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Welcome to our May magazine…. The last of our Spring issues but by no means the least as we bring you another jam packed edition. The increase in new customers in recent months has been very noticeable but it was lovely to hear from two of our longer standing customers as they are finally able to rejoin our pages. So a very warm welcome back to Chimney Sweeps Dave & Jim Russell and to Stay at homes. On that note:

CHESSINGTON CHAT MAGAZINE Editor & Publisher: Sally Hawkins Contributors: Beryl Gibson, MRRA

Inspector Trudy Hutchinson Colin Punch, CDRA Catherine Sawbridge Editorials and advertisements: 020 8337 7041 75 Cromwell Road, Worcester Park. KT4 7JR Printed by: Direct Colour, Unit 2, 60 Cox Lane, Chessington Industrial Estate, KT9 1TW. 020 8391 0011.

We welcome the following new and returning customers: Dave & Jim Russell p.6, Stay at homes p.6, Celebrate Chessington p.13, Surbiton RBL Youth Marching Band p.14 & 34, Kingston Churches Housing Association p.19 and Kingston Liberal Democrats p.27. Offers and promotions come from: Carpets 4 U p.5, Time for You p.7, Shortland Sawbridge p.8, About-Turn Locks p.8, Cine Sanctuary p.15, Choppers Hairdressers p.35 and Elmwood Vehicles p.43.

Now I haven’t been able to say this for the last two years but traditionally June’s magazine is one of our busiest of the year with all of your local summer fetes and fairs which of course this time may perhaps have a Jubilee theme. So if you think you would like some space please just let me know as soon as possible so I may reserve your slot with artwork to follow nearer deadline. Till then.


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JUNE DEADLINE: Monday 9th May with delivery w/c 22nd May Disclaimer: Whilst all reasonable care is taken to ensure the accuracy of information included in CHESSINGTON CHAT, the publishers can take no responsibility for the accuracy of statements made by contributors or advertisers or for the loss arising from non publication of any advertisement. All information correct at time of going to print.

Inside: A new study……………………….…………….. 8 What’s On…………………………………. 12-14 Introducing Surrey Reflexology…..……………. 16 Spending abroad…………………..………….. 20 Safer Neighbourhoods………………..……….. 26 Residents’ Associations………..…………… 30/31 Community pages………………….. 36/38/40/42 Local listings…….……………………………... 45 Index of advertisers and advertising rates……. 46

Chimney Sweeps Dave and Jim Russell 01372 469349 email

Claygate Established 1986 All chimneys and flues swept Open fires, wood burning and solid fuel stoves Nest removal Cowl, bird guards and cap installations Advice given on any chimney or stove problems


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A new study has found that more millennials than ever before have written Wills as a result of the pandemic. A recent study has revealed that at least 27% of 18-34 year olds had a will in 2021, compared to 18% in 2019. Of those that had drafted a will, 30% cited the COVID-19 pandemic as their main driver, in case they die unexpectedly. Many say they felt “vulnerable” without having a will, and decided to have one drafted “I want to be safe rather than sorry” is commonly said. The increase in young people drafting wills peaked when the Delta variant of COVID-19 was most prominent, and there is now another wave of will-writing as the Omicron variant continues to spread. Millennials are saying: ‘Let me plan now as I’m not going to live forever’. Catherine Sawbridge As a special offer in May for younger people, all Wills for those 30 and under will be £150.

Contact 01372 741418 or email for an appointment.


Have you written your Will? We will help you take care of this important task. We are members of the Institute of Professional Willwriters. Home visits at your convenience. Please call 01372 741418 or email

We also prepare Lasting Power of Attorney and offer Probate Services.

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- Booking now into 2022 & 2023

WHAT’S ON IN MAY.. Every Wednesday. Free Ki Gong classes at the Hook Centre in Chessington at 6.30pm. This ancient technique with a modern twist is suitable for any age or body condition, within reason. Complete beginners are welcome, as this is a class for all. Please just make contact before coming along. Email

Wednesday 11th - Saturday 14th May. Sutton Theatre Company present Our House: The Madness Musical at The Epsom Playhouse. Evening performances at 7:30pm, Saturday matinee at 2:30pm. Tickets from: £18.00 from https:// -company-present-our-house-madness-musical Wednesday 18th May. Rising comedy star Chris McCausland hits the road with his stand-up show Speaky blinder - a show about life and family, with loads of other nonsense thrown in for good measure. Tickets and further information at Saturday 28th May. The Past Comes Alive! A Tribute for the Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations, 9.30am to 5pm in Bourne Hall Park. On a day where the past comes alive, learn about the local connections of past Kings and Queens, and get an insight into the medieval period as part of events marking the Queen’s Jubilee. Meet two ladies in waiting from the court of Elizabeth I at Nonsuch who will tell what life was like in the palace which she loved to visit. Learn of the changes she made to fit in her huge wardrove of dresses and how Essex burst into Elizabeth’s bedroom before she had time to put on her makeup, the blunder which was to lead to his execution. 12

Meet Queen Victoria who came to the Derby at the beginning of her reign and discover what happened. Was she amused? Meanwhile the Paladins of Chivalry will bring the medieval world to light with living history displays all day including cooks preparing a meal, musicians to entertain you, an armourer repairing armour, noble ladies sewing and doing embroidery, an apothecary preparing potions and men at arms gambling and telling tall stories. You can witness the men at arms in their training session and combat. After lunch there’s a chance for the children to take part in their own battle! The lord of Bourne Hall is charged with trying to kill a rival in front of the king, and now he must fight for his life in trial by combat. In the afternoon there will be a display of how to arm a knight followed by a full tournament. Finishing with a Grand Melee when all the knights fight to the last man standing.

