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Welcome to our January magazine….

We hope you have had or indeed are still having a wonderful Christmas break. Perhaps the most normal for several years if you were lucky. And so as we deliver this January magazine it’s a chance to recharge for a bit, finish off the chocolates and enjoy a festive family film or two.

This month amongst other subjects both our Residents’ Associations have much to say on the topic of ULEZ, see pages 28 and 30 for details.

We welcome the following new and returning advertisers: Herbalife Nutrition p.3, AGD Guitar lessons p.6, Halsa Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Clinic p.6 and Edwards of Surrey p.31.

Offers and promotions come from: Carpets 4 U p.5, Progress Pilates p.6, Halsa Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Clinic p.6, Just lawns & gardens p.8, The Optical Gallery p.11, Jigsaw Surbiton p.13, Time for You p.17, Elmwood Vehicles p.19, Edwards of Surrey p.31, Chessington Garden Centre p.35 and GRASSify p.47.

As always it’s a very quick turnaround between delivery of this magazine and our February deadline so please get in touch as soon as possible if you would like any space next month.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year! Sally

Inside: DIY Probate?…………………..……………… What’s on………………………………………. Safer Neighbourhoods…………………………. A warming wood burner……………………… Kingston Young Carers…………………………. Residents’ Associations……………………… Taxing times…………………..……………….. Community pages……………….… Useful contacts and Local listings…..………. Index of advertisers and advertising rates……. CHESSINGTON CHAT MAGAZINE Editor & Publisher: Sally Hawkins Contributors: Beryl Gibson, MRRA Colin Punch, CDRA Catherine Sawbridge Editorials and advertisements: 020 8337 7041 75 Cromwell Road, Worcester Park. KT4 7JR Printed by: Buxton Press Website: Paramount Website Design FEBRUARY DEADLINE: Monday 9th January with delivery w/c 22nd January Disclaimer: Whilst all reasonable care is taken to ensure the accuracy of information included in CHESSINGTON CHAT, the publishers can take no responsibility for the accuracy of statements made by contributors or advertisers or for the loss arising from non publication of any advertisement. All information correct at time of going to print. 8 12 16 20 26 28/30 32 36/38/40/42 44/45 46
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When a loved one dies, it is a traumatic time for all family and friends.

Unfortunately, just when it is needed the least, the responsibilities for wrapping up the deceased’s affairs weigh heavily on those individuals. If Probate is required, the amount of work is compounded.

In the Probate process it is necessary to report to HMRC so that the Estate can be assessed for Inheritance Tax. A recent report shows that more people are now filing their own returns rather than seeking professional IHT advice in a bid to cut down expenses. However, is this wise?

The same report confirms that HMRC opened 3,574 investigations into Inheritance Tax (IHT) in 2020-21 resulting in £254 million in revenue. So with more scope for error, HMRC are more likely to launch investigations against those who choose to selfassess.

Shortland and Sawbridge have years of experience in this field and offer a fixed fee Probate service, don’t struggle with D.I.Y Probate, call in the professionals and save yourself the worry, stress and involvement with HMRC!

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Have you written your Will? We will help you take care of this important task. We are members of the Institute of Professional Willwriters. Home visits at your convenience. Please call 01372 741418 or email We also prepare Lasting Power of Attorney and offer Probate Services.
Catherine Sawbridge
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Dear Residents,

I hope you’re all well. I’m settling in well in the South of the Borough and getting my feet under the table. I’m having a great time engaging with those of you who I meet here and I’ve a couple of examples of why this is already standing out to me as a great community.

A few weeks ago we had a police incident where I had cause to close a residential street in Chessington to allow for our police dogs to search the road and gardens for some suspects. This was to allow the dog to search unhindered, and not mistake any of our residents as a suspect! Unfortunately this search went on for some time and I had to explain to many residents that I’d prefer if they didn’t enter the street in which they lived until we were done. I braced myself for the inevitable (but understandable) complaints but none came. To my surprise, every local resident was understanding and supportive of us doing our job, despite us inconveniencing them. That wasn’t something I’ve often come across.

A second example of great community spirit was at a car crash in late November. I was “flagged down” to the crash whilst out on patrol. I saw the better part of a dozen people stood by the side of the road, but I was told that only one person was involved in the crash. I then realised that everyone else was a local who’d heard the crash and had come out to offer their support. Within minutes, the person who’d crashed was being made comfortable in a chair, wrapped in jackets, covered by an umbrella, had a check-up by an incredibly helpful passing nurse and was being offered teas and coffees. Luckily, no one was hurt and the driver was even offered shelter in a local resident’s house whilst they awaited their vehicle recovery.

We have another impending move for the team. PC Charlotte Kerr, one of our ward officers for Hook and Chessington North, is moving on to the Emergency Response Team. Luckily, Charlotte is staying in the South-West so will still be in the area when responding to emergencies here. Charlotte has been a ward officer here for her

entire service and I know many of you have been impressed with her work over the past couple of years. Hook and Chessington North will be gaining a new ward officer, PC Lydia Hume. Lydia has big boots to fill, but Charlotte will have a few weeks to show her the ropes before moving on to her new role.

