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Fiction lovers app

FICTION LOVERS APP Fiction is a concept which has unlimited definition. The point of view about fiction changes from person to person. For kids it would be entertaining them for adults it would be a research. But for a few it would be a dream. The fiction is yet be described and to be researched because it is a long field of study.

When it comes to book readers' fiction can be imagined and you to start living in that fictional world. For such fiction lovers here comes an iPhone app: THE MY SCI FI LIBRARY. This app works as a wishing tree which gives you what you want. You have to download the apps from iTunes and once the installation is done then just demand, you get it in an ebook format.

This app provides you a wide feature to read , review and rate. You just have to type the name of the book in the search result and you get a brief description about the book. So you can read a description and get the idea of the book which you would like to read. Another added advantage is that you get ebooks which have received Hugo/Nebula and World Fantasy awards. Here you can rate and review the books and it would help thousands of fiction readers.


Myscifilibrary pdf  

This app is for fiction lovers which will help you read,review and rate the award winning books.

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