otherwise noted. Russell Township: May 5, 7 p.m., Board of Zoning Appeals; May 7, 1 p.m., Board of Trustees. All meetings are held at Fire-Rescue Station, 14810 Chillicothe Road, unless otherwise noted.

Correction In the April 23, 2014 publication of the Chesterland News, the approved a m o u n t p a i d t o Ke n’s Pa r k h i l l Roofing was listed incorrectly in the “ Fro m Ro a d S a l t t o C e m e t e r y Screening, Chester Covers Lots of Ground� story. The correct amount approved by Chester Township Trustees to pay Ken’s Parkhill Roofing for replacing the horseshoe pavillion roof and gutters is $2,395.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


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Adult Day Service Aide Margaret Duncan assists three senior citizens at Friday’s luncheon.

Luncheon a Maple-Flavored Walk Down Memory Lane By Josh Echt


The Geauga County Maple Festival is all about Tradition, with a capital T. Maple products. Rides. French fries. Bathtub races. And, of course, The Loretta Mae Holmes Maple Celebration luncheon, held at the Chardon Methodist Church Friday. The luncheon honored Holmes, a long-time festival volunteer, and featured food and entertainment from Carol Starre-Kmiecik, a one-woman character show based in Lakewood. Starre-Kmiecik performed as Dorothy Fuldheim, a journalist for the Cleveland Press and WEWS-TV in Cleveland, for 45 minutes to a crowd of enthusiastic seniors. “The seniors are among my best audiences,” Starr-Kmiecik said. “I love performing for them.”

Two Events Into One For several decades, Holmes, 95, helped coordinate the festival’s Old Timer’s Luncheon. The tradition both offered a meal and entertainment to area seniors and also recognized couples married more than 50 years and those seniors 90 years or older, said event organizer Karen Stone. A few years ago, the event designation changed from Old Timer’s Luncheon to its current name, honoring Holmes, who retired from the event planning committee. Stone, also a Geauga County Department on Aging administrative assistant, said the department took over event planning after Holmes retired. It also received serving help from Chardon High School students in National Honor Society/Interact Club. In the past, the luncheon took place on Friday and the Department on Aging offered a Senior Day on Saturday. Two years ago, both the luncheon and senior

Watch Commissioner Samide talk about what seniors mean to her. day were combined into a one-day Friday event, Stone said. “I just love putting it together,” she said of the event, adding Chardon resident David Lelko was also instrumental to its success. “It’s just a lot of fun. “It’s fun congratulating the 90-yearplus seniors, along with couples married over 50 years,” Stone added. “It amazes me the amount of over-90-year-olds we have attending.” Betty Mohney, of Chardon, said Holmes “has donated so much to the community” and said she was proud to know her. Mohney also said she knew Holmes through volunteer work with the Order of the Eastern Star, a fraternal organization related to Freemasonry. Adult Day Service Aide Margaret Duncan said many seniors received transportation from their homes to the event via Geauga Transit buses. Duncan — who said her family has known Holmes for at least 25 years — said the seniors received pastries and coffee in the morning and a ham dinner later that day. The place settings included tablecloths and formal silverware. “This is a new experience for them,” Duncan said. “They are made to feel special.” County Commissioner Mary Samide said the county’s seniors deserve recognition. “We should always recognize them and know their contributions are priceless,” the commissioner said. “We should make sure our seniors are taken care of. They built this county.”

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Free Prescription Program to Benefit Geauga Residents



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Use your 5.00 off 3 Coupon from most Sunday April 27, 2014 newspapers.

By Ann Wishart With the election primaries approaching, Geauga County residents are used to seeing large campaign post cards mixed in with their mail. But a post card some residents could find very useful was mailed out April 15. This one will provide a free prescription discount card through a partnership between Geauga County and ProAct, county Administrator Dave Lair said. The card offers discounts for all prescription medications as well as pet medications that can be filled at regular retail pharmacies, Lair said. “Participants can expect to save an average of 10 to 20 percent off the full cash price of name brand medications and 20 to 70 percent off the full cash price for generic prescriptions,� he said. The cards are free to residents, but can’t be used in conjunction with any other type of insurance, to reduce copays or with other discount programs, Lair said. “We hear about people who can’t afford the medications they need, people who will go without necessary prescriptions because it’s a choice between the medication or putting food on the table,� he said. County Commissioner Mary Samide said purchasing necessary medication should never have to be a choice.

“By partnering with ProAct, we are able to address this issue and provide financial relief at the pharmacy counter for many residents,� she said. The free cards are anonymous, can be used by an entire family and a person’s age and income don’t matter, said Terrance O’Neill, ProAct program manager, during the commissioners April 15 meeting. All pharmacies in Geauga County have agreed to participate in the program, he said, adding the cards, paid for by ProAct, are pre-activated. “There are no fees for participating and the discounts are provided directly at the pharmacy,� said Kathleen Hostutler, county benefit specialist. Commissioner Blake Rear said the discount card program is a win-win for Geauga County residents. “We encourage every resident to put the discount cards in their wallet or purse to ensure they never have to pay the full cash price for their prescription medications,� he said. If a resident is worried he or she may have thrown the post card away or never got one, Lair said another may be printed by going to www.OHRxDiscount For more information and a list of participating pharmacies, call ProAct at 877-776-2285 or visit the online website

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West G High School Named Green Ribbon School

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May 29, 5:30-7:30 p.m. All are welcome to join for this free opportunity to experience the elementary iPad Initiative. Held in Westwood Elementary MultiPurpose Room, 13738 Caves Road, Chester Township. There will be chances to learn iPad basics, explore apps that are used by students and see examples of student work on the devices. Space is limited. RSVP required by calling 440-7296812 by May 20.