Business continues as usual for us, we’re still conducting weekly Contact Sessions for each ward and would love to increase attendance. At these sessions, you can meet one of your local officers, discuss any worries you may have and get some crime prevention advice. These sessions are advertised in a variety of ways, including our SNT newsletters which go out to our mailing lists, our Twitter pages and some community WhatsApp groups.

That’s all for this month, take care, Acting Sergeant Oli Shearer.


“Your ad is working for us brilliantly. We've had loads of work this Autumn! LOADS!”

Dave & Jim Russell, Chimney Sweeps

“The advert has been a great success with lots of work being booked. We'd like to book for another 3 months please.”

“Chessington Chat has been another successful run for us and it’s been really good to have our advert running in your magazine. It's the most beneficial form of advertising for us.”

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Be another of our success stories in 2023 Email
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Chimney Sweeps Dave and Jim Russell 01372 469349 email Claygate Established 1986 All chimneys and flues swept Open fires, wood burning and solid fuel stoves Nest removal Cowl, bird guards and cap installations Advice given on any chimney or stove problems Please mention CHESSINGTON CHAT when responding to adverts 21
To advertise call 020 8337 7041 or email 22 LEARNING THROUGH PLAY Established since 1970 VENUE: HOOK PARISH HALL, HOOK ROAD, CHESSINGTON, SURREY.KT9 1PL FREE Early Education places full and part-time for 2, 3 & 4 year olds No Booking/Registration Fee required Fees £16.50 per 3 hour session Please e-mail or call to arrange your visit ENQUIRIES TO OWNER/MANAGER: MRS.S. MCNAMARA 07916 586417 or E. Mail: Website: OFSTED GOOD PROVIDER June 2022 Registration No. 131787to view report. HOST FAMILIES NEEDED Thanking all our host families for hosting our short stay students during 2022 and Wishing everyone a Happy 2023. If you have a spare room and want to earn an additional income, please contact Antoinette on 07939 182270

Kingston Young Carers’ Project Party Conference!

Kingston Carers’ Network’s Young Carers’ Project (YCP) are delighted to announce Inspiring Young Carers - the first ever Party Conference organised specially for young carers aged 5 to 22 in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames.

A young carer is a young person who provides emotional, physical or practical care and support to a relative with a disability, illness, mental health condition, or drug or alcohol problem. The Young Carers’ Project support nearly 800 young carers from the age of 5 and are the only organisation in the borough dedicated to doing so.

Young carers are among the most disadvantaged children in our society with many experiencing poverty, poor physical and mental health, and lower academic attainment. 23% of young carers say that their caring role stopped them making friends so YCP support is essential with one parent saying “It was wonderful for him to get time away from the house, where what we can do as a family is severely restricted by the needs of my other son. To be with other children who understand and live those restrictions, was wonderful.”

Young carers show an incredible amount of resilience, maturity, independence, and life skills. By offering the right support we can help young carers shine.

To celebrate young carers, the Party Conference will play host to music, magicians, goodie bags, food, prizes, face painting and entertainment as well as free entry to Chessington Zoo afterwards.

Professionals are also invited to learn how they can better support young carers in the borough. There will be the opportunity to hear directly from young carers the impact of caring on their lives and the positive impact YCP has had on them and their whole family.

Finally, there is a creative competition for young carers with prizes including an Xbox series X and £150 in Amazon vouchers. You can find out more about this by visiting -party-conference

The conference, sponsored by Chessington World of Adventures Resort and Love Kingston, will take place on Saturday 4th February 2023 at Chessington World of Adventures Resort. The event is free and open to all professionals and young carers in Kingston but you must book a space by calling 020 3031 2757 or emailing

Surrey Reflexology

Reflexology can reduce pain, promote relaxation, and improve sleep. Contact Chessington based 1hr session
07729 850081 ELECTRICIAN EXPERIENCED IN ALL ASPECTS OF ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS Mob: 07929 786895 To advertise call 020 8337 7041 or email 26


The 465 bus route runs from Kingston upon Thames through to Surbiton, Chessington, Malden Rushett, Leatherhead and Dorking. During the day it runs approximately every half an hour and then once an hour from the middle of the evening to stopping around midnight. The 465 bus is the public transport provided for Malden Rushett. We have less public transport now than we had in the 1950/60’s. The 465 runs only on the A243 through Malden Rushett and does not deviate to any other places of interest such as Epsom that has a shopping centre.

The residents of Malden Rushett are obliged to pay to the Mayor of London a fairly hefty payment for services supplied by TFL, along with the council tax they are also obliged to pay to Kingston Council. We have no choice in the matter, the payments must be made, preferably by monthly direct debit.

What do we get from TFL for our contribution to the Mayor of London’s fund?:

• Old age Pensioner’s travel concession in London;

• The A243 road, used as a direct route by huge vehicles, causing the road to subside and break up, travelling at dangerous speeds through Malden Rushett day and night;

• Bad maintenance - The A243 is extremely badly maintained by Transport for London – no funds available for the work needing done, we have been reporting the bad road surfaces for months and months and it is not until now that TFL have decided to do something about it, but when, who knows?