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Facial Rejuvenation “Natural Face Lift Massage” A non-intrusive natural approach to looking younger, this wonderful treatment can help reduce fine lines, tone & improve the complexion, soothe eye strain & stress related symptoms.

SPECIAL OFFER 6 WEEKLY SESSIONS FOR THE PRICE OF 5! (course of 6 weekly treatments £225 saving £45)

For an appointment Call 07725 628685

This eighth page advert just £79 for June, July & August/ September

ROOFING and GUTTERING REPAIRS Also painting and repointing, fascia and soffit boards. Call John on 07855 868431 Please mention CHESSINGTON CHAT when responding to adverts


INTRODUCING SURREY REFLEXOLOGY WITH VICTORIA Surrey Reflexology is a Chessington based business run by local resident Victoria. Victoria specialises in hand and feet reflexology for all ages with each treatment tailored to your individual needs to restore balance and promote health and well-being. In 2021 Victoria trained as a reflexologist; the Covid pandemic encouraging her to rethink her career. As reflexology has always had such a positive effect on her life she chose this direction. Her Chessington based Treatment Cabin is an ideal therapy room allowing the body and mind to relax and recharge. Relaxing music, dimmed lighting and a comfortable zero-gravity chair help to support and encourage relaxation and calm.

The benefits of reflexology. Although not an exhaustive list reflexology can be used to treat the following complaints: • • • • • • • • • •

Back pain Migraine Plantar fasciitis Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) Respiratory problems Asthma Headache Sleep issues Menopausal symptoms Period pain

Reflexology can also help to: • • • • • • •

Boost the immune system Encourage relaxation Reduce stress Increase blood flow Relieve muscle tension Improve circulation Balance energy

After your reflexology session you may feel relaxed, energised or even emotional as the body releases toxins and rebalances itself. Drink plenty of water to support the healing process and flush the toxins from the body. To try reflexology for yourself contact Victoria on 07729 850081 What is Reflexology? Reflexology is a touch therapy practiced on the hands and feet through the application of pressure on specific reflex points. These points correspond to specific areas of the body and support in restoring balance to the physical mental and emotional self. Reflexology is for anyone and everyone. You may have a specific complaint or symptom; you may use it as a maintenance treatment to mitigate the effects of stress or you may simply need a relaxing treat. 16

Surrey Reflexology Restore balance to the physical, mental and emotional self. Reflexology is a touch therapy applied through pressure on specific reflex points on the hands and feet. Rest & Relax 30mins £25 Full 1hr treatment £45 07729 850081

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making the withdrawal and paying it off on your account, overriding your usual interest-fee period for purchases. Making cash withdrawals on a credit card may also be seen as a bad sign on your credit record, so it’s definitely worth avoiding if you are planning a loan or mortgage application in the coming months.

SPENDING ABROAD With travel restrictions easing, more of us will be taking a city break or soaking up some sun overseas this summer. That means using foreign currency, but what’s the best way to spend abroad? CASH While a range of options could be best for your case, the golden rule to remember is never to get currency at the airport if you can help it. Those exchanges usually offer highly uncompetitive rates, knowing that at this point you have little opportunity to shop around.

The earlier you can get your money, the more options you have. As well as specialist currency exchanges, many supermarkets and large retailers offer foreign money, though you may need to order money for some countries a few days in advance. You can also use online exchanges that will post the money to you by a secure delivery service. To be sure you get the best deal, check out online comparison sites that show you the available rates and fees.

If you expect to be spending a lot overseas, you could consider getting a specialist credit card. These usually carry no fees or exchange load, so you get the cheapest spending. The downside is that they often carry high interest if you don’t pay your bill in full, so they are better as a source of convenience rather than borrowing. You will also have to go through the usual credit checks when applying, so not everyone will be approved for every card. You could also get a prepaid travel card. These let you ‘load’ the card with a balance in pounds and then lock in a fixed exchange rate. Once you’re overseas, you can use them like an ordinary debit card. Check fees carefully: you may have to pay a transaction fee each time you spend or withdraw cash.