%   $"#"#!      &  & 

Acting Chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality Mike Boots joined U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to announce that West Geauga High School is among the 2014 U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools award honorees. This award acknowledges achievements in taking a comprehensive approach to green schools. The areas encompassed by the award include reduced environmental impact and costs, improved health and wellness and effective environmental and sustainability education. A Recognition Awards Ceremony will be held on July 22, 20 14 in Washington D.C. The U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools recognition award honors schools and districts that are exemplary in reducing environmental impact and costs; improving the health and wellness of stu-

dents and staff; and providing effective environmental and sustainability education, which incorporates STEM, civic skills and green career pathways. The recognition award is part of a larger U.S. Department of Education effort to identify and disseminate knowledge about practices that are proven to result in improved student engagement, higher academic achievement and graduation rates, and workforce preparedness, as well as a government wide goal of increasing energy independence and economic security.

WG After Prom: Parent Donations Attention West Geauga Parents: Don't forget to send in a parent donation to West Geauga After Prom. The contribution helps to fund the evening’s events and supports the West G tradition of giving seniors and their guests an after prom party. A donation of $35 (or any other amount) would be greatly appreciated. Send donation (payable to West Geauga After Prom) along with contact information to After Prom, PO Box 1014, Chesterland, OH 44026. Call Barb Cortland, 440-313-5793 or email, for more information. The decorating committee still needs more parent help. They encourage you to volunteer a few hours of your time in the next few weeks. Email Linda Kosley, lindakosley@, for more information.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


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Baumgartner-Hanover Engagement Jo Anne and Ron Baumgartner are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter, Grace Baumgartner of Boulder, Colo. to Jonathan Hanover, son of Pamela and Stanley Hanover, of Chester Township. The bride-to-be is a Boulder High School class of 20 07 graduate and received her Bachelor of Arts in history and literature from Harvard University. She is currently a category manager at Craftsy in Denver, Colo. The groom-to-be is a 2004 graduate of West Geauga High School and received his Bachelor of Arts in government from Harvard University. He is the founder of Roots Elementary School in Denver, Colo. The wedding is planned for Aug, 23, in the mountains near Salida, Colo., where family and friends plan to gather in the San Luis Valley of Colorado, a favorite spot of Grace and Jon’s, to celebrate their marriage.



Rachel Evans, a Wittenberg University student from Russell Township, took part in the 2014 Choose Ohio First Scholar Showcase last week.

Samantha Baker, a 20 10 West Geauga High School graduate, will be graduating with honors with a Bachelor of Arts in speech and hearing science from Cleveland State University and has been accepted into the Doctor of Audiology program at the University of North Carolina. Her parents, Ron and Kelly Baker, of Chester Township, and their families are very proud of her and wish her lots of luck with starting her new life in North Carolina this coming July.



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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

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The Easter Bunny paid a visit to the West Geauga Plaza in Chester Township two weekends ago.

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Fairy Gardens June 7, 10 a.m to noon Get the tips for creating an enchanting container fairy garden with Geauga County Master Gardener volunteers as Master Gardener Barbara demonstrates the steps. One lucky person will take Barbara’s creation home. Held at The Ohio State University

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Following is a list of real estate transfers for Chester, Munson and Russell townships for the week ending April 18, provided by the Geauga County Auditor’s Office. Transfers may involve sale of land only.

Robertson, $130,000. (5.15 acres) John and Mary Kay Delong, Eugene Drive (s/l 1), to John W. and Linda Robertson, $90.000. (5.18 acres)


John J. Mayer and Jessica K. Zatrock, Westcot Lane (s/l 1), to Ryan J. and Lauren A. Bockmuller, $150,000. (3.82 acres)

Mark and Francine Zahniser, Eugene Drive (s/l 8), to John W. and Linda



WEDNESDAY TRIO • Hair Gloss Treatment • Eyebrow Shaping (wax or threading)

• Spa Facial • Shellac

Extension Office, Patterson Building, 14269 Claridon Troy Road, Burton. Preregistration encouraged, walk-ins welcome. Light refreshments provided. Cost is $15. Send check payable to “OSU Extension,� OSU Extension Office, PO Box 387, Burton, Ohio 44021. Call 440-834-4656 to register or for more information.




THURSDAY TRIO • Hair Gloss Treatment • Eyelash Extensions • 1/2 hour Massage • Spray Tan

T G IF TRIO • Hair Gloss Treatment • Eyebrow Shaping (wax or threading)

• Blow Dry Styling or Updo • Gentleman’s Cut




SATURDAY TRIO • Hair Gloss Treatment • Root Touch Up • 1/2 hour Massage • Manicure • Express Pedicure

* Coupon must be presented at time of appointment. Only cash, check or CC accepted. No refunds.