• Ditches and gullies - no maintenance unless done by residents, left to block and overflow;

• Badly maintained green areas;

The MRRA constantly reminds TFL of what they are responsible for in Malden Rushett.

For many years the MRRA have been campaigning for a pedestrian crossing over by the Star end of the village to allow walkers to cross the fast and busy A243, no funds available. No funds for our residents to enable them to keep their families safe when out walking with children and pets. We could of course waste an awful lot more time and breath on Transport for London failings, but have learned over the years it is a pointless waste of time………until now:


It would now appear that Mayor Khan is to impose ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) from August 2023 up to the Malden Rushett junction, therefore if residents’, businesses’, and visitors’ vehicles do not conform to ULEZ standards, they will have to pay £12.50 a day to drive into the Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames.

Who will suffer: businesses and residents from Malden Rushett driving children to school and going shopping to Chessington with vehicles that do not comply with ULEZ. We have large businesses in our immediate area that will be subject to ULEZ, these large businesses are large employers who pay tax.

Mayor Khan commissioned a consultation on ULEZ, undertaken by TFL resulting in 70% of people raising objections. Yet, he decided within an hour of receiving the results of the consultation to go ahead. He was also advised that it is possible that up to 20% of businesses within the area of ULEZ would fail.

TRANSPORT: Malden Rushett has one bus, the 465 as our main public transport! How can you implement such a measure as ULEZ without a sustainable mode of transport!

The cost of living crisis is causing local authorities to open more food banks, create warm rooms for residents to go to because they cannot afford to feed their families and keep their living accommodation warm, children are going without food; the elderly cannot keep warm or have enough to eat.

Sadiq Khan MUST reconsider ULEZ and put measures in place that will allow ordinary families to exist, feed their families and keep themselves warm. Give residents proper transport options, make repairs to roads and keep ditches open, prepare and undertake TFL’s responsibilities for the money that we have no choice other than to pay before they start to put further pressure on an already struggling and rock bottom population.

We are not an inner London Borough and we do wonder if Mayor Khan has any idea of where Malden Rushett is placed in Greater London.

Beryl Gibson, Chairman MRRA. 0775 1024358

E mail:
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into 2023 &

Chessington World of Adventures had a public consultation regarding their proposed development to create a new waterpark adventure within their grounds. It would include themed pools and slides, spa facilities, wave pool and a lazy river. It will be open not only to Park ticket holders but to visitors wanting only to visit the leisure pool.

At present, there are no such comparable water parks in Greater London or within the M25. We had long campaigned for a pool in the South of the Borough and now with the demise of the Kingfisher pool in Kingston we don’t even have that.

Set across two levels, it will include food and beverage areas.

The new extension will create an indoor sub-tropical paradise through a variety of water based activities including themed pools and slides, spa facilities, wave pool and a lazy river which transports guests outdoors overlooking the unique environment of the ‘Wanyama Reserve’.

The cost of it will be £30 million and provide many jobs during its construction and afterwards. The council’s proposed Kingfisher replacement is a larger sports centre costing £40 million which has already been increased by a further £15 million – and maybe more?

CWoA had an on-line consultation which ended on 30th November, but it is still available to view until the end of January 2023 on _

In July we wrote about the Mayor of London’s proposal to extend the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) out to the Greater London border which would include Chessington and as far as Malden Rushett. He promised that if the public were overwhelmingly against it, then he would not go ahead. However, it was recently announced that the ULEZ will be extended. This will typically affect drivers of diesel vehicles registered before 2015 and petrol ones before 2006 costing £12.50 every day they use them on the roads. This decision breaks his promise as the public were overwhelmingly against it. A consultation showed the following of those against it:-

• 68% of respondents (after organised responses are excluded).

• 70% of outer London.

• 80% of people who work in outer London.

• 80% of outer London business owners.

• 90% of black cab drivers.

• 75% of visitors to London

He plans to spend £250 million on cameras and signs for the expansion. The Mayor originally claimed that expanding the ULEZ to make it London-wide would reduce Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) emissions by 10%, but a detailed impact assessment later found that NO2 levels across London would fall by just 1%. There are a number of alternative ways pollution can be reduced instead. For example, the nine thousand strong bus fleet now includes more than four hundred all electric buses, but this only equates to 4.4% of the fleet. The Mayor has introduced twelve Low Emission Bus Zones during his term in office. A report was released in 2019 showing that these Zones have led to significant reductions in pollution levels. One which had a major impact was Putney High Street where it had exceeded legal limits for just one hour in 2019 compared to 289 hours over the same period in 2016, a reduction of over 99%. The average reduction in annual NO2 at the nine Low Emission Bus Zones where monitoring is available is 28% compared to 2016.

This charge has come at a time when people will be struggling financially due to increase costs in food, electricity, gas and vehicle fuel.

