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HAPPY NEW YEAR! We hope you have managed to have an enjoyable Christmas however you have been able to celebrate. Ours has been quiet and somewhat disjointed with household members still having to work so actually not being able to meet up with everyone has taken some of the pressure off. We’ll be sure to make up for it next year though. For us 2020 has passed in a complete blur and so as we deliver this magazine we will be taking a few days to catch our breath with the hope of brighter days arriving over the coming months.

CHESSINGTON CHAT MAGAZINE Editor & Publisher: Sally Hawkins Contributors: Beryl Gibson, MRRA Colin Punch, CDRA Catherine Sawbridge Editorials and advertisements: 020 8337 7041 75 Cromwell Road, Worcester Park. KT4 7JR sally@chessingtonchat.com www.chessingtonchat.com Printed by: Direct Colour, Unit 2, 60 Cox Lane, Chessington Industrial Estate, KT9 1TW. 020 8391 0011. www.directcolour.com https://www.directcolour.com/about-us.html Website: Paramount Website Design www.paramountwebsitedesign.com

February deadline: Monday 11th January Disclaimer: Whilst all reasonable care is taken to ensure the accuracy of information included in CHESSINGTON CHAT, the publishers can take no responsibility for the accuracy of statements made by contributors or advertisers or for the loss arising from non publication of any advertisement. All information is correct at time of going to print.

This months we welcome the following new advertisers: Residero Ltd p.3, Wheelfreedom Ltd p.7, The Canine Agency p.9 and More memories of old Chessington p.13. And bring special offers and promotions from: Residero Ltd p.3, Carpets 4 U p.5, Community Motors p.11, Time 4 U p.15, Cine Sanctuary p.18, Style my view p.21, Elmwood Vehicles p.25, Grassify p.29 and Choppers p.33. Deadline for our February issue is Monday 11th January so please get in touch if you would like any space in this magazine. Till next month.

Sally Inside: Wheelfreedom comes to Chessington…………..6 It happened to me……………………………....8 What’s on………………………………….12-13 Recipe: Vegan banana & custard pots…..……20 Residents’ Associations……………………..22/23 January blues…………………………………24 Kids puzzle page……………………………...27 Don’t forget your feathered friends…………..28 Helping your child with their 5 a day…………30 Community page..……………………………..32 Local listings…………………………………...34 Useful contacts……………………………...…36 Index of advertisers and advertising rates…....38

Wheelfreedom Comes To Chessington Mobility Specialists launch striking new showroom in Barwell Business Park. Wheelfreedom, the mobility experts, have launched their industry leading showroom in the Barwell Business Park. Spacious and welcoming, Wheelfreedom’s new site is akin to the John Lewis’s of department stores. Stunningly laid out, you can enjoy a coffee or tea before trying their extensive collection of mobility products. Complete with onsite service centre, the showroom holds an extensive selection of mobility scooters, rise & recline chairs, sofas, wheelchairs, powerchairs, stairlifts and adjusting beds. Product specialists are on-hand to help you pick the most appropriate product, as well as assessing for a range of made to measure furniture. Established back in 2007, Wheelfreedom have grown to become the leading mobility supplier in the region, and their outstanding customer service has been recognised with a number of industry awards. Wheelfreedom founder Giles Donald says, “Opening a showroom in the midst of a global pandemic has certainly been challenging, but we’ve actively implemented the highest Covid-19 precautions to keep our customers safe. We look forward to welcoming the local community to the showroom!” The Wheelfreedom Showroom is open 6 days a week, and the team would recommend booking an appointment before visiting. 0203 058 1042 Unit 61 Barwell Business Park, Leatherhead Road, Chessington, KT9 2NY www.wheelfreedom.com info@wheelfreedom.com

The spacious showroom In Barwell Business park 6

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It happened to me. You may have noticed that my editorial & advert have been missing for the last couple of months. I would now like to tell you why…. In March 2020 I contracted Covid19. I lost my sense of taste & smell but otherwise had no other symptoms. By mid-August my senses had still not returned so I spoke to my Doctor about this. She recommended an MRI scan of my sinuses to check they were not the cause of the problem. Then, on the 30th Sept, my world fell apart. I received a call from an Ear, Nose & Throat Doctor at Epsom Hospital who told me that my sinuses were fine, but that my scan had shown up a mass on my brain. A brain tumour. I am 53, fit & well and I had no symptoms and could not believe this news. I was left for about 10 days in the depths of despair before I got a further diagnosis that my tumour was likely a Meningioma, a type of tumour that grows in the Meninges which are the membranes that surround the brain. It had probably been growing undetected for at least 3 years. Thankfully, most Meningioma are benign, and surgery is usually the preferred option. So, this was planned rapidly at St George’s Hospital, a place filled with amazing, skilled, and dedicated people. On the 19th Nov, my tumour was removed via a Craniotomy. A very scary operation but I am pleased to say I am now back home, and well on the road to recovery. The reason for sharing this with you all is to admit, to my shame, that although my work is providing Wills and Lasting Power of Attorney to people in our area, I did not myself have an LPA. (I guess it is the equivalent of the builder whose own home is the last to be worked on!) Here I was, about to undergo a very serious operation, involving the very centre of my thinking processes and I had not made provision in case something went wrong. Obviously, I corrected this situation immediately, prepared the papers for myself and now have LPA in place. Thankfully, the operation was very successful and at this time, they are not needed, but it could have been very different. I am now back at work, and once again happy to help the residents of Chessington and surrounding areas with these important tasks. None of us know what is around the corner in our lives, I think 2020 has shown us that things can and do change overnight. So as one year draws to a close, please all stay safe, please heed my warning, and make sure that whatever 2021 brings you are well prepared. Best Wishes to you all - Catherine Sawbridge.