!!! " #   "      #    

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


!!+ ' &%,+ ,( ** 2 *'" (+,

(' 2 -+! 2 (& *#+ -+! *.1 ' #+-#,+ *. (+,   (( /-*! ' #% # '# **(,+ 2 %%() (,,(+ *('# % #0 **1 (%* 2 *+" *-#, '#+"+ 2 *(/'#+ 2 (($#+ "% "& "     !    " #"&$ #  !" !"#   #   %"  # "%  $ ""



 1 #%  "+,*%'     

Page 9

Page 10


Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mollé Signs with Mercyhurst Makayla Mollé, senior at West Geauga High School, signed her National Letter of Intent to play volleyball at Mercyhurst University last week. Makayla was highly recruited as a 6-1 setter and has been described by her coach as a true leader on and off the court. She chose Mercyhurst University for its strong academics along with its impressive volleyball program, coached by Ryan and Jenell Patton. Mercyhurst University participates in the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference, which is a very competitive conference. “Makayla is so thankful for everyone that helped her get to where she is today,” her parents wrote in an email. “She plans to major in the medical field and looks forward to the next four years ahead of her.”

Makayla Mollé

news Galiardi’s Staff Attends L’Oreal Training





On April 21, Bill Galiardi and Heidi Clark attended an in-salon private educational event with one of L’oreal’s top color designers, Christine Longston. This all-day training allowed them to access the most comprehensive Balayage education in the industry. It featured two new forms of highlighting, including Balayage Hombre and also a technique called Criss-Cross. The intensive hands-on class focused on the use of a free-hand sweeping method to create natural looking, “sunkissed” looks with a diffused root for the

“just back from vacation” style. “We took this training also to learn the use of the ammonia-free bleach to accompany our Inoa ammonia-free coloring system, which we were the first in Geauga County to use, beginning four years ago,” Galiardi said. “This reaffirms the belief that the ammonia-free bleach and color are the wave of the future, as they are less damaging to the hair. These products help control the underlying pigment in order to give the best color results. This is the way our industry is headed, and we at Galiardi’s want to be leaders in the field, not followers.” Call 440-729-1304 for more details.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Read About Your Local Librar Library y

GEAUGA WEST LIBRARY The Geauga West Library is at 13455 Chillicothe Road. For information on these programs or to register, call 440-729-4250.

Look, Lunch and Listen April 30, noon Engaging book and media review with longtime Geauga West Librarian and head of Adult Services Sarah Prueter. Program sponsored by the Geauga West Friends of the Library. Bring lunch; coffee provided. All are welcome.

Book Discussion May 7, 7 p.m. “The Dressmaker,� by Kate Alcot.


Bring new or gently used children’s and adult books, collectibles, comic books, CDs, DVDs, audio books on CD, puzzles and games, sheet music, coffee table books and prints to the Geauga West Library during regular library hours. No textbooks or encyclopedias. A receipt for donation is available. Funds raised at the book sale support programming at the Geauga West Library.

Owner Operated Free Estimates


Windows and    Replacement            of same value 

     !! ( ,'  

Double Hung Solid Vinyl

&& &$$&% &' %#%") +' *&                   

CALL TODAY 440-975-1901 440-423-1454 Serving your community for 18 years.

OWNER INSTALLS EVERY JOB! Licensed • Bonded • Insured

Gates Mills Library is at 1491 Chagrin River Road. For more information on these programs or to register, call 440423-4808, or register in person.

Friends Book Sale – Members Preview May 2, 4-5 p.m. The Friends of the Gates Mills Branch Library book sale will be May 25, 2014. If not a member, join that night.

Friends Book Sale

Making Gifts For Mom

Become a Foster Parent

May 10, 11 a.m. Families are invited to make a special gift for mom. Bath salts? Fairy gardens? Imagine the possibilities.

May 9, 10-11 a.m. May is National Foster Care month and there is an urgent need for qualified foster care parents. Join in as representatives from Applewood Centers present information on the requirements and pre-training needed to become a foster parent. Registration requested.

The Friends are now accepting donations for the annual summer book sale on July 30 through Aug. 2.



May 7, 14, and 21; 7 p.m. Learn the art of memoir writing with talented writing instructors. Program designed for adults.

Book Sale Donations





May 3, 9:30 5 p.m. May 4, 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. May 5, 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. All the proceeds support the Gates Mills Branch Library programs and events.

Write Your Own Memoir

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Al Salomone Chesterland OH

TIMBER KING TREE SERVICE 042=:927!.6<4A::3 1<44!1<688695!"!/48:@27 0>?8;!/48:@27


#$!# % !""!% !

ONDERDONK SONS 4th Generation


Chesterland Historical Village Chesterland Historical Village Open House May 4, 2-4 p.m. All are welcome to visit the Chesterland Historical Village for an afternoon of enjoyment touring the vintage buildings rich with township history. Docents take visitors back in time to visit the 1899 General Store and the Interurban Train Museum complete with a miniature layout of the Maple Leaf Line that ran through the township from 1899 until 1925. The School House, Silas Tanner House, Depot and Town Hall will be open with docents available to answer questions. Signs of spring are beginning to appear on the village greens and visitors

will have the opportunity to leisurely stroll through this unique village and see all it has to offer. Plan to stop in, pick up a brochure with coming programs, check out the penny candy at the store or join a class in the one room school house and learn the history of Chester Township.

Annual Meeting and Pie Night May 8, 7 p.m. The foundation will host the annual meeting that includes Pie Night. This event will be held in the second floor of the Thayer General Store. It is a great opportunity to meet the board of trustees and learn of the many activities held at the village.

Renew Mental Health Services in Geauga County NOT A TAX Passage of Issue #7 means IN CREAS help is there when itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s needed. E! This levy has been supported by Geauga County voters for the past 25 years! Over 12,000 Geauga residents receive Board services each year. The Geauga County Board of Mental Health and Recovery Services has placed a seven-tenths mill (0.7) renewal levy on the ballot and we are asking for your help. Vote Yes on Issue #7 to continue critical care services to over 500 children each year, provide supplemental support for Medicare for Geauga seniors, treat veterans and others suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorders and continue over 90 other programs and services.