BANK CARD Another option is to use your existing bank cards, either to withdraw cash overseas or to make purchases. Using a combination of cards and currency exchanges may be the best blend of cost and convenience. However, you’ll need to check with your bank to see what fees apply. This can be a complex issue as it involves several different fees. Some cards carry a fee to use a cash machine abroad, usually a few percent of the withdrawal amount. Some cards carry a fixed fee for every purchase you make. With both withdrawals and purchases, you may be charged an ‘exchange load’, which is effectively a fee in the form of a slightly worse exchange rate than the current market rate. CREDIT CARD Be particularly wary of using your ordinary Credit card to withdraw cash overseas. You may have to pay interest for the period between 20

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166-168 Hook Road, Surbiton. KT6 5BZ

020 8397 1138 / 020 8391 1134

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Clubbercise Chessington Contact Carly on 07989 475126 Thursday 6:30 - 7:15pm Aikido-Spirit 07919 124651 Sunday 5 - 8pm ST MARY’S CENTRE CHURCH LANE, CHESSINGTON, SURREY, KT9 2DR General enquiries Tel: 07732 019152 Email: Moves Fitness with Nicky Monday 7:30 - 8:30pm Moves Fitness Gold with Sara-Jane 07958 480662 Tues 9:45 – 10:45am & 11:15am - 12:15pm Moves Fitness with Scott Friday 10 - 11am Bend to the Beat with Rebekah A fusion of dance and yoga Friday 9:45 - 10.45am First Class Learning chessington Maths and English Tuition Saturday 10:30am - 12:30pm Patello Jiu Jitsu Monday 7:30 – 8:30pm Tuesday 7:30 – 8:30pm Wednesday 7:30 – 8:30pm Thursday 7:30 – 8:30pm Saturday 11am -12pm Kay Rose Dance Mon 5 - 6pm Tues 3:45 - 6.30pm Weds 3:45 – 6.30pm Tai Chi for Health Thursday 7:15 - 8:15pm ‘Small Hands’ Baby and Toddler group for parents and carers Wednesday 10.00-11.30am

Progress Pilates Build strength, relieve aches and tone Pilates classes. Call Helen on 07889 142134 Tuesday 7 – 8 and 8 - 9pm Thursday 10 – 11am Saturday 9:30 – 10:30am Monday morning class starting soon Free trial available TinyTalk Baby Signing with Steph 07852 976680 Monday 9:30 – 10:30am

Community Food Pantry Every Saturday 10am - 12pm Open to everyone in need of a little help.

Dear Chessington & Malden Rushett Residents, I hope you are all well and enjoying a break from the rain! Your Kingston Neighbourhood Teams and local ward officers have had another busy month. There have been a number of proactive operations across the borough resulting in burglars, drug dealers and thieves being arrested and charged. Cross border operations with Surrey Police will remain a priority to tackle County Lines and disrupt those that choose to come to our town and commit offences. Your Chessington teams have been working hard to engage with our vulnerable communities delivering crime prevention advice to many local care homes and we would really appreciate the opportunity to visit you and your groups to promote our safety campaigns. We are grateful to the Phoenix Club for hosting our team at a recent crime prevention event. Chessington is a wonderful safe town, we know we can always achieve more but our crime statistics continue to be low and we will keep Burglary, ASB and Theft related offences at the forefront of our policing priorities and continue to deliver our campaigns at events throughout the forthcoming months. We continue to work alongside Kingston Council to ensure a joint collaborative approach to tackle ASB, Hate Crime, Violence Against Women & Girls & Violence offences across the Borough. As always I would really like to encourage you to get involved in the initiatives (leaflet distribution/ weapon sweeps etc) or indeed just get in touch with the team with your ideas on how we can do things better together. In partnership with our Borough Licensing Unit, your officers have been working closely with venues that experience ASB or violence related incidents and we will continue to be robust in dealing with shops or establishments that do not comply with legislation. We want our pubs and shops to be responsible to the communities they serve in the sale of their goods so everyone can enjoy this wonderful town and be confident that your families and friends are safe both at day and night.


Following complaints regarding particular locations within Chessington, the team in partnership with Richard Dean Neighbourhood & Communities Manager from Kingston Council have had the installation of several CCTV cameras approved to tackle ASB and criminal offences reported near the venues. This is a fantastic achievement and I look forward to updating you with results once they have been installed. Your Ward officers and PCSOs will be conducting enhanced patrol plans in our open spaces as the…hopefully…warmer weather approaches. Please get in touch if there are areas of particular concern that you would like them to patrol. I will include your teams contact email addresses below. This is not to report a crime but a method for you to raise concerns, request patrols in particular areas, ask for advice or if you want us to visit a vulnerable neighbour or friend. It is important as a community we look out for and support our neighbours and the wider community particularly those who are not on social media as this can often be a challenge to share our messaging and contact sessions. We are constantly looking at ways to improve on our connections with the community and welcome any feedback or ideas that you may have to address this. April was expected to be a challenging month for us due to planned Extinction Rebellion protests across London. This will unfortunately have had an impact on your teams due to abstractions in policing the protests including frequent extended tours of duty and shift changes however I want to reassure you that we have been working incredibly hard to keep these to a minimum. Please look out for your neighbours, report suspicious activity and share our safety campaigns and crime prevention advice. Have a wonderful day & thank you for your continued support. Trudy Hutchinson Inspector Kingston Neighbourhoods Have your leaflets delivered inside Chessington Chat Magazine for £33 per 1000. Printing quotes available too via our local printers Direct Colour.