Have you written your Will? We will help you take care of this important task. We are members of the Institute of Professional Willwriters. Home visits at your convenience. Have your leaflets delivered inside Chessington Chat Magazine for £33 per 1000 or £280 for our full 8’500 distribution. 8

Please call 01372 741418 or email wills@shortlandsawbridge.co.uk We also prepare Lasting Power of Attorney and offer Probate Services.

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WHAT’S ON IN JANUARY... Kingston Libraries Virtual Job Club The Virtual Job Club aims to offer you support and advice on employability related topics including ‘Response to Redundancy’ and ‘Back to Employment’ Till 4th January. A Winter’s Tale at Chessington World of Adventures resort. Tickets www.chessington.com Till 17th January. Ice Skating at Hampton Court Palace. Booking essential at www.hamptoncourtpalaceicerink.co.uk

We hope to be able to share more What’s on info with you over the coming months so please get in touch as and when your events are able to take place.


Whether this is CV top tips, interview techniques, local job opportunities, advice on how to apply for Universal Credit, local training and education courses, or business start up support we will connect you with the experts who will deliver weekly sessions. Please sign up for as many sessions as you like on Tuesdays throughout January. You can find all our sessions on our Eventbrite page: https://kingstonlibraries.eventbrite.co.uk We look forward to seeing you.

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All Shapes Yoga allshapesyoga@outlook.com Wednesday 7–8pm

ST MARY’S CENTRE, CHURCH LANE, CHESSINGTON, SURREY, KT9 2DR General enquiries Tel: 07732 019152 Email: stmaryschessington@hotmail.co.uk Moves Fitness with Nicky nickymoves@hotmail.co.uk Monday 7:30-8:30pm Moves Fitness Gold with Sara-Jane 07958 480662 sara-jane.17@hotmail.co.uk Tuesday 10-11am Moves Fitness with Scott scottworldwide@aol.com Friday 10-11am Patello Jiu Jitsu patellojiujitsu@yahoo.com Tuesday 8-9pm,Thursday 8-9pm Saturday 11am-12:00pm

Irish Dancing griffinkingacademy@mail.com Tuesday 6:30-8:30pm Wednesday 6:30-8:30pm Kay Rose Dance kaycob@yahoo.com Tuesday 4:30-6:00pm Wednesday 3:30-5:30pm Aikido 07919 124651 asdojo2017@gmail.co.uk Friday 5-6.30pm; Sunday 5-7pm First Class Learning chessington@firstclasslearning.co.uk www.firstclasslearning.co.uk/centre/ chessington Maths and English Tuition Saturday 10:30am-12:30pm The Centre is not currently available for private parties due to Covid-19 restrictions.

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Tel: 020 8974 2711 Mob: 07929 786895

DAVID RUSSELL CHIMNEY SWEEP All fires, stoves and flues swept Advice on any chimney problems

TEL: 01372 469349




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LEARNING THROUGH PLAY Established since 1970

Tree planting 2020/21 The council's annual winter tree planting programme is now well underway and by March 2021, 540 new trees will have been planted across the borough. 347 trees will be planted in locations chosen by residents, visit www.kingston.gov.uk/trees to view an interactive map to find out what species will be planted where.


Residents who would like to get more involved can help by watering new trees in their neighbourhood, through tree sponsorship or by signing up to the council's 'tree warden scheme'.


For more information please visit: www.kingston.gov.uk/trees.