Support Mental Health Services for Veterans! â&#x153;ˇ Support Treatment for Senior Citizens suffering with depression! â&#x153;ˇ Support Prevention and Education Programs for Youth! â&#x153;ˇ

Yes 7


Issue #

May 6th, 2014

Mental Health Renewal Levy

Page 12


BP of Chesterland    



     Now Available at

BP of Chesterland





A -1 Co nc ret e L evel i ng AMERICAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S LARGEST CONCRETE LEVELER             

      Sa ve 50 - 75 %      


216 -7 52 -5 225

Chester Government Update On April 10, the Chester Township Trustees held a special meeting to approve financial items (fuel, parts, natural gas, initial 2014 operation funding for Chester Township Park Board) and approval for Chester Township CleanUp Day expenditures. On April 17, the boardâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s regular meeting began with a presentation by the Ohio Insurance Services Agency regarding the opportunity to participate in the Ohio Public Entity Healthcare Cooperative. The cooperative includes more than 250 townships, villages and cities. As a cooperative, members are exempt from the 2.4 percent Market Share Tax associated with the Affordable Care Act, and future cost increases are tiered, based on risk performance. The health insurance carrier and program would be the same one as currently in effect. Because a decision on renewal was due by May 1, the trustees voted to renew our current health care. The yearover-year cost increase from 2013 was about 3 percent. Our health insurance policy is on a month-to-month renewal. If after additional research it appears the OPEC-HC is favorable, the township has until October to make a change by board motion to apply. The board passed a motion regarding the supply of various aggregates based on review of bids received and recommendation by the road superintendent. The township also joined the Community University Education Purchasing Association for a $200 annual fee. CUE will enable us to purchase salt and evaluate competitive pricing for various items including custodial and office supplies, office furniture and vehicles. Ken Radtke and Bud Kinney were appointed as representatives for the Valley Enforcement Regional Council of

Senior Discounts Available

440-487-5733 LANDSCAPING â&#x20AC;˘ ROOFING â&#x20AC;˘ SNOWPLOWING

For ALL Your Home Remodeling Needs

Governments (The trustees are evaluating the benefits of VERCOG membership and bylaws require notification by July 1 on continuation for next year). The board also approved the second budgeted operation expense of $21,348 for the park board for miscellaneous expenses including repainting the gazebo, mulch for the playground area and preparation of the baseball field. Fiscal Officer Craig Richter explained his research on moving $400,000 currently in the EMS checking account into the townshipâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sweep account to accrue interest and proposed changing our document destruction pickup schedule to quarterly rather than monthly, saving about $320 per year. The board continued discussion on revising the vacation policy as we work to update the townshipâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s policy manual. Members of our road department recently attended training provided through the Geauga County Engineerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Office on municipal storm water housekeeping, excavation, Ohio Utilities Protection Service safety, and traffic zone safety with the Ohio Department of Transportationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Local Technical Assistance Program. Free wood chips and mulch are available for Chester residents only. First, stop by the Chester Township Road Department and sign a waiver form for permitted access. You will need to load and haul materials yourself. The township site is open Monday through Friday during business hours. Contact Chester Township Road Department (Rob Pealer, 440-729-9110) for questions. The next regular board meeting is May 1. The ddepartment heads have been asked to attend. Submitted by Chester Township Officials

From The Park Commission We, the Chester Township Park Board, encourage you to review our 2012 and 2013 developments and completed improvements at Parkside. It should be noted that numerous Chester residents, corporations, small businesses and Chester Township service organizations provided huge donations in both funding and discounted services. A dedication effort is always considered in hiring Chester Township businessâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s for needed park services. We welcome any and all suggestions in improving your park and residents are always welcome to attend our park board meetings. Chester Township Park Commission Lance Yandell Joe Weiss Jr. Clay Lawrence

2013 Free Estimates

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

*Install new seasonal park banners/ brackets (10) *Install new park flower baskets/ brackets (10) *Install Chester Twp corner sign *Install new park lamps (6) *Install gutters and down spouts (new pavilion and band stand) *Painting and staining all structures including Township Road Department structure and the park fence *Removal of CEI poles in parking lot - no charge (saved $2,500) *New parking enter and exit site *Planting of 10 spruce trees on police drive *Extending of parking , reinstall lights *Replaced 12 non-working light bulbs and two fixtures *Complete overhaul of park beds *New 33-foot light flag pole and memorial stone *Addition of handicap parking *Addition of 50 new parking spaces

*The relocation of the David Hudson rock and plaque *Total renovation of the perennial gardens corner *Removal of heavy debris, five dead trees and overgrowth behind police station *Final completion of phase two and three of playground *Contracted with Landscape Co. to maintain entire park grounds *Install new security placards (4) *Install flag pole in front of town hall *Install 12 new park benches *Participated in the Chesterfest, including the township open house *Provided landscaping services to the town hall and fire station in preparation for the Chesterfest *Installed patio and landscaping behind the fire station *Acquired a picnic bench for the fire department *Installed upgrades to the plumbing system in the restrooms *Provided Horseshoe Club with material and a shed to upgrade the horseshoe pits *Corrected serious drainage problems along the walkway to the bandstand and around the horseshoe pits *Edged the parking lot area with stone salvaged from the park (no new stone needed) *Cleaned up the park after a significant windstorm on Oct. 26, 2013 *Installed corn hole games (8) *Planted new grass at the southerly boundary of the new park area *Provided electrical and economic assistance to the Christmas Lighting Program *Provided economic support to the Band Concert Series