A recent survey of small businesses suggested that 18% plan to shut and 25% would pass on the extra cost to customers.

Whilst air pollution needs to be reduced, now seems not to be the best time to do it this way.

Chairman – Colin Punch – Tel. 020 8397 2659 –

To receive a copy of our minutes contact us on e-mail

Chessington District Residents’ Association
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CHESSINGTON CHAT when responding to adverts 31
sustainable landscape
Please mention

Taxing times

If you’re self-employed or in a partnership, you’ll need to file your return by 31st January. These are some tips to cut your tax bill.

Use an expert.

Unless you have very simple business affairs, using a tax professional will make sense. The accountancy fees are an allowable business expense.

Claim your expenses.

Most office supplies, equipment and software programs are allowable expenses. Claim your business-related travel expenses, including parking and a proportion of repairs and servicing on your car. Alternatively you can claim a flat rate of 45p a mile (first 10,000 miles of business driving). Any interest or fees on business account overdrafts, loans and credit cards can be claimed.

Working from home?

If you use a room exclusively for your business, you can claim a proportion of your household bills. If you only work part-time or the room serves another purpose (e.g. spare bedroom) you’ll need to reduce the proportion in a ‘fair and reasonable’ way. This is often a better option, as designating a room as being solely for business could have capital gains tax implications if you sell your property.

Not allowed.

You could face financial penalties if you include some disallowed items in your self-employment expenses. Examples include: most clothing other than uniforms or protective gear; legal fees that came about because of your wrongdoing; and most food and drink, including hospitality for clients.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this article is intended to constitute legal or financial advice.

To advertise call 020 8337 7041 or email 32

We need a calm, reliable, person. Car drivers an advantage. Our daughter currently spends Monday to Wednesday morning in Kingston/Surbiton and Wednesday afternoon to Friday in Chessington. She is at 6th Form in North Kingston during the middle of the day in term time. Pay £10-12 per hour depending on experience. Mobile 07545 569039 Email

ACCOUNTING EASE Bookkeeping · Payroll · Accounting · Self Assessment Returns · Monthly management packs 07380 530208 Loveyourbusiness, nottheaccounting! Emerging local Accountants specialising in small businesses & personal accounting.
Do you have some experience of working with young people with autism? We are looking for someone to sit with our daughter, 17. She is a happy and engaging person, who lives with drop attacks, tiredness and low mood at times.
Please mention CHESSINGTON CHAT when responding to adverts 33


General enquiries Tel: 07732 019152 Email:

Moves Fitness with Nicky

Monday 7:30 - 8:30pm

Moves Fitness Gold with Sara- Jane 07958 480662 Tuesday 9:45 10:45am & 11:15am

Moves Fitness Friday 10

First Class Learning chessington Maths and English Tuition Saturday 10:30am Patello Jiu Jitsu

Monday 7:30 Tuesday 7:30 Wednesday 7:30 Thursday 7:30 Saturday 11am

Kay Rose Dance Mon 5 Tues 3:45 Weds 3:45

Tai Chi for Health Thursday 7:15

Clubbercise Chessington

Contact Carly on 07989 475126

Thursday 6:30 - 7:15pm

Aikido-Spirit 07919 124651 Sunday 5 - 8pm

TinyTalk Baby Signing with Steph 07852 976680 Monday 9:30 – 10:30am

Community Food Pantry Every Saturday 10am – 11.15am Open to everyone in need of a little help

CBT West London Motorcycle training Mon – Fri mornings

Open Café (No charge) Monday morning 8.30 – 11am Drop in for a coffee and chat

Baby and Toddler group for parents & carers Wednesday 10.00

To advertise call 020 8337 7041 or email

Beginners' running group

There are many ways of getting fit or losing weight but the hardest thing is keeping that motivation going when you are attempting to do it on your own. Zero2Hero is a free introduction to running, taking you from the couch to 5k, organised by runners for aspiring runners. Starting from scratch we will take you through a walk to run program and help you achieve a 5km in around 10 to 12 weeks.

The group will be meeting Monday and Thursday nights at 7pm at the North Star from January 23. And if you enjoy the programme, we hope you'll join us at Chessington Unity Running Club! Are you looking for a challenge and have what it takes to see it through to the end? Visit to sign up. Entries will close soon!

Already comfortable with 5k? Join our friendly running group visit or visit our website:




1-3 Ace Parade, Hook Road. 020 8397 4564. Closed New Year’s Day.


11 The Broadway, Tolworth. 020 8390 6797. New Years Eve 9am-11pm, New Years Day 9am-10pm; BH Mon 3rd Jan 9am-10pm

Happy New Year to you all.

The Eight O’clock Circle will be returning from our Christmas break on 19th January. We meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at 8pm in the Royal British Legion, Church Lane, Chessington. KT9 2DR

We have a warm welcome for new members, why not come along and meet us.