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RESIDENTS’ ASSOCIATIONS Chessington District Residents’ Association 45th Annual General Meeting Tuesday 21st June 2022 at 7.30pm Chessington Methodist Church Hall, Moor Lane In July 1948 the National Health Service was launched and we saw the foundation of our NHS. We cannot mention the NHS at this time without saying a sincere thank you to all the staff and people working in Primary Care, Care Services and our local Pharmacies for their dedication and selflessness during the Pandemic. Seventy four years later we will, arguably, see the biggest reorganisations of our NHS and its related Care/Well-being services. This July will be the launch of a project called the Integrated Care Strategy (ICS) part of the NHS 10year Plan to transform our NHS (National Health Service) to the NCS (National Care Service). Leave all the initials and acronyms to the internal experts, all you need to know is that the NHS 10 year Plan is to make Health & Well-being Services more proactive, filling in the gaps between the services e.g. more preventative health checks, seeing services brought closer to the Patient and smoothing out the discharge process from hospitals and handing the patient back into Community Care or their own home. We need to ensure we are all involved in making sure this is the case and we see the organisations work around the patients, rather than, as up until now, patients having to fit around the organisations. It should mean your involvement more in the decision-making process when it comes to your personal health, with things such as Patient Choice when it comes to being referred to specialist services, etc. To try and give you some idea as to what is happening and an opportunity to ask questions, and hopefully allay any fears you may have, we have been very fortunate in having three guests agreeing to attend our AGM. Our Guest Speakers will be:Martin Ellis - Director of Transformation National Health Service for South West London Clinical Commissioning Group Iona Lidington - Director of Public Health, Royal Borough of Kingston Mike Keen - CEO Kingston & Richmond Local Pharmaceutical Committee This is possibly the most dramatic and important change since 1948 and if done correctly could see our new integrated NCS (National Care Service) become one of the best, if not the finest, in the world and truly patient lead. To do this it needs to be an all-inclusive process putting the patient at the forefront, together with all the different health and well-being services, plus the large number of volunteer groups. They all need to be able to work together. Hopefully the meeting will go some way to help you understand what is coming and give you an opportunity to ask questions and get the best out of the services in the future. We very much look forward to seeing you. You do not have to be a Member to attend. Chairman – Colin Punch – Tel. 020 8397 2659 – To receive a copy of our minutes contact us on e-mail 30

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MALDEN RUSHETT RESIDENTS’ ASSOCIATION London Mayor Sadiq Khan is proposing to expand the Ultra-low Emission Zone (ULEZ) to cover the whole of Greater London by the end of 2023. This announcement comes less than 6 months after the ULEZ was first expanded to cover the area up to but not including the north and south circular roads, having initially just covered central London. Although a consultation will be required before any changes are implemented, we all need to be aware of what this will mean to us should Mayor Khan get the go-ahead to implement the ULEZ. Malden Rushett is situated within the Borough of Kingston upon Thames so we are ripe for the picking of the ULEZ. This will mean further expense and hardship for our residents should it be brought in. I have taken some time to think about services we presently ‘enjoy’ provided to us by Transport for London, it has not taken long to fathom this out as the advantages of being within the auspices of TFL are very few and are in fact to our detriment. One might be tempted to say they are not fit for purpose! Perhaps TFL should take a close look at our transport links in Malden Rushett, consisting of one bus every half an hour and reducing to one an hour at night. At least we had two buses running through the village when I was a child, so no improvement of services has been made to take into account Mayor Khan’s latest robbery idea called ULEZ. Everywhere you look around is unkempt: the A243 with overhanging trees and branches rarely cut back resulting in damage to vehicles, potholes either patched or left open, road surfacing breaking up and grass verges badly cut especially if they are of a complicated shape. A relatively new junction (by TFL standards) that has taken many, many years to install but despite repeated requests for right hand filters on Rushett Lane and Fairoak Lane to avoid accidents nothing has materialised. No pedestrian crossing to save lives at The Star end of Malden Rushett despite so many pedestrian crossings in the main part of Chessington. Don’t you think that the charges we already pay TFL are ridiculous for the services we receive from them? Our Residents are paying the price for TFL’s gross mismanagement of the high budget they are trusted with. Malden Rushett is not inner city and we do not benefit from TFL in any way shape or form, with the exception of the bus pass. Transport links in Malden Rushett are non-existent so I guess we all need to get on our hiking boots to walk into Leatherhead or Chessington to be able to make our way anywhere if our vehicles do not meet the standards required. Good reliable public transport is a must before anything like the proposals Mayor Khan is considering. On a much more positive point, everywhere I look the countryside is white with blossom, spring lambs and foals are being born and birds are nesting. Brilliant walks around our greenbelt countryside with plenty of space and fresh air for the next generation to play and recover from the ills of covid. Our wildlife is just as entitled to exist as we are and need the countryside to breed and call home, so hands off to all you developers who are out to exploit Malden Rushett, the MRRA will continue to defend any further development on greenbelt land. Please be aware of the harm taking illegal substances can do to your children as the younger they get caught up in the world of drugs the more damage is done. Damage to young brains can lead to a lifetime of mental health issues and no doubt most of us are aware of the increase in the need for more mental health services. Local elections are being held on Thursday the 5th May so do please try to vote if you possibly can, your vote could make all the difference. Our hearts go out to all those who are suffering in the world particularly those who are caught up in conflict, we send love and wish you peace. Beryl Gibson, Chairman MRRA.