See Park Commission = Page 14

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Page 13

events National Day of Prayer May 1, noon The Chesterland Ministerial Association would like to invite neighbors and friends to come together and join the nation in prayer. Gather at the Chesterland Baptist Church, 12670 Chillicothe Road, Chester Township to lift hearts and voices up in prayer. The theme for the 20 14 National Day of Prayer is “One Voice, United in Prayer,” emphasizing the need for individuals to join together in corporate prayer, calling upon the unfailing character of God, who is sovereign over all governments, authorities and men — the God under whom this nation stands. Meet on the church lawn across from the town hall (weather permitting) to show concern for communities and the

nation, and to share in the glory of Christian fellowship as everyone prays together. The association asks each member of the community to encourage their churches to participate in this wonderful event. Call the Rev. Joe Woods, 440-7297101, for more information.

Blood Moons: Decoding the Imminent Heavenly Signs May 9, 7 p.m. Chester Christian Center A/G Church will be hosting a World Net Daily film titled, “Blood Moons: Decoding the Imminent Heavenly Signs,” by Mark Biltz. Chesterland Christian Center is located at 11815 Chillicothe Road, Chester Township. Call 440-729-6203 for more information.


is not adjusting well. At the time, the doctor wanted her to be tested for dementia but she does not think that anything is wrong with her. She is mad at the doctor for saying that she may have dementia and does not want to ever go back to that doctor. She is beginning to wander in the afternoons. Last month, she locked herself out of the house although her keys were in her pocket. Is it time for assisted living? ANSWER: Sometimes, dehydration, electrolyte imbalances and the symptoms of depression look like the symptoms of dementia. Your first course of action should be is to have the doctor screen her for dehydration and depression. If she is dehydrated or depressed the correct treatment may diminish the dementia symptoms that you are seeing. With the loss of your father, it is possible that she has not grieved and needs counseling and treatment. 2 OPTIONS WHEN IT IS NOT TIME FOR ASSISTED LIVING First, let me say that assisted living is a great place for people who want to be a part of a larger community and who do not mind downsizing. Most assisted living suites are studios. If she does not want to go, here are 2 options for you. #1. Live-in care also known as ASSISTED LIVING AT HOME. Cost range from $9.95-$13.50/hr., see or 440-942-9933. Care is brought to her so she does not have to move. Sometimes, it could cost less than some assisted living facilities.

for the Young of Heart St. Anselm Young of Heart will meet at noon May 2 at the parish center. Bring brown bag lunch. Dessert and beverages provided. Entertainment by Sandra Zikursh (Mrs. Noah), who will give a humorous look at life on the ark. The group will head to the Canton Palace Theatre by bus on May 20 to see Vicki Lawrence and “Mama,” a

two-woman show. Remember Vicki from the Carol Burnett show? This funny show is a mixture of stand-up comedy, music and observations about real life. Cost is $78 for members or $81 for nonmembers and includes main floor seating at the theatre and lunch at the Cathedral Buffet. Call Jeri, 440-729-2239, for reservations or more information.



#2. Adult Day Health & In-Home Care: Combining adult day care and in home care will reduce her cost by almost half. The night time care can also be done by a privately paid caregiver some of whom will provide care for a small stipend or in exchange for living accommodation. A certified care manager will be able to help facilitate this option for you. The best places to locate certified care managers are,, Lastly, take a few moments to review some of the 200 plus articles at The key to successful caregiving is being informed. For a step by step guide on how to manage this process by yourself, go to amazon and download the Caregiver’s Cliff Notes: 27 Things To Do When Your Parents are Losing Their Independence. You will discover the steps to take, phone numbers to call, how to talk to your parents so they would listen and what to do when money is tight and there is no time to wait.

The Elder Care Cliff Report is published by author and speaker,

Stella Nsong, RN, CMC, CDP, LTCP of the CAREgiving Institute. I Victoria Square #302 Painesville OH 44077 Phone: 440-358-1718. Email: Ohcpc@CaregivingInstitute.Org


All American Car Wash Apex Land Management Arabica Coffee House Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Bob K. (Mr. Gettysburg) Cardinal Community Credit Union Cardinal Physical Therapy CD&J’s Landscaping, LLC Ceramics & You Chase Bank Chesterland Chamber of Commerce Chesterland Mini Storage Chesterland News D&D Massotherapy Debbie Paterno Graphic Design Debord’s One Hour Heating & Air Eddy Fruit Farm Edward Jones Investments/ Allyn McNaughton Geauga Floor Care Geauga PC Georgio’s Pizza Glissful Boutique Joshua Saxon/Ruscher Insurance Lisa Thoreson/Howard Hanna Real Estate Services Luczkowski Agency/ Nationwide Insurance Merrill Lynch/ Anthony Anderson Monticello Garden Center Ohio Connect, LLC Our Town Cafe Painting Solutions Palma’s Hair Design PDC Home Solutions Perennials Preferred Playground World SAK Automotive Spencer Printing Concepts, Inc. TecXpert & Computer Options The Miniature Cellar The Quilted Thimble Tom Basista/West Geauga Plaza Truline Industries

1KI@E<II<I'FH'H<I@;<EJI'J?8J'L@I?'JF'AF@E J?@I'E<JLFHB@E>'>HFKG'D8M':FEJ8:J/ 3@I8'6?FH<IFE/',,*(-+,(.-** C@I8J?FH<IFE0?FL8H;?8EE8):FD

ůĞĐƚ>zWKK> x x



More than 8000 Republicans voted Samide out of office. 25 GOP insider s put her back in office.