For further details contact Maureen Peters Tel no 020 8397 1559


Kingston U3A Singers

After all the lockdowns we’re now a smaller but very friendly choir and are actively looking for new recruits. As well as being good for your physical and mental health, singing is great fun! There are no auditions, anyone can join. We sing mostly in “4 parts” which means you’ll sing with those your voice matches - but we do need more singers, especially sopranos and men, though we do have some very good sopranos, tenors and basses. We sing a wide variety of music, ranging from jolly folk tunes, and songs from shows to inspiring pieces by great composers. You’ll recognise many and may remember singing along to them or singing carols in church or at school.

We do use music sheets, but very few of us can sing straight off the page, so if you’re not familiar with sheet music don’t let that stop you from joining - you can always follow the dots up and down along the lines. The words will be there, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Our rehearsals are on Thursday mornings from 10.30 for 2 hours, with a coffee break halfway, at Glenmore House, 6 The Crescent, KT6 4BN. There is ample free parking, also the railway station and several buses for public transport. If you would like to come, please ring Helga on 0208 397 8712 or Roger on 07759 020433 for any questions you may have and for a welcoming contact and personal introduction on the day.


Our friendly allotment association was founded over 50 years ago and is run by volunteers. We provide a wide range of composts, fertilisers, seeds; gardening products at not-for-profit club prices to members. Membership costs £5 a year and our trading facility is situated next to the entrance to the allotment plots, just beyond the rugby club pavilion, at the rear of King Edward’s recreation ground, Hook Road, Chessington.

Sun: 10am-12noon


Hook Leisure Gardeners Association


If you would like to pray with someone, Hook Church, Brook Road, Surbiton. KT6 5DB is open for this on Saturday mornings between 11-12.30. You would be most welcomed. Any queries please ring Barbara on 020 8391 0335


Are you struggling with the loss of a loved one? Would you find it helpful meeting other people who understand how you feel? Join us for a tea or coffee and a friendly chat.

Held on the first Saturday of the month 10am - 11.30am

The King’s Centre, Coppard Gardens, KT9 2GZ Tel: 0208 391 5522

Stoneleigh Job Club


We would like to wish all readers a Happy and Healthy New Year. We will continue to be here throughout 2023 to help those in the community who are otherwise unable to get to medical appointments or other important events. Our office hours are 020 8397 6298 (Monday to Friday, 9.00 - 12.00 hrs). Many of our regular clients enjoyed a roast dinner lunch at the King George Field Bowls Club in November and we hope to arrange another event soon.

Our former Chairman, David Rowbotham, has stepped down from his role at our AGM but we are pleased to welcome Tricia Bamford in his place. Finally, we would like to thank Sally for giving us our regular slot in Chessington Chat - very much appreciated.

Please mention CHESSINGTON CHAT when responding to adverts 39 PAUL WHATLEY CARPENTER & JOINER Fitted Kitchens and Bathrooms Fitted Wardrobes Laminate Flooring Painting & Decorating Tiling – Walls & Floor Fencing & Decking Guttering Reliable & Tidy – references available. No job too small. City & Guilds Qualified / Fully insured. Please call: 0208 391 9104 or 07765 097192 R & N DECORATING For all your painting and decorating No job too small References available 020 8397 4883 07958 314721



all readers from BUCKLAND WOMEN’S CLUB

Meetings resume on the 17th January 2023

At the Chessington Methodist Church 2.15 for 2.30pm start

17th Jan: Special meeting for members only 24th Jan: Visit of representative from Mobility Shop

31st Jan: Coin Appraisal by Ian Franklin & Norman Clarkson

More info ring Jennifer 020 8391 5362

A happy new year from Chessington Art Group

Want to paint, wonder how to get started, don't despair, join our friendly group. Beginner or experienced all are welcome, tutors are there to encourage. We meet every Thursday morning 9.30 to 11.30 at Chessington Methodist Church Hall KT9 2DJ. and Thursday afternoon 1.00 to 3.00 at The Kings Centre KT9 2GZ

Our first sessions after the Xmas break are on Thursday 5th January. For more information see us on line at or phone D Savage 020 8391 5362

New Year, New opportunities with Age Concern Epsom and Ewell

Volunteering is a great way to meet people and to support your local community. It can also boost your own happiness and wellbeing. We have a range of volunteering positions, whether it’s involvement at a one-off event, or a weekly commitment to our clients, we have something for you, particularly if you:

• Are over 18

• Enjoy the company of older people

• Live or work locally

• Want to get involved in something rewarding and worthwhile

We have various volunteering opportunities, but at present particularly need:

• Volunteer Befrienders

• Medical Transport Scheme Drivers (mileage is paid at 50p per mile)

• and an Information and Advice Volunteer (Mon 9.30am-1.00pm)

Call our friendly Volunteer Coordinator on 01372 732458 to see which role is right for you.

These community pages are FREE for local groups, clubs, residents and charities. Submissions are accepted on the proviso that they can be formatted to fit the available space. Email or call 020 8337 7041.


We are a friendly group of over 60's who meet up on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 10am and 4pm at The King's Centre, Chessington. There is ample car parking space and we are also on the K4 bus route. Ladies and gentlemen please don't be shy, why not come along, as it is free for the first month, to see if you would enjoy the chat, tea, coffee and biscuits, companionship, varied activities and outings that are arranged.