0775 1024358

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R & N DECORATING For all your painting and decorating No job too small References available

020 8397 4883 07958 314721



Mob: 07929 786895

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Established since 1970


OPEN DAY SATURDAY 21st MAY 9.00-13.00 Please e-mail or call to arrange your visit ENQUIRIES TO OWNER/MANAGER: MRS. S. MCNAMARA 07916 586417 or E. Mail: Website: OFSTED RATING: GOOD January 2017 Registration No.131787

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KIDS OF KINGSTON: ENTER KINGSTON MUSEUM’S DESIGN COMPETITION TO CELEBRATE QUEEN ELIZABETH II’S PLATINUM JUBILEE Leading artists and photographers have been involved in creating the official decorative objects that mark Royal Coronations and Jubilees. One of Kingston Museum’s most famous exhibits is the ‘Crazy Patchwork Vase’ that Thomas Abbot, an expert in restoration, created using 1540 broken pieces of china to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897. Now it’s your turn: Design a cup, a plate, a dish, or even a tea towel using any media. Challenge, innovate or simply go traditional. Selected by a panel of judges, the winning designs will be included in Kingston Museum’s Jubilee Display - Commemorative Ware: A Royal Tradition. How to enter: Take a jpeg photograph of your design sized between 2-5+MB. Email your entry to by Saturday 7 May 2022. There will be two age categories - Under 11s and 12-16s. Include your name, age and a contact email address. Please include the declaration ‘I confirm that this design is my own work, and give permission for the finished design to be produced and displayed in Kingston Museum’s Jubilee display.’ Hook Singers We are continuing to meet every Friday morning between 10.30am and mid-day in the Methodist Church Hall in Chessington as we start to prepare for our summer concert. Do come and join us if you enjoy singing popular songs and songs from the shows. We are a friendly group and no experience is necessary just a love of singing. We have coffee, tea and biscuits at half time and a warm welcome awaits. Please contact Ruth Mackinlay for more details: Ruth Mackinlay - Chair. 0774 6234508 Email:

Projected Stories An Oral History of Kingston’s cinemas Did you work in any of Kingston’s cinemas in the past? Were you a frequent cinema goer? Would you like to come and share your memories for a new local history project?

Kingston Heritage Service have teamed up with oral history specialists digital-works on a project that will explore and record the history of Kingston’s cinemas from the perspective of those who worked in them and visited them over the years. We are looking for anyone who can spare an hour to share stories of their working lives as projectionists, usherettes, managers etc or simply as frequent visitors to any of the Royal Borough’s many cinemas in their heydey. The interviews will form an important addition to the Borough’s archives and you’ll be making history in this fun and fascinating project. To find out more please contact Matthew Rosenberg e t 07949 107023

Chessington & Hook Voluntary Care Scheme At last, we’ve been able to plan an outing for our clients and look forward to taking many of them to share a cream tea at Chessington Garden Centre in May. It feels good to be taking another step towards “normality” and we hope everyone will enjoy getting together again. In the meantime if you need our help or would like to volunteer with us, please call 020 8397 6298, Monday to Friday, 9am to 12 noon. Chessington & Hook Voluntary Care Scheme

Chessington Unity Running Club We're celebrating our 1st year birthday! It's been a year of fun, laughter and some running too. In March we saw our first awards ceremony. Congratulations to all our award winners’

We'd love you to join us. We have lots of runs to choose from - morning sessions 7am Tuesday and Thursday, 7pm Thursday evening session (with a range of paces and distances) and runs on Saturday mornings (9am). We often go to the pub after the evening session, and pop into a local cafe after the morning weekday sessions. Joining costs just £5 for the year - less than a cup of coffee and a cake. Whatever your pace, come join us for a free taster! For more information on trying out a session or how to join email or visit our website:

PHOENIX SOCIAL CLUB for over 60's We are a friendly group of over 60's who meet up on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 10am and 4pm at The King's Centre, Chessington. There is ample car parking space and we are also on the K4 bus route. Ladies and gentlemen please don't be shy, why not come along, as it is free for the first month, to see if you would enjoy the chat, tea, coffee and biscuits, companionship, varied activities and outings that are arranged. Regular weekly activities are: Freestyle Art Group (Tuesdays), exercises, Bingo and various board games. We are always happy to listen to the ideas of our members if there is something you would like to do. All of the above activities are covered by a monthly membership fee of £10, which goes towards the cost of hiring the facility and includes the costs of tea, coffee and biscuits. Additionally, throughout the year, as well as our regular meetings at the Centre, we arrange several social outings. These can include; annual coach trip to seaside, pub lunches, cream teas, ten pin bowling. These outings would be partially subsidised by the club but paid for separately by members.

If you are interested please come along or for more information contact....... Marjorie Hunt tel: 0208 397 2350 or Maureen Barney tel: 0208 287 0162

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Kingston U3A Singers

The Eight O’clock Circle

After all the lockdowns we’re now a smaller but very friendly choir and are actively looking for new recruits. As well as being good for your physical and mental health, singing is great fun! There are no auditions, anyone can join. We sing mostly in “4 parts” which means you’ll sing with those your voice matches. We sing a wide variety of music, ranging from jolly folk tunes, lovely Christmas carols and songs from shows to inspiring pieces by great composers. You’ll recognise many and may remember singing along to them or singing carols in church or at school.