DĂŬĞLJŽƵƌǀŽƚĞĐŽƵŶƚ͊ sŽƚĞĨŽƌ>zWKK>͊ Where is Commissioner Samide? ĐƌŝƟĐĂůǀŽƚĞŽŶDĞŶƚĂů,ĞĂůƚŚŽĂƌĚ/ƐƐƵĞ




Paid for by Friends of Skip Claypool.


Page 14


L etters to the Editor

the editor

Faith Renewed My faith was renewed on Good Friday by Patti Bauer. First thing on Friday morning, I went to the drive thru of Chase Bank in Chester Townsip and withdrew $40 0 (four $100 bills). Then, around 1 p.m., I was looking for my cash and I couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t find it anywhere, so I retraced my steps and ended up at Chase. My husband ran into the bank to see if anyone turned in the cash ... I thought

that was a ridiculous thing to do. Who would turn in cash? Believe it or not, someone left their name and number with the teller and said they found money in the parking lot. Thank you Patti Bauer (she works in the office at Bremecâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Garden Center) for your honesty, for restoring my faith in people and reminding me why I chose to raise my children in such a wonderful community. Sue Flowers Russell Township

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

recreation G E A U G A PA R K D I S T R I C T All programs are wheelchair and stroller accessible unless otherwise noted. For more information on these programs, call the Geauga Park District at 440-2869516 or visit

Shutterbugs Camera Club May 1, 7-9 p.m. The West Woods All levels of experience (and equipment) are welcome. See Things to Do on the website for topics/optional assignments.

Bird Walk for Beginning Birders May 4, 1-3 p.m. Eldon Russell Park An introductory bird-watching experience geared for novices of all ages. Assistance given in use of binoculars, observation and identification of birds in this park's diverse habitats.

The Sky Tonight Planetarium Show May 4, 2-3 p.m. Observatory Park Join for a planetarium preview of what to look for in the sky this week.

Park Commission from page 12 *Relocated all flower basket brackets on the poles (24) *Removed all banner bracket on the poles (24 sets) *Installed crosswalk marking and signs


2012 *Installed new lighting for the volleyball courts *Constructed new pavilion *Acquired six picnic tables

Roof Stain Removal

Annual Spring Bird Walk Series May 4, 7:30-9:30 a.m. Eldon Russell Park A series of six bird walks held in April and May to participate in a Greater Cleveland tradition since 1933. Seasoned bird watchers assist novices with observation and identification of birds during spring migration. All six walks at different parks. Dress for weather, bring a bird guide and binoculars.

Geauga Walkers May 6, 1-2:30 p.m. Swine Creek Reservation Join other active seniors on weekly hikes in Geauga County and the surrounding area. Hikes are typically 1 to 1 1/2 miles long and held year-round, but canceled if the temperature is 20 degrees or lower. A naturalist leads hikes scheduled in Park District parks. Call Geauga Senior Center for full schedule, 440-2792137. *Landscaped area east of Parkside Drive, including installation of new horseshoe driveway *Re-did the entire infield for ball field *Installed phase one of the new playground *Implemented bench program *Refinished all existing park benches *Implemented a maintenance program for the park lighting systems *Provided electrical and economic assistance to the Christmas Lighting Program *Provided economic support to the Band Concert Series



Add Years to the Life of Your Roof


Environmentally Safe System



Remove Stains, Moss and Lichen for as Little as $.15/sq. ft.

(440) 429-0293

Angelo J. Marrali Sales Partner to John DeSantis Mega Million Dollar Producer Howard Hanna Real Estate Services

Eco-Friendly Laundry System


Allergic to Laundry Soap?


Clean Laundry NatureÍ&#x203A;s Way Save Water and Energy


Only $379 Installed!

54th Kirtland Kiwanis

Learn how to participate in the Globe at Night program, a worldwide science project to measure light pollution.


Our Team wants to say THANK YOU to our customers for your continued patronage. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been serving the Chagrin Valley, Geauga and Northern Portage Counties for over 35 years. OH LIC# 21225

440-543-5000 Ask how to keep your home ENERGY EFFICIENT all year.

CALL TODAY for a Free In-Home Estimate. We service all major brands including:

Thursday, June 12th through Sunday, June 15th

$25 OFF

Regular Service Prices Cannot be combined Cannot combined with with other other discounts. Expires discounts. Expires 5/31/14. 3/31/14.

Rebates Now Available Call For A FREE Estimate.

Cannot be be combined combined with withother other discounts. Expires Expires 5/31/14. 3/31/14.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


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2008 Chevy Avalanche: black, LT3, 65,000 miles, heated leather, sunroof, 6-disc CD/MP3, new brakes- 2012. GM serviced. $25,000. 440-552-6996.

Help Wanted! Two Men and a Truck Moving and Storage is hiring movers and drivers. No CDL required. Must be drug free with reliable transportation. We offer great pay as well as benefits after 90 days. Motivated applicants can apply in person 8-4 M-F at 1420 Lloyd Road, Wickliffe, OH 44092.

