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Axton CCTV is a presenter and light solution provider of IR illuminator. Axton CCTV supplies products like:     

Smart IR Mega Pixel PoE IR XLR Extra long Range IR Tactical IR 940 nm Blaze & hybrid IR

This Article will introduce the SMART IR. As the name suggests it proves to be the popular and brand ambassador of IR services provided in Axton CCTV. Here is the series of SMART IR:     

850 nm, AT 3S Nano Infrared Illuminator 850 nm, AT 8S Infrared Illuminator 850 nm, AT 16S Infrared Illuminator 850 nm, AT 32S Infrared Illuminator 850 nm, AT 9S-Z Infrared Illuminator

This series has the following features in general:    

I/O Port with precise cameras Built in a day and night mode Remote control with web server and internet Super compact cube with 1.5” *1. 5” 1

SMART SERIES IR  Angle choices i.e. 10, 30 ,45, 60, 130 in degrees  Digitally adjustable for clarity  Preset Prior installation  Real time adjustable with operators.  Auto switchable to day and night modes  Can even work under Low Voltage


Smart IR for cctv camera  

Talks about Smart IR and Its features