The Eight O’clock Circle meet in the Royal British Legion Hall, Church Lane, Chessington. KT9 2DR at 8pm.

We do use music sheets, but very few of us can sing straight off the page, so if you’re not familiar with sheet music don’t let that stop you from joining - you can always follow the dots up and down along the lines. The words will be there, so you don’t have to worry about anything. We meet on Thursday mornings from 10.30 for 2 hours, with a coffee break halfway, at Glenmore House, 6 The Crescent, Surbiton. KT6 4BN. There is ample free parking and also the railway station and several buses for public transport. If you would like to come, please ring Helga on 0208 397 8712 or Roger on 07759 020433 for any questions you may have and for a welcoming contact and personal introduction on the day.

HOOK ALLOTMENTS & GARDENS ASSOCIATION Our friendly allotment association was founded over 50 years ago and is run by volunteers. We provide a wide range of composts, fertilisers, seeds; gardening products at not-for-profit club prices to members. Membership costs £5 a year and our trading facility is situated next to the entrance to the allotment plots, just beyond the rugby club pavilion, at the rear of King Edward’s recreation ground, Hook Road, Chessington. Sun: 10am-12noon Email: Hook Leisure Gardeners Association

HOOK CHURCH PRAYER GROUP If you would like to pray with someone, Hook Church, Brook Road, Surbiton. KT6 5DB is open for this on Saturday mornings between 11-12.30. You would be most welcomed. Any queries please ring Barbara on 020 8391 0335

Our programme for the month: 5th May - Our spring lunch 19th May - A visit to Leonardslee Gardens We welcome new members. For further details of the club please contact Maureen Peters. Tel 020 8397 1559

BUCKLAND WOMEN’S CLUB Welcomes all new members and invites them to come and join us and see what we do. Tuesday afternoons 2.30 start (door open 2pm) at Chessington Methodist Church, Moor Lane enq to Jennifer Savage 020 8391 5362 May program: 3rd - May Merrie 10th - Quiz time with Bernard China 17th - The A- Z of Kingston with Julian McCarthy 24th - Social afternoon details later 31st - Afternoon Tea at the Library

Chessington Art Group We meet for 2 hours on Thursdays to paint and draw. If you have an interest in art and would like to practice and improve your skills with the help and advice of a tutor, then come along and join us. Thursday 9.30 to 11.30am at The Methodist Church Hall, KT9 2DJ Thursday 1.00 to 3.00 pm at The Kings Centre, KT9 2GZ For more information see us on line at or phone D Savage on 020 8391 5362

Hook Litterpick Saturday 28th May We welcome everyone of all ages and would love to see some new faces for 2022 - an hour of fresh air while meeting new people in our community. The Parish Hall, Hook Road @ 10am all equipment supplied. Any queries email These community pages are FREE for local groups, clubs, residents and charities. Submissions are accepted on the proviso that they can be formatted to fit the available space.

Providing excellence locally for over 15 years

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Kingston's FREE healthy lifestyles services

Chessington Fun Day request

Do you have concerns about your health? Healthy changes start with little changes. You might be trying to stop smoking, or want to get more active, or reach a healthy weight. Have you thought about cutting back on alcohol? Do you want to feel less stressed? It might be the right time to find out how to strengthen your bones and improve balance, or manage Type 2 diabetes. All these service offers are FREE to anyone living, working, studying or registered with a GP in Kingston. Make contact to discuss if you are eligible. Tel 020 8547 6815 Email

This is a request with a difference, I’m not chasing work, I’m chasing your generosity So sure that you wont shirk.

Kingston and District Civil Service Pensioners’ Alliance group are continuing with their monthly meetings on the last Tuesday every month except July, August & December at 2pm at Marion Hill House, Girl Guide Hut, Tadworth Avenue, New Malden KT3 6DJ. Limited parking available and on main bus routes and near to local railway station. Next meeting dates are 26th April, 31st May & 28th June. In addition to our main interest of keeping our members in touch with local and national issues and keeping our members informed with a regular Newsletter and website access, we organise a variety of speakers to entertain us at our meetings, on lighter subjects. For more information contact Brenda Denby tel 020 8398 6054/email /

I’m working with a project To give all kids some fun, A day out in Chessington, To share with Dad and Mum. We lay on a fun fair, Burgers and hot dogs too, Now here comes the punchline, This is what I want you to do. Have a look through your cupboards For those gifts you’ll never use, I’d like them for the tombola, For plenty of prizes to choose. And if you’d like to come along To help for an hour or two, I’m sure you will enjoy yourselves, There is so much you can do. So put it in your diary, It’s Wednesday 1st of June, At Chessington, on Churchfields, It’s all happening soon. Please contact Sue Towner 07734 136697