30 hours Offer now available 9am-12pm Monday to Friday 12.30pm-3.30pm Monday to Thursday or 9am to 3.30pm Lunch Clubs 12pm-12.30pm Monday to Thursday

SESSIONS STILL AVAILABLE ENQUIRIES TO OWNER/MANAGER: MRS.S.MCNAMARA ON 07916 586417 hookpreschool@hotmail.com www.hookpreschool.co.uk OFSTED RATING: GOOD January 2017 Registration No.131787


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166-168 Hook Road, Surbiton. KT6 5BZ

020 8397 1138 / 020 8391 1134 www.chessingtonmotorcycles.com


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Vegan banana and custard pots These delicious dairy-free sweet pots are perfect for an energy-boosting breakfast or a simple dessert. Makes 4 - Ready in 20 minutes Ingredients: 500ml non-dairy milk (see Tip) 2 tbsp cornflour 1 tsp vanilla extract 2-3 tbsp maple or agave syrup Few drops vegan yellow food colouring 100g vegan granola 1 large banana, peeled and sliced Mint sprigs, to decorate TIP Almond, oat, coconut or soy milk will all work well in this recipe. 20

1. Mix 6 tbsp of the non-dairy milk with the cornflour and vanilla extract in a jug to make a smooth paste. Gradually stir in the rest of the milk. 2. Pour the milk mixture into a medium saucepan and slowly bring to the boil over a medium heat, stirring all the time. The mixture will gradually thicken but keep stirring to prevent any lumps forming. Continue cooking over a low heat for 23 minutes until you have a smooth thick sauce. Stir in the maple or agave syrup and a few drops of food colouring to give a custard-yellow colour. 3. Divide half the granola and nearly all the banana slices between four small heatproof serving dishes. Spoon over the custard and top with the rest of the granola and banana. Decorate each pot with a sprig of mint and serve warm or cold.

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RESIDENTS’ ASSOCIATIONS Chessington District Residents’ Association When Kingston Council announced they are to build the first council homes for some years we were very pleased. However, when the details of the York Way development were made available, there was concern over the design. The plot is surrounded by blocks of flats of various heights and is at a slightly lower level, with a row of garages which will be demolished. The new build will be out of character as it is five storeys high with a flat roof, despite the existing houses, maisonettes and flats on the estate all having pitched roofs. Having a flat roof means increased maintenance over the longer term as they do not last as long as tiled ones. We had thought that the council would lead the way in design and not copy Developers format of squeezing in as many as possible. Have they not read that some of the side effects of this Covid pandemic is the mental health of people forced to continually live in flats with no decent outside space? Also with the cancellation of Crossrail 2, which was to come to Chessington, we no longer need the intense building programme, so why build five storey flats when they could have had similar three storey ones? This area is already filled with parked cars and vans so where do they think the incoming residents will park their vehicles – or do they think everyone will use the local bus and train? At the DCC meeting which passed the application, one of the questions asked of the Planning Department Officer was how much higher is the new build compared to the adjacent four storey block of flats? He replied that he thought it was about one metre. Drawings since made available show that it is actually 2.5 metres higher and towering from 4.5 to 5.3 metres higher than the three storey blocks. It seems strange that the Planning Office could be so wrong or misguided. As members of the Committee made their decision based on the information they were given, one wonders if this subsequent material would have influenced the outcome. Also, the building’s length and width is not in keeping with anything else surrounding it. It seems this is another unwanted design forced on Chessington residents. ------------------------------------------------------------------A short update on the 11 – 25 Leatherhead Road project concerns the couple who bought number 9 in 1970 with the intention of it being their ‘forever home’. They had presented a strong argument against the development at a South of the Borough meeting. As permission has been granted, they felt that they would not be able to tolerate living next door to such a redevelopment and have subsequently moved out of the area. This is the first casualty of the poor decision to allow such a dense construction. ------------------------------------------------------------------We hope you managed to have a good Christmas although with ‘social distancing’ and ‘bubbles’ it was possibly a little difficult. This has been a strange year and hopefully next year will get back to being more like one we are used to. We wish you all a Happy ‘Normal’ New Year. Chairman – Colin Punch – Tel. 020 8397 2659 - www.chessingtondra.org.uk To receive a copy of our minutes contact us on e-mail chessingtondra@gmail.com