Regular weekly activities are: Freestyle Art Group (Tuesdays), exercises, Bingo and various board games. We are always happy to listen to the ideas of our members if there is something you would like to do. All of the above activities are covered by a monthly membership fee of £10, which goes towards the cost of hiring the facility and includes the costs of tea, coffee and biscuits.

Additionally, throughout the year, as well as our regular meetings at the Centre, we arrange several social outings. These can include; annual coach trip to seaside, pub lunches, cream teas, ten pin bowling. These outings would be partially subsidised by the club but paid for separately by members. If you are interested please come along or for more information contact...

Bert Boulden tel: 020 8397 5716 or Maureen Barney tel: 020 8287 0162

Hook and Chessington WI

Our members would like to wish you all Happy New Year.

Our December meeting was filled with fun and Christmas music played by the local Guitar and Ukulele group, followed by buffet food provided by the WI ladies. January’s meeting will include an intriguing talk about the riots held in Surbiton Assembly Rooms and the continuation of our additional group activities, which will include coffee mornings, 2 book clubs and our very popular dining club.

If you wish to be part of the biggest women’s group in the country please come along. The first 3 meetings are free although you may like to buy a raffle ticket. All we ask is for you to come with an open mind and heart, and see for yourself how much fun we have, while making new friends.

We meet at 7.30pm on the 2nd Thursday of each month at Hook and Southborough Parish Hall next door to King Edwards Recreation ground.

Contact Chris Wilson on 07710 098356 or email

Hook Singers

The choir very much enjoyed rehearsing for their Christmas concert and are now looking forward to returning to rehearsals on Friday, 13 January 2023 in the Methodist Church Hall in Chessington from 10.30 -12. We are a friendly choir and we are always delighted to welcome new members. There are no auditions. If you love to sing do come along!

Ruth Mackinlay Chair, Tel: 07746 234508: Email:


Range of disability aids. Good used condition. Free to collect/will deliver to any KT area.

Items include:

• Bath seat....sits on top of Bath, rotates, so person can be showered in the bath

• Lightweight wheelchair in bag (carer propelled)

• Ramp to go over door threshold

• Rotating seat for car

• Fall alarm

• Sensor mat for chair

• Grab bars (suction to smooth surfaces)

• Pill crusher Call 07843 080229

Got something to sell or give away?
Email the details plus contact number and photo to No charge for items under £75. Local residents only please.
Please mention CHESSINGTON CHAT when responding to adverts 43


Kingston Police Control Room (Non Emergency) 101

Chessington Safer Neighbourhood Teams 020 8721 2001

Chessington & Hook Voluntary Care Scheme 020 8397 6298

The Hook Centre 020 8547 6254 Hook & Chessington Library 020 8547 5006

The Kings Centre 020 8391 5522

Kingston Hospital 020 8546 7711 Thames Water 0845 9200800 Gas Emergency 0800 111 999 Power Loss 0800 028 0247


Kingston Primary Care Weekend Service. Surbiton Health Centre Ewell Road, Surbiton KT6 6EZ 0203 841 9942

Sat & Sun 08:00hrs – 20:00hrs Walk in and wait or ring for appointment. Last appt19:30hrs

Chessington Park Surgery

Merritt Medical Centre, Merritt Gardens, Chessington. KT9 2GY 0208 739 1977

The Orchard Practice Orchard Gardens, Chessington. KT9 1AG 0208 397 9494

Hook Surgery Merritt Medical Centre, Merritt Gardens, Chessington. KT9 2GY. 0208 397 6361



St Mary The Virgin Garrison Lane, Chessington. 020 8397 3016

St Paul’s C of E 280, Hook Road, Hook. 020 8391 2362

St Catherine of Siena R C 100 Leatherhead Road, Chessington. 020 8397 3971

Kings Church Chessington

The Kings Centre, Coppard Gdns, Chessington. 020 8391 5522

Chessington Methodist Moor Lane, Chessington. 020 8296 9344

Hook Church Brook Rd, Tolworth. 020 8397 8909


Chessington North and Hook Ward: Afy Afilaka Sue Ansari

Stephanie Archer

Chessington South Ward: Andreas Kirsch Griseldis Kirsch Sharukh Mirza

Tolworth & Hook Rise Ward Mariana Goncalves

Thay Thayalan

Andrew John Wooldridge

MP for Kingston & Surbiton: Edward Davey MP 020 8288 2736


Castle Hill Primary Buckland Road, Chessington. KT9 1JE 0208 397 2006

Ellingham Primary Ellingham Road, Chessington. KT9 2JA 020 8397 3864

Lovelace Primary Mansfield Road, Chessington. KT9 2RN 020 8397 3265

St Mary’s C of E Primary Church Lane, Chessington. KT9 2DH 020 8397 9597

St Paul’s C of E Primary Orchard Road, Chessington. KT9 1AJ 020 8397 3553

St Philip’s School Harrow Close, Chessington. KT9 2HR 020 8397 2672

Chessington School, Garrison Lane, Chessington. KT9 2JS 020 8974 1156


Ace Pharmacy. 1-3, Ace Parade, Hook Rd, Chessington. 020 8397 4564

Boots Pharmacy. 4, Arcade Parade, Hook, Chessington. 020 8397 3793

Boots Pharmacy. 11, North Parade, Chessington. 020 8397 3072

Cohens Chemist. Merritt Medical Centre, Merritt Gdns, Chessington. 020 8397 1212

COUNCIL: 020 8547 5000 South of the Borough Neighbourhood Committee meetings Kingston Council - all committee meetings
Council home page Visit for copy deadlines, our rate card, advert sizes, customer testimonials, distribution map and back issues.