We hope everyone had a great Easter Holiday and managed to spend some time outside enjoying the start of spring. The lovely ladies at Hook and Chessington WI had an Easter themed meeting with a raffle and an Easter Egg for all, plus an entertaining talk on the history of cheese. The groups are continuing to flourish and our new walking group had an energetic walk along the tow path to Hampton Court. Why not join us and see in person what we will get up to. Our next meeting (May) will be to discuss our next resolution highlight: the number of Women and Girls with ADHD and ASD who are misdiagnosed, undiagnosed or undersupported. Plus, we will have a talk on natural Dyes. If you want to see if it will be what our ladies will want to champion throughout the year, we meet on the 2nd Thursday at 7.30pm of each month at Hook and Southborough Parish Hall. Call Chris Wilson 07710 098356 or email

Free of charge electrical items. To collect as one lot or any single item. • Panasonic Video player / recorder • Panasonic DVD player / recorder • Human Freeview receiver/ recorder • Cordless phone / answer phone with 3 handsets Call Peter on 020 8397 0443 Got something to sell or give away? Email

Alexandra Table Tennis Club. Mon eves. 7.30-9.30pm St Georges Hall, Hamilton Avenue, Tolworth KT6 7PF. All players welcome. Contact Andrew 07917 422137 Alexandra Blenheim Academy Table Tennis Club. Sat 11.30am - 1.30pm for 8-15 year olds. Glyn School, The Kingsway, Ewell, KT17 1NB. £5 per session. Tony 07703 602552 / Bereavement Café - a group to support those dealing with the loss of a loved one. Meets every 1st Saturday at 10am at The King's Centre. All welcome and invited details on https:// Better Bones, St Mary’s Centre, Church Lane. 11.30am Thurs. 0300 123 8086 / Bowls - Surbiton Bowling Club, Alexandra Rec, Tolworth. Tues eves 5:50pm. David Lark 020 8224 2385. Buckland Womens Club. Tues afternoons. Chessington Methodist Church. Jennifer Savage 020 8391 5362 Chessington Art Group. Thurs am Chessington Methodist Church Hall. Thurs pm The King’s Centre. 020 8391 5362 Chessington Beavers, Cubs & Scouts. Meet at Scout HQ to rear of 33, Garrison Lane. Beavers: Mon 6-7pm, Cubs: Tues 6.45-8.15pm; Scouts: Fri 7-9pm. or email Chessington Bowling Club, Church Lane - beginners, juniors and adults welcome - contact Club Secretary - 8397 6705 email: chessingtonbc@aol com Chessington Children's Centre at Castle Hill Primary. Stay & Play sessions, Breastfeeding support, Family Learning etc. 020 8397 2006. Toy Library at Hook Centre, Tues term time, 9.3011am. 020 8408 8927 Chessington Cricket Club. Sir Francis Barker Sports Ground, Leatherhead Road, KT9 2NB. 020 8397 9194 Chessington & Hook United & Hook Youth Football Club. Chalky Lane, Chessington. For Match & Training details call Andy on 07958 616829 Chessington Methodist Badminton Club. Tues eves Chessington Methodist Church Hall. Tony 0208 397 3081 Chessington Methodist Women's Fellowship. Programme inside Coffee Bar Door. Sec. Joy Fogg 0208 397 2104. Chessington Unity Running Club. 7am Tue and Thu, 7pm Thu, 9am Sat. Email: Facebook: Web: Chessington Youth Action, Reg Charity 1058965. 97 Ruxley Lane, West Ewell. KT19 9HB Corinthian-Casuals FC. Amateur football club for 4-18yrs at King George’s Field, Hook Rise South, Queen Mary’s Close, Tolworth. KT6 7NA. Friends of Shooting Star Children's Hospices - Epsom & Chessington. Sarah Johnson, 07921 774 191 Golden Slippers. Ballet class for mature clients. Surbiton New Life Baptist Church, Balaclava Road, Surbiton KT6 5PW. Tues 10.45 -11.45 am. Meryl. Tel: 0794 4246778 Guides, Brownies & Rainbows in Hook & Chessington. Ann Fairhall 020 8391 4730 for details/ waiting lists. Guitar & Ukulele Group Tues 8-9.30pm, Chessington Methodist Church. Chris 07920 180270/ 1st Hook Beavers. Wed 6– 7pm, Fri 5.30– 6.30pm. 1st Hook Cubs. Tue 6.45 – 8.15pm, Thurs 6.45– 8.15pm. 1st Hook Scouts. Fri 7.30– 9.30pm. Surbiton South Explorers. Thurs 8 – 10pm. Group HQ, Verona Drive, Surbiton. Group