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MALDEN RUSHETT RESIDENTS’ ASSOCIATION I live on the Leatherhead Road in Malden Rushett and consider myself extremely fortunate to live in the middle of two farms, despite the A243 running through the middle! I border both Rushett Farm to the rear and Byhurst Farm to the front. It is very easy to spend time gazing over the fields and watching the red kites soaring over the countryside, sometimes in battle with other birds, a wonderful sight to see. Sometimes some garden visitors are not so welcome and you wake to find rather large mounds caused by a worm hungry mole visiting. Wild life and the environment is a big part of Malden Rushett where countryside is all important, being the last bastion of Greater London before it meets the M25. Almost like the last semblance of peace and quiet, particularly when experiencing the pleasure of walking in Ashtead Woods and the Stew Ponds, such wonderful places to be. Places for our children to learn and explore, for families to roam, to experience and learn about nature. It is sad though that Malden Rushett is no exception when it comes to problems caused by the taking and dealing of drugs. The earlier young people start to use cannabis/other drugs the more likely they are to develop mental illness which in turn will not only ruin their lives but their families’ lives as well. Of course, dealers can be the most unlikely of people and always make a lot of money out of others misery. Please inform CrimeStoppers on 0800 555 111anonymously if you are aware of this happening, to stop another young person from the misery of becoming a drug addict. Ben Sayers, the chairman of The Friends of Woodview is hoping to start work on the planning for the refurbishment of the Woodview children’s playground in Malden Rushett in 2021. We were all so sad when it was forced to stop because of the lockdown and restrictions imposed because of Covid-19. Recently the South of the Borough SNT has shown interest in assisting the Friends of Woodview to help fulfil the ambition for the playground, and they will of course be very welcome. Please contact Friends of Woodview if you would be interested in assisting with any expertise or help on: https:// www.facebook.com/groups/FriendsOfWoodview or e mail Ben on: basayers@gmail.com Greenbelt is high on the agenda again, with all sorts of rumours about what is going to happen and when. The MRRA is dedicated to the protection of the Greenbelt and will, as always, defend it for all of us, not least for our wildlife and environment. Hopefully after Covid-19, all will return to a sense of normality given time and people will start to recover from lockdown. Most of us will appreciate more the freedom we have all taken for granted previously. We are so very grateful to all of the NHS workers, for all they have done for us to keep us safe and well, and the volunteers who have put others before themselves, thank you all. It will be wonderful when business is allowed to return to normal, so many people losing what they have spent whole lives building, to end up with little or nothing after all the effort and sacrifices they have made. A special thank you to Chessington World of Adventures for the Covid-19 testing station, it is much appreciated. We would also like to say a big thank you to Sally, the Editor of Chessington Chat for allowing the MRRA to contribute to this very popular local magazine. If you would like to find out more about the MRRA please visit our Facebook page on: http://fb/me/MaldenRushettResidents/Association WISHING YOU ALL A VERY HAPPY 2021. Beryl Gibson – Chairman 0775 1024358

CHESSINGTON HYPNOTHERAPY CLINIC Hypnotherapist, Psychologist Stress, Weight, Smoking, Phobias, Insomnia, Depression, Lack of Confidence, Panic Attacks, Exam nerves, Migraine, Regression and self hypnosis. Catherine Bayliss D.H.D.P., M.B.C.H. Principal of the British College of Hypnotherapy Established. 1981

020 8397 3146


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January Blues By Jess Hodge

The ongoing pandemic is challenging the best of us when it comes to keeping our spirits up, but even without this the shorter daylight hours of winter can have a huge effect on how we feel. It's not good for us or for those around us to feel perpetually negative, so it’s time to take action. The Great Outdoors Spending some time outdoors each day is crucial to tackling winter blues. Exercise and laughter both stimulate and boost endorphins, those wonderful feel-good chemicals in our bodies that help to lift our mood. Furthermore, spending an hour or two away from the news will distract you from negative feelings for the rest of the day.

Maybe It's Really SAD Over two million people in the UK are affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The low levels of light during the winter months can cause a range of symptoms, from slowing down and lacking energy right through to severe depression. Other symptoms include feeling gloomy, lethargic and experiencing feelings of being unable to carry out our normal routine. Light therapy in the form of a lightbox has been shown to be helpful for many sufferers, but any exposure to light will help: a lunchtime walk or sitting near a window when indoors.

Read All About It…Or Not Reading about ‘the blues’ can help as it’ll reassure It's Not All About You you that you aren’t on your own. Seeing a post on Our social lives have been considerably curtailed a user forum from someone with a similar problem since March 2020 but contact with other people is and reading the encouraging and sympathetic so important. When you are feeling down, you replies will be a comfort to you. “A problem might feel you don’t want to bother your friends shared is a problem halved” as the saying goes. and family. But imagine if they asked to speak to On the other hand, if the news depresses you and you? You’d be unlikely to say no, so flip that on its social media makes you feel like everyone else is head and remember that they are likely to be living their best life, switch it off. When someone glad to hear from you too! Video calls are a real boasts about how amazing their life is right now, blessing for distanced interactions, but even just a it’s really not going to cheer you up. phone call will cheer you. Even better, instead of a phone call, a short walk around the block for an Summer’s Coming in-person catch-up is likely to find conversation OK, admittedly that’s stretching it a bit in flowing more easily. If you are on your own, go January. But each day has been getting a few somewhere that other people are – a park, the minutes longer since the 21st December so there is seaside or one of the National Trust gardens. – literally – light at the end of the tunnel. 24

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R & N DECORATING For all your painting and decorating No job too small References available

020 8397 4883 07958 314721


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Don’t forget your feathered friends

A very Happy New Year to you all, and may 2021 be better than 2020! At this time of year many of us are regretting the excesses of the last few weeks, especially overindulging in food and drink. However, spare a thought for the garden birds: they won’t be overindulging and, if temperatures are low, they’ll need lots of energy to keep warm and stay alive. They are often in need of food and clean, fresh water.

wild birds. A seed feeder with a special thistle seed mixture is said to be a favourite amongst many of the finches.

Most food scraps are suitable, but avoid anything which is spicy or salted and ensure it will not encourage vermin. Bread, cake or plain biscuits all make welcome treats, as do apples, which are a great source of fresh food and moisture for many birds, such as blackbirds, thrushes, sparrows and the various tits.