Mulch, dark, double ground. Free delivery with 6 yards or more. 440-352-7372.

Kirtland: Brick ranch. 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths. City water and sewers. Park-like yard. Call for details. 440256-2304.

FOR RENT Dump trailer rental. Pick up and delivery. Call 440-668-2889 for details.

FOR SALE Cemetery Plot: Western Reserve (ChesTary). Your pick, your choice. $500. 216-214-4979.

Wanted: cars, trucks, snowplows, farm equipment. Running or not. 440-352-7372.

Cleaning person, Novelty area, off Fairmount Blvd., 5 nights per week. 56 hours per night. 440-953-9191.

Wanted: riding mowers, four wheelers, snowmobiles, farm tractors, construction equipment. Paying cash. 440-352-7372.

Lawn Care company needs part-time help. 2 years+ experience. 440-3386404.

Cleaning Service: Many years of cleaning experience. Quality service dedicated to integrity. Detailed, honest, reliable. Cleaning with a personal touch. Call Cindy, 440-477-5017.


Remote control gas boat. #250 or best offer. Brian, 440-478-9061.

Yard Work Part-time



Lifestyler Fitness Trainer Treadmill. Asking $150. 440-479-5455. 2 cemetery lots, $750 each. Western Reserve Memorial Gardens. Jackie, 704-463-0302. Dresser/lighted mirror, oak kitchen set, dining room table, 2 hutches, end table, chairs, lamps, pictures, brass fireplace screen. Must see! 440-2568787.



garage sale! Collectibles, Fab antiques, household, tools, enamelware, trunks, fishing gear (fresh and salt), dock box, croquet sets. Lots of unique and unusual pieces. 2944 Sherbrooke Valley Ct., Willoughby Hills. Friday, May 2, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Saturday, May 2, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Chesterland: For lease- 350sq. ft. office space. Great rates. Please call 440-557-5045 for more information. Large 4 bedroom in Chesterland. 440409-2567. Garage apartment: 1 bedroom, living room/efficiency. Heated garage space, laundry, includes utilities except cable and phone. No smoking/pets. $685/month, 44-338-3045.


             ! !   ,/ 5+( +(45(3 08/ $--   +,--,&05+( 0$' $5  1. $5 8+,&+ 5,.( 5+( )0--08,/* 3(26(454 8,-- %( +($3'    : +,0 (530-(6. ($4,/*  3(26(45 $/ $3( 7$3,$/&( 50 &0/4536&5 $   426$3( )005 $'',5,0/ $5    $9),(-' 0$' +(45(3 08/4+,1 %65 )$,-4 50 .((5 5+( 3(26,3(.(/54 0) (&5,0/

    ,'( "$3'4 !,5+,/ ,453,&5 0) 5+( +(45(3 08/4+,1 #0/,/* (40-65,0/   :    301(359 /7(45.(/54 0. 5(,*(38$-' 3(26(454 $ 64( 7$3,$/&( 50 01(3$5( $ 4(15,& 4(37,&( -0&$5(' $5   $9),(-' 0$' +(45(3 08/4+,1 %65 )$,-4 50 .((5 5+( 3(26,3(.(/54 0) (&5,0/   (3.,55(' 3,/&,1$- 6,-',/*4 536&563(4 $/' 4(4   4(15,& 4(37,&( ,4 /05 $ 1(3.,55(' 64( ,/ 5+( 0..(3&,$,453,&5 0) 5+( +(45(3 08/4+,1 #0/,/* (40-65,0/ $39 06 (/'( 0$3' 0) #0/,/* 11($-4

   GRANDMAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S Costume Jewelry Compacts â&#x20AC;˘ Perfume Linens â&#x20AC;˘ Knickknacks

GRANDPAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S Toys â&#x20AC;˘ Trains Coins â&#x20AC;˘ Bottles Fishing Lures



Misc. Collections and Estates


HOUSECLEANING Experienced, independent lady will clean your home. Offering excellent housekeeping skills with attention to details. Minimum charge $95.

Call 440.853.8034



         from $650 to $700, plus Deposit      

6%-,4+ 13,-  

Cl ev eland I nst it ut e of Dental - Medi cal Assistants, Inc.

 %%0'&*2'& .$ +#%','-2 11*12#-%' 2. #++ )0#&3#2'1   //0.4'& (.0 !'2'0#- 0#*-*-)





 2450 Prospect Ave., Cleveland OH 44115       5733 Hopkins Rd., Mentor OH 44060


"  5564 Mayfield Rd., Lyndhurst OH 44124


555%*&,#'&3 6    "                     




Remote control gas car. $300 or best offer. Brian, 440-478-9061.

Trinkets n Treasures huge sale returns! Thursday & Friday, May 1 & 2. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Saturday, May 3, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Household goods, furniture, toys, games, antiques, tools, books, jewelry, clothes, electronics and more! Federated Family Left Center, 16349 Chillicothe Road, Bainbridge Township. Sponsored by the Federated Church of Chagrin Falls.

Wanted: Vintage Stanley woodworking planes, hand tools and machinist tools. Will pay reasonable prices Call Karl, 440-812-3392.

experience. Drivers Landscape license needed. $12/hour. 216-409-4153.

Car Tipper: (tips cars on its side) Easy way to work. $500. 216-214-4979.

If you need to have a moving sale, estate sale or garage sale, call Kathy Willis at 440-729-2790 for assistance. Experienced. References available. We are now doing partial estate buyouts.