Scout Leader Fergus Lang: 2nd Hook Beavers Weds 5:30-6:30pm, 2nd Hook Cubs Tues 7-8:30pm, 2nd Hook Scouts Weds 7-8:30pm. Group Scout Leader Emma Nash, 0794 4031369, Hook Scout & Guide Band. Mon eves 7-9.30pm at 1st Hook Scout HQ, Verona Drive. 9 years +. Anne & Ray Bridger 020 8397 7525. Hook Allotments & Gardens Association. Sun 10-11am at the rear of King Edward’s Rec Ground. Hook & Chessington WI. 7.30pm every 2nd Thurs in the month. Hook & Southborough Hall, 224 Hook Road, Hook. Chris Wilson 07710 098356 or email Hook & Southborough Bowling Club. King Edward’s Recreation Ground. David 020 8397 1294 / Keith 07906 576270 Hook & Southborough Cricket Club. Somerset Avenue, Chessington. Players wanted. Keith 07828 119552. Hook Singers. Fridays 10.30-12noon at Chessington Methodist Church. New members welcome, no auditions. Contact Ruth Mackinlay 07746 34508 / Further details at King George Field Indoor Bowls Club, Jubilee Way. Open 7 days from 8.30am. Kevin 0208 397 7025 Kingston Association for the Blind Mon-Fri 10.00/ midday. 020 8605 0060,, Kingston Cycling Campaign. Easy pace rides around Surrey. Email: Kingston Rugby Club. King Edwards Recreation Ground, Hook Road. Seniors meet Tues eves, Minis on Sun 10am-12 noon. Contact Graeme Maisey 07866 124282. Email Little Rascals Toddler Group @ Hook Evangelical Church, Brook Rd, Surbiton. Drop-in group for parents, babies & pre-schoolers. Songs, crafts, play, chat and cake! £1/family. Fri 9.30-11.30am (term-time) Sandra Fitzpatrick 07720 675825 Mrs Bennet's Ballroom. Regency style dance. St Marks Church Hall, Surbiton KT6 4LS. 8pm-10.30pm. £5. 020 8391 1215. Racal Decca RFC. Senior, social rugby in a friendly, inclusive environment. Home matches Saturday's, Tolworth Court, KT4 7QH., Tel; Robert Holmes 07980 802241 Old Kingstonians Hockey Club. Ditton Fields, Summer Road, Thames Ditton. Social club. Mens/ladies teams. Train Weds. Games on Sat, juniors on Sun. Georgina Perry on 020 8397 2367 Surbiton & District Historical Society. 020 8399 4473 Surbiton Floral Club. 1st Wed in month. Raeburn Hall , United Reformed Church, cnr of Elgar/Raeburn Avenue, Berrylands. 7.30pm. Floral demonstrations; talks; workshops & outings. 020 8399 8193 St Paul’s Mothers’ Union Branch. 10am every 2nd Tues. St Paul’s Centre. Carole Noakes 020 8391 2362. The Eight O’Clock Circle. 1st & 3rd Thurs eves of the month. Royal British Legion Hall. 020 8397 1559. The Friendship Club over 60s group at The Kings Centre on 1st, 3rd and 5th Mons. 1.30-3.30pm. 020 8391 5522 The St Paul’s Players. Jean Harwood 020 8391 5133 West Chessington Childrens Centre. Lovelace Primary School. Stay & play sessions, Cook & eat courses, Messy Play and Welly walks. 020 8391 2145


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PLEASE REMEMBER TO MENTION CHESSINGTON CHAT WHEN RESPONDING TO ADVERTS Art Classes 33 Irina Taneva Bicycle Maintenance/ Servicing Rebel Waltz 9 Cycle Solutions Children’s Pre-School, Nurseries & Day Care 39 Advantage Day Nursery 35 Hook Pre-School 15 Toad Hall Nursery Care Services 37 Visiting Angels Chimney Sweeps 6 Dave & Jim Russell * Community & Council 13 Celebrate Chessington * 17 Chessington Chess Club Kingston & Surbiton Conservative Association 28/29 Chessington World of 44 Adventures Resort Kingston Churches Housing 19 Association * Kingston Liberal Democrats * 27 23 St Mary’s Centre Counselling 3 CPA Dog Grooming 20 Jenny Coll Dog Grooming Dog Walking /Pet Sitting 20 Keith Orbell Domestic Cleaning 6 Ovenclean 7 Time for You

Electrician George Curran 33 RNB Electrical Services 18 Estate & Letting Agents Compass 24/25 Harmes Turner Brown 47 Jackson Noon 2 & 48 Estate Planning Joanne Orbell 33 Shortland Sawbridge 8 Film & Video services Cine Sanctuary 15 Function venue Chessington Cricket & Sports Club 11 Garage / Vehicle Repair Elmwood Vehicles 43 Garden Centre Chessington Garden Centre 22 Gardening/Landscaping Mark’s Gardening Services 15 Parish Arboriculture 21 Prime Tree Care 3 RJ Trees 41 SB Landscapes 35 Tolworth Fencing 32 Woodham & Sons 10 Hair & Beauty Choppers Hairdressers 35 Julie Harris Nail Cutting 33 The Treatment Room 15 Health & Fitness Willow Tree Health & Wellbeing Studio 10

Host Families Stay at homes * 6 Hypnotherapy Catherine Bayliss 33 Home Improvements Angel Roofing 41 1&5 Carpets 4 U JH Building Services 18 Jim’s Handy 33 Roofing & Guttering repairs 15 R & N Decorating 33 TD Gutter Clean 33 IT / PC / TV Services Ashton Davis 9 CLP Computer Services 18 Leisure / Events King George Field Indoor Bowls Club 21 Surbiton RBL Youth Marching Band * 14 & 34 Locksmith About-Turn Locks 8 Mini Cab Zedcarz 1 Motorcycle Sales & Service Chessington Motorcycles 21 Reflexology Surrey Reflexology 16 Repairs Good as new 10 Sheltered Housing Abbeyfield Southern Oaks 9


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