Nowadays the thinking is that birds should be fed throughout the year (but if you do, it is essential to keep on doing it). Consider using some meatier live bird foods in the form of grubs and larvae, such as mealworms especially bred to be highprotein snacks for birds.

Peanuts are very popular and the peanut feeders I have are constantly covered with nuthatches, blue tits, great tits, coal tits and even the occasional long-tailed tit or very agile sparrow. A good quality bird feeder is essential unless your garden happens to be a squirrel-free zone. I also have a small Perspex feeder for seed or peanuts that attaches to the dining room window with a sucker, which is a wonderful way to watch the birds from inside the house.

Fat balls and fat blocks, either plain or containing additional seed, peanuts, fruit etc. also provide an easily accessible form of much-needed calories, and can either be placed on your bird table or in special holders.

Research reveals that both E.coli and salmonella can be found on bird tables and bird feeders if they are not cleaned regularly, and it is possible that birds could be threatened by these and other pathogens. So remember to scrub down and rinse out any bird feeding areas from time to time. Any bird foods you buy must be of good quality, preferably from a well-respected supplier or bearing the logo of the RSPB, BTO or similar respected authority. Pippa Greenwood

General bird seed mixes are perfect for those At Pippa’s website (www.pippagreenwood.com) birds preferring seeds or finding aerial you’ll find stylish cloches, practical and pretty plant acrobatics from a peanut feeder impossible. supports, the fantastic SpeedHoe, gardening tools, Sprinkle the mix on a bird table, the top of a wall Grower Frames, signed books and the ‘Grow Your or perhaps a garage or shed roof and you should Own with Pippa’ system. Or book Pippa for a see it being consumed by a selection of smaller gardening talk at your gardening club. 28

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Learn to Bowl - Free Coaching All Ages & Abilities Welcome Bar - Restaurant - Social Events Large Car Park FUNCTION ROOM FOR ALL OCCASIONS Jubilee Way, Chessington, KT9 1TR

Tel: 020 8397 7025 www.kgfindoorbowlsclub.co.uk

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want a snack. You could also keep a snack box of chopped up carrots, peppers, cucumbers etc. on a low shelf of the fridge. Boost with multivitamins Multivitamins don’t replace the need for a healthy diet, but they can provide a handy boost. Look for ones that include Vitamin D, as our bodies struggle to absorb enough of it during winter.

Helping your child to get their 5 a day Fruit + vegetables + kids isn’t always a match made in heaven. These tips might help to make meal times a bit less stressful.

Bassetts chewable multivitamins tend to be popular with kids. Another option is Kendakids Vita-Boost Shakes, which are fortified with twenty -three vitamins (including vitamin D). You mix the powder with warm water (it’s a bit like making up a bottle of baby formula). There are three flavours to choose from. The chocolate one is basically a healthier version of hot chocolate, but my son swears the strawberry is by far the best. See www.kendamil.com.

Give them a choice If you can, involve your child in shopping, and let them pick out some fruits and vegetables that they want to try. You could also help them to grow some of their own, even if it’s just straw-berries on a windowsill. When it comes to meal times, try offering your child a choice of a few different vegetables sometimes, so they feel that they have some control. And when you have time, involve them in preparing dinner and then praise them for how tasty the food is. Try raw Kids often prefer the taste or texture of raw vegetables over cooked. My children, for example, will happily munch on raw carrots and peppers, but loathe cooked ones. Some vegetables shouldn’t be eaten raw (like potatoes) but most can be, even ones you wouldn’t usually think of eating cold, like broccoli. When you are cooking vegetables, it’s worth trying different methods. My daughter hates steamed kale, but loves crispy kale (chopped up, tossed in olive oil and roasted in the oven for 510 minutes). Blend it up Children often complain about ‘bits’, whether it’s the seeds in granary bread or pieces of mushroom in a pasta sauce. Blending soups and sauces until they’re smooth can work wonders. Let them help themselves Keep your fruit bowl within reach of children over three, so that they can help themselves when they 30

Don’t let dinner become a battle field Studies have shown that putting pressure on kids to eat can actually lead to worse eating habits a couple of years down the line. Try to make sure you’re sitting down to eat as a family at least a few times a week and don’t let the tension build up until you’re all just focusing on how much (or how little) your child is eating. Ultimately, you want your child to have a healthy long-term relationship with food. That’s going to be so much harder if they end up getting anxious about dinner time. And remember that we all have food we hate, even as adults. So if they really despise something, move on. By Kate Duggan

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COMMUNITY PAGES CHESSINGTON CHAT 2021 DEADLINE & DELIVERY DATES FEBRUARY: Monday 11th January with delivery w/c 24th January MARCH: Monday 8th February with delivery w/c 21st February APRIL: Monday 8th March with delivery w/c 21st March MAY: Monday 12th April with delivery w/c 25th April JUNE: Monday 10th May with delivery w/c 23rd May JULY: Monday 7th June with delivery w/c 20th June AUGUST & SEPTEMBER: Monday 12th July with delivery w/c 25th July