Alexandra Table Tennis Club. Mon eves. 7.30-9.30pm St Georges Hall, Hamilton Avenue, Tolworth KT6 7PF. All players welcome. Contact Andrew 07917 422137 Alexandra Blenheim Academy Table Tennis Club. Sat 11.30am - 1.30pm for 8-15 year olds. Glyn School, The Kingsway, Ewell, KT17 1NB. £5 per session. Tony 07703 602552 /

Bereavement Café - a group to support those dealing with the loss of a loved one. Meets every 1st Saturday at 10am at The King's Centre. All welcome and invited details on https:// Better Bones, St Mary’s Centre, Church Lane. 11.30am Thurs. 0300 123 8086 /

Bowls - Surbiton Bowling Club, Alexandra Rec, Tolworth. Tues eves 5:50pm. David Lark 020 8224 2385.

Buckland Womens Club. Tues afternoons. Chessington Methodist Church. Jennifer Savage 020 8391 5362

Chessington Art Group. Thurs am Chessington Methodist Church Hall. Thurs pm The King’s Centre. 020 8391 5362

Chessington Beavers, Cubs & Scouts. Meet at Scout HQ to rear of 33, Garrison Lane. Beavers: Mon 6-7pm, Cubs: Tues 6.45-8.15pm; Scouts: Fri 7-9pm. or email

Chessington Bowling Club, Church Lane - beginners, juniors and adults welcome - contact Club Secretary - 8397 6705 email: chessingtonbc@aol com

Chessington Children's Centre at Castle Hill Primary. Stay & Play sessions, Breastfeeding support, Family Learning etc. 020 8397 2006. Toy Library at Hook Centre, Tues term time, 9.3011am. 020 8408 8927

Chessington Cricket Club. Sir Francis Barker Sports Ground, Leatherhead Road, KT9 2NB. 020 8397 9194

Chessington & Hook United & Hook Youth Football Club. Chalky Lane, Chessington. For Match & Training details call Andy on 07958 616829

Chessington Methodist Badminton Club. Tues eves

Chessington Methodist Church Hall. Tony 0208 397 3081

Chessington Methodist Women's Fellowship. Programme inside Coffee Bar Door. Sec. Joy Fogg 0208 397 2104.

Chessington Unity Running Club. 7am Tue and Thu, 7pm Thu, 9am Sat. Email: Facebook: Web:

Chessington Youth Action, Reg Charity 1058965. 97 Ruxley Lane, Ewell. KT19 9HB

Community Food Pantry. Saturday 10-11.15am St Mary’s Centre, Church Lane, Chessington. Email Corinthian-Casuals FC. Amateur football club for 4-18yrs at King George’s Field, Hook Rise South, Queen Mary’s Close, Tolworth. KT6 7NA.

Friends of Shooting Star Children's Hospices - Epsom & Chessington. Sarah Johnson, 07921 774 191

Golden Slippers. Ballet class for mature clients. Surbiton New Life Baptist Church, Balaclava Road, Surbiton KT6 5PW. Tues 10.45 -11.45 am. Meryl. Tel: 0794 4246778 Guides, Brownies & Rainbows in Hook & Chessington. Ann Fairhall 020 8391 4730 for details/ waiting lists. Guitar & Ukulele Group Tues 8-9.30pm, Chessington Methodist Church. Chris 07920 180270/

1st Hook Beavers. Wed 6– 7pm, Fri 5.30– 6.30pm. 1st Hook Cubs. Tue 6.45 – 8.15pm, Thurs 6.45– 8.15pm. 1st Hook Scouts. Fri 7.30– 9.30pm. Surbiton South Explorers.

Thurs 8 – 10pm. Group HQ, Verona Drive, Surbiton. Group Scout Leader Fergus Lang: 2nd Hook Beavers Weds 5:30-6:30pm, 2nd Hook Cubs Tues 7-8:30pm, 2nd Hook Scouts Weds 7-8:30pm. Group Scout Leader Emma Nash, 0794 4031369,

Hook Scout & Guide Band. Mon eves 7-9.30pm at 1st Hook Scout HQ, Verona Drive. 9 years +. Anne & Ray Bridger 020 8397 7525.