2004 Chevy Venture: 7 passenger van, 90,000 miles, good condition inside and out. Power windows & locks. AC works well, cruise control, CD player and new front brakes. Call 440-256-4839.

Federal Grants and Loans Available for Those Who Qualify Day and Evening Classes


driveways, patios, etc.


steps, chimneys, tuck-pointing


30 years experience

Page 16


Wednesday, April 30, 2014





Home Sweet Home Pet Sitting and Grooming






440-465-8795 â&#x20AC;˘ 440-254-4281




Offering special discounts for interior and exterior painting and staining this season. 15 years experience. Professional and insured. Call Dan, 440-342-4552. Music Lessons: guitar- beginning to advanced. Rock, jazz, classical. All band instruments. Drums (winter/ spring road lessons). Consignments, repairs, sales. 440-221-2274. Whole House powerwashing: Spring clean-up, home exteriors, concrete driveways, sidewalks, stone and decks. Call Mr. Powerwash at 440-5647404 or 703-474-7298. Pressure washing, deck re-finishing. 440-342-4552. Complete Tree service, mowing and lawn care. Reasonable and dependable. 440-729-9400. Plumbing: Professional, affordable, reliable. Water heaters, toilets, faucets, drain cleaning. 440537-6045 or 440-285-0800.



 &" (  "#" (  %""    440-729-8213 Landscape & Tree Work Spring Cleanups Mulching â&#x20AC;˘ Gutter Cleaning

The Painting Company - home exteriors and interiors. Free estimates, references. 440-564-7404. Yard and storm damage clean-up, down tree removal and brush chipping. Call 440-729-9400.


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Carpenter: 30 years experience. Kitchen, decks, finish work, doors, storm doors, small jobs also. 440-7298157. Fluid Film Undercoating and Rust Preventative. $125 Truck, add $25 for Plow, $100 car. Nights and weekends. Brian, 440-6686164, by appointment. Gertie the Grammarian, a-k-a Linda Durnbaugh, for proofreading, editing & writing guidance. Write what you mean with no grammar fear. 440-256-3062. Decks, power-washing and staining, protective coatings. Free estimates, references. 440-564-7404. Construction & Backhoe Services: Specializing in replacing old drain tiles and catch basins, reshape gravel driveways. Hauling of demolition materials. Call Mike, 440-729-7810.


Mowing & landscaping services. Call Mike, 440-829-5699. Computer Repair, Reasonable Rates, Spyware & Virus Removal, Hardware & Software Installation, Troubleshooting, Networking, Ray, 216-315-0508. Located in Chesterland Area.



Dependable Service


Refinish your deck or patio this Spring. Call Dana, 216-780-5709.

Paints â&#x20AC;˘ Stains Clear Coats â&#x20AC;˘ Wall Repair INTERIOR & EXTERIOR

Housekeeping service provided by trustworthy, responsible, thorough and experienced woman. Pet friendly. Excellent references. 216-246-4948.


Paying cash for junk cars-n-tucks. $275 and up. 440-228-5921 or 440-2938504. Senior Companion Caregiver: light housekeeping, transportation, errand services, laundry, meal prep, medication reminders, and companionship. Please call Sue at 440-840-3495. Great references and a loving heart!

440-729-9400 Yard & Storm Damage Cleanup INSURED â&#x20AC;˘ REFERENCES AVAILABLE

NUISANCE ANIMAL REMOVAL â&#x20AC;˘Racoons â&#x20AC;˘Beavers â&#x20AC;˘Groundhogs â&#x20AC;˘Opossum â&#x20AC;˘Muskrats â&#x20AC;˘Skunks â&#x20AC;˘and Many More Dead Amimal Removal BRANDON JOHNSON


Humane Treatment of all animals



Asphalt Sealing Hot Crack Filling â&#x20AC;˘ Patching Call Nick â&#x20AC;˘ 440-786-1375

COUNTRY SEALCOATING %#&")(&") "%) $%'!



313-8796 The Tractor Scrapper Free Removal of Unwanted Lawn & Garden Equipment

Tractors, Mowers, Boat Motors, etc. John â&#x20AC;˘ 440-478-0483

Starting at


6,400 households

only $8 per column inch

Advertise in the Chesterland News Service Directory Call 440-729-7667 for more information

Perkins Excavating: Basements; additions; gas, water and electric lines; site work, culverts, post hole drilling; building demolition, concrete tear outs and replaced; drainage work; new driveway, grading; land clearing; brush hogging; basement waterproofing; tree work; ponds. Over 30 years of loyal service and experience. Call for free estimates. 440-4654795 or 440-254-4281. Flyers to distribute? Do it the easy way. Insert them into the Chesterland News or Kirtland Chronicle for only $37.50 per thousand or 3-3/4c per piece. Call 440-729-7667 for details. Color copies, great price! The Chesterland News offers full service copying. Color or Black ink, any quantity on any paper. 8389 Mayfield Road, Chesterland. 440-7297667. Scanning and fax service available at the Chesterland News, 8389 Mayfield Road, Chesterland. 440-729-7667. Graphics, design, typesetting: Beautiful work done at the Chesterland News. Logo designs, letterheads, brochures and business cards. 8389 Mayfield Road, Chesterland. 440-729-7667. Resumes: Resumes can be typed for you at the Chesterland News, 8389 Mayfield Road, Chesterland. 440-7297667.

Chesterlandnews 4 30 14  

Chesterland News April 30th, 2013

Chesterlandnews 4 30 14  

Chesterland News April 30th, 2013