The Chessington & Hook Voluntary Care Scheme wishes everyone a very Happy and healthy New Year In 2021 we look forward, hopefully, to being able to resume our “normal” activities and meet up with clients and fellow volunteers again. In the meantime if you need our help you can contact us as usual on 020 8397 6298

HOOK ALLOTMENTS & GARDENS ASSOCIATION Our friendly allotment association was founded over 50 years ago and is run by volunteers. We provide a wide range of composts, fertilisers, seeds; gardening products at not-for-profit club prices to members. Membership costs £5.00 a year and our trading facility is situated next to the entrance to the allotment plots, just beyond the rugby club pavilion, at the rear of King Edward’s recreation ground, Hook Road, Chessington. Sun: 10am-12noon

OCTOBER: Monday 13th September with delivery w/c 26th September

Mark and Liz Cooper 07970 692395. Hook Leisure Gardeners Association

NOVEMBER: Monday 11th October with delivery w/c 24th October


DECEMBER: Monday 8th November with delivery w/c 21st November These pages are free for local residents, community groups and charities. Submissions are accepted on the proviso that they can be formatted to fit the available space each month. Email sally@chessingtonchat.com Kids Puzzle page answers: Down: 1 Goat, 3 Sheep, 4 Chicken, 5 Dog, 6 Cow. Across: 2 Horse, 4 Cat, 5 Duck, 7 Pig.

Wishes Everyone a HAPPY and HEALTHY NEW YEAR

Please continue to stay safe, then we can hopefully return to something resembling normality as soon as possible. Jennifer Savage 020 8391 5362

CHEMIST NEW YEAR OPENING HOURS ACE PHARMACY. 1-3 Ace Parade, Hook Road. 020 8397 4564. New Years Day CLOSED. PEARL CHEMIST. 11 The Broadway, Tolworth. 020 8390 6797. BH Mon 28th 9am-10pm, New Years Eve 9am-10pm; New Years Day 9am-10pm.

LOCAL HANDYMAN Roofing, Guttering, Painting & Decorating, Fencing and Ceramic Tiling. Also patio cleaning & carpet cleaning. No job too small. Call John on

07855 868431 Please mention CHESSINGTON CHAT when responding to adverts


Alexandra Table Tennis Club. Mon eves. 7.30-9.30pm St Georges Hall, Hamilton Avenue, Tolworth KT6 7PF. All players welcome. Contact Andrew 07917 422137 www.Alexandra-table-tennis-club.business.site/ Alexandra Blenheim Academy Table Tennis Club. Sat 11.30am - 1.30pm for 8-15 year olds. Glyn School, The Kingsway, Ewell, KT17 1NB. £5 per session. Tony 07703 602552 / www.ab-tabletennisacademy.co.uk Better Bones, St Mary’s Centre, Church Lane. 11.30am Thurs. 0300 123 8086 / KINCCG.Betterbones@nhs.net Bowls - Surbiton Bowling Club, Alexandra Rec, Tolworth. Tues eves 5:50pm. David Lark 020 8224 2385. Buckland Womens Club. Tues eves. Chessington Methodist Church. Jennifer Savage 020 8391 5362 Chessington Art Group. Thurs am. Chessington Methodist Church Hall & Thurs pm at The King’s Centre. David Savage 020 8391 5362 Chessington Beavers, Cubs & Scouts. Meet at Scout HQ to rear of 33, Garrison Lane. Beavers - Mon 6pm to 7pm, Cubs - Tues 6.45pm to 8.15pm and Scouts - Fri 7pm to 9pm. See www.chessingtonscouts.org.uk for details or Email: info@chessingtonscouts.org.uk. Chessington Bowling Club, Church Lane - beginners juniors and adults welcome - contact Club Secretary 8397 6705 email: chessingtonbc@aol com Chessington Children's Centre at Castle Hill Primary. Stay & Play sessions, Breastfeeding support, Family Learning etc. 020 8397 2006. Toy Library at Hook Centre, Tues term time, 9.30-11am. 020 8408 8927 Chessington Cricket Club. Sir Francis Barker Sports Ground, Leatherhead Road, KT9 2NB. 020 8397 9194 www.chessingtoncricketclub.co.uk Chessington & Hook United & Hook Youth Football Club. Chalky Lane, Chessington. www.chufc.co.uk. For Match & Training details call Andy on 07958 616829 Chessington Methodist Badminton Club. Tues eves Chessington Methodist Church Hall. Tony 0208 397 3081 Chessington Methodist Women's Fellowship Programme list inside Coffee Bar Door. Sec. Joy Fogg 0208 397 2104. Chessington Youth Action, Reg Charity 1058965. 97 Ruxley Lane, West Ewell. KT19 9HB www.chessingtonyouthaction.org.uk Corinthian-Casuals FC. Amateur football club for 4-18yrs at King George’s Field, Hook Rise South, Queen Mary’s Close, Tolworth. KT6 7NA. www.ccfcys.co.uk Friends of Shooting Star Children's Hospices - Epsom and Chessington. Sarah Johnson, Chairperson and Treasurer 07921 774 191 Fossc-epsomandchessington@outlook.com facebook.com/fosscepsomandchessington https://mobile.twitter.com/FoSSCHEandC Golden Slippers. New ballet class for mature clients. Surbiton New Life Baptist Church, Balaclava Road, Surbiton KT6 5PW. Tuesdays 10.45 -11.45 am. Contact "Meryl" Tel: 07944246778 Guides, Brownies & Rainbows in Hook & Chessington. Ann Fairhall 020 8391 4730 for details/ waiting lists. 1st Hook Beavers. Wed 6– 7pm, Fri 5.30– 6.30pm. 1st Hook Cubs. Tue 6.45 – 8.15pm, Thurs 6.45– 8.15pm. 1st Hook Scouts. Fri 7.30– 9.30pm. Surbiton South Explorers. Thurs 8 – 10pm. All meetings held at Group HQ, Verona Drive, Surbiton. Group Scout Leader Fergus Lang: fergus.lang@1sthook.org.uk