Hook Allotments & Gardens Association. Sun 10-11am at the rear of King Edward’s Rec Ground. Hook & Chessington WI. 7.30pm every 2nd Thurs in the month. Hook & Southborough Hall, 224 Hook Road, Hook. Chris Wilson 07710 098356

Hook & Southborough Bowling Club. King Edward’s Recreation Ground. David 020 8397 1294 / Keith 07906 576270

Hook & Southborough Cricket Club. Somerset Avenue, Chessington. Players wanted. Keith 07828 119552. Hook Singers. Fridays 10.30-12noon at Chessington Methodist Church. New members welcome, no auditions. Contact Ruth Mackinlay 07746 34508 / Further details at

King George Field Indoor Bowls Club, Jubilee Way. Open 7 days from 8.30am. Kevin 0208 397 7025

Kingston Association for the Blind Mon-Fri 10.00/ midday. 020 8605 0060,,

Kingston Cycling Campaign. Easy pace rides around Surrey. Email:

Kingston Rugby Club. King Edwards Recreation Ground, Hook Road. Seniors meet Tues eves, Minis on Sun 10am-12 noon. Contact Graeme Maisey 07866 124282. Email

Little Rascals Toddler Group @ Hook Evangelical Church, Brook Rd, Surbiton. Drop-in group for parents, babies & pre-schoolers. Songs, crafts, play, chat and cake! £1/family. Fri 9.30-11.30am (term-time) Sandra Fitzpatrick 07720 675825

Mrs Bennet's Ballroom. Regency style dance. St Marks Church Hall, Surbiton KT6 4LS. 8pm-10.30pm. £5. 020 8391 1215.

Racal Decca RFC. Senior, social rugby in a friendly, inclusive environment. Home matches Saturday's, Tolworth Court, KT4 7QH., Tel; Robert Holmes 07980 802241

Old Kingstonians Hockey Club. Ditton Fields, Summer Road, Thames Ditton. Social club. Mens/ladies teams. Train Weds. Games on Sat, juniors on Sun. Georgina Perry on 020 8397 2367

Surbiton & District Historical Society. 020 8399 4473

Surbiton Floral Club. 1st Wed in month. Raeburn Hall , United Reformed Church, cnr of Elgar/Raeburn Avenue, Berrylands. 7.30pm. Floral demonstrations; talks; workshops & outings. 020 8399 8193

St Paul’s Mothers’ Union Branch. 10am every 2nd Tues. St Paul’s Centre. Carole Noakes 020 8391 2362.

The Eight O’Clock Circle. 1st & 3rd Thurs eves of the month. Royal British Legion Hall. 020 8397 1559.

The Friendship Club over 60s group at The Kings Centre on 1st, 3rd and 5th Mons. 1.30-3.30pm. 020 8391 5522

The St Paul’s Players. Jean Harwood 020 8391 5133

West Chessington Childrens Centre. Lovelace Primary School. Stay & play sessions, Cook & eat courses, Messy Play and Welly walks. 020 8391 2145

Accounting / Bookkeeping

Accounting Ease

Bicycle Maintenance/ Servicing Rebel Waltz Cycle Solutions

Children’s Pre-School, Nurseries & Day Care Hook Pre-School

Toad Hall Nursery Care Services

Amy Woodgate House

Visiting Angels

Carpenter Paul Whatley Chimney Sweeps

Dave & Jim Russell Community & Council St Mary’s Centre St Mary’s Primary Counselling


Dog Grooming Jenny Coll Dog Grooming Domestic Cleaning Time for You


George Curran

RNB Electrical Estate & Letting Agents

Compass Jackson Noon Estate Planning

Joanne Orbell

Shortland Sawbridge Function venue

Chessington Cricket

Garage / Vehicle Repair

Elmwood Vehicles

Garden Centre

Chessington Garden Centre Gardening/Landscaping Edwards of Surrey * GRASSify

Just lawns & gardens Parish Arboriculture Prime Tree Care RJ Trees

SB Landscapes Tolworth Fencing Woodham & Sons Hair & Beauty

Julie Harris Footcare Health & Fitness Chessington Yoga Halsa Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Clinic * Herbalife Nutrition * Progress Pilates Host Families

Stay at homes Hypnotherapy Catherine Bayliss Home Improvements

Angel Roofing Bright Light Shutters Carpets 4 U Jim’s Handy R & N Decorating

TD Gutter Clean IT / PC / TV Services Ashton Davis

Leisure / Events

King George Field

Indoor Bowls Club

Surbiton RBL Youth Marching Band Mini Cab Zedcarz Mobility Wheelfreedom Ltd Motorcycle Sales & Service

Chessington Motorcycles Music Tuition

AGD Guitar lessons * Optician

The Optical Gallery Party Wall Surveyor

MHT Technical Services

Performing Arts & Dance Jigsaw Surbiton

Personal Assistance Personal Assistant Help Plumbing & Heating Sniff Heating Recruitment

Chessington World of Adventures Resort Reflexology Surrey Reflexology Solicitor

Lewis & Dick Swimming lessons Colin Bull Swimming Tuition

The Literacy Lounge Surrey Tutor Weight Loss

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