2nd Hook Beavers - Weds 5:30 - 6:30pm, 2nd Hook Cubs - Tues 7 - 8:30pm, 2nd Hook Scouts - Weds 7 8:30pm. Group Scout Leader Emma Nash, 0794 4031369, gsl@2ndhook.org.uk. Hook Scout & Guide Band. Mon eves 7-9.30pm at 1st Hook Scout HQ, Verona Drive. 9 years +. Anne & Ray Bridger 020 8397 7525. www.band.1sthook.org.uk Hook Allotments & Gardens Association. Sun 10 11am at the rear of King Edward’s Rec Ground. Hook & Chessington WI. 7.30pm every 2nd Thurs in the month. Hook & Southborough Hall, 224 Hook Road, Hook. Paula McKelvey 0208 397 2885. Hook & Southborough Bowling Club. King Edward’s Recreation Ground. David 020 8397 1294 / Keith 07906 576270 Hook & Southborough Cricket Club. Somerset Avenue, Chessington. Players wanted. Keith 07828 119552. Hook Singers. Fridays 10.30-12noon at Chessington Methodist Church. New members welcome, no auditions required. Variety of popular songs. Contact Ruth Mackinlay 07746 234508 / Ruthmac20@hotmail.com Further details at www.hooksingers.btck.co.uk King George Field Indoor Bowls Club, Jubilee Way. Open 7 days from 8.30am. Kevin 0208 397 7025 Kingston Association for the Blind for help and advice for the Visually Impaired, Mon-Fri 10.00/midday. 020 8605 0060, kingstonassoc@btconnect.com, www.kingstonassociationforblind.org Kingston Cycling Campaign. For those new to cycling or those who have not ridden for some time with easy pace rides around Surrey. Email: rides@kingstoncycling.org.uk Kingston Rugby Club. King Edwards Recreation Ground, Hook Road. Seniors meet Tues eves, Minis on Sun 10am12 noon. Contact Graeme Maisey 07866 124282. Email graememaisey@hotmail.com. www.kingstonrfc.com Little Rascals Toddler Group @ Hook Evangelical Church, Brook Rd, Surbiton. Drop-in group for parents, babies & pre-schoolers. Songs, crafts, play, chat and cake! £1/family. Fri 9.30-11.30am (term-time) Rosie Pease 07736 424102 Mrs Bennet's Ballroom. Regency style dance. St Marks Church Hall, Surbiton KT6 4LS. 8pm-10.30pm. £5. 020 8391 1215. www.mrsbennet.co.uk. Racal Decca RFC. Senior, social rugby in a friendly, inclusive environment. Home matches Saturday's, Tolworth Court, KT4 7QH. Web; rdrfc.com Email; rdrfcinfo@gmail.com Tel; Robert Holmes 07980 802241 Old Kingstonians Hockey Club. Ditton Fields, Summer Road, Thames Ditton. Social club. Mens/ladies teams. Train Weds. Games on Sat, juniors on Sun. Georgina Perry on 020 8397 2367 www.okhockey.com Surbiton & District Historical Society. 020 8399 4473 Surbiton Floral Club. 1st Wed in month. Raeburn Hall , United Reformed Church, cnr of Elgar/Raeburn Avenue, Berrylands. 7.30pm. Floral demonstrations; talks; workshops & outings. 020 8399 8193 St Paul’s Mothers’ Union Branch. 10am every 2nd Tues. St Paul’s Centre. Carole Noakes 020 8391 2362. The Eight O’Clock Ladies Circle. 1st & 3rd Thurs eves of the month. Royal British Legion Hall. 020 8397 1559. The St Paul’s Players. Jean Harwood 020 8391 5133 West Chessington Childrens Centre. Lovelace Primary School. Stay & play sessions, Cook & eat courses, Messy Play and Welly walks. 020 8391 2145

LOCAL LISTINGS I am very aware that at this time our Local Listings page may not be accurate but I have continued to run it in support of our local community groups and charities whether they are operating at the moment or not. If however you would like your listing to be edited or indeed removed completely please just let me know. Thank you. sally@chessingtonchat.com

Please mention CHESSINGTON CHAT when responding to adverts



GENERAL Kingston Police Control Room (Non Emergency) 101 Chessington Safer Neighbourhood Teams 020 8721 2001 Chessington & Hook Voluntary Care Scheme 020 8397 6298 The Hook Centre 020 8547 6254 Hook & Chessington Library 020 8547 6480 The Kings Centre 020 8391 5522 Kingston Hospital 020 8546 7711 Thames Doc 020 8390 9991 Thames Water 0845 9200800 Gas Emergency 0800 111 999 Power Loss 0800 028 0247

PLACES OF WORSHIP St Mary The Virgin C of E Garrison Lane, Chessington. 020 8397 3016 www.stmaryschessington.org St Paul’s C of E 280, Hook Road, Hook. 020 8391 2362 www.stpaulschurchhook.org.uk St Catherine of Siena R C 100 Leatherhead Road, Chessington. 020 8397 3971 www.stcatherineofsiena.org.uk Chessington Evangelical The Kings Centre, Coppard Gdns, Chessington. 020 8391 5522 www.thekingscentre.org.uk Chessington Methodist Moor Lane, Chessington. 020 8296 9344 www.chessingtonmethodist.org.uk Hook Church Brook Rd, Tolworth. 020 8397 8909 www.hookchurch.org

COUNCILLORS Chessington North and Hook Ward: Stephanie Archer Stephanie.Archer@kingston.gov.uk Margaret Thompson Margaret.Thompson@kingston.gov.uk Sharon Young Sharon.Young@kingston.gov.uk Chessington South Ward: Patricia Bamford Patricia.Bamford@kingston.gov.uk Andreas Kirsch Andreas.Kirsch@kingston.gov.uk www.chessingtonparksurgery.co.uk Christine Stuart The Orchard Practice Orchard Christine.Stuart@kingston.gov.uk Gardens, Chessington. KT9 1AG Tolworth & Hook Rise Ward 0208 397 9494 Lorraine Dunstone www.orchardpracticechessington.co.uk Lorraine.Dunstone@kingston.gov.uk Hook Surgery Merritt Medical Dennis Goodship Centre, Merritt Gardens, Chessington. Dennis.Goodship@kingston.gov.uk KT9 2GY. 0208 397 6361 Thay Thayalan www.hooksurgery.co.uk Thay.Thayalan@kingston.gov.uk DOCTORS SURGERIES Kingston Primary Care Weekend Service. Surbiton Health Centre Ewell Road, Surbiton KT6 6EZ 0203 841 9942 Sat & Sun 08:00hrs – 20:00hrs Walk in and wait or ring for appointment. Last appt19:30hrs Chessington Park Surgery Merritt Medical Centre, Merritt Gardens, Chessington. KT9 2GY 0208 739 1977

KINGSTON COUNCIL South of the Borough Neighbourhood Committee meetings https://moderngov.kingston.gov.uk/ieListMeetings.aspx?CId=179&Year=0 Kingston Council - all committee meetings https://moderngov.kingston.gov.uk/iedochome.aspx Kingston Council home page https://www.kingston.gov.uk/ Visit www.chessingtonchat.com for copy deadlines, our rate card, advert sizes, customer testimonials, distribution map and back issues.

MP for Kingston & Surbiton: Edward Davey MP contact@eddavey.org 020 8288 2736 SCHOOLS Castle Hill Primary Buckland Road, Chessington. KT9 1JE 0208 397 2006 Ellingham Primary Ellingham Road, Chessington. KT9 2JA 020 8397 3864 Lovelace Primary Mansfield Road, Chessington. KT9 2RN 020 8397 3265 St Mary’s C of E Primary Church Lane, Chessington. KT9 2DH 020 8397 9597 St Paul’s C of E Primary Orchard Road, Chessington. KT9 1AJ 020 8397 3553 St Philip’s School Harrow Close, Chessington. KT9 2HR 020 8397 2672 Chessington School, Garrison Lane, Chessington. KT9 2JS 020 8974 1156 PHARMACIES Ace Pharmacy. 1-3, Ace Parade, Hook Rd, Chessington. 020 8397 4564 Boots Pharmacy. 4, Arcade Parade, Hook, Chessington. 020 8397 3793 Boots Pharmacy. 11, North Parade, Chessington. 020 8397 3072 Cohens Chemist. Merritt Medical Centre, Merritt Gdns, Chessington. 020 8397 1212


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